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Nightmare Fuel / Milo Murphy's Law

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"Now no one can go back and stop us!"note 
Coming right on the heels of Dan and Swampy's previous show that contained a lot of freaky moments, it shouldn't be a surprise that THIS show would get a lot as well. Especially since it has Murphy's Law in the title.

Expect unmarked spoilers as Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.


  • Milo's life in general. Everything around him is trying to kill him in ways that would make Death from Final Destination proud. His luck doesn't just affect him, but also the people around him.
    • It's worth noting that Made of Iron doesn't apply here, that even though his preparedness has kept him alive so far he's frequently injured and frequently in the hospital, and that he's apparently covered in scars. If he wasn’t as clever or as paradoxically lucky as he is, he might not have survived this long.
  • Murphy's Law also affects everyone within a certain radius, so that Milo's mere presence threatens anyone he comes in contact with.
  • We've met a few time travelers and they've all dropped hints the future is a crapsack world. Among other things, it's implied most or all animals are EXTINCT.


Season 1

Going the Extra Milo
  • Just imagine being in Zack's shoes. He's starting his first day at a new school and he meets someone that causes everyone around him to keep their distances away from him. And then suddenly, a drainage pipe comes rolling toward them and he has to run away from it or he'll die.
  • Being chased by wolves, that's scary. Being very close to a beehive nest, that's also scary. A wolf with a beehive nest stuck on its head that can somehow still chase you, that's really scary.
  • The cringe-inducing way that beehive got stuck on that poor wolf; you wouldn't wish that on any wild animal.

Rooting For the Enemy

  • Melissa was once kidnapped by an orangutan. Members of this species have been shown to be capable of lifting over half a ton. Imagine what an angry orangutan could do to your average middle school student. And to top it off, Melissa states that it's still far less dangerous than bowling with Milo.

The Note

  • The government, operating spy drones, is well aware of "The Murphy Sector".
    • Also, they've unnecessarily disintegrated several astronauts. And the guy with the actual gun seems rather disheartened that he doesn't get to do it again.
  • Milo ends up triggering a flashback for the astronaut in the parade by banging on the car and saying "Hey! Can you hear me?" Apparently, the astronaut had been trapped out in space because his partner was listening to music and couldn't hear him...and he was running out of air.
    Wilson: (while having a panic attack) I... never... should have GIVEN HIM THOSE HEADPHONES!
  • Melissa's scenario when Zack asks how the situation could be worse.
  • When the gang finally find the note in a recycling center, Melissa climbs onto a conveyor belt leading to a crusher to get it, but her shoelace ends up getting stuck. If Milo's attempt to save her hadn't jammed the machine, well...

Murphy's Lard

Secrets and Pies

  • Imagine being Milo's babysitter. We're told Veronica is the last one standing, and from some of the disasters she faced, it's not hard to see why. Quite a bit of Adult Fear can be expressed when seeing an infant Milo in a house that's flooding, bookshelves falling over, a ceiling fan coming down, an angry dog attacking, and the whole friggin' house blowing up. It's a wonder Milo even survived long enough to be a teenager, and one can only wonder if "last babysitter standing" meant that a few of the previous ones simply didn't survive.

The Substitute

  • Thanks to a mishap with a futuristic teleporter, Milo's substitute teacher is briefly stranded in the vacuum of space with no oxygen supply or protective gear of any kind, helpless to do anything but hallucinate dancing monkeys and Klimpaloons. She was very lucky that device returned her to the classroom before she suffocated.

The Llama Incident

Missing Milo

  • This special introduces us to the Pistachions: a race of humanoid Pistachio plants. Sounds like nothing harmless, right? Haha, WRONG! These villains actually manage to create a Bad Future and claim the planet for their own. Heck, one of them ate a congressman while another destroyed an entire city before he could walk. And then there's King Pistachion (his silhouette is in the image above), who would try anything to preserve his existence.

The Island of Lost Dakotas

  • Cavendish's Death Montage, especially the last, which depicts his head popping like a balloon after he forgot to put a helmet on.
  • Cannibal Dakota, and what he must have gone through to end up like that.
  • The entire premise of the episode. Someone close to you dies and you have to cycle through time to prevent the death, only for the process to repeat again and again.
    • It's disturbing even without the death aspect (although that certainly contributes). Dakota goes about his business as usual knowing full well that at any given moment, a future version of himself could appear and replace him. At that point, the "original" Dakota's entire future is just gone. That there is a whole civilization of Dakotas waiting to welcome new members into the community provides at least some comfort, but it doesn't make the idea of having to give up one's own life as they know it because of circumstances way beyond their control any less horrifying to contemplate. How did the very first Dakota to be willingly replaced get through this ordeal, without his best friend, a home, a purpose, or other Dakotas waiting to welcome him into the fold? Suddenly a show about staying optimistic in the face of adversity is tackling existentialism as if someone misplaced Rick and Morty script and it was accidentally made into a Disney cartoon.

Fungus Among Us

Season 2

The Phineas and Ferb Effect
  • Thought the whole body snatcher plot from the Pistachions in the last episode was bad enough? Don't worry, it gets a whole LOT worse: Derek's ultimate plan is to convert all the humans they've captured into Pistachions and switch to their side. Even worse: he actually SUCCEEDS and get some of Phineas, Ferb and Milo's friends and family turned into part of Derek's Pistachion army. Yep, all the characters you've grown to love in both shows: Isabella, Irving, Buford, Baljeet, Amanda, Bradley, Melissa, Zack, and even the Giant Floating Baby Head: all transformed into malicious plant monsters, hungry for human flesh. Good thing that Future Doofenshmirtz came in and invited Orton to slay Derek in 1955 right when the team got cornered...
    Derek: Your friends and family are mine! Plants forever!]]
  • The Battle between the Dakotas and Pistacion armies is absolutely brutal, with many being killed and even parodying the Omaha Beach sequence in Saving Private Ryan.

Now I Am a Murphy

  • The government agents had grabbed a wounded grizzly bear and put a cyborg brain in it, with the sole instruction to kill man. And it has broken free in Dead Man's Bluff... exactly where Milo is. There's some tense moments where you'd think Milo has fallen victim, but thankfully, the cyborg bear never gets to kill anyone.

Cavendish Unleashed

  • Cavendish gets frozen in a block of ice after he finds a data room where the Octalians have been monitoring Milo's every move.

First Impressions

  • Thanks to a rocket engine from a Snowflyer 1.5, the school bus speeds up as 6-year old Milo and Melissa fall out of it, sliding behind it on an emergency exit tethered to the bus with a grappling hook. The two get in various dangerous situations and could've died in a gruesome way if it weren't for Dakota and Cavendish.

The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club

  • The cyborg grizzly bear from "Now I Am a Murphy" returns. This time, however, he doesn't just want to kill any random john doe: no, this time, he specifically wants to kill Milo Murphy in particular, going all the way from Dead Man's Bluff to Milo's hometown, tracking him down to his school where he and his friends have detention. All in the name of revenge for humiliating him last time... when Milo wasn't even aware of the bear's presence in the first place, and the humiliation wasn't even Milo's fault per se, just Murphy's Law in effect.
    • The song "Looking High and Low For Milo" counts as a Funny Moment due to Soundtrack Dissonance, but those lyrics don't mess around. One lyric in particular promises that there will be blood when the cyborg bear finds Milo.

Parks and Wreck

  • Imagine you finding a random carburetor in a wasteland, and then suddenly losing your bone structure because of that. Or rather, have your bones "turn into a noodly liquid", same difference: you'll become a structureless heap of flesh regardless. It's what Dakota and Doofenshmirtz experience in this episode. Fortunately, it only lasts a few minutes before they get their regular shape back, and it supposedly feels relaxing!


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