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  • Milo's friendship with Melissa and Zack. They're both aware that being around him is dangerous, but they still hang around him regardless.
    • Before Zack came along, Melissa was Milo's Only Friend due to the other students at his school being afraid to be near him. And no matter how bad things got, she still hung around him.
  • While the other kids tend to keep their distance from Milo, it's more because of his condition than Milo himself. They seem to like him as a person well enough, as many kids are often seen responding positively to Milo's greetings; they just (understandably) keep their distance. In fact, Milo himself seems to be incredibly well-liked! The other students are always eager to hear about his various misadventures, and the teachers are very understanding whenever Murphy's Law inevitably comes into play.
  • Diogee showing how loyal he is to Milo by always coming to his rescue even after Milo tells him to go home.
  • While Vinnie is the one who (partially unintentionally) starts the rivalry between the pistachio protectors and Milo, Vinnie doesn't hate Milo at all. In fact, he likes him a lot by the middle of season 1, and thinks Cavendish should leave him alone. They know each other by name by the middle of season 1, and Vinnie is nice enough to tell Milo goodbye or 'have a nice day' when he leaves. It gets expanded upon further with Vinnie's over-protectiveness of Milo in the "Missing Milo" special, the episode ending with Vinnie telling Cavendish he "really likes that kid." Cavendish finally agrees.
  • Milo inherited his condition from his dad, Martin Murphy, a Happily Married father of two who uses Murphy's Law to his advantage in his job as town safety inspector. Milo looks up to Martin and frequently quotes his strangely Murphy's Law-specific sayings ("What doesn't kill you only makes you late for school"). It's no wonder he's an optimist—he's watched his dad make a great life out of the hand he's been dealt.
  • With everything against him every day of his life, Milo has made a decision to be happy anyway. He looks on the difficulties Murphy's Law places in his path as an adventure and rises to the challenge.

     Season 1 
Going the Extra Milo
  • On first meeting Milo, before knowing a thing about the Murphy curse, Zack's first instinct is to befriend a kid simply because nobody else seems to want to get near him, completely ignoring everyone warning him away.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Milo tells Zack that no one has ever called him tough. After being chased by a drainage pipe, Melissa makes a bet with Bradley and assure him that Milo can make it to school on time because he's tough.
  • Milo takes absolutely no offense when Melissa says she's going to keep her distance. He's well aware of his bad luck, and understands her desire not to be caught up in it. Indeed, her not being in the fracas and leaving her free to bet on him pays off for him and Zack in the end.
  • Melissa having absolute faith in Milo that he can make it to school on time no matter how bad the situation he's in. After she wins the bet, she shares her food from the bet with Milo and Zack after they lost their lunch.
    • This cannot be overstated. With each passing calamity that she and the kids on the bus witness, she ups the ante on the bet in Milo's favor, showing not the least bit of concern, even when the bell is about to ring. No relieved sighs when he shows up on time. Just a smile and setting him and Zack up with lunches from her winnings.
    • Even better, there's at least an implication that she made the bet specifically because she knew they would lose their lunches and need new ones.
  • Zack sticking with Milo even after all the trouble they went through. He almost decided to leave him, but Milo convinces him that the way he lives is more exciting then riding a bus to school.
  • Diogee saving Milo and Zack from the beehive-wearing wolf.
  • After running desperately all over town with the beehive stuck on its head (all the way down over its eyes!), the hive finally comes off the poor wolf after it falls in the river, and emerges thankfully unhurt.
  • After aliens abduct Milo and Zack with the intent to experiment on them, Zack tells the aliens they need to get to school. The aliens understood Zack and they teleport him and Milo to their classroom before the bell rings.
  • While riding an impromptu raft down the river, a construction worker, clearly familiar with Milo and his misfortunes, calls out to Milo to ask if he's sporting a new scar. Milo cheerily confirms that he is.

The Undergrounders

  • Milo and Melissa ensuring that Zack feels comfortable due to his "claustro-avoidance" when their subway car gets stuck underground.
  • Milo unthinkingly going back to help Melissa when she trips on their way out of the cave.

Sunnyside Up

  • It's a minor one, but when Melissa shouts out "Oh, COME ON!" to the series of increasingly severe and unlikely things happening to their egg carrier, Diogee shows up at her side. She notices him, and without any trace of frustration or irritation, and with a smile, says, "not you, Diogee." Despite the ensuing calamity threatening her precious GPA, she was still happy to see the quirky pup.
  • Diogee rolling around in the egg yolks is surprisingly cute.
  • Milo has a pic of firefighters on his wall.
    • And now that we know Melissa's Dad is a firefighter, we can infer that it might be the local Fire Dept. along with his best friend's Dad.

Rooting for the Enemy

  • Mort's constant efforts to reassure Milo that his own current misfortunes aren't a result of Milo's Murphy Law affliction, but due entirely to his chakras.
  • Milo is a Walking Disaster Area and the school pariah, yet Melissa takes the time to hang out with him every Friday when the rest of the school is watching the game (they call it Not Football Friday). This in spite of the random, weird, and very real danger it often causes her.
  • In a way, the Tigers cheerleaders joining in with Milo's dancing. They show no hesitation in doing so, and at one point even toss Milo up in the air.
  • After winning the game as a result of Milo's efforts, the football team and the cheerleaders hoist him on their shoulders, briefly forgetting to maintain their safe distance. The ground caves in, but he's the only one injured, breaking his thumb and ending up in the hospital, where they all turn up to thank him for his support.
  • Milo's finally granted permission to attend a football game, since it's understood that the team will lose regardless. Melissa still thinks it's a bad idea, but Zack begs them to come as it's his first game as part of the team—even if they do end up losing, he wants his friends there for moral support.
    • Milo doesn't even have to ask permission to attend; the coach seeks him out to let him know that his ban is temporarily lifted. It's a nice way to show that the people in his life—even casual acquaintances—don't define him as merely a jinx and do look for ways to include him whenever possible.

The Doctor Zone Files

  • No matter how many disasters follow him around, no matter what risks it means, Sara wouldn't want to do anything without her little brother around. When Milo suggests that the next time he shouldn't attend an event with her, she's the first to say she wouldn't enjoy that at all. And when Milo tries keep his distance for her safety, she's having none of it, and moves his seat next to her.
  • The flashback where Sara and Milo are having ice cream and she drops her cone occurs twice in the episode. The second time, we see what happened afterwards: after Sara loses her ice cream, Milo immediately hands her a spoon and lets her share his.
  • "It's about sharing something you love with someone you love." Heartwarming and true.

The Note

  • Zack and Melissa desperately trying to get Milo's doctor's note back so he can continue school.
    • Heck, Milo himself is more prepared to give up than they are, at one point telling them to have fun in high school. But no matter what obstacles they encounter they dash off after his note without a second thought.

Party Of Peril

  • Milo finally gets a birthday party and it just so happens to be the best birthday party ever for him. Even the disaster that was supposed to ruin the party made it even better for Milo.
    • Milo's reaction to being surprised (blank astonishment followed by sheer joy).
  • Melissa and Zack's resolution to give Milo a real surprise party for a change.
  • Also, the fact that despite Milo's reputation, everyone Melissa and Zack invite are perfectly willing to attend Milo's party (besides Amanda, though her Super OCD compared to his own chaos likely has to do with that), and they stick around even as accidents become apparent.
  • Milo go-kart racing with his friends is super adorable, not least because we get to see him being a normal kid enjoying a normal activity for once. It's also probably worth noting that while the party consists of most of the student body, he still keeps Zack and Melissa close to him the entire time.

Smooth Operator

  • When the Ship Tease between Milo and Amanda starts, Zack and Melissa react like affectionate older siblings, playfully teasing him but going out of their way to avoid anything remotely barbed and they're behind him in his attempts to prevent anything from going wrong and are even up for her joining them for a pizza at the end of the segment.
  • Milo's determined attempts to keep the opera going for Amanda's sake, since she's spending her 'enjoyment hours' on it.
  • Amanda's panic at the disaster into which the opera descends is quickly turned to admiration at Milo's unconventional way of saving it, and she's grateful for his actions to the point of starting a standing ovation. She even puts herself in the path of further chaos by willingly going to dinner with him and his friends. For someone who hyperventilates at the slightest sign of a problem, this is a pretty big deal.

Worked Day

  • Minor one but still present: When Mr. Chase asks if Milo was at the fish hatchery, which he wasn't, Melissa makes it very clear that she wants him to knock it off; even if it's her own father doing it, Melissa won't tolerate Milo being maligned for things that weren't his fault.
  • After spending the day trying to decide on a career, Milo goes home and talks with his mom. She reassures him by revealing that she's had many different careers, and that Milo is also free to try whatever job he wants. She then adds that she already knows what he's going to be: extraordinary.

Family Vacation

  • The Brulee twins find Milo's Adorkable attire to be quite attractive.
  • "The Murphy Family Vacation" song is pretty sweet, being all about how the Murphy's don't care where they're going or what happens along the way as long as they're together.

Secrets and Pies

  • Veronica, Milo's previous babysitter, is delighted to hear from Milo. Some of the flashbacks of her watching over Milo count as well.
  • Zack 'badgering' Melissa...with an actual stuffed badger. It's remarkably adorable.

School Dance

  • Milo goes out of his way to fix the decorations at the dance, all so that Amanda can actually enjoy it.
  • Zack, Melissa, and Chad all go out of their way to protect Mr. Drako from Vampire Hunters (actually Dakota and Cavendish investigating Milo) whether or not he is a vampire (which Melissa maintains he isn't.)
  • Amanda is enamoured sight unseen with the owner of the missing loafer, whom she considers her "hero" because he fixed everything that went wrong at her carefully-planned school dance. She determines to find him and have a dance with him. When she discovers that it's Milo, whose Doom Magnet qualities arguably brought down the disaster in the first place—and who she had previously urged to "stay away. From everything!"—her feelings don't change in the slightest, and she waits for him to join her while he finishes playing the accordion (having gotten his friends together to replace the missing band).
  • At the beginning of the episode Amanda is so determined to oversee every aspect of the dance and make sure it runs smoothly that she assigns her friend Lydia to "have fun" in her stead. At the end of the episode she gives her a break and happily replaces her on the dance floor while she waits for Milo.
    Amanda: I'm having fun for me now.

Battle of the Bands

  • Zack is Easily Forgiven by his band mates for his minor freak-out after running into his old band.

The Math Book

  • Melissa and Zack's playful arguing.

The Little Engine That Couldn't

  • Milo fanboying over the fire engine just like a real kid.

Missing Milo

  • Melissa reveals that she originally started collecting data on Murphy's Law in hopes that she could find a way to cure it, but that she gave up on the notion because she realized that Milo wouldn't want a cure.
  • Both Sara and Milo describe Diogee as "the best dog in the world", which especially holds weight after Diogee proves to be the key to victory against King Pistachion.

Star Struck

  • Milo telling Tobias (widely considered to be a washed-up has-been by this point, including by himself) that his movies contributed to developing his optimistic worldview.

A Clockwork Origin

  • Milo and his friends helping the robot CIDD reunite with his creator.
  • When Milo is asked what he likes more than anything, he immediately answers "My family."

Some Like It Yacht

Backwards to School Night

  • The relationships between the main trio and the grown-ups in their life. Martin, Eileen and Richard are all Good Parents who banter affectionately with their middle-school-aged children. The kids, for their own part, come to appreciate the difficulty of their parents' jobs when the Swapped Roles plot places them in charge.
  • At one point, Cavendish, forced to take care of baby Dakota, complains out loud about the opportunities he lost by going into this line of work. In response, baby Dakota climbs onto his lap and gives him a hug. Cavendish melts on the spot.

World Without Milo

  • When Elliot tells the kids the world would be better off without Milo, everyone reacts to it (aside from Milo himself). Amanda in particular, who has been grouped along with Milo, Melissa and Zack, looks just as shocked as Melissa and Zack do. Given that this is the same girl who originally wanted nothing to do with Murphy's Law due to her OCD tendencies, and now seems to be okay hanging around with them for a little while, her reaction is heartwarming in a meta sense, as it shows that she cares about Milo despite his condition, and, considering the conclusion of the last episode Amanda had a large role in, hints at a possible character growth. In addition, Zack and Melissa both tell Elliot off in no uncertain terms.
    Melissa: That's a terrible thing to say, Elliot!
    Zack: Yeah, Elliot. That was pretty cold.
  • Following the It's a Wonderful Plot, Elliot is overjoyed to see Milo again, telling him that "I don't ever want to not see you anymore". Milo remarks that that's the "the nicest sentence anyone's messed up for me".

The Race

  • Realizing that there is no way they can possibly predict exactly what will go wrong during the last stretch of the race, Zack and Melissa use the remaining items in Milo's backpack to build a backup finish line for him, which turns out to be exactly what he needed.

Love Toboggan

  • Milo singing "Toboggan of Love" for Sara and Neal after Murphy's Law shenanigans cause him to end up crashing their "date/not a date" anyway.

The Island of Lost Dakotas

  • When the Dakotas are watching the videos of the many times they’ve saved Cavendish, they start to wonder if it was worth the sacrifice of being forced into exile for the rest of their lives. However, they collectively decide that because “It’s Cavendish,” it definitely is.

Fungus Among Us

  • Diogee's reaction when Milo tells him not to go home.
  • For all those who grew up with Phineas and Ferb, the appearance of Doofenshmirtz at the end.
  • Dakota and Cavendish, hailing from the future, are excited to meet the man known as Professor Time, "a legendary inventor and brilliant innovator," although he has not yet been recognized as such in the present. It's Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas and Ferb's former Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain and resident Butt-Monkey.

Christmas Peril

  • Dakota wants to repair the friendship between him and Cavendish even if it means that his current future (in which he is a famous and popular singer) will no longer exist. Double Heartwarming when it turns out that in the new version of the future, he STILL got fame and popularity — except that now he shares it with Cavendish.
    • And Cavendish, as he points out later, is actually willing to break EVERY rule of time travel just to restore his friendship with Dakota.
    • In the grand scheme of things, they were jokes of the Bureau of Time Travel, but within 20 years, they will become renowned musical artists and finally catch a break.

     Season 2 
The Phineas and Ferb Effect
  • Seeing the return of the Phineas and Ferb characters after three years since the show ended. Especially the scene where the titular characters themselves show up.
    Ferb: Looks like it's time to wack some weeds.
    Phineas: Well, somebody's chatty!
    Ferb: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to say that?
    Phineas: No, by all means!
    Ferb: It's just that it's been a long time.
    Phineas: Yes! (looking at the viewer) Yes it has!
    guitar chord
  • Milo meeting Phineas and Ferb for the first time, and the friendship that forms between. It's made clear from their first encounter that Phineas and Milo are cut from the same cloth, and when Derek's army of pistachios attack, they turn out to be a great team.
  • Cavendish finally learns the truth behind the Island of Lost Dakotas despite Dakota's attempt to keep it a secret when the team crash lands on it. Realizing that Dakota has saved him from certain death over two hundred times, Cavendish is moved to tears and spends the rest of the special actively watching out for Dakota's safety.
    Dakota: (after Cavendish tries a Go Through Me to protect him) Hey, don't do that! If you die, I don't have a time machine to go back and un-die you.
    Cavendish: And if you get hurt, I don't have one either!
    • Having been exiled for eternity to prevent errors in time, the Lost Dakotas finally catch a break when their friend Cavendish appears right before their eyes. They express how much they miss him and are happy to see him - even using his name in a rousing cry in the climactic battle.
  • As much as it takes him time to develop into the role, Doofenshmirtz demonstrates that he's fully capable of assuming his future moniker of "Dr. Time". Even his future self makes an appearance - satisfied, successful and benevolent, while still retaining the sympathetic charm fans of Phineas and Ferb knew him for. You've earned your happy ending, Heinz.
  • A meta example, but Dr. Zone's closing remarks of the bit of his show seen at the end is a nice shout out to both Milo and Phineas & Ferb, summing up both group's mottoes in one swoop.
    Dr. Zone: Remember Time Ape, persevere and seize the day.
  • Milo inviting Phineas and Ferb and their friends to come over to his neighborhood to visit anytime.

Snow Way Out

Picture Day

  • After a whole day, Milo, Melissa and Zack come to deliver Amanda the bad news that they failed at taking a picture for the year book. But Milo wasn't disappointed because he had a great day behind his back that he had spent with his two best friends, even if they failed at their objective.

Cake 'Splosion!

  • There's a lot of adorable moments between Milo and Amanda in this episode. Highlights include the following:
    • When Milo plans to leave Amanda at the final round due to Murphy's law, she holds him off and tells him that it's better to have him around, since Milo is always so prepared.
    • The interactions between Milo and Amanda in not just the final round, but within the entire contest, were adorable in general. It's obvious that they can work together pretty well, in spite of Murphy's law, the crazy conditions in each round, and one of the three opposing teams trying to sabotage everyone's work.
    • At the home stretch, Milo and Amanda stumble over Diogee, which in turn sends their friendship cake right into the judges' faces. Instead of blaming Diogee, Milo blames himself and apologizes to Amanda. But Amanda is not mad or disappointed at all: she got to participate in her favorite TV show, and had so much fun the whole day, she'd still be content even if she lost.
    • To top it all off, it turns out Milo and Amanda won anyway, resulting into Amanda hugging Milo, which in turn makes Milo blush. The episode even ends on a heart-shaped iris.
    • With all this in mind, it's hard not to imagine this as the best day of Amanda's life

Doof's Day Out

  • Picture this: you just had a rough day in which you have caused a mess at three different facilities. You assume you're no longer welcomed by the three individuals that maintain these respective facilities, only for them to visit your house with a live television crew, and confessing that your mistakes actually made things better in the long run. Not only that, but they also award you with a trophy: you become hero of the day, as a crowd cheers you on. That's what Doofenshmirtz experiences in this episode. You know, that guy who never gets appreciated by his parents, had a rough childhood, a rough love life and never gets appreciated? Well, not today - today, he's a hero, and it's really sweet to see Heinz being given a break after a seemingly bad day.

Managing Murphy's Law

  • If you still had any doubts that Amanda would ever return Milo's feelings, even after Cake 'Splosion, well, she kisses Milo on the cheek after a successful concert.
    Amanda: Well, being a band manager is a lot tougher job than I imagined, but you're worth it. And we are... just getting started.

Now I Am a Murphy

  • Doof's hilarious No Fourth Wall Shout-Out to storyboard artist James Kim ends on an unexpectedly touching note:
    "He just became a daddy!"

Ride Along Little Doggie

  • Amanda is extremely excited for Milo being nominated for an award at the school's Winter Break Awards show. Even more so when Milo wins the award.
    Amanda: Yay Milo! Booyah! Booyah!
    • Amanda becomes increasingly worried as Milo fails to show up at the WiBA awards to pick up the award, showing how much she's grown to care about Milo.
    • When the ceremony is over and Milo still hasn't shown up, Amanda offers to pick up his award and look for him backstage. She arrives just in time to catch a falling Milo.
    • The show may be over, but Amanda still hands Milo his awards as if the ceremony is going, with his parents and sister cheering. Amanda then delivers Milo a peck on the cheek, too.
      Amanda: Booyah.

First Impressions

  • First of all, Milo and Melissa and everyone from class were absolutely ADORABLE at age 6:
    • We have little Milo, with a missing front tooth and his backpack almost as big as he is, holding his mom and dad's hands as they pull him up when he jumps.
    • Puppy Diogee!
    • Also little Melissa, with pink butterfly stickers on her bag.
    • In the bus, we see little Amanda playing with a blue teddy bear.
    • This being the first day of first grade, everyone seems to have brought their teddy bears to school.
    • Little Bradley with buck teeth, so excited for going to school.
    • Then there's little Sara with her Time Ape plushy, looking to be about 4 at most and completely cool with calling the ambulance when her mom goes into labor.
  • Then Doof flashes back on how he met Perry the Platypus, with the exact same scene viewed from a different angle.
  • Cavendish looks like he is about to report Dakota, but then praises him instead. Then they shake hands and glare at each other.

Milo in Space

  • Cavendish and Dakota making up, with Doof and Perry following suit.

Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space

  • Zack comforting Melissa after she admits that she's feeling overwhelmed about crash-landing a UFO onto an alien planet by pointing out all the crazy stuff they've already survived and concluding, "I think I'm done being afraid!"
  • Melissa kissing Zack on the cheek after he carelessly puts his arm around her.