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  • In the Pilot ("Study Date"), Gabe tells Teddy he feels invisible and just the "the loser middle child" like Teddy. Teddy tells Gabe that she was jealous of Gabe when he was born, until Gabe peed on PJ and then she warmed up to Gabe. Gabe asks what Teddy feels about him, and Teddy replies that even though Spencer is at their house, she's spending time with Gabe.
    • Afterward, Charlie pukes on Teddy, and Gabe then says he's warming up to her already.
  • In "Driving Ms. Dabney", Bob reveals he still views Teddy as his little girl when trying to explain why he won't let Teddy test for her Driver's License.
    Teddy: Why are you treating me any different than PJ?
    Bob: Because he's PJ, and you're my little girl! (pauses) Driving means leaving. Once you get in the car, you go.
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  • In "Duncan vs. Duncan", Amy and Bob don't talk to each other after Amy gets into a fight at the supermarket and Bob doesn't defend her. Amy later finds Bob sleeping outside in the cold (as Amy removed all the possible items inside that Bob could sleep on), and apologizes to him. She then says it's hard to apologize and asks how he was able to apologize to her "162 times". Bob then says it's because he loves her.
  • The show's theme song is basically a message for Charlie telling her to "Hang in there", that everything's gonna be all right and she's gonna turn into a great person when she gets older.
  • In Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas, when Teddy and Amy reconcile after Amy blames Teddy for ruining Christmas.
  • Also in the movie, Teddy and Amy help a runaway girl named Jordan—who had stolen from them earlier—reconcile with her mother. Teddy even gives up her free plane ticket to ensure Jordan makes it home for Christmas.
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  • In "Make Room for Baby", the episode where they were going to move, Amy takes one last look at their house and has flashbacks to the past, showing memories of growing with their kids through the years. She ultimately decides to stay in their old home.
  • In "Special Delivery", when Toby is born on Charlie's birthday and Charlie doesn't get the doll she wanted nor the party promised to her, she then says that she likes the present of having a baby brother.
    • Also, seeing the pictures of the cast when they were younger when Teddy is showing Toby around the home is touching.
    • The song that plays during that moment is also very heartwarming and tear-jerking. Well done, Bridgit Mendler.
  • In "All Fall Down", when Spencer and Teddy are trying to figure out a way to say goodbye, Charlie says "Why don't you say hello?", allowing Spencer and Teddy to say their goodbyes by saying hello instead.
    • After Spencer leaves for Boston, PJ finally has a big brother moment where he comforts Teddy by explaining how he moved on after Skyler moved to New York City.
  • Amy and Charlie playing together in "Amazing Gracie", notably Charlie "counting" during Hide and Seek.
  • In the finale everyone gets a happy ending:
    • Teddy & Spencer get back together
    • Amy becomes a co-host of a talk show
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    • Bob and PJ start running a business together; it's successful (and Emmett moves out)
    • Gabe & Mrs. Dabney bury the hatchet (at least until Toby gets older, that is)
  • Disney's first same-sex couple being not only progressive but showing that it's not a big deal.

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