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Funny / Mina and The Count

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  • “Interlude with a Vampire”:
    • Mina’s vice grip hug on the Count’s legs, as shown in the page image. Not even him turning into a bat let him escape her grasp!
  • “The Vampire Who Came to Dinner”:
    • The Count’s reaction to meeting Mina’s older sister Lucy.
      Count: (whispering in a slight panic to Mina) I thought you said you didn’t have an older sister!
      Mina: (grumpily) I don’t.
      Mr. Harper: (gently pulls Mina to him by the hand, also whispering) I thought you said he was old.
      Mina: (innocently) He is!
  • “My Best Friend”:
    • A bit of a Freeze-Frame Bonus; after Mina gives her oral report about the Count at school, we see that her teacher has written a Note to Self saying, “MINA: CALL PARENTS NOW!!”
    • The Count’s advice to Mina on how to deal with bullies.
      Count: Now, Mina. Physical violence is not the answer. Psychological domination is the name of the game!
    • Mina takes the Count’s advice to try to intimidate her bully Nick into leaving her alone. It goes about as well as one would expect a for a 7-year-old attempting to be scary.
      Count: I’m guessing it didn’t go so well.
      Mina: (sadly shakes her head)
      Count: Did you use… (menacingly) the Voice?
      Mina: (gives him a small glare) Everybody laughed. All. Day. Long.

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