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Heartwarming / Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

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  • The ending of "Gift of the Magi". As Mickey and Minnie are opening their presents to each other, it turns out that Mickey traded in his prized harmonica to get Minnie a chain for her watch, and Minnie sold her watch to get Mickey a case for his harmonica. As Minnie is shocked and touched that Mickey gave up something so valuable for her, Mickey just caps it off by taking her hand and telling her, in the most tender way possible: "You're all the music I'll ever need." Cue tackle hug from Minnie.
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  • In "Stuck on Christmas", Huey, Dewey and Louie feel extremely guilty about ruining one of their Christmases during their "Groundhog Day" Loop, and decide to make the next day the best Christmas they can by making breakfast, giving their relatives kisses (which they previously objected to), helping Daisy with setting the table, and joining in with singing carols with Uncle Scrooge. When Donald suspects that they are up to something, they decide to show him their surprise for him — a wooden boat made out of the sleds that they received as presents. This causes the loop to end with the next morning being December 26th.
  • "A Very Goofy Christmas" has Santa give Max the snowboard he wanted. But when Max notices that Santa had not given Goofy anything for Christmas, the latter replies, "Every year I ask for the same thing and every year I get it: Your happiness." to which a touched Max responds, "Whoops, got you the same thing."
  • Also in "A Very Goofy Christmas," Goofy brings Max along to take a full Christmas dinner to their poorer neighbors.
    Poor Father: "With things being so tight this year, well, without you we wouldn't have..."
    Goofy: "Aw, don't mention it; you'd do the same for me."
    • This later inspires Max to share his Christmas gift with the younger boy of the family.
  • Donald deserves some credit for how hard he tries to give his nephews a happy Christmas. Elaborate breakfast, special gifts— he even controls his temper when they open their presents by themselves and kisses them goodnight.
  • The Christmas card Donald and Daisy got for the nephews:
    "To Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Christmas isn't about candy canes, holly, or lights all aglow / It's about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show. Wishing you lots of love, Donald & Daisy."
  • It's mixed with a Tear Jerker, but Daisy isn't especially known for being sympathetic towards Donald when things go wrong. In the truly bad Christmas the nephews cause however, she notices the complete change in character in Donald and very softly comforts him and hugs him very tightly.

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