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Given that this show takes place in the same universe as Phineas and Ferb, Funny Moments are bound to be inevitable, especially since Murphy's Law is unpredictable.
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  • Just the whole idea of Time Cops, Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish, traveling back to the past... to protect pistachios.note 
  • Vincent Martella, previously known for his role as Phineas Flynn, having the role of Bradley, who is as opposite of Phineas as possible, strikes many people as utterly hysterical.
  • The extended version of the theme song, which is not only catchy as hell, but has some hilarious lines:
    Milo: Look at this bruise, look at this scrape!
    How did that happen? Check the video tape
    Look at this scratch, look at this abrasion
    This is gonna be a memorable occasion!

    Backup Singers: Another thing coming, another thing coming
    The next thing is gonna be sensational
    Go Milo, go Milo, go!
    Milo: Oh thanks, everybody, that is so motivational!
  • This tumblr post perfectly (and hilariously) showcases the dynamic between Melissa and Zack.
  • When the show first aired, Dan and Swampy did what was supposed to be an interview. However, when asked what it's like to start fresh again, what we got instead was... well, see for yourself.
  • A running gag for the Jefferson County Middle School is that the letter board changes to something different in almost all of its appearances, similar to Kim Possible's school.
    • Sunny Side Up:
    • Athledecamathalon:
      I USED TO BE A
    • The Substitute:
    • The Math Book:
      RIGHT NOW.
    • Some Like It Yacht:
  • Ever wondered what the theme song would be like if someone else, say, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, took Milo's place? Well, this promotional theme song takeover answers this very specific question... and it's hilarious. Watch as Doof fails to evade the falling environment and eventually ends up hospitalized in a full cast.

Season 1

     Going the Extra Milo  

  • Our introduction to Milo and his bad luck. As he's introducing himself to Zack, he mentions he's been called "the J word" a few times. After that, a heavy-duty bungee lands a few feet away from them, followed by a concrete pipe rolling towards the two. Fortunately, Milo manages to use the bungee to propel them to safety. They start walking on the said concrete pipe and land in a pool of mud. Milo casually tells Zack to scoot over so the pipe doesn't crush them. Zack's response to everything that just happened?
    Zack: The J word wouldn't happen to be Jinx, would it?
  • When Milo and Zack have just begun running:
    Zack: Wait; why aren't you screaming!?!
    Milo: I find it doesn't help. Just hurts the larynx.
  • Zack is worried he and Milo will be late for school. Milo's phone, which has a GPS, got wet and is not usable. His backup plan, a paper map, gets taken away by a bird.
    Milo: Huh. Well, don't worry; I remember the way. This has happened before! (runs)
    Zack: This has happened before? This exact thing?
    Milo: We'll beat [the bus] to the next stop. We just have to go through the rock quarry.
    Zack: Rock quarry! Sure! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    • There was an oil spill.
  • Melissa spending the episode betting that Milo and Zack will make it to school safe and winning the whole pot to boot.
  • Despite Bradley's loathing of Milo, they both think Vitamin C tablets are a valuable betting currency because it's cold and flu season.
  • During Zack's Freak Out about being in Coyote Woods, assuming it's a Meaningful Name, Milo reassures him it was named after the actor, Peter Coyote. He donated the land to the city as a wolf preserve.
    Zack: (flatly) You get how that's not better, right?
  • Milo casually informs Zack that wolves rarely ever attack people, and that bees cause many more fatalities per year. The audience almost doesn't need the pan upward to show the beehive in the tree with them.
    • One of the wolves ends up with the beehive on its head and continues to chase Milo and Zack. Zack asks what the odds are for people being killed by wolves with beehives on their heads and Milo admits that they'd be the first known cases.
  • The construction workers casually saying hi to Milo as he and Zack float through the site.
  • Zack asking the aliens if they'll help them get to school. It works.

     The Undergrounders  

  • When entering the Subway platform, Milo is telling Zack and Melissa that he's interested in paleontology, archaeology, "all the ologies". Melissa replies, not unkindly, "Milo you are an 'ology' unto yourself."
  • Zack remarks that it's his first time riding the subway.
    Melissa: You've never been on the subway? It's dark and dirty and full of weird smells.
    Milo: That was their ad campaign last year.
  • When the subway car comes loose:
    Mort: So that's what a runaway train car looks like... to be honest, I'm a little disappointed.
  • To distract Zack from the enclosed walls of the loose subway car, Milo tap-dances. This doesn't work, however, so his second plan is to put a bunch of posters from France up, play the accordion and wear a beret.
    Zack: Now I'm distracted. Have you been carrying that the whole time?
  • The Running Gag with the Undergrounder (named Scott) who constantly declares "X shall be our/my leader."
    • At one point, Scott declares Diogee to be their leader. When one of the Undergrounders asks if he's allergic to dogs, Scott drops the crazy act and confirms he is in a normal voice.
    • Scott declares Bradley to be his leader near the end. It takes Scott five seconds of chatting with Bradley to back out of the offer. Then, Bradley tries bragging about it.
      Bradley: He saw something in me.
      Melissa: Whatever he saw, he also saw it in a dog.
      Zack: (Picks up Diogee's ears while imitating Scott's voice) The floppy-eared one will be our leader!
  • Zack tries to distract himself while in the underground city the Undergrounders have built (after a month of being lost no less) by eating some "chicken" and muses on what part it might be. Melissa snarks "The rat part?"
  • Scott's crazy names such as calling the underground workers 'The Belownies' which sounds like a lunch meat. He also calls their home Subteranis (complete with echo), which one of the workers told Milo and his friends that it was true and they decided just to let him have that.
  • One of the Undergrounders tells Milo and co. that they've established a civilization underground, noting that it's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not setting up and moving orange cones.
  • At the museum gift shop:
    Bradley: Mort, do you really need more rose quartz?
    Mort: If you only knew its properties, you wouldn't be asking me that.


     Sunny Side Up  

  • Mrs. Murawski's affinity for her desk and how disturbing the class clearly finds it.
    • Near the end, while she's criticizing the failed projects:
    Mrs. Murawski: Think of my desk! I know I am!
  • When Mrs. Murawski informs the class that they'll be operating in teams of three, the rest of the class predictably ducks down, leaving our Power Trio. Melissa looks back and calls the rest of the class "Cowards".
    Zack: Any limit on the number of eggs we break while we're building it?
    Mrs. Murawski: No.
    Zack: Okay then.
  • Bradley tells Melissa she should join his team, "Team Melissa". Which he named for a different Melissa.
  • This exchange:
    Bradley: You're gonna jeopardize those straight "A"s? You know; eggs can be rather fragile.
    Melissa: Bring it on. I eat eggs for breakfast.
    Bradley: Yeah. So do all of us.
  • Zack brings two bags of eggs, one of which is immediately smashed the moment Milo opens his front door. Cue Melissa arriving on her bike hauling a trailer with hundreds of cartons of eggs. Zack asks her if maybe she's gone a bit overboard. Milo's door immediately falls over, smashing the last of Zack's eggs with a hanging lamp dropping down to overkill it, to which Melissa replies that, no, she doesn't think she's gone overboard. Zack's response? Touché.
  • During the development phase of the egg carrier, one of the eggs hatches. The bird flies away, and is clearly not a chicken.
  • Milo sticks an egg in his pocket. Zack notes that this won't end well. Except that it ends up as the sole surviving egg for their final test at school.
  • The list of things the egg must survive includes "Zack's butt", "Bad Vibes", and "Acts of Diogee".
    • Storyboard artist Ashley Simpson graciously provided the entire list on her Tumblr.
    ''- Two Story Drop
    - Wood Door
    - Tree Branch
    - 8 ½ Sneaker
    - Zack's Butt
    - Raccoon Attack
    - Freak Hammer
    - A Second Tree Branch
    - Mad Goat
    - Runaway Blender
    - Fine Axe
    - Fire
    - Clipboard stretcher
    - Sewing Machine
    - Bad Vibes
    - Acts of Diogee
    - Additional Things
  • It took 17:22 hours and 10,132.05 eggs for Milo and the gang to make the perfect container for their egg drop.
    • God only knows what the '.05' represents.
  • Melissa doesn't want to keep naming their prototypes to avoid attachment.
  • Zack and Melissa both have dreams in which they wake up to something awful that happened to "Big Bertha" and their egg, respectively, and then wake up relieved things are okay. Then Milo has a dream about nothing bad happening when he wakes up, which he notes is "peculiar". Then he wakes up for real to a tree falling through his window and feels just as relieved as his friends.
  • Melissa reminds the boys:
    Melissa: Oh, and FYI, a tremendous portion of my self-esteem is wrapped up in my grade point average... but, y'know, no pressure.
    Mrs. Murawski: You know, I made that pencil you're holding.
    (Melissa slowly backs away)
  • As their device begins to catapult around town, Milo begins to call out the various obstacles that it's about to encounter/collide with, with Zack confirming in increasingly concerned tones that it should be able to survive.
  • After Diogee eats the last egg, Milo starts to say, "Well, I guess the yolk's..." only for Melissa to interrupt him and say that she specifically told him not to make any egg puns.
  • A meta example: this Tumblr post documents how the poster's sister came up with an unorthodox solution to the episode's main conflict:
    Sister: Just have Milo hold the egg.
    Sister: It'd probably work.

     Rooting for the Enemy  
  • Bradley having a freak-out when he sees that Milo was sitting next to Melisa at the pep rally.
    • Then there's his comment at the football game:
    Bradley: Hey, Melissa! You can sit with us if you value your life!
  • The "defunded marching band", consisting of five kids in ill-fitting uniforms playing such esoteric instruments as a didgeridoo, a banjo, a thumb piano, a jug, and a bucket.
  • The Running Gag of Milo's luck causing a car crash off-screen with a cat screaming and chicken clucking in the background.
  • The last football game Milo went to had a llama stampede.
  • The team sending Milo "Thank You" notes for staying away from the games.
  • Milo and Melissa's "Not Football" Friday where they used to go bowling but now do things that don't involve dangerously heavy round objects. They tried playing cards, but Melissa got kidnapped by an orangutan (which she still considers safer than going bowling).
  • When Mort slips down a hill and falls into a dumpster that promptly rolls into a pond, he blames it on his "blocked chakra" rather than Milo's bad luck.
  • As Milo cartwheels out of his bedroom, there's a series of crashes, explosions, and screams. This turns out to be Milo playing a "Sounds of Disaster" CD. Then his boom-box falls apart.
  • Diogee preps for the game by shoving his face into a foam finger, which he uses to ring the doorbell when Milo tells him to stay home. He shows up anyway, of course, this time with two foam fingers that make it impossible to tell which end of him is which.
  • The Geckos are so lackluster they can't tear through the banner for their team at the game, and have to cut it with scissors instead.
  • Milo and Melissa running into Joni and their principal:
    Milo: Hey Joni, want to sit with us?
    Joni: Hey, Milo! I just got the cast off from last time.
    Principal Milder: Melissa, Milo! Ha, good to see you! (Joni gets hit by a football in the background) I was under the impression you promised Coach Mitchell you would never show up at a game.
    Melissa: No, it's okay, 'cause we're gonna lose anyway. The coach said so at the pep rally.
    Principal Milder: Did he? (Aside Glance) I'm gonna have to explain "pep" to that man.
  • When the marching band waved 'Hi' to Milo, they all pulled out riot-shields!
  • Melissa asks if Milo and his group of supporters are okay after falling into a pit and having a goalpost land on them. Milo's hand rises from the rubble, giving a thumbs up.
    Milo: (Muffled) I think I broke my thumb.
    • Milo is then seen at his own suite in the hospital with a huge cast on that thumb.
  • The gecko mascot costume has traits of real geckos, including being able to stick to glass (though the person inside tends to fall out...) and a tail that wriggles on its own after being severed.
  • After his team starts winning, the previously pessimistic coach confuses them with his attempts at a new pep talk.
    Coach: Okay, Geckos, come on, bring it in. I know I said we were gonna lose this game, but you guys didn't listen to me! And I'm glad! Now, we're only behind by two points! So get out there and continue not listening to me! You understand?
    Gecko #1: So, does that mean we shouldn't listen to you starting now, or before when you told us not to listen to you?
    Gecko #2: Yeah, because I wasn't really listening to you just now.
    Coach: Would you just, just, just — I don't even exist! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go, Geckos!
  • During the "Rooting for the Enemy" song, when Milo is dancing in the bleachers full of Tiger fans, you can see a dad covering his son's eyes.
  • For some reason French food is served at the game... including one guy serving crème brulee who accidentally sets a goal post and the scoreboard on fire.
    Milo: Wow. French food at a football game?
    Melissa: Last year they tried German sausages, but they were the wurst. (Rimshot plays)
    Band Drummer: Check it out, I found a snare drum.
  • The coach seeing that the team won and he thinks it's all a dream. He runs off seeing if he could fly, only to fall flat on his face as soon as he jumped.

     The Doctor Zone Files  
  • The Doctor Zone Files have a lovely degree of Stylistic Suck. For example, when the Time Vehicle lifts off, you can see the shadow on the matte painting in the background. And that it's dangling on a piece of string.
  • Doctor Zone repeatedly trying to push the button with his present hand. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context.
    Doctor Zone: The present is preventing me from getting to the future!
  • Melissa and Zack on the Murphy couch, clearly zonked and in their PJs, having just endured an all-night marathon of The Doctor Zone Files, are both excited and confused about the new Doctor Zone movie. They're exfused/concited.
    Zack: My hand is asleep. I envy it.
  • When Milo tells Melissa and Zack about Dr. Zone's incarnations before The Dr. Zone Files: The Next Regeneration: The Zone, Dr. Zone, Professor Zone, and Adjunct Faculty Member Zone, which only lasted for a semester.
  • After Sara remarks that "Dr. Zone fans can be kind of elitist," it cuts to two upper-crust English women having tea... who then notice the line of cosplaying Doctor Zone fans outside lining up for the movie.
  • "She really puts a lot of faith in punctuation."
  • Sara getting increasingly paranoid about protecting their movie tickets. "Does anyone know how to fuse flesh and paper?"
  • When Diogee shows up for his Once an Episode appearance, Milo gives him a ticket to see The Dog-Door Bone Files at the "pet theater" across the street. Poor Diogee ends up seated behind a pompadoured poodle who obstructs his view of the screen.
  • The insufferable "oldbie" fans explaining the origins of Time Ape.
  • Sara sniffing the air, and Milo agreeing that "It smells quiet..." "Too quiet!"
  • The exploding pistachio stand.
  • "Oldbies, newbies, lend me your ears... (someone holds a pair of ears in Sara's view) No, not literally!"
  • If Dr. Zone having a ridiculous costume isn't funny enough, wait until you find out that he's basically been wearing it since he was born.

     The Note  
  • Melissa's joke about osmium going completely over Zack and Milo's heads.
  • Melissa has been documenting the effects of Murphy's Law for the benefit of Milo's doctor by taking cell phone pictures of all the catastrophes they find themselves in because of it.
    Melissa: Yeah, the kangaroos, the tangerine fight at Mardi Gras, the asteroid...
    Milo: The llama incident...
    Zack: Wait, so you've been taking pictures this (Melissa shows him her phone) Holy cow!
    Melissa: Yup, Milo gets around!
    Zack: How long is your selfie stick?!
  • Any and all interactions with crossing guard Eliot ("Safety Czar!"), who has Milo's name on the opposite side of his stop-sign.
    Zack: How do you stop people who aren't Milo?
    Eliot: I don't turn the sign around.
  • Milo's middle name is literally "Danger." It was his grandmother's maiden name and it's pronounced "Dawn-zhay."
  • Milo and his friends briefly being distracted by what you call a group of cyclists.
    Zack: I think it's a pod.
    Melissa: No, that's whales!
  • There are two running stories in the background about some sort of spy agency and an astronaut. It's sort of like OWCA, but with humans and more dangerous. And still funny.
  • Melissa's attempt at an inspiring speech after the note gets lost in a ticker-tape parade.
    Melissa: When we signed up to be Milo's friends, we knew it wouldn't be easy!
    Zack: I don't remember signing anything...
    Melissa: So are we going to find that note?
    Milo: That's a good question.
    Zack: You're supposed to say "yes", Milo.
  • The ticker-tape parade is a literal ticker-tape parade, celebrating its anniversary. The astronaut in the parade was just getting a ride somewhere.
  • "And to think of all the parade astronauts I've unnecessarily disintegrated..."
  • "After that slow-moving street sweeper!"
  • Zack makes the mistake of asking Melissa how their situation can get any worse. Her answer leaves Milo and Zack at a loss for words.
    Melissa (increasingly intense): Well, you could accidentally get your head caught in a helicopter door that flies you out over the ocean, where it drops you straight into a pod of ravenous orca that rip you apart, leaving nothing but your bones for the hungry crabs in the inky depths at the bottom of the ocean!
    Zack: Wow! I mean...
    Milo: Yeah, I'm...I'm not sure how to respond to that.
  • The gang of similar kids also looking for a doctor's note. They come out of nowhere and are not mentioned again...seriously, they even have their own version of Diogee as a pig.
  • Milo repeatedly saying that they'll never be able to find his doctor, then cutting to two guys on a golf course asking each other if they're a doctor, replying that they are not. The end of the episode brings the gag home.
    1st Man: I have a confession to make. I am a doctor.
    2nd Man: You—Why didn't you tell me the truth?
    1st Man: I wanted you to like me for who I am.
    2nd Man: Well, it totally worked.

     Party of Peril  
  • The brief shot of the last time they threw a birthday party for Milo. It involved a fireman trying to wrangle a runaway pony, an explosion of confetti, and paramedics wheeling away a shell-shocked party clown.
  • Melissa baits Amanda into helping to set up the party by manipulating her Super OCD tendencies.
    Amanda: Don't think I don't know what you just did.
  • Melissa ends up roping Eliot into distracting Milo while they set up the surprise party.
    Eliot: You're on my radar, Milo Murphy! (holds an actual radar) Oh, wait, no, that's a flock of birds... Wait, wait, now you're on my radar, Milo Murphy!
  • The Overly Long Gag of Eliot being attacked by a duck.
    • It even crosses over into the next episode.
  • Milo's parents setting up the party at the go-kart track.
    Martin: This is perfect! The track makes everyone wear helmets and fire-proof jumpsuits.
    Bridgette: Oh, great! For once we won't look out of place.
  • One of the guests declares his intention to hide in the bushes for the duration of Milo's party. Not because of Milo, but because Amanda scares him.
  • "They've got go-karts! They're karts that go!"
  • After all the build-up, the disaster that happens during Milo's party is...a group of ducks attacking the party-goers after they get covered in cake and ice cream.

     Smooth Opera-tor  
  • The poor performer getting interrupted by the set falling apart every time he tries to sing. Helped by him having little to no reaction to it.
  • Diogee in an Opera helmet.
  • Vinnie and Balthazar fail to protect the Pistachios.
  • One of the stage guys gives an elaborate description of how the overhead lights might be dislodged, complete with arrows shows the Rube-Goldberg-esque chain of events that could lead to disaster...then concludes with "Or the rope might just come loose 'cause I didn't tie it too good."
  • The sheer absurdity of the opera, The Mezzo-Sopranos, about a Mafia war between different vocal ranges which is solved (in Milo's improvised ending) by the revelation that all of the warring singers are in fact baritones. When the cast bows at the end, one of the performers is dressed as a giraffe.
  • Though some of the degree of Amanda's perfectionist nature had been shown in the previous episode, here it's revealed that she schedules everything, including time for fun.

     Worked Day  
  • Melissa gives Zack 14:1 odds on a disaster occurring with Milo AND his father in the same place at the same time. It's not five minutes before we see her collecting on that bet.
    • Zack asks if he can get a second helmet. A moment later we see him AND Melissa wearing two helmets apiece.
  • Melissa's career of choice? Journalist and Queen of the Universe!
  • One of the career choices listed was Animator. Milo doesn't think that's a real job.
  • This exchange after Dakota fails to keep up with Cavendish:
    Dakota: (panting) I should not have eaten all those wax lips.
    Cavendish: How can you be so out of shape? You're wearing a tracksuit!
    Dakota: Well, you're wearing a top hat, how can you be so—I don't know, out of rabbits.
  • This gem from Vinnie Dakota as he is dragged through the streets.
  • At one point, Diogee leaps from a catwalk, as several people simultaneously shout, "Diogee, go home!"
  • The teacher tells the class that the next stop on the field trip is to visit Melissa's father at the fish hatchery. Zack says he thought Melissa's Dad was a firefighter.
    Melissa: He is. The fish hatchery is probably on fire.
    • Sure enough...
  • Melissa's Dad questions whether or not Milo was at the hatchery at all that morning.
    Milo: (cheerfully) Why Mr. Chase, I'm flattered! (suddenly deadpan, visibly irritated) But no.
  • Melissa's Dad's reaction to Milo suggesting he might like to be a firefighter:
    Mr. Chase: Milo...a fireman...
    Melissa: He said 'might,' Dad.
  • Mr. Draco, getting an MRI, believes the flashing red lights (caused by Milo's [[HereditaryCurse curse flipping a switch to full power before breaking it) are because he crossed his arms over his chest and keeping up the proper position after being shot out of the MRI and thrown out an open window (which he lampshades).
  • Scott the Undergrounder's cameo.
    Scott: Hey! Who stole my door?
  • When the MRI goes haywire, Milo's backpack is quickly stripped of its metal contents, including an anchor; Melissa questions that last one and Milo coyly responds "You don't know everything about me."
  • "Diogee, go ho...Oh, you are home. Good boy."
  • After Brigette has a heartfelt talk with Milo about how he doesn't have to decide on just one career and gives him a hug:

     Wilder West  
  • This exchange:
    Jackie: You know what they say: tempting fate is like a rainbow; it's too beautiful not to want to slide down like a leprechaun!
    Melissa: No one has ever said that.
  • The Doctor Zone fans going about the ranch, fanboying about the dirt, the hay, and even a wall.
  • This exchange, after everyone almost went over a waterfall in the middle of a storm:
    Zack: So... that girl is crazy, right.
    Melissa: Welcome back.
  • At the end of the episode (after the kids had spent the day at a ranch and the adults at a store) Milo, Zack, and Melissa are dressed in ill-fitting period costumes while the Murphy car is filled with stuff:
    Martin: Loaner clothes after a disaster ruined yours?
    Milo: Yep. Stuff you broke and had to buy?
    Brigette: Yep. Thankfully at half-price.
  • Milo's parents almost forgetting about Sara not once, but twice. The first time, they almost forget to drop Sara off because she's quietly glued to her phone in the back seat. The second time, they (along with Milo) don't realize that they've left her at the ranch until they reach the city limits.
    Milo: [gasps in realization] Sara!
    Brigette: Oh! [turns car around] Why do I keep forgetting about her?!

     Family Vacation  
  • Melissa showing Zack the scrapbook of several Murphy Family Vacations, including such treasures as the Titanic, the Hindenburg, and Mount Vesuvius!
    Melissa: To be fair, no one ever talks about the quiet volcanoes.
  • The Double Take when the Brulee family realizes they picked up Milo.
    Mr. Brulee: Did everyone go before we left?
    Milo: Sure thing, Dad.
    Mr. Brulee: Excellent, son. [Beat] Wait a minute! We don't have a son!
    Milo: Oh my gosh! This seat isn't a floatation device!
  • The Running Gag of the jars to collect money for various idiosyncracies, like "Eye Rolling", "Excessive Use of the Word 'Grand'", and "Sappy Sentiment".
  • "Sometimes the interruptions are the best part. And other times, they're mind-numbingly terrifying. I can't wait to find out which one this is."
  • Horseface, the Equestrian Barbarian!
  • This example of Dissonant Serenity:
    Mr. Murphy: You must be the Brulees.
    Mr. Brulee: And you must be nuts! How can you be so calm? We are driving down a rampaging river carrying a dinosaur made of ham!
    Mr. Murphy: And isn't it a great day for it?

     Murphy's Lard  
  • Lard World's premiere roller coaster is called "Greased Thunder," prompting this exchange.
    Zack: Thunder's a sound. How can it be greased?
    Milo: The same way you grease lightning. With lard!
  • The fanfare that plays when Milo points out Greased Thunder isn't just the soundtrack. It's Milo playing a trumpet next to Zack's (clearly annoyed) face, until Zack pulls it away from him.
  • Zack and Milo try to hi-five. Milo misses Zack's hand and hits his face.
  • The origin of Melissa's roller coaster phobia: she was finishing up a science project on the first day of summer when a helicopter accidentally drops the roller coaster from the first episode of Phineas and Ferb into her backyard.
  • Zack is deathly afraid of fish (tiny, harmless fish no less). Milo is deathly afraid of Chinese finger traps. Both have the same over-the-top hysterical reaction upon seeing one.
  • Cavendish and Dakota attempt to protect a pistachio stand from being destroyed, and the things that could destroy it include pigs, flames, and flaming pigs. As expected for this series, that exact thing somehow happens... but it turns out that the protections the two agents gave to the stand actually worked:
    Cavendish: There, you see? Flaming pig.
    Henry: I don't understand this at all, I'm sorry, mea culpa, you were a zillion percent right.
  • When Melissa decides to tackle the roller coaster, Milo goes into an impassioned speech about how brave she is to face her fears. It works... until she actually sees the coaster. Then she tries to run. Without skipping a beat, Milo continues his praise of her bravery as he and Zack literally drag her back.
  • Melissa is so caught up with facing her fear that she fails to realize the obvious problem with riding a roller coaster with Milo until they're already seated and his safety bar breaks off. Then her hand accidentally gets stuck to his finger. For bonus points, this all happens immediately after she says "what could possibly go wrong?"
    Milo: [cheerfully as always] Hey! My safety railing came loose! Just like last time!
    Zack: Maybe I shouldn't be here when she gets back...
  • When they reach the top of the coaster, Milo sees a plane flying underneath them. Later, when they are accidentally launched back to the beginning of the ride, the same plane flies under again on a loop.
  • When the coaster starts to fall, Milo can be heard giving a Wilhelm Scream. But rather than the stock sound effect, Weird Al appears to have performed it himself.
  • Melissa and Milo both make girly screams on the coaster, and contrasts them by emphasizing Melissa making big girl screams and Milo the one sounding like a little girl.
  • During the ride, Melissa cries out what sounds like either, "Oh, my lord!" or "Oh my, lard!"note 
  • After successfully avoiding his fears all episode, Zack gets a little Laser-Guided Karma when a tiny goldfish in a bag accidentally hits him just before the credits. He Screams Like a Little Girl and runs away ranting about how they're even scarier in bags.
    • The thing that caused the fish? A man's wheelbarrow somehow catapulted them at Zack:
    Girl at the counter: All sales are final.
  • Vinnie's reaction when Balthazar is crushed by an out-of-control boulder:
    Vinnie: If you're still alive, can we go home now?

     Secrets and Pies  
  • Zack 'badgering' Melissa with an actual stuffed badger.
  • The Imagine Spot where Melissa reveals herself to be a robot. What's more, it is shown twice in a row, apparently having been thought up by both Zack and Melissa.
    • Then when Melissa reveals her actual secret (some of her front teeth are actually dentures), Milo freaks out and tries to escape exactly like in the Imagine Spot... except he bumps on the garage door and creates an indent.
  • The "Chop Away at My Heart" music video.
    • Zack practically begging Melissa and Milo to turn it off.
    Zack: Please turn it off! I will give you this dollar I found in your pocket!
    Milo: Oh you can keep that.
  • Melissa thinks British pizza is "a bit standoffish, but lovable."
  • The little girl didn't warn the officer that molasses was flammable because, as she points out, "I'm four!"
  • Melissa and Zack's reactions to Milo offering to cook dinner... and nothing bad happens... well nothing bad until Milo realizes that he put too much yeast on the mac and cheese, and it expanded and exploded.
  • As Milo, Melissa, and Zack talk about starting a new band together, they all look down to find Diogee (with a big, goofy smile on his face) sitting on their pizza.
    Zack: ...And now we have to order another pizza.


  • Mr. Drako has sheets covering up what the students suspect are mirrors, but are actually pictures of his ex-wife. When questioned about why he doesn't simply remove the pictures, he responds that he would then have nowhere to hang his sheets.
  • Mr. Drako tells the class that he didn't tell them about the athledecamathalon until the last minute because he didn't want them to stress out over it.
  • Mr. Drako is told his hair is a disaster. He finds it amusing enough to accept as an answer.
  • Martin finds what he thinks was his old soccer trophy... but turns out to be a ceramic model of a soccer ball that happened to win a prize.
  • When Milo has to answer the last question of the athledecamathalon, he flashes back to all the times he could have found out the answer but, due to unfortunate coincidences, didn't. Then Melissa reminds him that she'd already mentioned the answer to him minutes ago.
  • When Chad tells the gang that Mr. Drako might be a vampire cause they have never seen his reflection, Melissa retorts by telling Chad they've also never seen his reflection to which Chad thinks he's a vampire and runs off screaming only to walk carefully around a ray of sunlight and continues to run and scream.
  • Milo forgets his body armor, so his parents bring it to school for him. When they hand it off to Principal Milder, she promptly collapses under its weight and gets trapped beneath it.
  • Milo nonchalantly describing the cataclysm that tears the Acadecamathalon field apart.
  • The Middleton Middlemen's mascot is Murray the Middleman, who buys products from wholesalers and then sells them to retailers at a hefty profit.
  • After the Geckos accidentally destroy his car during the javelin event, Mr. Drako gives them a negative point.
  • Scott the Undergrounder's cameo.
    Scott: I have returned to the above world to witness this competition! (normal voice) But I must admit, I was expecting two separate events; one scholastic, one athletic.

     The Substitute  

  • When Milo is feeling sorry for the substitute:
    Milo: Maybe if I...
    • The fact that someone let Milo hold a grenade launcher.
  • Zack listing the types of substitute teachers.
  • Milo doing an action hero-esque impression while fighting the blob monster.
  • When Ms. Baxter returns from being sucked into space, Zack points out (after some hesitation) that her hair is messed up. Melissa snarks about the fact that that was what stood out to him given the situation.
  • When Vinnie sees that Milo's class is using a zoetrope, he initially assumes it's the 1800s (though he quickly realizes that it's probably a public school on the basis that there are also fluorescent lights).
  • Cavendish and Dakota attempt to sneak into the classroom... hiding behind a chalkboard on (very squeaky) wheels. Everyone just stares at them as they creep over to the outlet, then Ms. Baxter resumes teaching.... and then Dakota and Cavendish sneak back into the closet.
  • The fact that the blob resulting from the chemical spill is sentient leads to some hilarity, including it trying to get Ms. Baxter's attention and knocking on the door of the storage shed.
    • The blob also does such bad things as texting in class or winding Joni's ponytail in the pencil sharpener.
  • Milo wearing glasses that show "kind eyes".
  • Ms. Baxter gets her first taste of Murphy's Law.
    Melissa: Yeah, strange things happen around Milo.
    Chad: [rising from behind Melissa] Spooky things! Otherworldly things!
    Melissa: (as Milo uses a fire extinguisher) Chad, what have I told you about rising up from under my desk?
    Chad: Not to do it?

     Time Out  

     We're Going to the Zoo  

  • Vinnie's password to contact Mr. Block is... "password". Apparently, it's his mother's maiden name backwards.
  • "We're going to the zoo! We're going to the zoo! And then we're gonna see some animals!" Sung multiple times by Dakota, as well as a chase-scene version.
  • Mr. Drako takes a liking to a black cape (which makes him resemble a vampire even more), claiming that it makes him look like "a superhero who is evil".
  • While chasing the runaway t-shirt cart, Zack exclaims, "I'm not used to running after things. I'm used to things running after us!" Sure enough, the cart soon ends up on a hill and starts to reverse direction...
  • Sara wonders why Milo's platypus pajamas are teal rather than brown, and Milo suggests that "it's someone's idea of artsy".
  • Melissa isn't able to help the gang because she was studying. Or, to be more specific, sitting in a wading pool. Later there's a brief cut to her again and Diogee's in the pool with her.

     School Dance  

  • When Dakota and Cavendish call Mr. Block, the pre-recorded message says, "Your time is not terribly important to us."
  • The entire 'Vampire Hunters' subplot.
    Zack: We could tell Principle Milder that vampire hunters have—never mind, I'm hearing it as I'm saying it.
    • This exchange while the students are discussing the "vampire hunters":
      Zack: If [Mr. Drako] is really a vampire, those wooden stakes will kill him!
      Melissa: But if he's not a vampire, those wooden stakes will kill him!
    • Later, when they confront Cavendish and Dakota:
      Melissa: We know what you're up to!
      Dakota: Really? Because I barely know.
  • When Dakota and Cavendish arrive at the dance:
    Dakota: So, you think this kid is doing some undercover agent stuff at a middle school dance? Is that your theory?
    Cavendish: What better cover is there? No one but an idiot would suspect it.
    Dakota: ...I didn't say it.
  • Zack pretending that the punch is blood just to mess with Chad.
  • Furthering Mr. Drako's Ambiguously Human situation:
    Mr. Drako: My house gets so little natural light, it's like a dark box that I sleep in.
  • When Dakota asks what movie Mr. Block went back in time to see, he replies with "None of Your Business part 2, the Shut Uppening!"
  • To make sure the dance goes smoothly, Amanda urges Milo to keep away from anything that can "fall to pieces."
    Melissa: (sees a mini iceberg about to hit the punch bowl) You mean like you'll be doing in 3...2...

     Battle of the Bands  

  • The Lumbermax have marketed a line of singing tools (for entertainment purposes only; not for actual sawing).
  • When Zack starts losing it:
    Zack: "No back talk! We can replace you with a drum machine!"
    Melissa: "I play bass."
    Zack: "Then we'll replace Mort with a drum machine and he can play bass!"
  • Scott and the Undergrounders, whose song is just Scott saying, "He shall be our leader."
  • Zack's overly dramatic narration of his time as a member of the Lumberzacks, claiming that they "partied nonstop" while the flashback shows them attending an eleventh birthday party, that "a girl came between them" while the flashback shows that a girl literally cut into line between them while they were at a store, and that the others were devastated when he left while the flashback shows that they were completely indifferent.
  • Mort's underwhelming stage dive.
  • There's a theory that "Saw Away At My Heart" just being "Chop Away At My Heart" with "chop" changed to "saw" is a humorous Take That! at how all boy bands tend to sound very alike, which, if true, makes the whole thing funnier.
  • The introduction of the judges. There's the music teacher from the school (makes sense), the owner of the store they're using the parking lot of (okay), and ... Slash (umm...).
  • Melissa's reaction to learning the Lumberzacks have changed their name to the Lumbermax:
    Melissa: "Well, now all the good band names are taken."
  • After the judges give their scores, Slash's isn't a number but instead reads "play some metal."
  • The dance number that goes with "Saw Away at my Heart" is exactly the same as the dance number for "Chop Away at my Heart" which means that, despite the word "chop" being replaced with "saw," the Lumbermaxes still make chopping motions during the chorus.

     The Math Book  

  • While in a creepily abandoned corridor, Zack points out that Milo has a bunch of big spiders on him. Milo says that they're just old Halloween decorations... but nonchalantly states that the huge pile of spiders on Zack and Melissa are real.
  • Milo brings out the (very loud) generator in his backpack, meaning that we hear him begin a story with being trapped in an Aztec Temple and end it by revealing that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre is a copy painted by his cousin Regie.
  • Melissa playing up their objective to retrieve her math book as a "quest", and Zack constantly putting a damper on things.
    • Her almost mythic status of the "Key Keeper" (otherwise known as Fred the janitor)
    Melissa: Some say, he doesn't exist.
    Zack: You just said he's the janitor.
    Melissa: Some say, I said he's the janitor.
  • Principal Milder's "I once knew a child" stories, all of which she either doesn't have a punchline for or we never get to hear it.
  • Milo and his friends come across miniature models of pyramids and Stonehenge. Milo regards them with awe, but they crumble as soon as he touches them, leading Melissa to dismiss them with "Well, nothing lasts forever."

     The Little Engine That Couldn't  

  • The various emergency features on the antique fire engine, including a rocket that explodes into puffs of smoke spelling out "help", a line of marionettes... for some reason, and a cage that releases a canary.
  • The cat that looks like Cavendish apparently mocks him when he denies their resemblance.
  • Mr. Chase narrating all his actions while driving.
  • Near the end, the firetruck goes through the National History of Science museum, where it crashes into the frozen Tyrannosaurus rex from Phineas and Ferb, where it conveniently lands near the Firetruck museum, looking like the Chases' firetruck fighting the T.rex.
  • This exchange:
    Mr. Chase: You're like...whatever the opposite of a rabbit's foot is!
    Milo: A rabbit's head?
    Melissa: A fox's foot?
    Milo: A pound of sugar?
    Mr. Chase: No, you're just— (grunts angrily)
    Melissa: Dad! It's just Murphy's Law, he can't help it! Besides, he just...a pound of sugar? Really?
    Milo: I was just riffing.
  • "This chassis was not built for jet propulsion." - that line, and the way Mr. Chase says is gold.

     The Llama Incident  

  • There is a grayed out flashback relating to the times when Milo and Melissa brought up the llama incident... including some instances that never actually happened (or at least that happened out of view of the audience). As well as Milo in a can-can line, Melissa with Mexican food, and a few others that sound out 'Llama Incident', and for some reason, the two of them standing before Zack tied to a llama statue in a pagan ritual. The end of the flashback is to the start of the episode, a few minutes prior, which is what prompted the flashback in the first place. As can be seen here.
  • When Milo explains the Llama Incident started at the turn of the century, he has to tell Zack he means the year 2000 instead of 1900.
  • Edmond Garner says he inherited a llama farm without the farm.
  • Apparently there's an entire theatre district that features llamas performing.
  • The way the flashback is told is quite hilarious, with Zack constantly having to prompt Milo for more detail.
    • At one point, Zack starts freaking out that a woodpecker is tapping on the tree they're dangling from, fearing it will dislodge the branch. Milo calmly states that it will take a while for that to happen, and would Zack rather spend that time panicking or hearing the rest of the story? Zack considers it, then asks Milo to continue.
  • Why does Milo speak Spanish? He actually took a Spanish class. Why does Diogee understand Spanish, though? He was also in that class.
  • At the end of the llama incident, Milo tells Melissa to jump, but it's the llamasnote  that respond. Milo admits that his wording was ambiguous.
  • At the end of the episode, Milo and his friends finally fall off the cliff, and we see three objects hit the ground with red splatter. Turns out Mort had gotten a job transporting "red paint in flesh-colored bags" and had accidentally dropped them, while Milo and the others had managed to survive after another convoluted adventure that we only get glimpses of.
    • As for how they got down... it's what they dub The Woodpecker Incident. Complete with increasingly nonsensical pictures such as the one above.

     Missing Milo  

  • The episode starts with Milo, Zack and Melissa racing down a street while being followed by a runaway truck carrying molten lava, which flips over leaving a flood of lava on the road. Milo is riding a bike with only the front tire, Zack is on a pair of skis, and Melissa is riding an ice block pulled by a bunch of chinchillas ("You have too many chinchillas." "There's no such thing."). And this happened after they left the convenience store to buy snacks and we never learn how they ended up like that.
  • King Pistachion is quite Laughably Evil throughout.
    • During his first proper introduction in the episode, he is shown taking a group selfie with his army, and even telling them that they will do both a "real version" and a "crazy version" of the photo.
    • When his army introduces themselves to Melissa, Zack, and Sara, he tells the humans not to be fooled by their congenial manner. "One of them ate a Congressman."
    • Being mad when his son Jerry steals his villainous line "yup see, moment's gone, you ruined it!"
  • Brick and Savannah flirt for a few seconds before realizing they don't really have any chemistry between them and just decide to stay as partners.
  • Scott the Undergrounder shows up in the sewers, to save Melissa and Zack from Brick and Savannah with a series of booby traps, culminating in a path with a huge sign that shows where there is definitely NOT a trap door. The time agents try to swing across before the sign squashes them flat and slides them into the trap door. Then this happens:
    Scott: Come to me, my chickens!
    *rats pour out of holes in the pit*
    Savannah: Those aren't chickens.
    Brick: And that's not a rooster!
    *points to emerging wolf*
  • At different points in the episode, Melissa and Zack each wonder how the other apparently manages to understand Diogee solely from his barking and howling.
  • The Overly Long Gag in which Cavendish and Dakota talk in circles as they try to figure out where the peach came from.
    Cavendish: Wait a moment, where did you get that peach?
    Dakota: Someone threw it at you earlier.
    Cavendish: But that someone was me!
    Dakota: I know.
    Cavendish: But where did I get it?
    Dakota: From me!
    Cavendish: Yes, but where did you get it?
    Dakota: Someone threw it at you earlier.
    Cavendish: But that someone was me!
    Dakota: I know.
    Cavendish: But where did I get it?
    Dakota: From me!
    Cavendish: Yes, but where did you get it?
    Dakota: Someone threw it at you earlier!
    Cavendish: BUT THAT SOME—
    [Smash Cut]
  • Melissa has a room in her basement filled with pictures and such of Milo. When Zack asks if she has one of him, she laughs and walks away.
    • And her reasons for continuing to study Murphy's Law after she's decided not to try to cure it: "I could rein it in, or explain it, or monetize it..."
  • Diogee's middle name is "Ex Machina".
  • The creator of the Dr. Zone Files moved to town, and apparently Sara's been staring at his house.
    Melissa: The creator of your favorite show of all time lives across town from you? And this is the first time you've ever been here?
    Sara: Yeah... Today... I usually just stare from behind that tree.
  • Melissa, Zack, and Sara meeting Orton Mahlson for the first time.
    Zack: Whoa! You look like a really old Doctor Zone.
    Orton: Yeah. That was totally worth opening the door for; thanks, kid.
    Zack: Sorry. I mean- I didn't know you were the show's creator and the star.
    Melissa: Sara, you knew this?
    Sara: Of course! Who doesn't know that?
    Sara and Orton: Newbies!
  • Dakota wonders why the time stream is filled with clocks. Later in the episode, it transpires that he was the one who ended up tossing them into the time stream. Cavendish is not surprised at this revelation.
    • Dakota's sheer level of delight when he realizes he did it.
      Dakota: It was me. I was the joker.
      Cavendish: Shocking.
  • Milo greets his backpack before he greets Sara when he reunites with them, much to Sara's dismay.
  • Milo's flustered embarrassment when the time limo takes an inadvertent detour through the girls' bathroom.
  • Diogee defeats King Pistachion by peeing on his sapling.
  • When Milo sees himself in the lost episode of Dr. Zone that took place in 1965:
    Milo: Wow.
    Zack: Right?
    Milo: I am not a very good actor.
    Zack: Riiiiight.
  • After everything is resolved, Dakota & Cavendish give Brick & Savannah back their limo, which they borrowed, and was ripped apart by the Pistachions. Brick just keeps clicking the car alarm and Savannah replies "Yeah, just keep clicking the button, that'll help".

     Star Struck  

  • An entire action movie franchise is centered on krill hunting.
  • Zack and Melissa teasing Milo about his hat.
    Milo: [Tobias's] movies taught me that when something's in your way, it's not a problem, it's a challenge.
    Zack: Like that hat? *high fives Melissa*

  • The trailer for latest Krill Hunter movie shows why people think Tobias is washed up, as it seems like the worst action movie ever.
    Man: Give up Krill Hunter, they're everywhere!
    Tobias: I'll catch you on the flip side (flips in slow motion and knocks the guy off the pier into the water)
    Man: (emerging from water) Oh, I get it, it's sarcasm.
    Tobias: (completely serious) Actually, (Dramatic Pause) it's a pun.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus shots of the various studios behind the Krillhunter franchise. Highlights include Trope Media and Hard to Watch Films.
  • A misfired harpoon apparently hits one of the stunt-krill on the movie set, but the krill are so small that it's hard for the krill handler to verify.
  • Tobias's Imagine Spot in which he sees not only Milo (who he has mistaken for a goblin) but also his film director, as well as Dakota and Cavendish, as pursuing monsters.
  • Milly and the Menninkainen
  • The remote-controlled car race, in which the participants quickly lose sight of their cars and are left standing around idly pushing levers on their controllers.
  • One of the ways Milo and his friends try to sneak past Elliot is seemingly having Zack feign illness, only for "Zack" to reveal that he was Mort standing in as a stunt double the whole time.
  • Milo decides to skip to "plan H" when trying to get past Elliot, because he'd already run plans C-G through his head and decided they wouldn't work.
  • Elliot faking some gear to look like a security guard, including using a bar of soap as a walkie-talkie... which somehow works.
    • A bar of soap in a random guy's shower picks up Elliot.
    Man: Lorraine! My-my soap is talking to me!
    Woman's voice offscreen: Just ignore it, Barney!
  • The cameraman messing with the director by saying that he didn't get the chase scene "on film" or "on tape", because cameras don't use film or tape anymore.

     Disaster of My Dreams  

  • Apparently, Milo's presence once caused a submarine to surface in Principal Milder's office. They somehow mistook it for the North Pole.
  • Elliot claiming to be like a "predicate following his subject" while spying on Milo. He later brings it up to Bradley, saying that no one had been there to hear his earlier joke.

     A Clockwork Origin  

  • During Victor's introduction, famous minds in history (such as Newton) are mentioned and holograms of their likenesses are projected. However, Einstein is portrayed as a blank face with "no photo available".
  • A man talking on his phone makes baaing sounds, as though living up to Victor's accusation that the general public are sheep, but he'd apparently been trying to tell whoever was on the other end that his phone had a bad connection.
  • Zack disguises himself to walk through a lumberjack convention, wary of being revealed as the lead singer of the Lumberzacks. Midway through, in apparent frustration at being unrecognized, he removes his disguise and dramatically announces his identity. Nobody knows who he is.
    • Well, except for a security guard.
    Security guard: Huh, Zack from the Lumberzacks, right here in my security booth.
  • When Victor's company is demolished, an onlooker groans about how he'd left his lunch in the building.
  • Victor's Humiliation Conga is capped off by a repo man taking away the V-Tech scooters he and his lackeys were riding and replacing them with cinder blocks and wooden sticks.

     Perchance To Sleepwalk  

  • Milo, Melissa, and Zack go camping in the wild together. While pitching their tents, Zack comments about how much a recipe for disaster it is, and Melissa points out that nothing wrong has happened yet. Cue a band of roving squirrels ripping Zack and Milo's tent to shreds. Even better, Melissa tries to argue that it isn't technically wrong, since they're wild animals in their natural habitat, to which Milo mentions a wolverine once getting into his oven.
  • Melissa's tent is a pink castle, complete with drawbridge and flags with her initial on them.
  • Milo's collapsed tent spontaneously catching fire. Milo cheerfully comments that they have a campfire now.
  • Cavendish and Dakota doing a Silly Walk. Yes, even the normally uptight Cavendish.
  • Milo saying goodnight to Diogee despite Diogee not being visible at the time, correctly guessing that he'd followed them into the woods.
  • That night, Milo sleepwalks out of the tent and goes on a stroll, and since Zack believes that they should Never Wake Up a Sleepwalker he and Melissa have to go after him. As befitting the gag, what follows is a montage of Milo obliviously wandering safely through crazier and crazier situations, while Zack and Melissa go through increasingly over-the-top Amusing Injuries trying to keep him out of trouble.
  • Cavendish and Dakota have decided to avoid saving pistachios from now on, to prevent them from taking over the world again. Naturally, Irony kicks in when - despite spending the whole day ditching work - they accidentally save the pistachios anyway. Then of course, by sheer coincidence, they get caught trying to destroy them.
  • When Dakota and Cavendish start destroying the pistachio plants, over-the-top music starts playing before the scene cuts to them straining to chop down a single tree. The crows even look at them unimpressed.
  • Dakota singing "Chop Away at My Heart", and trying to get Cavendish to join in.
  • The flock of crows Cavendish and Dakota were supposed to keep from eating a pistachio field change course when they smell Dakota's limburger sandwich, which leads to them getting swarmed by an dozens and dozens of birds. Cavendish notes that it reminds him of an old horror movie. Dakota guesses "Neptune Needs Women."
  • Brick and Savannah expose Cavendish and Dakota's plot to destroy all the pistachio plants, causing them to be fired from their assignment and instead reassigned to cleaning out old houses. Three guesses who gets their old job (and are also chased by a bear).
  • The last lines of the episode.
    Milo: Oh, was I sleepwalking? Good thing you guys stopped me before I got too far from the tent.
    (Melissa throws Milo's backpack at his head)
    Milo: What'd I say?

     Some Like It Yacht  

  • Milo's great-great-grandfather once had a ship that was lost... as in it literally disappeared one day, not that it sank.
  • An ice cream cone seems like it's about to hit the yacht's control panel, complete with slow motion... but falls short. The real Disaster Dominoes sequence begins when a pelican flies into the yacht.
  • The yacht is for some reason fitted with a cannon, rockets, and even a hoop for an orca to jump through.
  • The pelican pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when the yacht is about to crash into an island.
  • The sight of Melissa as if she's freaking out when she's startled by Mr. Drako.
  • Mr. Drako attempts to maintain order:
    Mr. Drako: All right, children, don't worry your pretty little necks...
    Milo: Heads?
    Mr. Drako: Heads.
  • The Cargo Ship of Bradley and Carla, a self-serve ice cream machine.
  • The entirety of the school faculty, with the exception of Drako, immediately losing sanity and going native when the group is trapped on a deserted island.
    • Melissa's response:
      Melissa: Try not to eat each other!
    • The fact that Mr. Drako, the teacher who tends to act like a vampire, is the Only Sane Man among the teachers.
  • Drako mentioning that the teachers going feral had apparently happened previously at a teacher convention.
  • The fact that everyone was only stranded on the island for 45 minutes.
  • After everyone gets shipwrecked:
    Principal Milder: Okay, I know things look bad, especially since we have the walking disaster magnet on board.
    Milo: (cheerfully) She's talking about me.
  • When Milo and his friends catch Coach Mitchell and Principal Milder wrestling for supremacy, Milo and Zack stare in confusion, while Melissa takes the time to snap a photograph.
    Melissa:' That one's going in the year book.

     Backward to School Night  

  • Martin mentioning that some of the schools he'd attended "are still standing".
  • The infant Mrs. Murawski shooing Melissa away from her desk.
  • The de-aging machine causes a skeleton in the school's science lab to come back to life.
  • A truck driver who'd been angrily ranting on his phone pauses to tell Milo and his friends (who are trying to avoid a rolling Lardee Boy mascot) that they could simply run to the left or right.
    Truck Driver: "...Well I am doing something about it; I'm calling to say you guys didn't strap it on right!"

     World Without Milo  

  • "A World Without Milo" is already a fun song, but it becomes hilarious when you realize that its a parody of So Happy Together, a song about the exact opposite situation Elliot is singing about.
  • Elliot hiring Bradley as a Replacement Goldfish for Milo, even providing him with a script to follow. The script involves Bradley dropping some marbles, which Elliot proceeds to vacuum up. It takes a long time for him to get the final marble into the vacuum, eventually deciding to just drop it in manually. The marble then falls out and rolls into a drain.
  • As Cavendish & Dakota are leaving to fix things and restore Milo, the talking squirrel asks them what they're doing for lunch. After Dakota explains they're going to fix things before lunch, the squirrel replies, more annoyed than anything "Aw, then I won't exist."

     The Race  

  • Milo reciting sayings from a book of "inspirational shark mantras".
  • Melissa and Zack list various things in Milo's backpack, three times in the episode.
    • The last time they try, they finally come up an idea to help Milo.
    Melissa: He's almost here!
    Zack: Game over, man. We're finished.
    Melissa: "Finished."
    Zack and Melissa: I have an idea!
  • Melissa can't throw a discus, on which she later throws a stuffed elephant.
  • Brick and Savannah have their first protecting pistachios mission, while Cavendish and Dakota try to spoil it.
  • When Cavendish and Dakota travel back to the 1870s
    Dakota: (to Cavendish) Hey, you're finally in style.
  • Dakota refers the old west 1875 as The Bermuda Triangle.
  • As Cavendish and Dakota drive off the cliff:

     Love Toboggan  

  • To help Sara determine whether she'd been asked on a date, Brigette asks her what type of tone Neal had used while inviting Sara to lunch. The problem is that Neal had done so by text using only a lunchbox emoji and a question mark, making it impossible to tell.
  • Milo's list of everything that can possibly go wrong with snow, and the fact that he'd included even the most outlandish situations that they end up encountering.
  • Milo and his friends flinch when they see a trio of wolves charging at them, only to realize that the wolves are actually fleeing from an avalanche. They then get stuck behind the wolves while trying to ski away from the avalanche.
    Zack: Get out of the way, you stupid wolves!
  • Sara's cosplaying shoulder angels debating whether she's on a date or not.
    • Later, they actually start fighting about it.
  • Martin finding free samples of oil and natural gas in a Fossil Fuels Monthly magazine. He absentmindedly tosses them away. Into the fireplace at the ski lodge.
  • Martin saying he and Milo have been skiing dozens of times and snow is soft and melts "unlike concrete, which is the worst invention in the history of mankind."

     The Island of Lost Dakotas  

  • Milo saying that the story of his previous encounter with Hamosaur would take "about 11 minutes" to tell.
  • Milo mentions (and later demonstrates) that his past experiences with shoelaces explain why shoes are sometimes seen hanging from telephone wires.
  • Though it can also be seen as sad or horrifying, the reveal that Cavendish keeps dying repeatedly and the montage of his deaths are quite the Black Comedy Burst.
  • The mayor's reaction to Milo's latest disaster:
    Mayor: "Hi, folks. Welcome to the Fifth Street re-dedication ceremony. We all remember the events of the runaway antique firetruck and the damage it caused here. But as your mayor I'm proud to say we're back! Businesses are open, and..." (Notices the crowd looking at something behind him) "...There's something behind me? One of the Murphys? Murphys, yep. Out of control water truck? Giant boulder? No, no..." (looks) "Oh, yeah! Giant dinosaur-like creature of some kind! Yeah, oh, that's nice!" (Hamosaur rips through the ceremony) "Yeah, yeah, get that mailbox! Yep. I love being mayor here. I love it!" (beat) "I LOVE IT!" (throws mike on the ground)
  • Despite everything they've been through as Milo's friends, the mess with Milo's most recent escapade with shoelaces is something Melissa and Zack were completely unprepared for.
    Melissa: This seems like a lot of shoelace for only two sneakers!
    Zack: There are no applicable physics for this!
  • After Dakota explains the premise to the old lady on the bus, he bids her farewell:
    Old Lady: "Good luck on your island, Dakota!"
    Dakota: "Thanks, Frances, and don't worry about your grandson; I'm sure it's just a phase."
    Old Lady: (casually) "Naw, he's a bad seed."
  • The captain of the ship Dakota is travelling on goes on a rant about how he doesn't have to look like the stereotype of the rugged old sailor(he's blond, slender, clean-shaven and wears a pink shirt)to be an effective captain...and then a parrot lands on his shoulder.
    Captain: That's OK, Gary, we won't let that judgemental man ruin a perfectly good Wednesday.
    • He remains offended apparently through the entire trip, even as he sees Dakota off on a rowboat, STILL talking to the Parrot like it's the offended one.
      Captain: No, Gary, let the judgmental man row off to his doom. Rise above it, Gary.
  • The other Dakotas greet the new Dakota by kidnapping him and ominously chanting "We're Going to the Zoo." They quickly apologize, stating that they don't get a lot of ways to entertain themselves.
  • One of the Dakotas is called Birthday Suit Dakota.
    Birthday Suit Dakota: (offscreen) It's my birthday!
    Dakota 2: Put on some pants!
    • There's also a Cannibal Dakota, apparently.
    Cannibal Dakota: (After dinner) I'm still hungryyyyy!
    Chef Dakota: Go back to your cage, Cannibal Dakota!

     Fungus Among Us  

     Milo's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!  

  • The gargoyle narrating the episode, especially when he interrupts Milo's explanation of "Veggiefest".
    "This episode is not about Veggiefest."
  • Diogee's costume is broccoli.
  • Dakota shows Cavendish the research he did on Halloween, which consists of what appears to be a low budget Slasher Movie.
    Dakota: Well according to my research, we sneak up on teenagers wearing a hockey mask.
  • Elliot decides to chase after the runaway truck... cue several cutaways to him slowly riding after it on his bike.
  • Dakota dressing up as "the Industrial Revolution" (wearing a hat with a rotating wrench on top).
  • Dakota and Cavendish's sheer enthusiasm for trick-or-treating. They go from not understanding the concept to (after it's explained to them) hustling on a grand scale by switching disguises and hitting the same house multiple times. Nobody is the least bit perturbed by the two grown men out collecting candy with the kids.
  • Milo casually chatting about actuary statistics while dangling from a truck that is perched precariously on the edge of a cliff.
  • Diogee's chestburster impression.
  • Cavendish spending 10 minutes listing safe places Dakota could've put the time grenade in.
  • The runaway truck smashing through many warehouses, getting coated in their contents along the way. One of them is an empty warehouse, which accordingly does nothing to the truck.
  • The fact that the truck has a parachute function.
    Zack: So there's a parachute button but no engine?
    Milo: Who needs an engine when you're falling?
  • Despite Zack claiming that he doesn't find Halloween scary anymore, his dad manages to scare him in the end... by dressing up as a fish.
  • When the kids are discussing whether they're too old to dress up for Halloween:
    Sara: (dressed as Doctor Zone) "Wait, it's Halloween?" (the others stare at her) "I'm just kidding; of course I know it's Halloween. Though I do wear this intermittently all year."
  • Sara is scared by a spring-loaded Dracula, not because it's a vampire, but because she thought it was Mr. Drako and she didn't like his shop class.
  • One kid brags to some others about the Time Grenade, admitting he had no idea what it is or does, but he activated it.
  • The lyrics to Dakota's song about Halloween:
    Dakota: We're going door to door, just asking for candy. On any other night it would be panhandling.

     A Christmas Peril 
  • Old Cavendish gets scolded by a security robot for having a flashback in public, and is directed to a waiting area for "Old Men With Unfinished Business". And then all the other guys in the waiting area bum a ride off him in his time machine.
  • One of Old Dakota's fans reads him like a map when he starts to miss working with Cavendish.
  • No matter what disasters befall him, Nate Murphy insists the family curse skipped a generation with him.
  • Old Cavendish's idea to stop the argument over the last eggroll? Eat it himself. Old Dakota's idea to stop the argument? Sic an angry Velociraptor on the buffet table. A Velociraptor that ends up attacking Cavendish instead.
  • When the old versions of Cavendish and Dakota team up, they don't have any more luck interrupting the argument, even as they unleash giant robots, a whole pack of Velociraptors, tentacled aliens in Santa costumes, and a pirate ship on the party.

Season 2

     The Phineas and Ferb Effect  

  • The Cold Open has Doof basically recapping the events of "Fungus Among Us," then concludes with "so, in a nutshell, what you're saying is you're not the pizza delivery guy?"
  • Baljeet finds Melissa's mentioning that she "did tons of research" on Murphy's Law extremely attractive, going "ha cha cha" and then apologizing to Zack who exasperatedly goes "We're not a couple!"
  • "Professor Time's Building Recently Renamed for Branding Purposes!"
  • Perry, Cavendish, and Dakota all grow beards in the time stream, solely because Doofenshmirtz made them.
  • "'Careful or 'hurry', choose one".
  • "Year, month, cup holder. I needed a cup holder there."
  • This exchange:
    Melissa: What do you do when things go wrong?
    Phineas: We...have no frame of reference for that."
  • "We can all live together, like a '70s sitcom, in the '50s!"
    "Four Men & A Platypus is filmed in front of a live studio audience".
  • After they get stranded on an island.
    Announcer: Doof Island was filmed in front —
    Cavendish: No, no!
  • Cavendish: Quick, start it, let's get out of here!
    Doofenshmirtz: (in back, messing with machine) What does it look like I'm doing, makin' chalupas? Although, this is the same machine I use to make chalupas, so I understand the confusion.
  • Doofenshmirtz admits that he was designing the Time Traveler-Inator so he could go back to the 1960's and get some Wyatt Burp soda, which was discontinued because it was killing the environment.
    Milo: And you still wanna drink it?
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh sure, I-I mean, I'm not the environment.
    • A sentiment repeated by the island Dakotas, who manufacture the stuff along with laceless-shoes.
  • The heroes are captured before they can use their Murphy's Law suit, and Buford laments that he probably shouldn't have been livestreaming the whole thing.
  • After Milo and Phineas & Ferb finally meet, Baljeet quickly introduces himself, Buford & Candace, like he's reminding people that they're in the crossover too.
  • Zack & Melissa suspect Candace is a pistachion spy because "no human being has a neck that long."
  • "Nut-jobbers?" "Well, it does kinda describe us, but it's just rude."
    • Gleefully flipped with Meat Bags and Phineas.
  • "And let me tell you, I know when I'm not wanted!" (leaves then comes back seconds later) Is it now? It's uh, it's now right?"
  • Milo using Diogee as a weapon is hilarious.
  • Perry's jet pack starts failing, but Milo says "Uh-oh, Murphy's Law!", reaches into his backpack, grabs a freaking long wrench and hands it to the platypus. "Here you go!" Cue the monotreme using Percussive Maintenance on the thing once.
  • Milo impressing Phineas with his backpack being full of everything they need - which in that moment includes a radiactive watermelon.
    Phineas: How have we not met before today!?

     Snow Way Out  

  • "All right... go ahead..." (Smashes computer) "Oop. I panicked!"
  • The clip-show Dakota showed their bosses of the pistachios getting destroyed.

     Teacher Feature  

     Picture Day  

  • Even the teachers are prepared for picture day.
    Mr. Drako: I love picture day. Tell me, does this cape make me look pale?
    Principal Milder: Sure, it's the cape.
  • Chad overhears Milo say he "doesn't show up on film" and immediately jumps to conclusions.
    Chad: Mort, Milo doesn't show up on film.
    Mort: What?
    Chad: He must've been bitten by...
    Mort: A ghost!
    Chad: Yes. Wait, what? No, ghosts don't have teeth.
    Mort: What about a shark ghost?
  • "We've never seen Mr. Drako bite anyone. We don't even know he's a vampire; he may just have an accent, and weird hair, and a cape, and a coffin and...(gasps).
  • Apparently something happened last year when they attempted to take Milo's picture.
    Milo: Oh hi same guy from last year (the cameraman emits a girly scream and runs off) I'm surprised he came back.
  • Chad then offers to take a picture with his phone, but his battery is dead. Then Mort tries, but his phone is somehow replaced with a bagel.
  • When Cavendish is trying to figure out the meaning of their new employer, P. I. G., Dakota suggests it stands for "Pig In a Glanket." "I needed a 'G'."
    • Later he suggests a glanket is a real thing (a glow-in-the dark blanket) He's right.
  • Chad's plan to prove Milo's a vampire is to hit him with water balloons filled with garlic, and see if he freaks out.
  • The kids are at the police station to identify who caused problems at the airport. Despite the culprit being Zippy, the World's Fastest Koala, Milo & Zack still seem unsure.
  • At the end, the picture in the yearbook ends up being the selfie of the Yeti.

     Agee Ientee Diogee  

  • The character of Dr. Not Sorry, a Mad Scientist that incorporates basically every Canada, Eh? stereotype.
  • The flashback starts with Milo & Melissa walking down the street. Doof interrupts to admit that he doesn't remember this part, 'cause he never saw it, but "this is apparently where the story is starting."
  • Doof calls Diogee "Nigel Weatherbone" since it sounds like an agent name, and it has bone in it. 'Cause he’s a dog.
  • After Diogee "attacks" Doof, then licks him, he hopes no one is filming him because he came off "a little less than manly." Cut to Monogram & Carl laughing their asses off.
  • This exchange:
    Monogram: That Agent G is amazing. I'm gonna throw some doodlesack on the barbeque for his triumphant return.
    Carl: Um sir, "doodlesack" means "bagpipe" in German.
    Monogram: Uh, I knew that. It's uh, a German delicacy, fried bagpipe.

     Game Night  

  • Melissa's description of game night.
    Melissa: Ah, the spirit of crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you.
  • Milo and his family once tried playing cards, but it didn't go well:
    (Milo and his family are around a table, each one holding a hand of cards)
    Milo: Got any threes?
    (Suddenly, a shark appears out of nowhere and eats the table)
  • One of the board games is called "No Dice" with the box featuring two mobsters confronting a guy tied to a chair, with the tagline "the last board game you'll ever play." Also, despite the name, it has nothing in it but dice.
  • Melissa likes being the banker
    Melissa: I'm the banker, I'm the banker. I control everything! Free will is an illusion propagated by the bourgeois.
  • Zack lampshading why the Lardy Boy game token has a skeleton. note 
  • After Dakota & Cavendish disrupt the game by using the Murphy's table to block a deadly vortex, Dakota mentions they passed at least four furniture stores on the way over.
  • Dakota & Cavendish are invited to join the game.
    Dakota: Okay, I'll be the old gum.
    Milo: Is that a playing piece?
    Dakota: It is now.
  • Doofenshmirtz's cameo.
  • The aim of the Lard World game is to earn the gratitude of the spaghetti people. At the end of the episode, they actually show up.

     Pace Makes Waste  

  • Brohama the llama, the llama that literally sellable itself.
—->"Buy a llama, for your mama."
  • Doof calls up Martin to ask about the yellow liquid in the fridge that tastes like shampoo note 
    Martin: How would you know what shampoo tastes like?
    Doofenshmirtz: I occasionally shower with my mouth open, things happen.
  • Melissa lamp shading the oddity of the situation:
—->"Milo in the safety car; that's ironic."
  • When the racers start driving erratically due to the pace car having a rocket engine attached, the announcer begins describing it, until it turns out he's actually looking through kaleidoscope like glasses.
  • Zack trying to call the action when the cars are out of the arena. Melissa even backs away slowly.
  • Following the cars leaving and Zack trying to take the announcer's place, the announcer's booth is assaulted with a number of vegetables and Zack questions where they would even get those in the stadium.
    (cut to Bradley in the stands with a basket of said vegetables)
    Bradley: Get your expired vegetables to throw at lame announcers.

     Cake 'Splosion!  

  • Milo tries to convince Basil Bravo to make Amanda Milo's partner for "Cake 'Splosion".
    Milo: She loves you and your show.
    Bravo: She does? Those are my two favorite things!
  • "My name is Amanda Lopez and it's been my dream to be on "Cake Splosion" for almost two-thirds of my entire life. And before that, I was an infant and had no knowledge of your show."
  • Milo and Zack awkwardly give up after they can't decide on whether to do a high-five or a fist-bump.
  • Amanda prefers to call Murphy's Law "the thing which shall not be named." Milo keeps almost saying it only for her to cover his mouth. Then when Amanda has her epiphany at the end:
    Amanda: Things go wrong with or without the thing which shall not be named.
    Milo: You mean Murphy's L-
    Amanda: (covers his mouth) No one listens!

     Lady Krillers  

  • The beginning is a rundown of the all the previous Krill Hunter movies, many of which have extremely punny titles i.e. "Krilling Me Softly" or The Beverly Krillbillies.
    • The movie that was being made in "Star Struck" has the subtitle of "We Don't Know what we're doing."
    • In "Star Struck," the director said "We can make a whole move out of this chase sequence!" When describing the audience reactions to the various movies, the in-universe voice over says "You were confused by the car chase." So apparently, the director was wrong.
  • Tobias Trollhammer needs the Krill Hunter movies to keep his house.
    Tobias: I could sell my house for a million dollars, but I can't live in a million dollars. What am I, a silverfish?
  • At end, Milo asks the director won't fans be confused about Tobias now being the villain after having been the hero for so long. The director replies that they don't care about things like that.
  • The ending features a kid named Billy Bison, who suffers from "Bison's Law" which is like Murphy's Law, except it summons bison, apparently. He shows all the times he appeared in the episode, which is just him added to previously existing scenes.

     Doof's Day Out  

  • One of Sara's complaints about wanting Doofenshmirtz to leave involves him listening in on her cell phone conversation, while he's sitting literally a few inches away with a complex listening device.
  • Sara is trying to get along with Dr. Doof, but it goes poorly.
    Sara: Hey, those are some nice Dr. Zone pajamas you have there. I have limited edition curtains just like those.
    Doofenshmirtz: Pretty sure you meant "had."
    (cuts to Sara's room with cutouts in said curtains as she screams).
  • Apparently, what is Doof's normal routine.
    Martin: So Doof, what's on the agenda for today?
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh just the usual; 8 hours or so of sitting on the couch, staring out the window. It's a busy day.
    Martin: You might want to open the blinds this time.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, I just thought it was really beige out there.
  • Doof's explanation of why he can't go outside:
    Doofenshmirtz: I'm waiting for destiny, I don't want to be out when it knocks.
    Milo: (confused) Destiny knocks?
    Doofenshmirtz: Maybe that's opportunity. Opportunity knocks, destiny does something else; it calls, it texts, it rings the doorbell, I don't know.
  • Doof's opinion of the boring museum guide: "Man, this guy really makes biology...what's the opposite of 'come alive,' 'go dead?' Basically, he kills biology."
  • Zack & Melissa in the alimentary canal exhibit:
    Zack: This looks like my old alimentary school.
    Melissa: (punches him in the arm) No puns!
    Zack: Totally Worth It.
  • "Ahh! He's using his hands like people! None of you find that even a little bit creepy?"
  • The Running Gag of Doof referring to Martin & Brigette as "mom & dad" and them reminding him that they aren't his parents.
  • After Doof’s Day seems to have failed:
    (Sara, wearing a Time Ape costume, encounters a sad Doof on the couch)
    Sara: Hey Dr. D, what are you watching?
    Doofenshmirtz: I don't know, it's just this sad man sitting on the couch in the dark. It's um, it's just terrible.
    Sara: You know the TV's not on, right?
  • While Doof is giving his speech after winning an award for saving the city, a band starts to play him off.

     Disco Do-Over  

  • Doof listens to Martin's story about the young couple that competed in the skating contest.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, who were they, what were their names?!
    Martin: (referring to himself and Brigette) It was us Doof.
  • The B-plot involves Cavendish & Dakota retrieving lawn gnomes from a cranky old woman.
    Dakota: Who knew lawn gnomes were alien in origin?
    Cavendish: (holds a lawn gnome that says "property of Drusselstein" on its' foot) Well, not all of them; this one appears to be from...Drusselstien. Hmm sounds made up.
    Dakota: Everything is made up; "spatula," "meringue," "Cavendish."
    Cavendish: Touché.
    Dakota: "Touche", it's all made up words.
  • Doof to Martin & Brigette "Is that your routine, or did you get a bee stuck in your underwear? Cause I've had that happen."
  • The audience doesn't ever see Pete & Tina's dance, instead hearing the reactions to it from the two guys manning the skate rentals.
  • Martin preparing for emergency:
  • "This may be hard, but the world ain't all kittens & rainbows. (a rainbow effect appears over them) Okay, well, it's not all kittens. (sees several kitten posters on the wall) Huh, well, I guess it is all kittens & rainbows."
  • The Reveal of why getting the lawn gnomes was so important- it's converted alien waste.

     The Ticking Clock  

  • Zack observes how Murphy's Law causes parking meters to run out of time as Milo walks by them. Except for one that catches fire. And then gets squashed by a falling safe. And then falls into a sinkhole and is consumed by yet more fire.
  • What is the origin of the name of Old Bessie, the town clock tower?
    Melissa: They name everything in this town. This bus stop is named Steve.
    Milo: His full name is Steven.
  • Melissa's great grandmother Abigail, in addition to making Bessie, also invented a primitive form of texting, apparently.
    (a Deliberately Monochrome scene with Abigail and another guy sitting on a bench)
    Old Timey Guy: How the elephant got in my pajamas, I'll never know.
    (Abigail reaches into her purse and pulls out a sign reading "LOL")
  • Major Monogram briefing Perry should feel right out of Phineas and Ferb, but because Doofenshmirtz is reformed...
    Monogram: Now that Doofenshmirtz is no longer evil, he's decided to use his inators to help people. I need you to get out there and stop Doofenshmirtz" (Perry appears understandably confused, and then Carl turns over Monogram's paper) "Oh, from uh, accidentally hurting someone while trying to help them."
  • Melissa's only seen Milo angry once before; when some squirrels stole his sandwich.
    Milo: What do squirrels even want with tuna? They don't come across it in the wild. It's just weird!
  • In order to sabotage the fixing of Bessie, Victor Verliezer encounters a deliveryman that is supposed to give them supplies. He manages to steal the supplies by claiming to be the driver's brother in-law, which he buys without question.
    Victor: (to the deliveryman) We'll see you at Christmas.
    Delivery Guy: (completely cheerful) We're Jewish.
  • "A robot carrying a girl? Wow, that fortune cookie was right."
  • While helping fix the clock, a bolt pops out and looks like it took off Zack's arm, only for him to reveal he was faking it.

     Managing Murphy's Law  

  • Amanda becomes the band manager:
    Amanda: I'm your new manager!
    Zack: You are?! Since when?
    Amanda: Since five seconds ago. Were you not listening?
    (Flashback to seconds ago)
    Amanda: I'm your new manager!
    Zack: Wow. I guess I wasn't listening.
  • The band suggests new names:
    Zack: What about "Zack of All Trades"? Or "Murphy's Lawyers"?
    Melissa: "Melissa and the Who Cares Who Elses"?
  • The fact that Amanda can apparently get anyone to do anything just by texting them.note  Even Cavendish & Dakota, who she has never interacted with.
  • All of the weird situations Cavendish & Dakota get into thanks to the alien device. The best is them jousting with pool noodles while riding Segways.
  • Jeremy of all people getting progressively angrier with Cavendish & Dakota each time they come through the drive-thru.
  • The video that was shown to explain the alien device:
    [a man on a video is riding a shopping cart]
    Man: I'm king of the world!
    [scene cuts to said man now being loaded into the back of a police car]
    Man: I-I don't know how I got here, I swear; I saw a UFO.
  • Zack's potentially worse band names.
    Zack: How about the "Lizardd note  of Oz?"
    Melissa: How about the Lizardd of no way?

     Field of Screams  

  • "Can you imagine Zack with real pigs? All that squealing? Zack, not the pigs"
  • Uncle Cornelius's last words to the gang before he leaves:
  • Zack's Epic Fail at milking a cow.
  • The three kids have to deal with a horse named "Old Facekicker".
    Melissa: Question, his name is "Old Facekicker?"
    Milo: It's a little bit of an exaggeration.
    Melissa: Really?
  • When Dakota attempts to remind Cavendish of what the old farmer said, so they can gain access to his farm, he instead gets Zack's "You? a city boy? I don't think so" flashback instead.
    Cavendish: What was that?
    Dakota: I don't know. Must be someone else's Flashback.
  • When the chicken coop seems to just spontaneously combust, Zack complains "Murphy's Law used to be a lot more subtle and nuanced."

     Spy Little Sister!  

  • Milo and Zack's robot flies into Joni's lunch. Milo runs to Joni and offers her a tissue to clean herself- hey, hold on... what's with the background music? Why is this played as a romantic scene, didn't previous episodes establish Milo and Amanda were going to be a thing instead? Where's Amand- oh, there she is. Seething.
    • Becomes a Funny Background Event in which Amanda attacks Joni when Milo returns to his seat.
      Amanda: He's mine! He's mine! He's miiiine!
  • Brick being left behind by Savannah triggers flashbacks about being forgotten at the playground as a little kid, being forgotten at the zoo during an elementary school field trip, and being ditched by his prom date as an awkward teenager with acne and Braces of Orthodontic Overkill. These are funny enough in a Black Comedy sort of way, but it's especially funny in that he's wearing a tuxedo in all of them.
  • Melissa and Savannah find out that one of Doof's inators seems to be the cause of the mayhem they're witnessing at the science fair, so they go back in time to interrogate Heinz. However, they go back in time a little too much and catch Doof in a bathrobe clipping his toenails.
  • Doof's box of robot parts has "Evil Inc." written on it, with "Evil" crossed out and replaced by "I'm nice now."
  • As Melissa runs off to help Savannah battle the rouge robot, she runs back for a few seconds to punch Zack in the arm for commenting on her "femergy."
  • "Wait, the Turn-Inanimate-Objects-Evil-Inator bulb was in the box? I can't imagine I would be irresponsible enough to... yeah, probably."
  • After going back in time, Melissa attempts to warn her friends about their robot.
    Melissa: (talking fast) Your robot is gonna go nuts and destroy the city! There's an evil lightbulb in your box of parts!
    Milo: Or, "Hi, Milo."
  • The subplot involves Brick going to the You Go, Girl! seminar that Melissa was going to go to and hanging out with an old lady. When Savannah retrieves him at the end, the old lady is relieved because "he was so needy."

     Milo's Shadow  

  • "So you're saying the word "cowboy" has absolutely nothing to do with cows or boys?"
  • Doof explaining his life:
    Doofenshmitz: You see, bad things happen to me all the time. Like, seriously, it's practically my own Murphy's Law; like "Doof's Law," or "Doof's...Heinz Law...Heinz Law." It's like coleslaw, but it's "heinzlaw". I should market that (sings) if you're looking for a food you can take on a picnic, try Heinzlaw! It's 30% horseradish.
  • And it goes on:
    Zack: So, you're just going to come to school with us today?
    Doofenshmirtz: Yup.
    Melissa: You still don't have a job, or something else you should be doing?
    Doofenshmirtz: Nope. (long awkward pause, as a tumbleweed blows by) Did I tell you guys how I was raised by ocelots?
    Melissa: (relieved) Oh, here's the bus.
  • Scott, upon seeing the crashed school bus:
  • Doof is surprised by how Milo handles the bus crash.
    Doofenshmirtz: Interesting, I would've continued with the thing that I was doing.
  • "So, what's on the docket for P.E. Class? What kind of crazy shenanigans can we expect today? A barrage of flaming volleyballs, or a marauding band of lacrosse sticks?"
  • The subplot involved Cavendish visiting a group of believers in aliens, the Konsortium Of Otherworldly Knowledge Seekers.
    Cavendish: Just one question; you spelled "consortium" with a "K." You realize that's a "C", yes?
    Man: Yes, but then it would spell C.O.O.K.S.
    Coach Mitchell: And we are not cooks. Well, except for Evan.
  • "Wow, you know, when I was in middle school, we didn't have things like 'computers,' and 'cellphones' and 'indoor plumbing' or indoor anything, really. We went to school outside, where teachers would just throw pinecones at us."
  • (Milo manages to prevent a ceiling fan from falling on Doof)
    Doofenshmirtz: That-that must have been your bad, because if it was Heinz Law, it would've hit me right on the... (ceiling fan falls on him) See, see, like that (another fan falls on him) Okay, now it's not believable! (a third fan falls on him) Seriously, how many ceiling fans are there in that one spot?
  • "Okay, so the fire is out, but hey guys, don't get that stuff in your mouth; it's 70% horseradish."
  • Cavendish prepares to wow the alien lovers:
    Cavendish: Hang on to your hats gentlemen, and prepare to have your minds blown. (sees Chaffe digging his finger in his ear, then looking at it) I mean, those of you who have one to blow.
  • Doof's victory dance.
    Look at me mama, I'm like a cereal commercial from the 80's.
  • Milo attempts to impart his wisdom unto Doof:
    Milo: You know, you can seriously limit the number of bad things that happen to you, just by thinking things through a little better, Dr. D.
    Doofenshmirtz: Thinking? Things through? A little better? Dr. D? (long awkward pause, as the tumbleweed rolls by again) Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen.

     Sick Day  

  • Life without Milo is apparently boring:
    Zack: I actually had to ride the bus to school today. I'm boring myself just talking about it.
  • Doofenshmirtz shows Perry his house with a "Doofenshmirtz Good Incorporated" sign on it.
    Singers: Doofenshmirtz Good Incorporated!
    Doofenshmirtz: I have no idea where that comes from.
  • Doof is trying to convince Perry to join him:
    Doofenshmirtz: "Whatta say? Do-Gooder Doof and his platypus partner in...not in crime some other thing."
  • Monogram offering Perry cookies that Carl made, shaped like his face.
    Carl: "They uh, they taste better than they look, but that's not saying much."
    • Later, when Doof leaves Perry:
    Carl: Did he like my cookies?
    Monogram: No one likes your cookies, Carl.
  • Pretty much all the antics of Loab & Khone, especially when they have to pose as Diogee's water & food dish, respectively.
    Khone: (disgusted) He ate food out of my mouth!
    Loab: I think he licked my tongue. Does that mean we're married now?


  • Melissa describes immersion therapy:
    Melissa: It's like, if you're afraid of scorpions, you stick your face in a jar of scorpions!
    Zack: That's a terrible idea! You'd get stung on the face by a whole jar of scorpions!
    Melissa: Okay, bad example...
    • A few moments later, Milo goes through the contents of his pack looking for a parachute and one of the things he finds is...a jar full of scorpions.
  • When Zack's parachute fails and he grabs onto Melissa's foot to save himself:
    Zack: Melissa, your feet are my new best friend!
    Melissa: I dig 'em too!
  • Melissa is a little upset that it's simulated and not real skydiving.
    Melissa: Aw lousy restrictions on potentially life threatening extreme sports ruining all my fun, again.
    Milo: Melissa, you were 7 years old; they weren't gonna let you in the shark cage.
    Melissa: I was ready.
  • Dakota & Cavendish are flying in a plane, which the latter isn't happy about.
    Dakota: Someone woke up on the wrong side of credenza this morning.
    Cavendish: A credenza is is a desk.
    Dakota: I know, I just said it 'cause it sounds old fashioned.
  • The "Elliott Brand Safety Chutes" which are good until October 3rd. Too bad it's October 4th. Luckily, Milo had other chutes, but he bought them the same day, so they all fail...except for the last one, which he bought a day later.
  • As the gang heads towards jagged spires, Diogee attempts to save them with a mattress from a neighbors garage sale. However, an updraft blows them away, but it's just as well, as Melissa notes that it was a twin mattress and wouldn't fit them all anyway.
  • The Government Agents are back:
    Lieutenant Tennant: I think we snagged a flat badger that's been painted to look like a parachute.
    Colonel Niblet: A flat badger? In the air?
  • Despite Lt. Tennant mocking him, Col. Niblet instead congratulates him on doing a spot on impression of him.
    Lieutenant Tennant: (mockingly) Actually, that was pretty good, it sounds just like me.
    Colonel Niblet: (offscreen) You're blowing my mind, lieutenant!
  • "Dad blast it!" "Your dad's not here sir," "Well then someone else blast it."
  • Fortunately for them, Milo and crew manage to snag the banner off of Dakota & Cavendish's plane and float towards Earth.
    Melissa: Now we're gonna hit the ground at a non-fatal velocity.
    Zack: That's my favorite kind of velocity.

     Milo's World  

  • Zack & Melissa trolling Neil by acting as though "from the comic shop" is his last name.
  • Zack describes how Milo is like a wizard, and the image changes to show him as such. Then he mentions everything he doesn't have, like a hat or beard, with the picture eventually looking like it did before.
  • Milo's backpack can hold everything it does because it's apparently a magic Bag of Holding.
    Zack: He might also just repack it every day, but that's boring, so forget that."
  • After Chad makes his dramatic introduction:
    Zack: Was Chad sitting there the whole time?
    Melissa: He's got food.
    • Chad's story paints Milo as a Harry Dresden type.
    • Also, there is no Murphy's Law, it's all ghosts, (including dragon ghosts) and Milo got his backpack from Bigfoot. That one finally causes Melissa to end things.

     Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer  

  • Elliott stops Bradley from throwing a football, then promptly gets tackled by several football players.
    Milo: Are you okay Elliott?
    Elliott: (weakly) No, I injured my, well I guess my everything.
  • While working in the sewers, Dakota & Cavendish find an alien sphere that allows things to float.
    Cavendish: We've just discovered an unidentified alien object with anti-gravity properties. Oh, I feel like Sir Isaac Newton!
  • Milo visits Elliott in the hospital:
    Milo: Is there anything I can do to help you out?
    Elliott Besides moving to another state?
    Milo: (laughs) Oh, you're not kidding.
  • Elliott likes his dog walker job, because as he says, it's the only job where he gets paid.
  • Diogee's reactions to the poodle that likes him.
  • A baseball ends up in an automobile factory, causing it to be spraypainted and have screws added to it.
    Mechanical Arm #1: I don't think that was a car.
    Mechanical Arm #2: Keep your head down, or we'll get replaced by a human. See, that's ironic, because we are taking human jobs.
    Mechanical Arm #1: I understand the sarcasm, what do you think I am, a Model 3?
    Both: (laugh, then long pause) Kill the humans.

     Now I Am a Murphy  

     Abducting Murphy's Law  

  • When Scott the Undergrounder gives a despondent Cavendish hope:
    Cavendish:"You know, people don't give you enough credit, because you live underground and you're well, filthy, but you are wise beyond your social strata."
  • Zack & Melissa come over to hang with Milo note , but he's not ready:
    Melissa: Okay, we'll be hanging with Dr. D.
    Zack: Sounds like a TV show.
    (a title card featuring Zack, Melissa with pigtails, Doof in a dragon costume all sitting on the couch, and & crude smiling lamp in front of a rainbow that reads "Hanging With Doctor D")
    Singers: Hanging with Doctor D!
  • Melissa & Zack waiting in Doof's office.
    Melissa: So, do you have any new "do good inators" you'd like to show us?
    Zack: (under his breath) Why?
    Melissa: (under breath) I was bored.
    Zack: (under breath) We were safe!
  • After several inators malfunction:
    Doofenshmirtz: "I'm sorry kids, my inators aren't working like they used to (an inator on the rug explodes) or, I guess, exactly like they used to, which is, you know, the problem."
  • "Oh what does he know? He's just a boss person, with meetings & memos, and one of those little putting greens in his office, I assume."
  • Dakota apparently has different tracksuits for eating & running.
  • Doof tries to explain how his device can track Milo and avoid the usual calamities that befall him.
    Doofenshmirtz: Well actually, the stuff that goes wrong around me is different. It's caused by my uh...uh...
    Melissa: Stupidity?
    Zack: Incompetence?
    Doofenshmirtz: I was going to say "poor planning," but thank you for that.
  • Melissa helps Doof regain his confidence to help find Milo.
    Melissa: You're a great inventor; you made us float upside down, you turned apples into ice cream. And, most importantly, you saved Zack's life.
    Zack: Oh...what?!
    Melissa: After you turned him inside out.
    Zack: Wait, what?!
    Melissa: And erased his memory of the whole event.
    • Later:
    Zack: What did I look like?
    Melissa: Inside out? You looked great.
    Zack: Really?
    Melissa: No not really, you were gross.
  • After Milo is captured he's strapped to a table and asks where his backpack is. The Alien Commander then shows his backpack, strapped to another table.
  • When interrogated by the Octalians, their translators are affected by Murphy's Law, so it sounds like they want to eat Milo, and all attempts to communicate with him only make him even more nervous.
  • Milo also went missing last season. Specifically, fall.
  • One Octalian's depiction of what he thinks is going on the vents, showing a crude drawing of Milo having webbed up the others and feeding them to his "hatchlings."

     The Goulash Legacy  

  • Essentially the whole premise of the episode; a goulash headed robot that saved humanity from rogue screech owls.
  • Doof introducing Norm to the kids.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh sorry Norm, this is a whole new series... of events that transpired.
  • Norm's reaction to Doof's failed attempt to fit him to a new robot body: "I ain't got no body. I joke to hide my pain."
  • Doof having to explain how his "Chicken-Replace Inator" works:
    Melissa: You turned the goulash into a chicken?
    Doofenshmirtz: No, I didn't turn the goulash into a chicken, it's not magic. It just switched places with the nearest chicken—science.
    • Despite this, people keep commenting on the goulash being turned into a chicken, with Doof replying how no one listened to him.
  • Melissa & Milo's foot related puns after Zack accidentally uses the Hand-to-Foot-Inator on himself.
  • "Oh no, my one weakness is sky banners!

     The Dog Who Knew Too Much  

  • The kids pageant is being held at the Museum of Sharp Objects.
    • The emcee for said pageant talks about how his brother told him to get into real estate, but he chose to buy the museum, and now his brother is a success.
  • Monogram & Carl debating what seasonal color Perry's dress is.
  • Sara: These aren't all mine, most of them are labcoats that are dirty. Except for this one (holds up coat) it's burnt.
    Doofenshmirtz: Hey, I can take a hint. That was a hint right? It sounded hinty.
    Sara: If by "hint" you mean I was referring to you being the dirty clothes culprit, then yes.
    Doofenshmirtz: Mom! Sara's being mean to me!
    Brigette: I'm not your mom, and Sara stop being mean to your brother.
  • "Come back doggie, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to pet you...using this spear."
  • Heinz and Sara manage to trap the Hamper Helperer-Inator in a garbage bin, as they high five. However, as Sara remembers that the Inator going haywire was Doof's fault in the first place, she demands her high-five back. And take it back she does.
    Heinz: Oh, that's harsh, bro.
  • Doof ends up accidentally destroying his device, as per usual.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh sorry, I hit the self-destruct button with my nose.
    Sara: Your hamper has a self-destruct?
    Doofenshmirtz: Yours doesn't?

     Adventure Buddies  

  • The episode begins with Vanessa helping to chisel her dad's head out of a block of concrete. During this, Doof says he learned that construction workers don't want his advice.
  • When she suggests he make up with Perry, he refuses unless Perry calls him first. Vanessa then reminds him that Perry can't talk.
  • Brigette leaves Doof in charge of watching Diogee while she leaves. As Doof tells her how he'll handle it, Diogee can be seen breaking through the fence in the backyard.
  • Doof is genuinely excited to join Scott the undergrounder on his sewer-goingg "Adventure Boat".
    Doof: Oh this is great! we're gonna live on the river like Huck Finn and Tom What's-His-Face.
  • After Milo & Zack are washed out of the sewers by a massive wave, he responds simply with "so, tetanus shot?"
  • The song is about how squinting makes things in the sewers look "old-timey."
  • Doof attempts to get his mind off of Perry:
    Doof: Ahh, now this is the spirit of adventure; just two hat twins with no conflicts, rivalries or mind games. Unlike a certain platypus I know, who shall remain nameless. But his name is Perry the platypus!"
  • Doof is jealous of Scott's relationship with Mildred, so he creates one of his own:
    Doofenshmirtz: (holds a mop adorned with a sponge and other things) Allow me to introduce Stephanie, my girlfriend. We have so much in common, it's ridiculous. I mean, we're both skinny, we have clumps of hair, we both... like buckets, and uh... well I guess that's about it- skinny, clumps of hair, and we both like buckets. That's enough to build a relationship on, right?
  • Scott's speech about how Doof isn't so much a third wheel as a unicycle.

     Ride Along Little Doggie  

  • Elliot refuses letting Martin, Brigette and Sara to get closer to their son.
    Elliot: Hey, I don't make the rules, man.
    Martin: Then who makes the rules?
    Elliot: ...Okay, I make the rules.
  • Waiting for the stoplight, Officers Fuller and Hastings inform Diogee about how cunningly fast Zippy is. However, Fuller couldn't even finish her sentence as Zippy passes them by in slowmotion, pulling an evil, taunting grin. What makes this extra funny is that his theme song is also played in slowmotion, and once he's in the distance, the music speeds up.
  • Amanda catches Milo falling down in the auditorium's basement, and Milo is surprised how she got there.
  • Everything involving sick Lydia. It veers between Cringe Comedy & Crosses the Line Twice:
    Lydia: I'm not gonne let a little fever, chills, dizziness, temporary blindness,uncontrollable body spasms, forgetfulness, mood swings & forgetfulness stop us from getting out there. Where are we?
    Zack: Wow, I had a splinter and I almost gave up.
  • Zack commenting on how the WIBAS "it's like something that would only happen on a TV show. You know, at the end of the season when the writers are tired."
  • That Zippy was apparently running a chop shop with help from squirrels.
    Squirrel: (subtitles) It's a raid!
  • When Principal Milder is asked to stall, she tells jokes. Very badly.
    Milder: Who likes comedy? (She tells one joke.)"I've got a million of them!" (She tells a second joke.) Apparently I only have the two.
  • While the two female officers are talking to a disinterested Diogee, Zippy can be seen easily escaping from his handcuffs and runs off.

     Look at This Ship  

  • Cavendish's video journal that ends with him getting honey on him and chased by a bear.
  • "How come every time I steal a news van with a guy in a top hat, he ends up being a total nutcase?"
  • Doofenshmirtz doing his best to help Dakota:
    Doofenshmirtz: You need clues, like he had a secret life, or he's royalty, or he's a monkey. Or both like all the royals.
  • The radio guy interrupting Cavendish with his various sound effect buttons.
  • When Doof tries to get into Cavendish's head to help find, he asks what he's like, always ending the description with "plays by his own rules."
  • Doof's definition of a partner:
    Doofenshmirtz: Whoa whoa, hold on there buddy. A partner is supposed to fly through the window and hit you with his tail. At least, that's what Perry the Platypus did.
  • Doof & Dakota's agument ends when Doof makes fun of Dakota's "Nasally voice."note 
    Dakota: Oh you're one to talk, your voice sounds like a screech owl being dragged under a cement mixer.
    Doofenshmirtz: You don't know what that sounds like!
    Dakota: Yeah I do, it sounds just like you!

     Cast Party  

  • After Zack explains that he's giving up interpretive dance because he crashed through a harp, Amanda admits that she thought the harp thing was a metaphor.
  • Amanda's chart of Zack's various moods to determine when he's happy again.
  • Amanda's story of how she broke her arm was that a pair of mice fell on her while she was skateboarding:
    Amanda: I didn't even know mice could fly. And neither did the Internet, I looked it up.
  • Doof, on his injury: "I broke my funny bone, which, was not actually funny.
  • When Scott tells the story of how he got injured, it's revealed he stepped on Mildred. In the present, she's seen at the party wearing a head brace and with a weirdly drawn new expression.

     Safety First  

  • Doofenshmirtz is invited to participate in a filming project for school. He arrives in a souped-up golf cart wearing hip-hop clothes and speaking slang, complete with "gangsta" entry song.
    • Doof thinks Zack's script stinks (literately, as he spilled pickled herring on it) and offers him a new one:
    Doofenshmirtz: Anyway, Dog E. Dog and I have come with a new script and it's pretty sweet.
    Melissa: (reading script) This is just the word "bark" written a bunch of times.
    Doofenshmirtz: Pret-ty sweet.
    • Back in his normal clothing, Heinz then interrupts the filming with extra suggestions and making faces, annoying Amanda and Bradley greatly.
  • Originally, Scott the Undergrounder was supposed to be in the movie, but he had an appointment. What was it? Couples counseling.
  • How they settled on Doof:
    Melissa: Don't panic, all we have to do is find a grown-up with no life, who's sitting around in the middle of the day with nothing to do.
  • When Elliot rhymes "buffalo" with "marshmallow," Milo repeatedly points out how those words don't rhyme.
  • During the episode, Milo often pops up in a little bubble to comment on the action. At the end, Doof & Diogee appear in the bubble, and Milo asks how they got in there.

     Cavendish Unleashed  

  • The woods named "the easy to get lost in and die" woods. The guy leading the pogo-stick hike admits that he never made the connection before.
  • A man is trying to dump toxic waste into the forest and gloats how much it's going to destroy everything while he gains a lot of profit for it. The giant alien wrecks his campsite, breaks his bones, and sends a car flying onto him.
    • Later, another man is planning on destroying the forest to build a desert-themed theme park (despite there being an actual desert nearby) and proclaims that he's going to shave some woodland animals and put shells on them to pass them off as turtles. Just like with the previous guy, the alien wrecks his campsite, breaks his bones, and sends a car flying onto him. He also states,
    Other Man": Okay, maybe I deserved this."
    • And finally, the Mayor is about to pass an environmental law and speaks to the crowd on how the forest and its inhabitants must be protected. Just when it looks like the alien is heading straight towards him like it did with the other men, it instead passes by harmlessly, allowing him to sign with barely a notice.
  • Cavendish attempts to lasso the giant creature, but is pulled off by it, making a weird scream in the process:
    Cavendish: I may be able to gently lead the creature to... (gets dragged off) BLAAAAAAUGHEEEYAHOH!
    Milo: Where's he going?
    Zack: Duh, to (imitates Cavendish's scream) BLAAAAAAUGHEEEYAHOH!
  • When Milo and friends end up floating on giant rubber ducks, Zack is unamused by Milo making a "duck tape" pun.

     First Impressions  
  • Apparently, Milo's bad luck has been causing chaos for his family literally since the day he was born. In fact, Murphy's Law striking when Martin wasn't around was how Milo's mom knew she would be having a boy.
  • "We're not best friends just because we met. I mean, we're not four!"

     The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club  

  • Mr. Blunt, the Sadist Teacher, announces that the "k" in his name is silent.. When Melissa notes there is no "k" in his name, he responds "it's also invisible."
  • Mr. Blunt giving detentions for minor things, including a bird tweeting.
  • Bradley recognizes the situation as The Breakfast Club ripoff and decides to be the "angry malcontent who lashes out at everyone."
  • Apparently, several characters can't tell Chad & Mort apart.
    • Also works as a Meta-joke, as many fans were confused by the two boys designs.
  • The song "Looking High and Low for Milo" a catchy tune about a cyborg bear out to get revenge. Also doubles as Awesome Music.
  • Mort never getting to tell his story, and even being cut off by the ending of the episode.
  • Bradley chastises Zack for bringing everyone down with his secret. Amanda’s response?
    Amanda: Dude, you just cried like a baby.
  • "Everyone thinks they know me, but I have a wild side. Once, in algebra, I didn't take any notes at all."
  • It turns out Mr. Blunt is a fan of Lindana, as the kids accidentally over hear him singing over the intercom.

     Parks and Wreck  
  • The opening features Trucker Ted on the phone with his agent, complaining about just being cast as an accident-prone trucker who gets used as a plot device.
    • When he shows up later in the episode, he's happy he's getting a second appearance. Then he shows up again in the final scene. His dialogue isn't audible, but he looks directly at the camera and holds up three fingers, so he's bragging about his third appearance.
  • Melissa and Amanda get competitive over who can clean up the park in less time. Amanda decides to make it an actual competition, where the girl with the better half of the park wins.
    Melissa: [bewildered] "Win what?"
    Amanda: [intense] "Something!"
    Melissa: [serious] "You're on!"
  • Zack starts acting increasingly loopy and erratic from being left hanging upside-down.
    Zack: Wait, are you kidding right now? I don't even know how many hamsters I have!

  • Lydia tries to help the others pass the time with some improvisational acting exercises, one of which involves a film noir scenario in a hair salon atop a volcano. Coach Nolan doesn't seem to get how improv works, and Scott the Undergrounder wants to play the part of the hair dryer and starts climbing atop Coach.

     Milo in Space  
  • The Octalians brought six ships as back-ups due to Milo's bad luck. All but one of them are destroyed by various disasters over the course of a single musical number.

     Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space  
  • The Octalian commander shows Milo the massive sphere of entropic energy threatening their home planet through a view-scoope... while wacky "Yakkity Sax"-esque music plays. Then the Octalian realizes she had the music setting on the scope set to "Fun and Frolic" instead of "Dramatic".
  • When Melissa gets the idea to Follow the Chaos to whatever trouble Milo has gotten into, Zach triumphantly shouts "Let's run towards the danger! Also, I CANNOT believe I just said that!"



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