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Heartwarming / Return to Oz

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  • When Dorothy hugs Tik-Tok as he sheds a tear of oil at the predicament of becoming an ornament.
  • The Nome King's Pet the Dog moment: comforting Dorothy as she cries about the loss of the Scarecrow. If you look closely at his face during this scene, he actually sheds a tear- of stone, albeit- indicating that for a moment, he felt genuine sympathy for her.
    • With this scene in mind, one almost has to wonder if his offer to let her out of the game and just send her home wasn't a ploy for manipulation, but a genuine offer.
  • Dorothy's farewell to Jack and Billina just before they enter the Ornament Collection.
  • Following the climax, Dorothy's sheer relief at seeing Oz restored and Tik-Tok returned to normal.
  • Pretty much any time Jack interacts with Dorothy. One scene that sticks out in particular is when he covers her with his vest while she sleeps and whispers, "Goodnight, Mom."
    • "Dorothy, may I call you Mom? Even if it isn't so?"
    • When Jack sees Ozma at the end of the film, he screams out, "MOM!" Both Ozma and Dorothy look up. It's simply adorable.
      • This doubles as a heartwarming moment from Ozma, as she is shown smiling at Jack’s reaction to her return. Unlike her book counterpart, she doesn’t seem to harbor any discomfort over being addressed as his parent.
  • Dorothy's reunion with her aunt, uncle, and Toto.
  • It's easy to miss, but during the parade at the end, the Wheelers can be seen in the crowd.


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