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Heartwarming / Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

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Face It

  • Mabel knitted a self-esteem sweater for Pacifica that says "LOVE yo'self!"
  • Dipper reassuring Pacifica that she's more than just a pretty face and not to worry about what her family thinks and her response.
    • The last time they hugged, Pacifica bribed Dipper to never mention it again. Here she doesn't and is shown to be deliberate this time, mainly because of the trope above.
  • A mix of both funny and comforting. Pacifica refuses to clean herself for the photoshoot and hugs the twins in gratitude. It then proceeds to the photoshoot as it shows a dirty Pacifica defiantly looking like a normal kid while her parents are both horrified and disgusted by her.

Comix Up!

  • Just the fact that Stanford, Wendy, Soos, Dipper and Mabel all decide, of their own free will, to risk their lives and head inside the cursed comic book in order to save Stanley. It shows how much he really means to them.
    • It becomes doubly more heartwarming for Stanford and Stanley especially if you consider the fact that this story most likely took place before Weirdmageddon note . Despite what Stanley thinks, his brother really cares for him.

  • The ending of the story is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Soos convinces Stanley to self-publish the comic-book he wrote when he was young and put it up on the store shelf of the Mystery Shack in order to be sold. Grunkle Stan is worried because "his drawing style hasn't gotten any better since he was 10" note . Then we see a small kid approach the comic-stand and give the new comic-book a look. The kid becomes starry-eyed and exclaims "A kid's book with swears in it!" before moving to the till and slamming a bunch of cash in order to buy it. Stanley is so happy that he hugs his comic books and starts crying Tears of Joy.
    Soos: "Mr. Pines, are you crying again?"
    Stanley: "I think I've got ink in my eye."

Don't Dimension It

  • Mabel telling Stan and Ford that they should start looking after each other.
  • Stan and Ford's fear for Mabel's safety. When she is reunited with her uncles. Stan is shown holding her tightly with a massive smile across his face. However, it was revealed to be the wrong Mabel and after a fight between the original and fake. The fake is launched out of an airlock and the original Mabel greets her uncles by hugging them.
  • Mabel giving Dipper the pine tree journal she received from Mabipper. It gives Dipper's final entry with the drawing of the journal in Journal 3 more meaning: it'll have both Dipper and Mabel's adventures written in it, and it's a constant memorandum of Mabel’s promise to be less self-centered.

The Jersey Devil's in the Details

  • The unhesitating reassurance Stan and Ford give each other over their insecurities (Ford's extra fingers and Stan's perception of himself as a failure).
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  • The fact that Ford was willing to give up his chance to keep the Jersey Devil for Stan, even when he had every reason not to.
  • The ending. The two brothers end up being grounded for the rest of the summer by their father, but the two end up having a good time anyway, because they enjoy each other's company. Stanley wonders if they will keep on adventuring together and Stanford replies "only time will tell". The final page shows the two brother grown up, on the "Stan-O-War-II" reunited and sailing the world together.


  • Alex Hirsch's hidden message at the start.
    • Welcome Back!
  • Journal 4's existence is heartwarming by itself: Despite Ford throwing Journals 1, 2 and 3 into the Bottomless Pit (mentioned in Journal 3), it implies that Ford had been writing about his various escapades out at sea and elsewhere with Stan, and possibly even other adventures in Gravity Falls with Dipper, Mabel, or Fiddleford since Journal 4 ended up in Shmebulock's possession.

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