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Awesome moments in Milo Murphy's Law.

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  • Despite how bad Milo's luck is, he's always able to survive any disasters and is Crazy-Prepared for it.
  • Some of the lyrics from the extended version of the theme song amount to a Badass Boast:
    Milo: "I'm not sittin' here watching the world turn / you know I'd rather spin it. It's my world and we're all living in it!"
  • Melissa and Zack surviving all the disasters they encounter with Milo.
  • The simple fact that it has been confirmed that the creators have been setting up for an epic crossover with Phineas and Ferb since day one, and that even the first season's story arc was all building up to Dr. Doofenshmirtz being the one who invented time travel.

     Season 1 
Going the Extra Milo
  • Melissa hustling all her classmates into making a bet on whether Milo and Zack will make it to school on time and winning the bet. Her victory also provides exactly what Milo and Zack needed after their ordeal, as they'd lost their lunches.
  • Diogee saving Milo and Zack when a wolf with a beehive stuck on its head charges towards them and Diogee rams the wolf into the river.
  • Milo's Armor-Piercing Question to Zack about whether or not he thinks taking the bus to school would have been more fun. That simple question tells you everything you need to know about Milo and his perpetual optimism.

The Undergrounders

  • When the subway car gets loose, Milo uses a seat belt he brought with him to tie himself to a subway pole and keeps a calm, straight face as the subway car runs out of control.
  • Zack facing his fears of enclosed places by rescuing Milo and Melissa.

Sunny Side Up

  • The egg protector that Milo and his friends ultimately create is sufficient to protect an egg from being kicked around on a football field, attacked by a polar bear, colliding with multiple vehicles, striking wind turbines, and even an exploding truck.

Rooting for the Enemy

  • Melissa coming up with the plan for Milo to cheer for the opposing team, giving their own school a guaranteed victory.
  • The Geckos have a female player. Not once is it ever commented upon.
    • It's also worth noting that she has hustle, as she was able to nimbly dodge several of the Tigers at once. Granted, Milo was interfering with the Tiger's luck at the time, but she still showed some pretty awesome footwork.

The Note

  • Melissa goes full on Action Girl in the recycling center trying to retrieve Milo's Doctor Note.
  • Milo's bad luck sets off a cascade of events that block the grinders from chewing up Melissa when she gets caught on a Conveyor Belt of Doom.

Party of Peril

  • The preparations that Milo's friends and family put into throwing him the surprise party are impressive.
  • A mixture of ice cream, cake, and dynamite are put together by Murphy's Law into an explosion of ice cream cake as a better replacement to the cake that was eaten by Diogee.

Smooth Opera-tor

  • Milo improvises an ending to the opera that receives a standing ovation.

The Wilder West

  • Milo saves Jackie from certain doom using his mad roping skills.
  • Part of his Crazy-Prepared status has Milo carry a matador's cape, and using it to help corral an angry bull.

Family Vacation

  • Diogee showing up just in time to help haul everyone out of the river. And he doesn't do it by physically pulling them up himself, no, he fastens the rope to a boulder, makes a pulley, and lets gravity do the work. Clever dog.

Murphy's Lard

Secrets and Pies

  • Milo's former babysitter, Veronica, is made of awesome. Not only was she Crazy-Prepared enough to deal with all the mishaps that came with caring for Milo, it turns out that Milo's Awesome Backpack that he still uses to this day originally belonged to her! And her present-day pizza delivery to Milo's house shows that her skills haven't diminished one bit.
    Milo: Murphy's Law is strong, but she was stronger.


  • After the field is ruined, Milo realizes that the opposing team no longer has the advantage of being prepared, whereas he can use his own experience in dealing with Murphy's Law to his advantage. He then goes on to win the event.

The Substitute

  • Milo and his friends freezing (most of) the sentient blob using fire extinguishers, with Milo and Melissa even going Back-to-Back Badasses at one point.

Time Out

  • Brick and Savannah easily taking down some Mooks.

Battle of the Bands

  • Milo and his friends continuing to perform even as Murphy's Law wrecks the stage.

The Little Engine That Couldn't

  • This Tumblr post demonstrates how Cavendish is an example of Muscles Are Meaningless.
    Milo: canonically keeps an entire anchor in his backpack, along with other heavy metal objects.
    Cavendish: (effortlessly lift Milo by the backpack, in a motion that has been compared to scruffing a cat.

The Llama Incident

  • Milo accomplishes some crazy feats throughout the incident, including knocking out a polar bear with knockout gas and culminating with him coordinating a situation to save Melissa from an improvised tightrope.
  • Apparently Zack managed to come up with a plan to save everyone from plummeting to their doom while they were falling. We only get glimpses at exactly how it worked out, but it appears to have led to an adventure just as convoluted as the llama incident.

Missing Milo

  • Brick and Savannah go through a lot of effort to enter a fancy party, only for Dakota and Cavendish to just waltz in the front gates.
  • Scott the Undergrounder, of all people, helping Melissa and Zack escape from Brick and Savannah and revealing that he has booby traps set up all over his underground lair. The most awesome moment is when he seems to bait them into running across a trap door (blatantly labeled with a giant sign), which they of course easily see through and prepare to use their grappling hooks to swing across. Unfortunately for Brick and Savannah, the real trap to turns out to be the giant sign, which smacks them down and dumps them through the trap door into a pit inhabited by rats and a wolf. A Cloudcuckoolander Out-Gambitted two elite time agents.
  • King Pistachion revealing that he has his own time vehicle and can pursue the heroes even through time.
  • Dakota figures out how to use Murphy's Law to his advantage despite being newly introduced to it, even goading one of the pistachio monsters into Tempting Fate.
  • Dakota prepares to fight the pistachio people using a bag of clocks, but an escape route opens up at the last minute that allows everyone to retreat instead. However, later when traveling in the time stream, one of the pistachio people grabs hold of Milo, and Dakota finally gets the chance to put the bag of clocks to good use.
  • Milo remembering that the llama incident would be the perfect chaotic moment to throw the pistachio people off their trail.
  • Milo is pretty competent for the entire special...and then he gets his backpack back.
  • The entire final battle against the pistachio people, once Milo gets his backpack back.
    • Milo creating a massive explosion by heating a salt block and exposing it to water.
    • Everyone using the objects in Milo's backpack to hold off the pistachio people. Special mention to Melissa, who manages to weaponize wind chimes and an air mattress. Also, Dakota and Cavendish catapult a bathroom sink at King Pistachion.
    • When King Pistachion captures everyone but Milo, Milo summons a swarm of woodpeckers to attack him.
    • Diogee finishing off King Pistachion by peeing on his present-day sapling self, as well as the fact that Milo was counting on this.
    King Pistachion: Wait a minute, why are you smiling?
    Milo: Because I never told Diogee to go home.

Star Struck

  • Melissa figuring out that they can get past Elliot by simply having Milo stand near him and waiting for Murphy's Law to take effect.
  • When stuck on a runaway boat with a distraught Tobias, Milo uses the opportunity to not only explain to Tobias why he's a fan of him, but also uses a stunt from one of Tobias's films to stop the boat.

Disaster of My Dreams

  • When a spherical boulder rolls towards the school, Elliot actually succeeds almost singlehandedly in minimizing the damage it causes, constantly rushing ahead of it to move fragile objects out of its way and to redirect its path. Unfortunately for him, one of the things the boulder does end up damaging is the principal's car, which prevents him from getting hired as safety officer.

A Clockwork Origin

  • Zack using his malfunctioning app (which generates a high-pitched noise) to distract Victor, allowing everyone to escape.
  • Milo trips up Victor and his goons by simply using a wrench.
  • When Victor finally catches up to CIDD, Milo and his friends get an Engineered Public Confession out of him that instantly destroys his reputation and his company.

Some Like It Yacht

  • When most of the teachers "go native", Coach Nolan challenges Principal Milder to a fight for leadership. Milder proceeds to No-Sell his attempts to topple her over.
  • We see Diogee's journey to the deserted island, during which he figures out a route to the airport, gets past airport security, boards a plane, and then skydives out of it, all on his own. He is also the one who gets the feral faculty to return to the yacht by stealing their scepter (their symbol of leadership).

The Race

  • Without being given any prior warning, Milo grabs a nearby table and uses it to block a trowel that Zack had accidentally thrown at him.
  • Milo pole-vaulting over a large gap in the road.

Fungus Among Us

  • Milo, Dakota, Cavendish, Orton, and Diogee restraining a giant pistachion and tricking it into pulling off a grate that had been obstructing their way. Special props to Milo, who comes up with the plan in the first place, and Diogee, for directly attacking the pistachion as a distraction, taking advantage of being covered in lard to prevent it from capturing him.
  • The fact that the apocalypse has happened, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz has survived. For that matter, the very implication that Dr. Doofenshmirtz of all people invented time travel!
    • The fact that Doofenshmirtz invented time travel is especially noteworthy, considering that while most of his inators function properly, his inators that involve time travel or messing with time itself rarely do. A potato-powered Historical Army Retrieve-inator to summon an army of Spartans? Got horde of huns instead. An Accelerate-inator to fast forward his brother's golf game? Rewound the entire day and made an old coot the winner of the Mayor-for-a-Day essay contest instead of Candace, and by his own admission it could possibly destroy the universe. Do-Over-inator to repeat the last day of summer over and over again until he wins? Made Retgones galore and nearly destroyed the universe. Time-Straighten-Out-inator made with the sole intent of countering the Do-Over-inator? Had a 45% chance of destroying the universe despite being made to save it. But his upcoming creation of time travel? Flawless.
      • Doofenshmirtz, it seems, can officially survive anything.
  • As advertised, we have the long awaited crossover between this show and Phineas and Ferb.

Milo's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!

  • When the truck ends up teetering on the edge of a cliff, Milo and Zack use a grappling hook to not only get themselves to safety, but to also pull the entire truck onto more stable ground.

     Season 2 
The Phineas and Ferb Effect
  • Professor Time AKA Doofenshmirtz from the future and Orton killing Derek in 1955 before the latter could execute his plan to conquer the world, by spraying him with soda rifles filled with the harmful-to the environment orange soda that was mentioned at the beginning of the episode.
  • Derek gets some points for coming close to actually winning, as he successfully transforms/captures every single human in Danville except Phineas, Ferb, Milo, Perry, Cavendish, Dakota and his counterparts, Doofenshmirtz and Orton. If it hadn't been for Professor Time's arrival he would've won.
    • Even better when you consider that he's one of the few villains in the Phineas and Ferb universe that had Phineas and Ferb entirely against the ropes, despite their best efforts.
  • Milo gets a real zinger in as Derek is erased from time.
    Derek: No! We were so close! We had won! How could it all go so wrong?
    Milo: Well, that's Murphy's Law for ya.
  • Perry's still the same ace he always has been in his series, especially shown when accompanying Milo to his house to get his clock and escapes via jetpack after taking down two pistachions pretending to be his parents. He also helps Doof grab the orange soda from the Wyatt Burp factory and takes down the pistachions chasing them as well. He's also one of the few shown to be able to react to Murphy's Law on the fly almost as well as Milo himself, reminding you just how competent of a character he is.
    • The sequence of him, Milo, and Diogee escaping the house can't be understated. When one of the pistachions grabs Milo, Perry throws the clock to Diogee and pulls out his jetpack from under his hat, grabbing Milo and using his grapple gun to blow a hole through the roof for them to fly through, and losing the pistachion by slamming him against the roof. When his jetpack falters due to Murphy's Law, he barely misses a beat when Milo hands him an overly long wrench and fixes it with Percussive Maintenance before picking up Diogee and flying off, all with his signature theme playing in the background.
  • Doof actually gives a pretty solid comeback when Cavendish berates him for one of his typically ridiculous design choices:
    Cavendish: "And yet you had room for false beards? What kind of a scientist are you?!"
    Doofenshmirtz: "Alright, anyone who built a time machine today, raise your hand!" (raises his own hand, no one else moves) "Yeah, I thought so. You get what you get and you don't get upset!"

Snow Way Out

  • Dakota calling out the Tribune for their ignorance. That is until Dakota accidentally let slip of his secret alternating of the timeline, saving Cavendish.

Managing Murphy's Law

  • Amanda's carefully planned concert for the band begins without a hitch, and the fireworks she requested from Dakota and Cavendish tops it all off.
    • Amanda herself, in a sense. After "Cake 'Splosion!", she has, as she tells Milo, learned to never give up, and instead to "Milo up", as she puts it. She has gone from a girl who prefers perfection so much that she would rather avoid Murphy's Law, to a girl with so much determination to outright challenge Murphy's Law to give its worst.

Spy Little Sister!

  • Melissa and Savannah saving the science fair from the red bulb that takes over each machine its attached to, by using fighting skills and wit. You go, girl!

First Impressions

  • Past Dakota and Cavendish work together to save the six-year old Milo and Melissa: Dakota drives the time vehicle recklessly to chase them as they are dragged through a stream of water. When the two kids are going airborne, Cavendish shifts gears to activate the Time Delineation mode; allowing time to slow down for them, which Dakota uses to drive on water and catch the two kids in time.

The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event

  • Milo and Wendy (aka "La Locutora") face off in the final round, with the topic "Winning awards or participation trophies", with the Middletown team having selected "winning". In fact, they're so much about winning, that when Milo suggests that he's okay with forfeiting so Middletown wins, Wendy outright refuses Milo to be the better man and forfeits herself. Essentially, Milo has effectively used Briar Patching while still staying true to his side of the argument.