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Tear Jerker / Milo Murphy's Law

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This kid needs a hug.
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  • Milo's life in general. Disaster strikes everyday for him and he's constantly in danger and endangers everyone around him and he's fully aware of that. People are always keeping their distances away from him and he's not allow to attend certain events due to his luck. He's even willing to distances himself from others to ensure they don't get hurt or ruin anything for them. And yet, he keeps an optimistic look on life and just learns to accept how his life is.
  • This drawing of Milo and Diogee from storyboard artist Ashley Michelle Simpson's Tumblr.
  • As of May 19th 2019, the production crew has confirmed that Milo Murphy's Law has not been renewed for a third season, leaving the show on a cliffhanger.

     Season 1 
Going the Extra Milo
  • When Milo arrives to the bus stop, the other students there immediately distances themselves from him, even his friend, Melissa, keeps her distance from him. The fact that this doesn't bother Milo shows that he's used to it.
  • Milo getting offended by Zack when he asked how can he live a disastrous life. Milo even drops his smile when he talks back to Zack.
    Zack: Dude, if and when we get out of here, I'm gonna have to go my own way. No offense. I just can't handle all of this.
    Milo: All of what?
    Zack: This cyclone of calamity that follows you everywhere you go. How do you live like this?
    Milo: How do you live like that?
    Zack: What do you mean?
    Milo: I mean, you wanna live like those other kids? They took a bus to school today. A bus! Does that seem like more fun to you?
  • Milo notes that no one has ever called him tough. After he and Zack flee the drainage pipe, Melissa refers to him as tough when she makes her bet with Bradley. She makes the statement rather casually, meaning she's probably said something like it before. Is Milo's luck so bad that the universe is actively preventing him from getting to hear Melissa's opinion of him?

Sunny Side Up

  • Milo more or less maintains his chipper attitude throughout the episode, but when he and Zack are about to drop the egg he reveals that he's terribly anxious not to "let Melissa down." He clearly blames himself to some extent for the calamity his presence incurs, even though it's hardly his fault and his best efforts are only able to deflect disaster, not prevent it.
    • Milo standing in the corner after the three of them bring their project to class. YMMV whether his cheerful tone makes it less or more depressing.
    I'm helping by not helping!

Rooting for the Enemy

  • Milo's luck is so bad that he can't go to any sporting event for his school without risking his team not only to lose but also getting them hurt. Milo really wants to watch Zack play in his first football game but he doesn't want to cause any trouble for the other people attending or playing in the game.

Party of Peril

  • Just the synopsis tugs at the heartstrings: Milo has never had a birthday before in his 13 years of life because his luck is so bad.
    • Well, in the episode itself, it's revealed he has had at least one party before (it went as well as you'd expect), which is slightly better.
    • He's had birthday parties since, but they've had to consist only of his immediate family and Melissa since something would invariably go wrong (like "train derailing through backyard during the cake" wrong).
    • Still sad that traditional birthday parties, pretty much a rite of passage for kids, were impossible for most of his life.

Time Out

  • Cavendish seems really upset about finding out that his career is "a big inconsequential joke".

Perchance to Sleepwalk

  • Cavendish and Dakota discuss that their boss doesn't believe that they can't save the pistachios because if they do, when the pistachions will take over the world. Cavendish decides to go with Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: it's more important to keep the world safe than to complete their mission.
  • Cavendish and Dakota get fired from the mission after Brick and Savannah catch them in the act of chopping down pistachio trees. Though Cavendish doesn't seem too broken up about it, since at least when cleaning outhouses in the Renaissance there's no Murphy to mess that up.

A World Without Milo

  • Sarah's response when Elliot asks if she has a brother. She doesn't sound that happy about being an only child, and also bewildered at the question. Apparently they also knew each other in high school, or rather Elliot knew her.
  • Without Milo around, Zack and Melissa aren't friends. Given how close they are normally, this is heartbreaking to witness.
  • Elliot has a minor breakdown when he realizes that without Milo, there's no reason for him to be a safety czar. He starts running when a squirrel talks to him, crashes into a pole, and later needs treatment because he's sustained a minor concussion.
  • Dakota accidentally erased Milo from existence. He looks really guilty about it when Cavendish mentions it was his fault. At the end of the episode it gets worse when they fix that but accidentally bring several Milos into existence.
  • Elliot tells Milo that the world would be a better place without him. His blank absence of reaction is almost worse than a response would be, given that everyone else reacts with the shock you'd expect. Just how often has he heard this?

The Island Of Lost Dakotas

  • Dakota continuously goes back in time, creating new versions of himself to save Cavendish, and he can't even tell him. Because he doesn't know, Cavendish still treats Dakota harshly and calls him selfish at the end of the episode, and Dakota looks clearly hurt by this.
  • The fate of the Lost Dakotas. Imagine it; you're living your life when someone taps you on the shoulder. It's your future self, who has traveled back in time to prevent the death of your friend. He hands you a postcard to an island. Congratulations! You have now been rendered obsolete and must leave civilization forever, cutting off all communication with anyone other than the previous versions of yourself who have taken the same path—including the friend whose life you decided was worth the sacrifice. The latest Dakota, though stoically resigned to his fate, is about as thrilled by this prospect as you'd expect him to be, and seeing this typically upbeat and fun-loving character suddenly turn listless and grim does a lot to drive the point home. Although the island-dwelling Dakotas have managed to achieve some happiness in each other's company, it's very clear that all of them miss Cavendish.

A Christmas Peril

  • Cavendish and Dakota's argument over an egg roll results in their partnership breaking down. They don't talk to each other for twenty years, until they both swallow their pride and go back in time to fix their mistakes. During that time, Dakota becomes a celebrity while Cavendish is cast aside and forgotten.
  • Dakota's reaction to being called "selfish". He can't tell Cavendish what he's been doing for him. All he can do is stand there and take any unfair criticism Cavendish gives.

     Season 2 
The Phineas and Ferb Effect
  • While killing Derek in the past saves the world from being taken over by Pistacio monsters, it also erases the giant Pistacio who pulled a Heel–Face Turn and volunteered at a soup kitchen.
  • Speaking of Derek, he actually succeeds in turning everyone in Danville into Pistachions. Anyone who has grown to love characters in both shows will get a Darkest Hour feeling.

Snow Way Out

  • Cavendish and Dakota not only get banned from time travel but also banished to the past! Granted, they had violated time travel laws multiple times, but it mostly was to save humanity from the Pistachions, which no one from the future remembers due to the time stream being healed. Regardless, it still sucks that they saved the world twice and instead of a reward, they get fired and banished.

Sick Day

  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry's fall out. Doofenshmirtz finds out that the only reason Perry was hanging out with him was to keep him out of trouble while trying to do good, thanks to Major Monogram interrupting their day out. A heartbroken Doof vows to give Perry the silent treatment from there on out for his deception, with a guilt ridden Perry being unable to consult or apologize to Dr. D.

Abducting Murphy's Law

  • Cavendish and Dakota's fall out. Cavendish takes Dakota doubting his claims about seeing alien space activity the very wrong way, absolutely crushed that even his best friend doesn't believe in him. He then uses the amnesia gun on Dakota to forget what happened to go on his own. Dakota wakes up in the parking lot having no memory of the scene, but pieces together what happened anyway and finds himself alone in his apartment.

  • The episode ends with Dakota and Doof sulking at the skating rinks after losing their respective best friends.

First Impressions

  • 6-year old Milo first meets 6-year old Melissa, and the latter quickly learns of Murphy's Law. Like Zack in the pilot episode, she was unsure about being around Milo at first, respectfully deciding to not sit next to him on the bus and instead move to a seat far away. Little Milo is saddened by the fact that he has to sit all alone, as can be seen in the image on the top of this page. Sure, this moment of sadness is shortlived, as curiosity gets the better of Melissa, but still, you can't help but feel sad for the boy.