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  • Banned in China: In the pairing of the Season 2 episode segments, "Cakesplosion/Lady Krillers", the latter segment, was banned from airing on Disney Channel and Disney XD in various European countries, possibly due to the more controversial subject matter of crossdressing being a crucial plot point in the latter segment, though the former segment still airs, albeit paired with a different segment.
    • Finally averted, as the episode in its entirety is available completely unscathed on Disney+ in many of the affected European countries.
  • The Cast Showoff: The titular character is "Weird Al" Yankovic. That combined with the show having a new song almost every episode, and you're guaranteed that good amount of them will have Weird Al doing the vocals.
  • Channel Hop: Certain season 1 episodes premiered on Disney Channel first. Later, that would end up being the case for all of season 2, although every episode would premiere on Disney XD just a few hours after doing so on Disney Channel.
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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Now I Am A Murphy and A Clockwork Origin are 2 of Jim Bernstein's favorite episodes.
  • Dawson Casting: Milo, a teenager, is voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic, a man in his late 50's. It's averted with Melissa and Zack, whose actors are only a few years older than their characters, though it's only a matter of time before it's played straight.
  • Descended Creator: Just like with Doofenshmirtz and Monogram, Dan and Swampy voice characters here—in this case, the Pistachio-protecting time agents Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish.
  • Development Gag: In the series finale, when the aliens are doing an I Am Spartacus moment, one of them declares that "I am Mikey!" before being corrected, much to their confusion. Mikey was Milo's original name during development.
  • Fake Brit:
    • This sort of counts for the case of Jemaine Clement, the voice of Dr. Zone and his actor/creator Orton Mahlson. Orton is confirmed to be Kiwi but he speaks in a quasi-British accent. The same can apply to Rhys Darby's character, King Pistachion.
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    • Balthazar Cavendish, a Brit, is voiced by co-creator Jeff Swampy Marsh, an American.
  • Name's the Same: Milo's sidekicks are a girl and a guy with the respective surnames of Chase and Underwood, identical to Percy Jackson's sidekicks.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: The teaser trailer for "Fungus Among Us" has Doofenshmirtz say something different for his cameo. In the trailer, he said, "The dog's name is Diogee", while the actual episode has him say "You're not the pizza delivery guy.".
  • Non-Singing Voice: Aaron D. Jacob does Zack's singing.
  • Now Which One Was That Voice?: Similar to Phineas and Ferb, the voice actors for minor characters, as well as major supporting characters, are listed under additional voices, meaning you have to listen closely to figure out who's who.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts with filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure and other projects, Thomas Brodie-Sangster is replaced by David Errigo Jr in the role of Ferb. Fortunately, everyone else, even Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Stoner, return to their iconic roles.
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    • The Season 2 premiere has Derek voiced by Jeff Bennett instead of Dee Bradley Baker.
    • The French dub of Phineas and Ferb was done in France, while the one for Milo Murphy's Law was done in Belgium. As such, none of the PAF characters had their original voice actors coming back for the latter. This is in contrast to Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, whose French dub was able to feature both the French voice actors from PAF and the Belgian voice actors from Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble.
  • Out of Order: When the first two episodes were released early before their premiere date, the episodes were "Going the Extra Milo" and "The Undergrounders". These episodes were paired with others for their initial premieres.
    • The Season 1 finale, "Fungus Among Us", aired before two other Season 1 episodes; these being Halloween and Christmas specials that aired in the following three months.
  • Playing Gertrude: Milo's parents are voiced by Pamela Adlon and Diedrich Bader, who are both 7 years younger than "Weird Al" Yankovic.
  • Production Posse: Many of the crew that worked on Phineas and Ferb work on this too.
  • Promoted Fanboy: To a degree. Ashley Michelle Simpson drew designs for teenage versions of the titular characters of Phineas And Ferb, the creators' previous series. Not only did those designs impress them so much that they were incorporated into that show's episode "Act Your Age", but she was eventually hired as a storyboard artist for this series.
  • Quietly Cancelled: The series was never officially cancelled, but after some time passed after the end of the second season the showrunners deduced that if Disney wanted more episodes they would have ordered them within a shorter timeframe. Indeed, the staff briefly returned to Phineas and Ferb with Candace Against the Universe, and Dan Povenmire would later reveal he's working on a new series, Hamster & Gretel.
  • Real-Life Relative: Rob Morrow and Debbon Ayer, who play married couple, the Brulees, in the episode, "Family Vacation", are married in real life.
  • Schedule Slip: Unlike Phineas and Ferb's early years, this show's scheduling is more erratic. After October 27, 2016, the next episode wasn't until March 6, 2017, an over 4 month gap. After March 23, there was another gap lasting until July 22. New episodes were burned off in the last week of September 2017, with the remaining Season 1 episodes airing in October and December respectively, to coincide with their months' respective holidays.
    • Release date for the crossover with Phineas and Ferb is also left in complete ambiguity by Disney. Originally speculated to air in April, it then moved to Summer, eventually getting released in August in Japan (yet still with no proper date in America!). Considering the Season 1 finale that would lead up to the crossover aired in late September, it would take nearly a year for the story to continue, until it officially announced from one source that it'll air around January 5, 2019, which is 13 months.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • The Season 2 opener, a crossover episode with Phineas and Ferb, was initially announced at SDCC 2017 with a slated release in 2018. However, after several delays and months of silence, it was then revealed in August that it would be pushed back to early 2019... with this announcement coming on the same day of its Japanese airing. No reason was given for any of the delays, with fans guessing it may be due to Disney being unimpressed with the show's ratings.
    • Even after the season 2 premiere, the show was still treated poorly. Disney Channel only aired new episodes on Saturday mornings at 7, with all encores on Disney XD. After May 23, both Disney Channel and Disney XD stopped airing the show, with its status on cancellation or renewal unknown.
  • Short Run in Peru: By the time the second season premiered in the United States in January 2019, some of the episodes had already aired in Japan, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Africa. By November 2018, over half of the season had aired in India, again before the U.S.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Romi Dames voices both of the Brûlée twin sisters.
    • The second half of the second season had a lot of Doof and Dakota (both voiced by Povenmire) paired together.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • The Wiki Rule: Has a wiki here.
  • Write Who You Know:
    • Melissa's name and physical appearance is based on Dan Povenmire's daughter.
    • Milo's personality is based on Noah Z. Jones, a fellow Disney TVA employee. In fact, he would have been his voice actor had he not been busy with Pickle and Peanut.
  • Working Title: The show was called Mikey Murphy's Law during development.