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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Heartwarming Moments pages.

  • When you tell Chirithy about having made a friend, he responds that he doesn't have one, so he doesn't know if that feels good. You immediately respond that he does have a friend—you.
  • When Skuld first joined her Union, she decided to start a party...and no one joined. Until one day, Ephemer decided to join her, and two of them worked together and became friends.
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  • Your Union's Foreteller has caught you and Skuld snooping in their study and is not happy. But then Chirithy intervenes, saying that he led you there and that he should be punished instead of you.
  • When Ava extends an offer to you to join the Dandelions, you tell her that you want to think it over. Skuld is surprised by this, and asks why. You respond that while Ephemer is important to you, so are all the other Keyblade wielders you've worked with.
  • After the Keyblade War, you are on the ground; dying, crying, you and Chirithy holding each other; all around you Hearts are being released into the sky to become the first true Heartless. You close your eyes...and the Cherubic Choir plays. The Rays from Heaven shine upon you, and Ephemer and Skuld come for you. Did you die? Did you survive just long enough for the Dandelions to start rewriting reality? It doesn't matter. "We'll go together."
    • Ultimately you survive thanks to Ephemer, Skuld and Chirithy coming to bring you into the Unchained Realm and making you a Dandelion and your adventures continue on in Kingdom Hearts Union X/Cross.
  • After going through the arc where you become friends with an aloof ally, if you look closely during Ava's speech in the next arc, said ally is a part of the audience, meaning that they qualified as a Dandelion.
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  • Any interaction at all with the recurring crew of Keyblade wielders who show up in Daybreak Town. Despite the direness of the events unfolding behind the scenes (or perhaps because they're unaware of them), they're always making jokes and helping one another, and you're right there beside them. Special mention going to their Beach Episode.
  • In Back Cover, we have one ironically between Ira and Aced who've butt heads the most in the story. After the latter has fought off three other Foretellers (Gula, Invi and Ava), is very vulnerable and finds Ira just waiting for him, he doesn't even attempt to defend himself and tells Ira to make it quick. Then Ira gives us this gem.
    Ira: That's not what brought me here today. It isn't our place to try and change the events of the future. That isn't our mission. We're here to make sure that light lives on. With only five lights, we can't afford to lose any.
    Aced: You...still count me as one of the five lights?
    • It turns back into Tear Jerker as, during the Keyblade War, they're the most hostile to each other where Aced even attempts to strike Ira in the back after the latter fought the player character.
  • When Ephemer brings Lauriam to meet the player to discuss Strelitzia's whereabouts it's mentioned that the player hadn't seen much of Ephemer or Skuld since they became Union leaders. So, after Lauriam has what he needs from the player Ephemer announces that he's going to spend time with the player.


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