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Heartwarming / Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage

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  • The opening FMV can be summed up as a couple of minutes-long Trauma Conga Line directed against Aqua, who is forced to battle possessed Terra and Ventus and later sacrificing herself to deter the two from falling into darkness...until the very end, when a hand grabs Aqua and helps her get back to light. It's Sora.
  • The Happy Flashback Aqua experiences after reaching the town of the Castle of Dreams.
  • After the fight against the Darksides, when Aqua is slowly absorbed by the darkness and reaching her Despair Event Horizon, all of a sudden...
    • His interactions with Aqua afterwards are also sweet, particularly when he states that he managed to reach her because he sensed a warm light amid the expanse of darkness, then clumsily stating that he doesn't know the way out.
    Aqua: (chuckles) You haven't changed at all.
  • Aqua saving Riku from the Heartless horde. While she has met Riku before, she doesn't recognize him at that time (due to him being older and such), but takes no hesitation to step up and save the day.
    • When Riku is informed about this in the present day, he immediately decides to return in favor of personally leading her rescue.
  • Aqua watching the destroyed worlds being restored back from the beach of Dark!Destiny Islands.
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  • "May our hearts be our guiding key".
  • When Aqua has a vision of Ven in the Dwarf Woodlands, she tells him that the thought of him has been keeping her strong while trapped in the Realm of Darkness.
  • Donald and Goofy's relationship with Sora is so close now that they can have a jest with Sora by taking the piss out of him and he doesn't truly take offence.
    • Speaking of Donald and Goofy, in Birth by Sleep, Yen Sid shoots down their attempt to save Mickey saying that they would only fail in their attempt. Here? He happily trusts Sora, who he just said was their best hope of saving the world, to protect him as he regains his lost strength.

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