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Heartwarming / Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Character animations

  • Sulley & Boo's victory animation has Sulley throwing Boo in the air and hugging her shortly afterwards.

Friendship campaigns and missions

  • Frozone asks Felix for advice on how to treat Honey to celebrate her promotion at work. Felix is surprised, saying that Frozone's the suaviest guy he knows, and Frozone says that Felix is the sweetest guy he knows and that's why he wants his advice on how to treat a lady right.
  • Vanellope and Dash get along swimmingly on the subject of pranks. The former is impressed with the latter's nail-on-the-chair prank and wants to teach him more... uh oh.
    • When the two of them get busted and reamed out by Mr. Incredible, Vanellope tries to take the whole fall for it.
  • Elastigirl is horrified to learn that Vanellope is a free-range child that eats candy for breakfast and decides that I'm Taking Her Home with Me! She's already got three super-children, she's willing to take on another one...
  • Sulley chatting with Ralph, saying that he hopes his relationship with Boo will be as close as that of the latter's with Vanellope.
  • After Nick leaves the dinner with Judy and her family early, Judy thinks that he left because he saw a can of fox repellent on the shelf that they forgot to throw out until now. Worrying that Nick is angry with her, Judy asks for advice from Felix. While Felix has nothing but assuring her that she'll find a way, Judy borrows a hammer from him to fix Nick's dented police car in an attempt to make up for the other night. Though it turns out that the dents were evidence for a hit-and-run that Nick was investigating and Nick left dinner early because Finnick needed him for an emergency, Judy assures him that the can of fox repellent has been disposed and Nick forgives her.
  • Baymax and WALL-E's cute interactions.
    • In one interaction, Baymax brings WALL-E to Hiro to get him repaired.
  • Moana looking for Heihei, and Merida helping her find him. When the latter asks if the former wants to eat her "wee chicken", Moana says that they've been through a lot together.
  • When Jessie decides to throw a "hootenanny" (or, as Woody puts it, a party for cowboys), Buzz wants to impress her and asks Woody for help. Buzz ends up writing a bluegrass song for her and tries to learn how to square dance.
  • Felix and Judy apparently having become good buddies, with Judy mentioning that they binge-watch classic baking shows together. Felix tells her that Calhoun wants to thank her for hanging out with her husband when she has to be in Hero's Duty and wants to have her over for dinner sometime.
  • Villainous Friendship between Hades and Ursula. Though the two start out with animosity (Ursula taking offense to Hades calling her "squid-lady" while complimenting her, leading to her calling him "hothead" back), the two agree to team up to take over the city. In another, the two relate to being pariahs of their people and Hades offers to check with the Fates to see if they can give Ursula an idea of when she'll succeed at her revenge.
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  • In Jessie and Miguel's friendship missions, Jessie gets the heel of one of her boots broken and she asks Miguel to come with her to find a store that will fix her boot for her. Alas, none of them are of use, but Miguel offers to fix it for her since he comes from a family of shoemakers. He does and Jessie is grateful.
  • Sulley having trouble cheering up Boo when she gets scared by the Creeps, leading to him asking Woody if happens to know how to cheer up children since as a toy, he would know. Though Woody admits that he isn't a preschool toy, he might know a way to cheer her up. At the end of their friendship campaign, he succeeds and Boo starts calling him "Dolly".
  • Joy and Olaf's campaign is all about them wanting to cheer up everyone in the city.

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