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Heartwarming / Muppets Most Wanted

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  • Piggy's Imagine Spot. She's a total diva, and former Vogue editor, but all she's really after is the proverbial house with a white picket fence, a couple kids, and growing old with Nice Guy Kermit.
    • The fact that Kermit joins in during this part of the song. It's a huge hint that secretly, he wants the same thing she does.
  • When Nadya comes to arrest Kermit for having escaped the Gulag with all the inmates, Walter steps up and apologizes to Kermit for not noticing that he'd had his identity stolen, then tells Nadya that if they take him, they'll have to arrest Walter too. The other Muppets follow suit, offering their hands/paws etc for cuffing. Eventually Nadya relents, declaring Kermit was right; they are his family. He thanks her by taking the Muppets to Siberia for the movie's final number.
    • Gonzo, Rowlf, Scooter and Miss Piggy admit to Kermit that they convinced themselves Constantine was Kermit because he gave them what they thought they wanted, when all they ever really needed was the actual real Kermit.
  • That Walter is the first one to really realize that "Kermit's" acting weird in the first place, and is more worried about the shows going well than getting to do whatever he wants on stage.
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  • This:
    Kermit: Piggy, I'm sorry I ruined your wedding.
    Miss Piggy: Oh, Kermie. I'm so glad you did.
  • Sam and Jean hugging each other at the end of the film when they realized that they would be going on their own separate ways.
  • How Miss Piggy figures out which frog is Kermit and which is Constantine: she asks them both to marry her. Constantine answers with a straightforward yes and rushing her along, and Kermit...
    Kermit: (stuttering) I mean, I would, I-
    Miss Piggy: (overjoyed) That's my Kermie!
  • Kermit saying to himself that Piggy looks beautiful in her wedding dress.
  • Although the prior movie was fictional(?), one of the Broad Strokes remains: Walter has gone from Ascended Fanboy to the only Muppet who can act as the Heart when Kermit can't.
  • Animal gets one in just two words: Good frog.
  • The dedication to Jerry Nelson and Jane Henson at the very end of the credits is this and a Tear Jerker to those who knew who they were. The fact that their deaths were largely ignored outside of the fandomnote  adds to it.
    • Along the same lines, in the film itself, when Kermit!Constantine is about to introduce the show in Germany, listen closely to the announcer. It's Jerry, via a reused soundbyte from the previous movie. Such a brilliant way to keep his legacy alive.
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  • Another meta example: Danny Trejo's mother died during filming, and he shrugged off most of the cast's sympathies because he didn't want to break his tough guy image. But when Steve Whitmire offered his own sympathies in character as Kermit, Trejo finally broke down. He talks about the experience here, saying that there's no better shoulder to cry on than Kermit's.

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