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Heartwarming / Saving Mr. Banks

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  • In the scene where the Sherman brothers make Mrs. Banks a suffragette to explain her not watching the children, Ms. Travers argues against the decision, saying that a mother may have other reasons for not taking care of her children and still have the best intentions.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker and Harsher in Hindsight moment when Ginty's mother nearly commits suicide from the stress of her husband's alcoholism and illness.
  • The song "Let's Go Fly a Kite". As the Sherman Bros. play and sing it for Pamela Travers, she is won over, as they made George Banks, whom Travers thought Disney turned into a monster, be the one who mends his children's kite, thus bringing the family together. Travers' enthusiasm, despite her insistence that it should have been "let us go and fly a kite" (of course, she did strike that insistence from the record about a second later), makes for a rather heartwarming piece towards the end.
    • The Thomas Newman string arrangements of said song may bring this into Tear Jerker status.
  • Travers taking the giant stuffed Mickey doll to bed with her. And the reveal that she took it back home to London.
  • Many of the early scenes with "Ginty" and her father are this.
  • Ms. Travers autographing Ralph's daughter's copy of Mary Poppins, and giving him a card with names such as Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and others who had difficulties, telling him that his disabled daughter can do anything she sets her mind to.
    • Also, she has Walt's name on the list, backing it up by claiming he has some form of ADHD. Even after their last meeting, it says a lot about what she thinks of him.
  • The Mickey Mouse entertainer offering his arm to Ms. Travers at the premiere.
    • Also the seating arrangement once she gets inside. She's seated between the Sherman brothers and right in front of Mr. Disney. The brothers both keep glancing at her to see her reaction to various scenes, clearing hoping she'll like their movie. When Ms. Travers gets visibly emotional during a scene involving Mr. Banks, Mr. Disney leans forward to comfort her. It's possible that the seating arrangement was intended as damage control in case she vocally hated the film, but still, the result was to surround her with the few people at the premiere who she knew and liked.
    • Walt's satisfied expression after he comforts Mrs. Travers and tells her, "Mr. Banks will be all right." He nailed the anguish that Mr. Banks's solitary walk to the bank would have.
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  • Ralph surprising Mrs. Travers at the hotel to take her to the premiere. She's so touched by this gesture she actually hugs him.
  • Early in the film, Travers makes quite a fuss over Mr.Banks having a mustache, stating that he must be clean shaven. Towards the end, Walt admits to her that the mustache was derived from his own father; his personal Mr. Banks.
  • When the Bank President and Ginty see her father making a spectacle of himself in the bank, the President fires him, but clearly regrets it when he realizes he has fired the man in front of the daughter whom he clearly loves, and gives him one last chance.
  • During the scene with Walt and Robert Sherman about why Travers is so set on having everything her way and won't bend in anyway, Walt says that he understands because he was once offered a lot of money for Mickey. Even though he had no money at the time, he could not go through with the deal, because as Walt put it, "That mouse is family."
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  • At the premiere, Travers stares at a piece of artwork of Mr. Banks, whose appearance she dismissed in an earlier scene, admiring it. This also feels like a tribute or tip of the hat to David Tomlinson, who played Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins.


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