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Wild Mass Guessing for Milo Murphy's Law

When someone with Murphy's Law gets sick, the bad luck gets temporarily transferred to someone else.
  • Which would explain Phineas and Ferb's streak of bad luck in their series finale.
Milo ended up having some bad luck finding a name for Diogee
  • All other names ended up causing rifts in his luck, or Diogee didn't respond at all to the names, so using a name that sounds like the letters of Dog was the best bet Milo could give Diogee.
Giving a blood transfusion using the male Murphys' blood is considered attempted murder, and it's the same with all their other types of tissues/cells
  • And their suite at the hospital has special measures to prevent the spreading of the curse.

The Murphy's curse come with a resistance to adrenaline produced by one's own brain(and other drugs).

The two other time travelers introduced in 'Time Out' are named counter-intuitively
  • In essence I'm saying the woman of the two is the one named Brick, while the tuxedoed man is the one named Savannah. This makes sense in that when their names are said, the woman is the one standing to the left-most of the two- and she's standing closer to Cavendish when he spots them.
    • Disregarding just how big a reach this is, all you have to do is look at the credits to know that, no, this isn't the case.

Murphy's Law takes a break from the Murphy family on Friday the 13th
It would be a great in-universe way of explaining why people feel as if Friday the 13th's are unlucky; if the Murphy's law targeted everyone excepting the Murphy's on those days. It would be nice if Milo got a break- though knowing how nice he is, he probably spends the whole day helping those effected bystanders.

Dakota is on the autism spectrum
  • A lot of the things Dakota does can actually indicate autism in adults:
    • His obsession with animals and zoos in particular—to the point where he can aphabetically list every animal, in every habitat in the zoo—is a hyperfixation.
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    • While none of the other characters are shown changing outfits often (cartoon wardrobe and all), Dakota specifically states in-universe he has multiple copies of the same tracksuit. Autistic individuals often become attached to certain clothes for the texture or colors, and many will wear only one kind of outfit all the time.
    • In "Backwards to School Night," the young Dakota—despite being around the same age or older than the other adults-turned-toddlers—speaks far fewer words and less often than the others. Autistic children, if verbal at all, often don't begin speaking until after their peers, and even then take longer to build vocabulary.
      • Also from "Backwards to School Night," the toddler Dakota keeps putting the age-decelerator in his mouth to chew on. Oral stimming—biting, chewing, generally touching things with the mouth—is another symptom of autism in children.
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    • Dakota is never seen without dark glasses—many autistic people have issues with sensual sensitivity, especially to light or sound.

There will be a crossover between Milo Murphy's Law and Phineas and Ferb
It was mentioned that both shows live in the same universe and have the same creators.
  • Bonus if the crossover will be titled "Meap Me In St. Louis". The long-awaited sequel to "Meapless in Seattle" will have the characters from those two shows actually meeting in St. Louis.
  • Word Of God is that a crossover will likely come about a few years down the line. They want Milo's show to stand on its own for awhile.
    • Confirmed to happen in 2018.
    • For a certain definition of crossover, confirmed by the cliffhanger appearance and implied plot importance of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Milo Murphey's Law will have some connection between Final Destination
They're both about people trying survive a world built around bad luck.

The reason for Milo's survival is...
  • His bad luck also applies to the forces of bad luck, so if anything that can go wrong will go wrong...all obstacles will fail to kill Milo.

Milo is the reason for a few recurring plot elements in Phineas and Ferb.
  • Ever notice how Doofenshmirtz always fails to take over the Tri-State-Area and how Candace can't bust her brothers since Doofensmirtz's inventions often undo Phineas and Ferbs? Well, since Milo only lives a few neighborhoods away, what if his powers are the cause of Failure Is the Only Option for the two of them? His powers would have to creep a little too far from him, but it's possible.
    • It wouldn't even have to be a "power creep". Milo could just be passing through the neighborhood on his way from one destination to another, and BAM! Instant bad luck for somebody.

The Giant Floating Baby Head will appear in the show
To further tie in the fact that Milo Murphy and Phineas & Ferb share a Verse.
  • Cameos in "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", but has yet to appear outside of the crossover episode.

Dr. Zone is a Time Lord
Because of obvious reasons.

Someone in this show is a cousin of a Phineas and Ferb character.
This would make an easy way to justify a crossover in a future episode.
  • Melissa would be a likely candidate given her red hair; she could definitely be a Flynn cousin. Hell she looks like a younger Candace already.
  • Adyson Sweetwater spent a whole episode getting bonked on the head and hallucinating salamanders. Wouldn't surprise me if she was Milo's cousin.
  • Zack could be the cousin of Coltrane, who could invite Zack, Milo, and Melissa to one of his and Jeremy's concerts, which provides an easy and believable way for the Phineas and Ferb characters to appear.
  • Brigette Murphy looks similar in some ways to Linda Flynn.

Diogee isn't an actual dog, but an escaped experiment from the lab of a Mad Scientist.
Milo was indirectly responsible for said lab's destruction and out of gratitude, Diogee vowed to protect the boy. He got his name because he was wearing a tag that said "DOG" and Milo spun it into something that sounds like an actual name.
  • And the mad scientist in question is Doofenshmirtz, who created Diogee to be Agent P's perfect equal but failed.

Diogee is an OWCA Agent.
Which also explains why he's never at home like Milo commands him to, as well as to make further connections to this show and Phineas and Ferb.
  • In the first episode, Diogee takes out the beehive headed wolf by running into it, hitting it into the water. All by himself. Probably due to OWCA training, I imagine.
  • So rather than fighting a villain Diogee is tasked with keeping Milo's powers in check, and perhaps protecting Milo and getting him out of trouble? Cool actually.
  • Jossed; however, that doesn't mean people don't think he is.

Diogee was offered a chance to join OWCA, but turned it down.
He'd rather spend his time protecting Milo.
  • He can build pulleys, book plane tickets, and skydive. He certainly has the skills to do it.

If there is a movie, the antagonists will be people who have figured out how to harness Milo's bad luck and want to use it for evil.
Since Milo's condition is officially recognized, that must mean there have been previous cases. Given the bizarre nature of his hometown, let alone his world, that means that there would likely be people who could make some way of channeling Milo's bad luck into doing what they want. Unfortunately these people aren't the kind who would use their technology to, say, topple oppressive governments or thwart wars but rather for much more nefarious purposes. Needless to say, Milo wouldn't want that and it would be up to him and his friends to stop them before they get what they want.

The series will have arcs.

The series will take place over the course of the school year and end on the last day of school.
Do I even have to explain? No, no I don't.

Dr. Zone's actor is Melissa Chase's real father.
Two things to consider:
  • Their physical appearance are similar, with Melissa's protruding chin and both Melissa and Dr. Zone's skin having the exact same color, along with hair and eye color that are located close to each other on the color wheel.
    • Jossed by Word Of God. Melissa's father is the fire chief, Richard.
    • In addition to the above Jossing, Dr. Zone's actor, Orton Mahlson, is shown to be old in present day as of "Missing Milo", with his characteristics in the TV show being Orton as he looked like in 1965, roughly 50 years prior to present day.
    • In an interview with The 2nd Dimension/Phineas Flynn's Law, Dan Povenmire explains he found out this WMG may have originated from the We're Gonna Do It Again music video to promote Milo Murphy's Law, as it includes a cast poster poster in which Dr. Zone and Melissa's dad got their respective names and images switched by mistake. The original Guesser might have taken these incorrect name/mugshot combinations at face value and built their WMG from there.

Which will lead to...

Melissa likes Milo because he's adventurous.
Milo's tough, as Melissa says. Because Melissa likes to have adventures with her father (or other male relative), her standard of having friends to play with was pretty high. Upon discovering Milo's unlucky lifestyle, Melissa got drawn into him. Milo himself started to know Melissa because he found out that Melissa is Dr. Zone's actor's daughter (or whatever relation).
  • I'll give you the first half of this. But Milo doesn't strike me as the kind of person who'd make friends with someone because of their relationships. Granted, once he found out, he'd think it was awesome but he probably befriended Melissa because he genuinely liked her just because.
  • Aside from the whole "Melissa is Dr. Zone's actor's daughter" light of this WMG (which is, again, Jossed), Milo and Melissa did become best friends after the adventure they had on the first day of school back in first grade, due to her curiosity of Milo's bad luck, as revealed in "First Impressions". Milo wanting to know Melissa because of her dad and/or something Dr. Zone-related is pretty much untrue: Milo and Melissa met at the bus stop and Milo, having had no experience with friendships before, was just eager to become friends with her the moment they introduced each other.

Edward A. Murphy, Jr. will appear in an episode thanks to a Time Machine.
And as a Casting Gag, he'll be voiced by an actor named Milo.
  • The closest we got to this was when Cavendish and Dakota met an ancestor of Milo when they got stuck in 1875 due to a time travel accident, in "The Race". This ancestor was a sheriff who is "the law" in town, and that, combined that the Danville in 1875 is inhabited by dozens of other time travelers that were unable to leave this town or time period due to freak accidents with their Time Vehicles, Cavendish and Dakota quickly realize that this sheriff is the original Murphy's Law. This Sheriff Murphy is nit the same person as the Edward A. Murphy who would later coin the term "Murphy's Law".

There won't be any Phineas and Ferb crossovers, idea-sharing, or references beyond subtle nods.
Because face it: as popular as the show is, not everyone watched it, and a large amount of viewers of Milo are here because of the main character being voiced by Weird Al. Unless a series is a direct sequel or spin-off to another, it can be a terrible idea to use the same ideas or put in a bunch of references, because it alienates a lot of the audience. And having a crossover would make zero sense - Phineas and Ferb is already over, so unless they reboot it, a crossover would just be confusing and probably lead to rumors that the show's coming back. Subtle nods, of course, are almost destined to happen.
  • Dan and Swampy have said it's entirely possible Phineas and Ferb could return one day. Let's not forget that The Simpsons and Futurama had a crossover despite the latter ending its run a year prior to that.
  • As of "Worked Day" it's basically confirmed that Milo Murphy's Law also has Danville as its main location. A few places from Phineas and Ferb have potentially appeared already, albeit altered to be different while retaining their main structures, like the subway entrance from "Bowl-R-Ama Drama" and the Danville Opera House. The show mostly references Phineas and Ferb in smaller ways currently, but it wouldn't be hard for it to go beyond that if or when the crew is ready to do a crossover.
  • Jossed. In "Murphy's Lard", the helicopter carrying Phineas and Ferb's roller coaster shows up. And Doof's magnet runs out of juice just in time to drop it on Melissa's science project. She even confirms it was the first day of summer.
  • And it's been confirmed that we're getting a crossover, so this is extra Jossed.
  • And it is now official with the appearance of Doofenshmirtz.

Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law Condition will originate thanks to a time travel accident
As the show seems to be setting up that time travel will play a big part in the show's story arc, it could be possible that whatever is done through any time travelling in the show could cause the genetic mutation that allows EHML to come into existence. Bonus points if it's an accident from Milo that causes EHML to come into existence.

There will be an episode where the luck of people is swapped
Milo will find his life boring, and everyone else will be driven near mad bar Melissa and maybe Zack.
  • Alternately, Milo will still get into lots of trouble because he can't predict what's going to happen to him without his bad luck so he spends the day smacking into things or tripping over them and has a "Thank goodness everything's back to normal" moment when he and the character he swaps with (this troper is hoping for Bradley) swap back.
    • It'll be caused by Doofenshmirtz or someone else trying to recreate his luck-altering inator.

Melissa has something that prevents her to be affected/hurt by Murphy's Law
Anyone noticed that when Melissa and Milo were buried together in The Undergrounders the rocks formed a dome shape, but in Rooting for the Enemy Milo has to receive damage and he wasn't with Melissa? Not to mention that Melissa claims to have an "adequate buffer zone" between her and Milo. There's definitely something in Melissa that others don't have.
  • Alternatively, she may simply have an understanding of Milo's affliction that she's learned to make work for her. For example, in "Going the Extra Milo", she arrives at the bus stop. She looks around, then steps back away from Milo, saying she's going to keep her distance, which Milo calls a "good call". She is not, however, immune to Milo's misfortunes, since, as evidenced in "Sunny-Side Up" she was coated in egg during their experiment, and in "The Undergrounders", she was tossed about the subway car along with Zach. We also observed in "Rooting for the Enemy" that she was once abducted by an orangutan, and conversations reveal that she considers going to the bowling alley with Milo to be far too dangerous an activity. She was also aware of the potential consequences to the bleachers when Milo began tapping his foot, and tried to caution him. It seems more likely that Melissa has witnessed Milo's bad luck long enough to get a feel for how it works. It is "Milo Murphy's Law", after all, meaning there has to be a system to how it works. She's keen enough to know when and where it's dangerous on most occasions, but even she isn't absolutely protected with that knowledge, as some situations become utterly unavoidable.

Melissa is the antithesis of Murphy's Law
Building off the above theory, if Milo is cursed with with bad luck, then Melissa is blessed with good luck, which explains why up to this point she isn't dead. However, she may view this less as great and more as being Blessed with Suck, hence why she hangs around with Milo. This explains why, despite all of the dangerous situations she gets into, she hasn't died up to this point.

We'll get a flashback episode for how Milo and Melissa met.
Milo and Melissa didn't start as friends, but he saved her life at great risk to himself, hence Melissa's utter faith in him.^ We'll definitely get to see how Milo and Melissa met.

Mrs. Murawski is an expy of Nina Einstein from Code Geass
Clearly Table Kun grew up

Melissa Chase is Melissa from Phineas and Ferb
Bare with me here, Phineas and Ferb took place in Summer of 2008 (as seen in The Best Lazy Day Ever) which aside from the pilot was when the series pretty much premiered. If we then assume this show takes place in present day as well then 8 years have passed since the greatest summer of all time. Melissa, Isabella's L'il Sparks friend from We Call It Maze, grew into a full fledged fireside girl which explains how she seems to be prepared, and even why she is willing to befriend Milo in the first place. (A fireside girl would never turn down a friend) Now the only issue is Melissa Chase has reddish hair rather then the blond hair of little Melissa but maybe she dyes it or maybe it just got darker as she got older...or maybe they are just both named after Povenmire's younger daughter and share no other connection. Also in Rooting for the Enemy she says "Great Googly Moogly" so maybe she's related to Monogram too, which (ironically is Swampy's character, not Dan's)
  • Jossed in "Murphy's Lard", Melissa looked pretty much the same on Phineas and Ferb's first day of summer. She might have been a year or so younger, but she certainly wasn't younger than P & F.

Melissa had a crush on Milo when they were kids

There will be an episode where Milo's curse is temporarily lifted
During that time, Milo will be absolutely miserable, as no adventures come his way and he will be extremely Allergic to Routine.

Melissa considers Bradley an Abhorrent Admirer but hides her feelings.
Melissa has shown a degree of Genre Savvy when it comes to Milo's condition. She may well be Genre Savvy in other ways, such as knowing that if she simply shot Bradley down, he'd refuse to take "no" for an answer, so instead, she acts like he doesn't bother her, and keeps Milo close to her as a way of keeping Bradley at bay.

The Pig in the Similar Squad is named something along the lines of "Piyaiegee"
Piyaiegee = P-I-G

Diogee will have a Day in the Limelight episode.
To teach children a lesson about responsibility and proper pet care, Diogee's tendency to wander will result in his being picked up by the dogcatcher or struck by a car (not fatally, of course). It will be a Very Special Episode.

Milo's day resets every time he dies
What else would explain his crazy preparedness? It makes so much sense. He's been cursed with really bad luck, but somehow he hardly ever gets hurt, and he somehow seems to always know what's gonna happen next.
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but the first part of this is completely Jossed in "Rootin'For The Enemy". Not only does Milo break his thumb, but the hospital room he's in is officially dubbed "The Milo Suite". In a later episode, he practically lists all the injuries he received. Particularly sprains. He gets hurt all the time. On the other hand, time travel is possible in this universe so resets and do-overs are entirely possible as well.
  • semi confirmed, it's Cavendish who dies all the time and gets do overs thanks to Dakota.

The Hereditary Curse of the Murphys only directly affects male descendants, giving females at worst a tendency to either be drawn to Weirdness Magnets, knowingly or not, or be examples of said trope themselves.
Compare Milo to his older sister Sara; most, if not all, of her bad luck seems to originate by having Milo in close proximity and both Murphy siblings seem aware of this, as Milo suggests that he not attend future events with her, indicating that without him around, Sara has normal luck. If the guess above about Adyson Sweetwater being Milo's cousin holds true and she's related to him on his dad's side of the family via being the daughter of his father's sister, making her a Murphy by marriage, this would explain why she ended up in Danville and part of the squad that helps the Flynn-Fletcher brothers with their insanity.
  • Alternatively she is adopted, on her parents' hope that someone not of the bloodline could break the curse; this will never be referenced in conversation just as the Flynn-Fletchers being a blended family was rarely referenced. Her biological parents will never be mentioned.
    • Original guess confirmed by Ashley Simpson, at least the whole "only male Murphys are under the curse" bit.

The Pistachios were not initially in danger
It will turn out that our two time agents assigned to safeguard pistachios were sent on a Snipe Hunt to keep them from bungling more serious missions. However, their time travel shenanigans, combined with Milo's bad luck, means that every time they try to protect the pistachios, the mission goes south for them, and now pistachios really are in danger.
  • Jossed as Time Out reveals pistachios will go extinct by 2087, most likely due to being the favorite snack of the world's unluckiest boy. Though it is regarded as a bit of a Snipe Hunt anyway, as it provides a method by which those two agents can be Reassigned to Antarctica.

Milo's bad luck has a specific range of efficacy
In "The Note", the government agency monitoring the parade talks about "The Murphy Sector", meaning they're aware of Milo's family. It also means that they are fully aware of just how far Milo's bad luck can reach, and can plan accordingly.

The show will slowly become a deconstruction of formulaic cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb
It already seems this show will probably have more continuity than Phineas and Ferb. Given the recent trend of Cerebus Syndrome in cartoons, it wouldn't be too surprising for the show to go this route.

Sara did inherit the curse
She's just not effected by it because of her Four-Leaf Clover hair pins cancelling it out.
  • Jossed by Ashley Simpson who confirmed that the curse is inherited only by males.

Sara attends Danville High School
With "Worked Day" revealing that the show takes place in Danville with Cavendish and Dakota's map, it would be very possible that Sara's high school is none other than Danville High School, which was seen in the Phineas and Ferb episode "Doof 101". She could be aware of, if not knowing, Vanessa and her friends, along if other unconfirmed characters attend the school, like Candace, Stacy, and Jeremy. Dr. Doofenshmirtz could even be her science teacher. At the least, it would be a cool moment if a brief mention or hint of this happened, like Sara mentioning some particular kids at her school or a science project from a crazy ex-mad scientist teacher.

Milo is the reason Doofenshmirtz and Candace always fail.

There will be a crossover with Gravity Falls
It'll be revealed that the llama incident Milo mentioned in "The Undergrounders" was Stan's llamacide. Milo tried (and failed) to save the llama's life. Stan will be surprised to find out that, unlike the llama, Milo survived what happened.
  • Jossed. There is an entire episode in which the events leading up to the incident and every detail of it is explained.

Milo is not cursed with bad luck.
Time travelers are actively and maliciously trying to kill him and his family for reasons unknown.

Cavendish is responsible for Milo's family's bad luck via Time Travel.

Alternately, Dakota is responsible for Milo's family's bad luck via Time Travel.

Doctor Zone has an arch nemesis named Master Leap

Milo's luck isn't really controllable like Rooting for the Enemy suggests
It was the only episode (so far) in which he exercised any kind of control over his affliction. My guess is he was able to due to either outcome being a win and a lose: if the opposing team wins, Milo gets to keep coming to games but his school loses. If his school wins, obviously he can't keep attending. Even if the Murphy's Law field stops outright throwing the game, there's no way the insurance, visiting teams or parents won't raise a fuss. Essentially his control was due to the situation being the statistical equivalent of a catch-22 or a Logic Bomb.

Alternately, Milo is just such a carefree guy it's entirely believable he genuinely had no *real* stake in the game and was just happy to be there.

Milo's backpack was made by Phineas and Ferb
Veronica knew the reputations of all three boys. and asked Phineas and Ferb to make something that could hold all kind of useful stuff and was still easily portable.
  • Veronica had her backpack back when Milo was still a baby. Neither Phineas or Ferb should've been born yet, let alone be old/conscious enough to make things at all.

If it wasn't for his Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law condition Milo would be one of the luckiest people alive.
After all even with everything that can go wrong going wrong, he and those around him rarely get hurt and in the end he usually ends up better off than before.

A Member of the Murphy Family lived next to Doof back in Druselstein
Bonus Points if said member was his neighbor Kenny.

Later in the series, there will be references to UHF
  • Why?... why not would be a better question!

Lard World was Made by Phineas and Ferb
  • Note how similar the design is to their previous theme parks, like Cheesetopia, not to mention the insanely enormous rollercoaster and overall bizarre theme. It's exactly the kind of place they would make.
    • So that's how they fund their inventions!

Time Paradoxes Are Going To Multiply, And Cross Multiple Episodes
  • In The Little Engine That Couldn't Cavendish and Dakota end up on the roof of a diner car as it's being dragged behind a fire engine. During this sequence Cavendish loses his hat, and we get a close up that shows he's bare-headed. Then his hat hits him in the face and he puts it on while hanging on for his life. It happens so fast and with so much else going on that it's easy to miss, but consider: if his hat is behind him and left behind in the street, how was it in front of him and up in the air so it could land on him? Expect a future episode to reveal time agents were watching from elsewhere.
    • It's easy to presume Cavendish and Dakota goof it up and wind up there on that same day to watch themselves, but that may not be the case (although that would be the cleanest explanation).
    • Alternate possibility: part of the animation team showed Cavendish losing his hat, then a second team put it back to keep the animation models consistent and hoped no one would think about it.

Mr. Drako is not a vampire
But he himself really truly believes he is. So he started doing many vampire things, such as staying in tight boxes, avoiding sun, and adapting a very specific fashion sense.

Lola Sunderguard has a similar curse to Milo's and calls it Finagle's Law

Edward A. Murphy, Jr. got his family cursed because he insulted a witch.
There'll be a movie where the Murphys will have a chance to trigger a Curse Escape Clause set by the witch in hopes Edward and/or a descendant of his would atone.

Lucky of the Stunt Scabs is a Murphy.

Sara Murphy is adopted
Sara looks nothing like the rest of her family, mainly because of her bright blond hair. While we don't know what her grandparents look like, her father has brown hair and her mom has red hair, so the odds of her having ending up with blond hair is very slim. Or maybe Murphy's Law caused her to not resemble her father at all, looking almost nothing like him.
  • Ferb has green hair; normal hair genetics are probably out the window in this universe.
    • And even barring the question of Ferb's green hair, blond hair is generally recessive to brown but dominant over red which means that all that would be necessarily for Sara's looks would be for Martin to carry a blond gene, which his daughter displays and his son possibly carries.
  • She could dye her hair.

Doctor Zone is real
Time travel is real and frequent plot point in the show. Aliens and sci-fi physics are a carry over from Phineas and Ferb. And what better way to hide it.
  • Jossed. As revealed in "Missing Milo", Vinnie, Balthazar and Milo inspired Dr. Zone's creator back in The '50s.

Milo is Phineas and Candice's half-brother.
The son of their Disappeared Dad which is why Candice is so unlucky, Phineas' extreme good luck is a long overdue Throw the Dog a Bone for the family.

Milo will temporarily lose his bad luck in the potential crossover with P&F.
Either by the work of the Flynn-Fletcher bros' inventions or Doofenshmirtz' inators.

The source of Milo's Curse.

Mr. Drako will be revealed as a vampire in a Halloween special

Mr. Drake isn't a vampire but some other monster.
This is the same universe as Klimpaloon, the Magical Old-Timey Bathing Suit Who Lives in the Himalayas do you really expect something with this much build up to be true? No, expect a Bait-and-Switch

There is one area the Murphy men are extremely lucky in
Love, how else would there be so many generations of Happily Married Walking Disaster Area's without luck in this one area?

Dakota and Cavendish will finally gets their respect. Probably in the last episode.
I feel sad for them.

The Murphy's Law curse has the side effect of making the Murphy men a Chick Magnet
The Brulee twins were openly crushing on Milo within minutes of meeting him. Amanda seems to be falling for him in spite of herself. And Melissa might not be attracted to Milo(?), but she sure spends a lot of time with him. But it makes sense.
  • Milo and Martin are both doggedly nice guys, yet provide the danger, drama, and excitement of being a bad boy. So they are Single Woman Seeks Good Man and All Girls Want Bad Boys in one package.
  • All that running around, and lifting heavy objects that fall on/by them leaves the Murphy men in very good shape.
  • The life expectancy of the Murphys can't be terribly long, so they need to find mates and reproduce as soon as possible to continue to pass the curse on.
  • Triang Relations are just another way the curse makes things difficult for them.

The Organization Dakota and Cavendish work for is evil, but they don't know it.
Look at the voice actors of the other Agents (or even Vinnie, for that matter). And Brick and Savannah seem to be doing something pretty evil when we meet them. The reason Dakota and Cavendish are assigned such a trivial task and poor equipment is because they aren't evil. And maybe to distract Milo. Or Dr. Zone.

Dakota and Cavendish work for Time Baby.
Perhaps even Mr. Block answers to him, and Dakota and Cavendish are the only time travel agents lower ranked than Blendin Blandin.
  • Considering Journal 3, Blendin has no rank and Dakota and Cavendish are duty-bound to inform Mr. Block if they ever spot him.

The reason the last remaining Pistachio Person wasn't erased is because he's now a Paradox Person
The time stream is a location outside time, thus protecting him from being erased from existence like his brethren. Now he's free to take revenge on Milo and friends, because as a living paradox, he is now immune to the ravages of time. There's no telling what chaos he could sow from the year 1955.
  • Given that reasoning, there are Paradox versions of Cavendish and Dakota from their adventure in "Time Out".

If Dakota and Cavendish ever manage to save the pistachio trees from extinction, Mr. Block will forget he ever sent them to do it in the first place.
Considering how he doesn't remember the Bad Future from "Missing Milo", it's likely to happen.

The Lumbermaxes will continue to make appearances, STILL not taking a hint from Zack.
  • This happened, but they weren't the real Lumbermaxes, so it might not count.

Dakota has experienced a lot of the show's events before/he's experiencing the show's events out-of-order.
Dakota's laid-back attitude could be a sign that he isn't trying because, well, he knows how most of their missions are going to end. This was the agent who was so good he stopped the Mississippi Purchase, and showed in "Missing Milo" how competent he really is. So, why isn't he trying? There's the point in "Missing Milo" where Vinnie says King Pistachion "looks familiar" to him, and he always seems to know where Brick and Savannah are. Is he hiding something?
  • Maybe he's watched the show.
  • The fact that he's repeatedly traveled to the past to save Cavendish's life and dismissed his prior selves to a remote island would seem to support this.

Dan and Swampy have some pretty good blackmail material on Slash.
How else can one explain him appearing in both Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law?
  • Slash is a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb. Apparently he got in an "argument" with Dan and Swampy about who was doing who a favor over his appearance.

There will be an episode where Milo and Bradley spend time together.
And their relationship will be similar to that of Clarence and Belson. In other words, Milo will keep being nice to Bradley and try to help him in spite of Bradley continuing to be mean to him and asking him to go away.

Cavendish and Dakota will meet Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
And there will be plenty of jokes about their voices.
  • Confirmed for the latter.

Melissa is Phineas and Candace’s sister.
We have yet to see her mother and the kids were probably split up in the divorce. It can’t be a coinkydink that Melissa just happens to look like Candance with curly hair but has Phineas’s laidback attitude and knack for knowing what to do today mixed with Candace’s forgetfulness like when she forgot about her bear because she put her boyfriend’s photo on it.
  • Possible, but unlikely. US courts generally do not split up the children in cases of divorce.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz is not Professor Time.
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher is the one who is going to invent time travel (or at least a common, stable, well known form of time travel). And that is part of why see doesn't look 10 years older in Act Your Age.
  • Actually, I think it's Phineas and/or Ferb who are Professor Time. Well, They literally restored a time machine in a single morning.
    • Except that they were going to the place Professor Time lived. P&F wouldn't be living with Heinz, nor would it make sense for him to be at their place. Which would also necessitate the Flynn-Fletcher family moving into an apartment and then back out, as well as Heinz being there. It is possible (they moved in while something was being done to their house, Heinz somehow got roped into babysitting the brothers of his daughter's friend). It is far more likely it is just Heinz, or Vanessa, who lives with him part of the time.
  • Jossed, Heinz really will become Professor Time. With branding and all.

Doofenshmirtz and/or Phineas & Ferb are Professor Time.
But only in that they widespread-introduce time-travelling, because Phineas & Ferb already used a time machine in the Danville Museum to go back to the past (remember the dinosaur episode?).

Cavendish and Dakota will quit the Time Agency
They are aware that they're not taken seriously and are not treated well, but want to do something more, so there's an incentive for them to leave the Time Travelling Bureau, take whatever gear they have now, and go on their own time travelling adventures.

Candace has a minor case of Murphy's Law
That's why she can never bust her brothers, but it's not serious enough to cause any greater harm.
  • Murphy's Law only applies to males. Even if Candace's biological dad was a Murphy, it would mean that Phineas inherited the curse, who obviously does not suffer from it at all. For this WMG to work, Candace must inherit a curse that is like Murphy's law, but isn't. Something like Finagle's law, or Melody's law as it's called sometimes, in which anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment (which actually fits Candace's case of Cassandra Truth to a T, and even Linda when taking "What Do It Do" into consideration).

Concerning the Crossover...
Whatever happened to the time machine Phineas and Ferb repaired?
We know the Pistachions know about the Time Bureau's time machines, because they got used to foil them originally, but that time machine has never officially been used, and Phineas, Ferb and the Fireside Girls repair it with little difficulty...
Ergo, they HAVE got a time machine to go back to 1955, and no-one but the Flynn-Fletchers would even know it's been right there the whole time!
Deadpool will appear in the Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy's Law crossover
With Disney now owning The Simpsons and the X-Men film rights (plus Deadpool), thanks to their buyout of Fox, at a certain point, everyone's favorite Merc in the Mouth will appear in one scene, possibly as a cameo being a person who bought Phineas and Ferb's materials such as Tools, Iron, etc., as well as a delivery man.
  • Bonus points if Ryan Reynolds did a Role Reprisal of him from the live-action films and why? Rule of Cool!!!
    • Ryan did said that he's ready for a Deadpool/Mickey Mouse Team-up.
  • If Nether Realm Studios and Warner Bros. can tone down Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden from Mortal Kombat in Injustice but still faithful to the source material they originate, then Disney might to the same way with him.
  • And people could imagine him breaking the fourth wall where he comes home to Disney.
    • Jossed. Deadpool does not appear.

The crossover will have a moment where there are two Melissa's
One Melissa being real, the other being a Pistachion. Then Milo and/or Zack will have to tell them to remove their two fake front teeth.
  • Jossed. Nothing like that happens in the crossover.

Nothing bad will happen to the Phineas & Ferb characters in the crossover

Judging from Act Your Age being set in the future, none of the P&F appearing in the crossover will die. A combination of Saved by Canon and Foregone Conclusion.

  • Something bad, just not deadly, could happen to Vanessa. She doesn't look appreciably older in Act Your Age. Displaced forward in such a way that makes it dangerous or deadly to reverse; or maybe temporaly frozen for a few years. That would also get around the 8 year age difference between her and Ferb.
  • Well, something bad really did happen to most Phineas and Ferb characters: they got turned into evil Pistachions by Derek's M.U.L.C.H. machine. Even then, it got reverted in the end, thanks to Professor Time eliminating Derek in the past.

Other Phineas & Ferb characters appearing in the crossover

Other than who was already announced at this time.

  • Vanessa Doofensmirtz.
  • Norm.
  • Roger Doofensmirtz.
  • Stacy Hirano.
  • Jeremy Johnson.
  • Linda Flynn-Fletcher.
  • Lawrence Fletcher.
  • Harry the Hyena.
  • Maggie the Macaw.
  • Karen the Cat.
  • Monty Monogram.
  • The Bug Trio.
  • The rest of the Fireside Girls.
  • Pinky the Chihuahua.
    • Linda, Lawrence, and the other Fireside Girls appear in non-speaking cameos. Its jossed for everyone else.
      • Vanessa and Norm make each an appearance in a few other Season 2 episodes due to Doofenshmirtz having a major role in Season 2, and Jeremy has a voice-only appearance in another one. As for the rest, no dice.

Cavendish is somehow related to the Murphys, but he doesn't know it

Think about it. His failed missions, his many deaths and the fact that other time travelers erase his many, many mistakes and because of this he can't improve in his life. Maybe his curse is different in that it doesn't apply (to some extent) to the people around him, but mostly to himself.

There is an island of Cavendishes as well.
  • Cavendish saves Dakota in the same way and retreats to his own island. The two groups are completely unaware of the other.

Given how heavy time travel is involved in the overall story. And due to Phineas & Ferb's reset tendencies.

Bradley expects to lose the bets with Melissa

It's shown that Bradley routinely makes bets with Melissa that Milo will be late for school. And every time he loses and has to give up his lunch or do another favor for Melissa. It's happened so many times that there's no way he could think Milo would actually be late.

So his smug confidence is an act. It's known he has a crush on Melissa so this allows him to do favors for her without admitting it.

Of course it's a win/win scenario if Milo is late because it means Melissa has to do something for him.

Amanda gets a backpack of her own

In Season 2, Amanda finally falls for Milo after the events of "Cake 'Splosion!", having realized that Milo is prepared enough to tackle any inconvenience Murphy's Law brings. Amanda is also a perfectionist that prefers to have control over a situation, and is good at organizing. It makes sense for her to have a backpack like Milo's if she wants to keep a relationship with him.

The OWCA Files takes place after Milo Murphy's Law Season 2

Season 2 centers around Doofenshmirtz living with the Murphys, with a destiny to invent time travel in 15 years time. Until "Doof's Day Out", however, he hasn't done anything and stays home without a job... which is strange when Doof was a teacher in "Doof 101", as well as an OWCA agent in "The OWCA Files". But neither of the two episodes had been referenced once in MML.

Thing is, however, while "Doof 101" takes place directly after summer, it was never disclosed when "The OWCA Files" takes place. And considering that in "The OWCA Files", Phineas and Ferb's home was destroyed while all the Flynn-Fletchers were out, it could be assumed they're still at school.

It would make sense that, after the season finale, Doofenshmirtz would've proven himself enough that he'll be taken back in as a trainee agent. It would furthermore aid Doof on his long road to become Professor Time, as this would help him how to be good (since he somewhat sucks at it).

"Meap Me in St. Louis" will somehow be made into a MML episode
If you thought the integration "Meapless in Seattle" into an actual episode was nuts, Dan and Swampy will blow our minds again. This time it goes up to eleven when they establish the cutscenes from "Meap Me in St. Louis" while bringing characters from both shows together into an hour-long special. Admit it, you wanted to see the fight between Perry and Suzy.

The P&F and MML characters will swap roles
When another inevitable crossover happens, Candace and Elliott will argue over who has the harder job, leading them to wager a bet. Hilarity ensues when Elliott attempts to bust Phineas and Ferb, sensing the dangers their big ideas could pose, while Candace does everything possible to prevent Milo from causing any (indirect) harm. Meanwhile, Major Monogram and Doofenshmirtz will also take over for their VA counterparts Cavendish and Dakota.

The Phineas and Ferb Effect doesn't actually work exactly like Baljeet makes it sound like it does.
Okay; bear with me here. Baljeet's explanation basically implies that nothing Phineas and Ferb have ever done has been by their choice or with their own power but that's actually not true. What it actually does is that no matter what they choose to do, the Effect will cause them to operate under optimal conditions, meaning that while they're not guaranteed to succeed at their endeavors (well, in-universe at least; from the viewer's perspective, they are because they're the protagonists), they will always be operating under conditions that will give them the absolute best possible chance of things going well/turning out for the best. This would also explain why Candace can never bust them; even putting aside the Bad Future or the Nightmare Fuel that was "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", Linda would probably ground the boys from their antics and they would then go crazy because they're addicted to said antics.

The present day Mr. Block is genuinely fond of Cavendish and Dakota, and every time he laughs at what he believes to be jokes, he is in Sincerity Mode.
The reason he knows of them is because part of the banishment protocol is to inform a government official of the era they are banished to, and he couldn't stand by with the perspective two people stranded in a time period that would be mostly alien to them would be completely jobless and with no means to provide for themselves, so he arranged for them to have a low-impact job within his organization as a way for them to at least have a paycheck to live with.

This is also why he bluntly tells them they are incompetent through implication despite being otherwise pleasant to them, he is always sincere to them, even at times it involves brutal honesty.

The show will end after season 2.
Let's face it. The show will end after season 2. Sure, series crew member Joshua Pruett mentioned that there's no direct confirmation on whether season 2 is the last season or not, but no one can probably say anything until much later. Plus, look at the signs. Ratings are down. Reruns are dwindling. Its premiere times are on Saturdays at 7am with only encores on Disney XD. Plus, the creators and a good chunk of the crew are working on the Phineas And Ferb movie for Disney+. This show is over.
  • Currently, Dan Povermine has said that the chances of season 3 depend on the series getting enough views on Disney + to justify one and there have been efforts to get the series trending again through the #Renew MML on Twitter. Additionally, he has also stated in a more recent interview that he would be okay working on two shows (this and Hamster & Gretel) at once so there is still some hope.

Dakota got into B.O.T.T. via nepotism
  • Mr. Block didn't refer to Dakota with an ID number the way he did Cavendish after the recruits' test, and Cavendish's outfit looks more uniform than choice, and if so - Dakota gets away with not wearing a uniform in from of Mr. Block and is hired. Plus - how in the world has he gotten to Rita's burrito stand before, if not with B.O.T.T. tech?

Murphy's Law takes cash bribes
In 'Rooting For The Enemy', during the song, Milo says he "spent 17 dollars rooting for the enemy." You'd think that the plan to ruin the Tigers' luck by rooting for them would fall apart faster than wet tissue paper, but since he had to spend money on merch to do it, it goes off without a hitch. When victory is secured, it's back to the Murphy Suite for Milo.

Milo lost most of negative probability ions to the Octalians
There were maybe 2 dozen Octalians that morphed into Milo, with his negative probability ions split between them. The same thing happened with Orgaluth, though that took hundreds of Octalians. The end result is Milo is probably no longer a walking disaster area, and is probably missing the excitement from his life.
  • Jossed by the ending of the episode, in which the Octalian spaceship Milo and friends use to depart has its thrusters falling off, causing the ship to plummet down, back to the surface of Octalia. Such an accident wouldn't be able to happen if Milo's negative probability ion level has been regressed to the same amount as a regular human being.

Milo is now telepathic.
  • Or he was thanks to Octalian medicine. Whether it sticks or not is anyone's guess.

Bridgette uses Marvin to prolong her projects .
  • Given the male Murphy’s disaster area ability and As an Architect and who’s to say she doesn’t make a little extra money on the side having her husband cause a few
Accidents to have a building delayed? Also given how that could paint her in a bad light keep in mind their family would need as much as they can get with medical bills and likely damage charges.
  • Murphy’s law has been subject to reverse psychology so using such a phenomena to their benefit isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Murphy’s Law has Standards.
  • Basically when it comes to “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” while set in those parameters of something can wrong will happen there are aspect this law won’t touch.
  • Debatable given the crazy preparedness of the family *
  • the only partial evidence come ing the episode “first impressions”
Where we see Bridgette was able to carry Milo to term. Considering what could have happened coupled with the theory Murphy’s law can’t exactly kill the afflicted Murphy’s you can see where I’m going.

Doofenshmirtz first created time-travel in "Lotsa Latkes".
According to ancient hieroglyphics found in an Egyptian tomb, an epic battle between the Mongol Army and potato gremlin creatures once raged, while a pharmacist from the future built a time machine and mightily cursed a platypus. Presumably the Historical Army Retrieve-Inator was am early prototype; a better-working, more sustainable model came along once Doof returned to the future. All it took was Perry's funding, some salvaged alien tech to combine with and improve the existing -Inator, and a college-level marketing course to teach proper branding...and hello, Professor Time.