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This is the recap page for Milo Murphy's Law.

All pages will have unmarked spoilers.

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    Season 1: No Time Like the Present 
Throughout Fall, Milo embarks on various Murphy's Law-caused adventures together with his childhood friend Melissa, and his new friend Zack, who just moved into Danville. These adventures cross with the missions of Cavendish and Dakota, two low-ranked time agents from the future tasked to protect pistachio nuts from going extinct. Milo and the mishaps that follow him cause Cavendish to believe Milo is purposefully sabotaging them, but due to a combination of events, Milo, Cavendish and Dakota have to team up to foil an army of evil pistachio monsters from the future to take over the world… twice.
  1. Going the Extra Milo: Zack, the new kid in town, finds that even a simple trip to school becomes an adventure when he meets Milo Murphy.
  2. The Undergroundersnote : While on the subway during a school field trip, Milo's car gets thrown off course..
  3. Rooting for the Enemy: Milo attends his first football game, which turns into an extraordinary, explosive sporting event.
  4. Sunny Side Upnote : Milo, Melissa and Zack try to protect an egg for a science experiment.
  5. The Doctor Zone Files: Sara wants to go see The Doctor Zone Files movie with Milo, but worries about potential problems.
  6. The Note: Milo and the gang spend the entire day chasing after his doctor's note.
  7. Party of Peril: Melissa and Zack throw Milo his first surprise birthday party, the only real birthday party he's ever had.
  8. Smooth Opera-tor: Milo goes to the opera, and when things go wrong he ends up center stage.
  9. Worked Day: It's career day and Milo is having a hard time deciding what his career should be. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish try and make sure a shipment truck full of pistachios make it to the pistachio warehouse.
  10. Wilder West: Milo and his friends visit a dude ranch where they meet (and Zack crushes on) Jackie, a thrill-seeking cowgirl who's the descendant of Calamity Jane. Meanwhile, Sara is going crazy because the ranch reminds her of scenes from "The Doctor Zone Files".
  11. Family Vacation: Milo accidentally vacations with the wrong family, and makes their trip to the Grand Canyon way more exciting than they ever expected.
  12. Murphy's Lard: Milo and Zack try to help Melissa overcome her secret fear of roller coasters.
  13. Secrets and Pies: While waiting on a pizza delivery, Milo and Melissa share their most embarrassing stories, but Zack refuses.
  14. Athledecamathalon: The gang participates in a school event that combines the Academic Decathlon and the Athletic Decathlon.
  15. The Substitute: Milo's science class deals with a bored substitute. Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota hide in the classroom's closet to hide a substance that will help pistachios grow.
  16. Time Out: Milo and Zack go fishing with their dads. Meanwhile, when their phone battery dies, Cavendish and Dakota interfere with Brick and Savannah's time travel mission.
  17. We're Going to the Zoo: At a donation drive, Milo accidentally gives away his mother's precious vintage T-shirts. Cavendish and Dakota are assigned to protect the pistachios at the zoo.
  18. School Dance: Amanda does everything she can to make sure the school dance goes off without a hitch. Cavendish and Dakota go to the dance to attempt to prove without a doubt that Milo is another agent attempting to thwart their plans, but Chad mistakes Cavendish and Dakota for vampire hunters.
  19. Battle of the Bands: Milo, Melissa, Zack, and Mort's band enters the battle of the bands. Zack discovers his old boy band is competing in the battle, and becomes obsessed with beating them.
  20. The Math Book: Milo, Zack and Melissa go to school after hours to retrieve Melissa's math book. Unfortunately, she leaves the spare key inside the locked classroom, so the three go on a "quest" in search of the mysterious janitor, otherwise known as the "key-keeper".
  21. The Little Engine That Couldn't: When Melissa’s dad drives her and Milo into town on a decommissioned old fire engine, chaos ensues.
  22. The Llama Incident: Milo and Melissa finally tell Zack the story of the infamous Llama Incident.
  23. Missing Milo: When Cavendish and Dakota stop Milo from destroying a pistachio plant, they change the future. Pistachio plants become sapient and take over the planet, so Cavendish, Dakota and Milo must race through time to save the future.
  24. Star Struck: Milo wants to get an autograph from his favorite actor, Tobias Trollhammer, who is shooting a film in town. But the overworked and superstitious Trollhammer mistakes Milo for a misfortune-causing goblin.
  25. Disaster of My Dreams: Elliot Decker is hired as the school’s head safety monitor, but is worried Milo will ruin his chances.
  26. A Clockwork Origin: Milo, Zack, and Melissa search for an escaped robot.
  27. Perchance to Sleepwalk: Milo sleepwalks through the woods on a camping trip; Dakota and Cavendish are worried their pistachio duties will lead to another disastrous future.
  28. Some Like It Yacht: The students take a trip on the school yacht, but get stranded on a remote island.
  29. Backward to School Night: Thanks to Dakota fooling around with stolen time-tech, Milo and his friends find their parents (and Ms. Murawski) turned into children at Back to School Night.
  30. World Without Milo: Elliot gets to see what the world would be like without Milo.
  31. The Race: Milo tries to finish a charity foot-race; Cavendish and Dakota gets stuck in the Old West.
  32. Love Toboggan: With Milo out skiing with his dad, Sara finally feels safe enough to go on a date.
  33. The Island of Lost Dakotas: Dakota travels back in time to save Cavendish, but his time clone is forced to travel to a remote island to hide out; Milo's bad luck with shoelaces interferes with an outing with his friends.
  34. Fungus Among Us: Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota travel back to 1965 and inspire the creation of Dr. Zone, only to encounter a sinister plot to take over the world.
  35. Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!note : Zack doesn’t think anything about Halloween can scare him anymore, but he didn’t account for Murphy’s Law; Dakota and Cavendish try to keep Halloween from being erased from history.
  36. A Christmas Perilnote : Milo surprises his parents by inviting the extended Murphy family to town for Christmas, multiplying the effects of Murphy’s Law; Dakota and Cavendish's future selves go back to save their friendship from being ruined by an argument at the office Christmas party.

    Season 2: They Came From Outer Space 
After the Pistachions have been eliminated for good, Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, who is destined to invent time travel 12 years later, loses his home and becomes Milo's houseguest. So during Winter, Milo, Melissa, Zack, and their friends at school also have to cope with Doof's Inator antics as the former evil scientist trains to be a good person. Cavendish and Dakota have been banished to Milo's time period and now work as alien trash collectors, with Cavendish longing to save the world and be remembered for it. That might just happen when a race of alien octopuses seek to abduct Milo for his bad luck, as they believe his experience might save their planet from a storm of calamity.
  1. The Phineas and Ferb Effect: Milo, Zack and Melissa must work together with Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Buford, Baljeet to overcome Murphy's Law and stop the Pistachion invasion. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish team up with Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz to travel to the past and set things right.
  2. Snow Way Out: Milo and Zack get in a series of snow-related troubles while getting to school. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish are sent to Supreme Tribunal after their report to Mr. Block.
  3. Teacher Feature: Ms. Murawski invites Scott the Undergrounder on a date, and Milo, Zack and Melissa prepare him for it.
  4. Picture Day: It's picture day, and Milo tries to get a good photo of himself for once, with the help of Zack and Melissa; Dakota and Cavendish seek jobs with a secret organization.
  5. Agee Ientee Diogee: Dr. Doofenshmirtz tells Diogee a story about a similar-looking dog he met during summer.
  6. Game Night: Milo has never finished a board game due to Murphy's Law's meddling, so Melissa and Zack decide to change that.
  7. Pace Makes Waste: Milo and Elliot get to drive in a safety guide car for a charity stock car race, and thanks to Murphy's Law, they take the race through the entire town.
  8. Cake 'Splosion!: Amanda gets to participate in her favorite bake-off TV show, but she's nervous about having Milo as her partner.
  9. Lady Krillersnote : Tobias Trollhammer is desperate to get a role in an all-women reboot of the Krillhunter movies, so Milo gets him to dress up as a lady instead. Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota discover an alien lifeform after accidentally picking it up with the trash.
  10. Doof's Day Out: Sara is annoyed at Dr. Doofenshmirtz staying at the Murphys all day, so Milo, Brigette and Martin suggest Doof to join their activities for a day.
  11. Disco Do-Over: Martin and Brigette get to participate in one last disco-themed skating dance competition. Cavendish and Dakota deal with a cranky old lady who doesn't realize her collection of lawn gnomes are secretly alien waste.
  12. The Ticking Clock: Milo, Melissa, Zack, Clyde Rickenbacker and C.I.D.D. try to get Old Bessie, a city hall clock designed by Melissa's great-grandmother, working again before Victor Verliezer can legally level it. Meanwhile, Perry the Platypus has to keep an eye on Dr. Doofenshmirtz cleaning gum off the streets.
  13. Managing Murphy's Law: Amanda appoints herself as the manager of Milo and Zack's band, and preps them for a charity concert. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish need to find some alien trash nearby the Slushy Dawg.
  14. Field of Screams: Milo and Melissa help Zack with chores on the farm of his uncle Cornelius. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish try to retrieve some alien debris from a cranky farmer's corn field.
  15. Spy Little Sister!: Melissa has been signed up in a mentoring program, but gets herself into a mission with Savannah instead, to stop a rogue robot from destroying the school during a science fair.
  16. Milo's Shadow: In order to wrangle his own bad luck, Dr. Doofenshmirtz decides to spend a day at school with Milo and his friends. Meanwhile, Cavendish meets with a group of conspiracy theorists who believe in aliens.
  17. Sick Day: Aliens try to get a DNA sample of Milo, who is sick in bed. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz decides to assume a hero alter ego with Perry as his partner.
  18. Freefall: Milo, Zack and Melissa are experiencing a freefall simulation, but Murphy's Law causes them to be actually freefalling.
  19. Milo's World: Milo is running late to meet with his friends at a local fast-food joint, so to pass time they tell stories of how they imagine Milo's life is like.
  20. Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer: Milo stands in for Elliot's dog walker job after the latter is hospitalized. Meanwhile, Dakota and Cavendish discover an extraterrestrial device that causes one to lose gravity.
  21. Now I Am a Murphy: Milo, his dad and his grandfather take a trip to the woods, so Milo can become a real Murphy. In their absence, Sara, her mom, her grandmother, and Doofenshmirtz go to the art museum.
  22. Abducting Murphy's Law: Milo gets abducted by aliens, but both parties get scared of each other due to Murphy's Law. Melissa, Zack and Doofenshmirtz try to find Milo when they discover about the abduction. Meanwhile, Cavendish is sick of picking up alien trash and just so happens to be the only one to witness the abduction from a distance.
  23. The Goulash Legacy: Milo has to protect his mom's goulash from any danger.
  24. The Dog Who Knew Too Much: Diogee gets himself into a mission with Perry the Platypus. Meanwhile, Sara and Doofenshmirtz have to clean up their dirty clothes from the living room, so Doof uses a new inator to help.
  25. Adventure Buddies: After hearing from his daughter Vanessa that he should get an adventure buddy, Doofenshmirtz comes across the perfect adventure buddy: Scott the Undergrounder.
  26. Ride Along Little Doggie: The school is hosting an award show and Milo is nominated for one, but he accidentally ends up locked out of the auditorium. Meanwhile, Diogee teams up with the police to capture Zippy, the world's fastest koala, who's holding a police dog hostage.
  27. Look At This Ship: Cavendish finds a crashed spaceship, and attempts to show it to the media with no success. Meanwhile, Dakota and Doofenshmirtz try to track Cavendish down, while Milo's bad luck makes simply getting out of his bedroom a struggle.
  28. Cast Party: With Zack's leg injured thanks to an intepretive dance accident, Milo, Melissa and Amanda decide to throw him a party to cheer him up. It turns out all the attendees got injured the day before the party, but their stories might be the encouragement Zack needs.
  29. Safety First: Milo and Elliot get accidentally handcuffed together, leading to a crazy misadventure; Dr. Doofenshmirtz hams it up when helping Zack and Melissa make a film for a school project.
  30. Cavendish Unleashed: Cavendish mistakenly unleashes a giant alien, and Milo and his friends use the skills gained at day camp to help wrangle it.
  31. First Impressions: Milo and Melissa regale Zack with the story of how they met for the first time, and how Murphy's Law made their first day of grade school a big adventure; Dakota shares with Dr. Doofenshmirtz the story of how he and Cavendish met and became partners.
  32. The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event: Zack and Milo join Melissa's newly athletically-minded wrestling, speech and debate team.
  33. The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club: Milo, Melissa, Zack, Mort, Amanda and Bradley are stuck in detention for the afternoon thanks to a cynical substitute teacher.
  34. Parks and Wreck: Milo and the gang volunteer at the local park, but Melissa and Amanda get competitive about it; Doof helps Dakota with cleaning up alien trash.
  35. Escape: Milo gets stuck in the elevator at the mall with an unlikely group; Doof and Dakota attempt to use a bizarre Cavendish-platypus hybrid to lead them to Dakota's missing partner and friend.
  36. Milo in Space: The aliens try abducting Milo for the second time, and Milo finally learns why they've been looking for him.
  37. Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space: Milo faces a cosmic storm of bad luck, while his friends work their way through an alien city to save him.


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