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Heartwarming / Mina and The Count

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  • The friendship between Mina and the Count in general.
  • The ending of the pilot. The Count is just about to hurriedly escape Mina’s room since it’s almost sunrise, but then he hears Mina whimper and shivering in her bed. He glides back to her, tucks her in, and kisses her forehead with a fond smile. We then see he changed his “Feeding Schedule” to a “Playtime Schedule”, and all the names on the list have been replaced with Mina’s.
  • This moment from “FrankenFrog”, as pictured above.
    Count: (sternly) Mina… did you really reassemble this frog and resurrect him?
    Mina: (guiltily) …Yes…
    Count: (happily holds Mina up) I’m so proud of you!

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