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    The Show 
  • From the movie:
    • The whole kingdom remembers Elena and immediately rallies to her side when they find out she's back.
    • Elena giving Sofia a big hug when she's finally set free from the amulet, saying she knew Sofia would be the one to break the spell.
    • Elena finally being reunited with her remaining family after 41 years.
    • Esteban solidifying that he is indeed on Elena's side by grabbing Shuriki's wand right out of her hands and throwing it to Elena. After Shuriki is defeated, he proudly declares Elena as the true queen of Avalor.
    • The implication that despite betraying his family in the first place and spending the last four decades as The Quisling, Esteban has been trying his best as Noble Top Enforcer to protect everyone from Shuriki's wrath since then to make up for it. For example, he changes the subject whenever someone does something that upsets her, like when Sofia brought up singing and dancing, which could've ended badly had Esteban not been there to intervene.
      • Esteban smiling while watching Sofia talk about singing and dancing, and him genuinely having a good time playing the guitar, especially if you remember in the Elena of Avalor intro how he rolled his eyes at Elena and Abuelo playing the guitar and dancing.
  • Elena singing a lullaby to Baby Esteban to calm him down and him telling Elena "I love you, 'lena" in "Island of Youth".
    • Later, when he's back to his regular adult form, he has a choice of reaching to save what little fountain of youth water he has left or saving her. He saves her.
    • Elena and Esteban cuddling together Like Brother and Sister.
    • Isabel and Abuelo playing the Avaloran Happy Birthday song to Esteban. Esteban looks like he's about to choke up in tears when he hears it.
  • Elena encouraging Mateo that he's a great wizard in "Spellbound" definitely qualifies.
  • This is repeated again in "Finders Leaper" where she tries to show Naomi that she has a place on the counsel. To add to that, she gives the important jobs in that episode to her, showing complete faith.
  • There are two stand out elements to "A Day To Remember":
    • The relationship the two restaurant owner siblings have with their deceased grandmother is second to none.
    • The ending is also heartwarming with Elena encouraging Isabel to attend the celebration and reminiscing about the times with their parents.
  • Mateo doing everything in his power to help Elena when Orizaba starts her takeover in "The Scepter of Light," including carrying the princess back to the castle when she's exhausted herself from using her scepter's powers. After she's recovered from a days-long coma, Elena requests a private audience with Mateo and takes his hand, thanking him and reaffirming their friendship.
  • The episode "Navidad" also has two standout elements:
    • The portrayal of Isabel's wheelchair-using friend Christina is full of this. Outside of one comment about it being easier to draw on a built in sketch pad, the show does not put any focus on her condition, subtly showing that it's a natural part of life.
    • How about the ending musical number with everyone joining together in celebration, realizing how important it is to spend time with others? The warm fuzzies were definitely strong there.
  • "Crystal In The Rough" has two standout elements: Elena's dedication to helping Isabel adjust to school, and Isabel still staying her adorkable self even with her new outfit and personality.
  • "Captain Turner Returns" is full of this, with Naomi's dedication to staying in Avalor, the brave face she puts on for her mother, Elena doing everything to help her, everyone in Avalor wishing her farewell, and the news that they can stay. For bonus points, her mother Scarlett maintains a ray of kindness.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Captain Turner's relationship is beautiful too. Scarlett is an independent career woman while Daniel is a bit of a House Husband, but they are Happily Married and unquestionably devoted to one another.
  • When Gabe's father finally saw his son for who he really was and understanding him in Olaball.
  • Anything with Isabel and Elena with their sister moments.
  • "King of the Carnaval has pretty good elements:
    • Esteban being so excited for the Carnaval parade that he cannot resist playing with his cousins such as surprising Elena and joking with Isabel
    • Esteban putting Queen Lucia's crown on Elena and claiming that she looks just like her mother, and Elena kisses him.
    • Elena's heartfelt talk with Esteban after Victor and Carla Delgado trap them inside their float
  • The ending to "My Fair Naomi" has Naomi making up with her friends after she snubbed them when preparing for the party. They also have a nice dance together. For the extra kicker, her parents come back in time for the party.
  • "Wizard In Training" is a very sweet episode. Mateo's dedication to helping Olivia, even when he's distracted with helping her family, is very sweet. Olivia is just a big ball of heartwarming from her enthusiasm to her admiration of Mateo.
  • The "Realm Of The Jaquins" movie has a lot of great moments:
    • Lets talk about what kickstarts the plot. Nico fails the test at the beginning of the movie due to Victor and Carla's influence , and they do everything possible to prove he should get a second chance.
    • Elena and Skylar are also really stand out. To elaborate, the movie dwells more into their all loving hero status. Even when being confronted by King Verago, Skylar's father, they both stand their ground and just focus on saving Avalor their own way, showing how much they value the greater good. This also doubles as a moment of awesome.
    • It's also nice that the movie emphasizes that, while Nico is obviously bummed about failing the test, he just focuses on saving Avalor, really letting his altruism shine.
    • King Verago finally letting go of his pride to listen to Elena and Skylar just goes to show that, for all his strictness, he cares for the greater good. Also of note is how he impressed he is with Skylar for standing up to him for others since he's making a name for himself, and the fact he promotes Nico to guardian of Avalor.
  • Gabe figuring out a way to make Isabel tall enough to play Olaball in "Blockheads:" Have her sit on his shoulders.
  • "Masks Of Magic" finally has Elena and Dona Paloma on good terms with each other. Notably, when it's revealed that Dona Paloma grew up in a poor class background on a farm, and lost everything in a flood , Elena does not hesitate to console her, and they work together seamlessly afterwards.
  • When Elena is at the cemetery in "Jewel Of Maru" for Dia De Los Muertos, she reminisces through song about the good times she's had with her parents when they were still alive. This cleverly foreshadows the climax of the episode, where the spirits of her parents briefly return to give her advice on how to save Avalor and retrieve the titular jewel. Elena's tears of joy sells it.
  • "Royal Rivalry" starts out with a nice mix of humor and seriousness, but it's the last 8 minutes of the episode that make this work. During the horse ride, we see more of Valentina's soft side as she reveals that her behavior is just a facade. After the horse carriage fiasco, we see why. She realized how great both Elena and Avalor are, and wanted to earn their approval. Their working together to save everyone, as well as their hug in the end, is touching.
  • "The Curse Of El Guapo" has a few nice moments that make it worth watching.
    • Before being possessed by the sword, Gabe is heckled by one of his fellow Royal guards about how if he's getting the position, it's only because he's Elena's friend, which upsets him. His altruistic side is shown nicely here as he takes things in stride, hence why his descent to the dark side is easier to watch.
    • During the last competition, he sees the same guard that insulted him get injured, and wastes no time in helping him. This does not go unnoticed.
    • Gabe is made leader of the Royal guards at the end.
  • "Three Jaquins And A Princess" has a few examples:
    • The baby jaquins take an instant liking to Isabel, especially Mingo, who mistakes her for his mother.
    • Even though Isabel messed up, Elena is not upset with her, and is instead stern but fair
    • The baby Jaquins (Estrella, Zoom, Mingo) reuniting with their mother at the end is very heartwarming, especially when Isabel names the latter
    • When Isabel goes to play with the baby jaquins in the end, Esteban watches with a loveable smile.
    • A meta example comes from Mingo and Zoom's voice actors. They're voiced by the respective sons of Craig Gerber and Sam Riegel. That's touching.
  • "A Spy In The Palace" has two standout elements:
    • The episode goes to great lengths to show why Elena and Naomi are friends. They always have each other's back no matter what.
    • Seeing Migs trying to impress his kids with a new flying routine, and them being impressed is also nice to watch.
  • In "Rise of the Sorceress", Naomi puts a comforting hand on Elena's shoulder when she talks about how this is the first Sunflower Festival she's had without her parents, and even CARLA, in the background, is giving a sympathetic look.
    • Related to the episode, even when Naomi proves that Rita isn't who she seems, she does not brag or say "Told you so.". Instead, when Elena is in danger of being blasted by Shuriki , she does not hesitate to push her out of the way. Best friend indeed.
    • Elena's willingness to include Cristina in the dance is quite touching.
  • Some small scenes in "Shapeshifters" show Elena bonding with Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella. It's quite adorable. When she proves she was blamed for Chief Zephyr's disappearance, they do not hesitate to help upon finding out the truth.
  • The ending to "Race For The Realm". After losing all three pieces of the Scepter Of Night to Shuriki , Quita Moz comes in and tells her that, while definitely bad, there's still hope in mastering her scepter powers. Considering everything that went down, this is huge sigh of relief.
  • In "A Tale Of Two Scepters", you want to know why Elena had a hard time mastering her new powers, and conversely, how she manages to master them? She was thinking of how much Isabel meant to her? Aaawww...
  • "Song Of The Sirenas" has a lot of moments that are pretty sweet:
    • Elena's altruism is in full force, with her willingness to help the Sirenas no matter the cost. Even with their past of sinking ships, she still wants to see the better in them.
    • During "Familia Forever", Gabe, Mateo and Naomi take part of the number, showing that Elena considers them a part of the familia too.
    • Princess Marisa invokes a lot of these moments, whether it's saving Elena from drowning or her willingness to prove the Sirenas are good now.
    • King Pescoro's backstory, while mostly a tearjerker, has some heartwarming moments sprinkled in. He ended up saving a woman named Camilla, and turned her into a Sirena to keep her alive. He also stops sinking ships because of her.
    • It's a slight tearjerker, but during the climax, Naomi's mother almost gets hurt in the chaos, and Elena immediately goes after Shuriki. As bad as the stuff she's been through, her good nature for others shines through here.
    • The Sirenas, led by Marzel, send Shuriki's ship off course to provide a distraction for Elena. They then make peace at the end of the movie.
    • As evil as he is, Cruz does genuinely love his sister, since he wouldn't escape with Victor, Carla, and the purple orb that may or may not be Shuriki unless they unfreeze his sister.
    • After Elena kills Shuriki with the Scepter Of Light , Skylar then comforts her, saying that the nightmare is over. Considering everything she went through, this is a huge sigh of relief.
  • In "Tides of Change", despite showing some reluctance about the newfound peace with the sirenas at the end of the previous episode, Esteban agrees with Elena to give them a chance, because everyone should be allowed a second chance. Though no one knows why he said that, he is also someone that had come to regret his past sins, so knows exactly how it feels to desire redemption and grasp it.
  • In "Snow Place Like Home", Carla strains her leg in the blizzard, forcing Victor to have to carry her through it, at great risk to them both. Also qualifies as a Tearjerking moment and — for Victor - an Awesome one.
    Victor: I'll walk for the both of us.
    • At the end of the episode, Victor's wife / Carla's mother reunites with them. And she is a malvago, which seems to indicate that the reason Victor and Carla were so dead-set on becoming malvagos is so that they could join her in the dangerous lifestyle that separated her from them.
    • There's also the relationship Gabe has with his comrades Miguel and Andres; they're like brothers and it doesn't matter if Gabe's spending Navidad chasing Victor and Carla—what matters is that he's doing it with them.
    • If there was still any doubt that Esteban cares about his family, he spends the entire episode worried that Isabel and their grandparents won't make it back for Navidad and may even get hurt by the snowstorm, and he still misses his deceased parents after all these years.
    • Esteban initially refusing to make Abuela's tamales without her. Later, he agrees to properly make them with the others and Abuela says that their tamales are wonderful and just the way she taught them.
    • Esteban holding up Isabel and calling her their "Navidad angel".
    • In "Hearts Full Of Cheer", the group wish for the safe return of "those who could not be with us" for Navidad, referring to Gabe and the other guards.
    • The episode ends with a shot of Elena, Isabel, Esteban, their grandparents, Naomi and her parents, Mateo and his mother, Luna, Higgins, and Armando in the living room spending Navidad together.
  • In "Not Without My Magic", we have Carla's sheer giddiness at having both her father and her mother in her life again, plus said father and mother hiding their martial squabbling from her whenever she's present so that she maintains this happy mood.

    Real Life 
  • A video on Tumblr has been circulating around of a Princess Elena at Disney World speaking in Spanish to a young girl dressed up as a princess, telling her that her dress is nice and sparkly like hers and that her abuela always told her that that's how princess dresses are supposed to be.
  • Though Elena of Avalor lost in the category for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Television / Broadcast Production at the 2019 Annie Awards, Craig Gerber and co. were driven home by a Lyft driver who was ecstatic to learn that he was giving a ride to the creator of Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor, shows that he and his young daughter loved watching. The encounter really lifted Craig's spirits.

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