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  • Tik Tok beating up the Wheelers, who were til this point the scariest things in the movie.
  • Dorothy telling off Mombi and kicking her as she's dragged up the tower stairs. "I believe you will NOT!"
  • Dorothy and Co. flying on the Gump away from the witch Mombi's castle.
  • When Dorothy returns the Scarecrow to normal and the Nome King returns from nearly human to life-like live action make-up humanoid. Villainous Breakdown ahoy.
  • Billina laying an egg in the Nome King's throat in order to kill him.
    • It was an accident.
    • The sheer fact that the Nome King, who had been the embodiment of Nightmare Fuel up until this point, is left a whimpering wreck paralysed with fear the instant he hears a chicken in his presence.
  • In a rare moment for the villains, the Nome King manages to defuse all the Nightmare Fuel around Mombi by forcing her to grovel in terror before him: first, he commands her to kneel; then, when she gets to her knees, the King orders her to lower herself further; finally, with Mombi almost lying on the floor, the King bellows "LOWER!" and chuckles darkly as Mombi flinches and accidentally bangs her head on the floor.
  • Later there's another one featuring those two. When Dorothy figures out the Nome King's trickery with his test, and he begins reverting to a barely-human pile of stone, the Nome King looks at Mombi and snarls, "You let her escape". Mombi gets a magnificent Oh, Crap! look on her face, and then in a moment that may cross over with Nightmare Fuel the Nome King roars, YOU HAD HER AND YOU! LET! HER! ESCAPE!"
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  • As the Nome King bursts into his ornament rooms after Dorothy solves his test and starts saving her friends, he causes an earthquake. As this happens, the Scarecrow notices an emerald-green vase ( which is actually a transformed person) on a high pedestal in danger of falling, and, without a second thought, does a running dive to catch it before it shatters.
    Scarecrow: Dorothy! It's green!


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