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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Anne or Beast? 
  • Hop Pop and Polly have a hard time trusting Sprig, which is brought up after he asks why they would think he's irresponsible. We are then treated to a montage of him messing up a soup, riding a worm that looks like a cow and forgetting to turn off the lights, attracting glow bugs.
    Sprig: Okay, so yesterday was a bad day...
  • There's also his method of bribing Polly so he can leave their cart to find and capture the "beast".
    Sprig: [takes out candy] Oh, Polly! Look! Candy...!
    Polly: ...Bribe accepted! [starts chowing down]
    • She makes the Pac-Man "waka waka" sound while doing so.
    • And when Hop Pop returns to the cart...
      Polly: [in a candy coma] I don't have a candy problem! You have a candy problem!
  • Anne tried to ask One-Eyed Wally for help, only for him to immediately assume that she wanted to eat him and run off screaming in hysterics. When she tells Sprig this, he admits that it does sound like something Wally would do.
  • Sprig, after having his life saved by Anne, realizes that she is not a beast, but a hero. An ugly, ugly, ugly, hero.
    Anne: Call me ugly again and maybe I will eat you!
  • Anne says that she is from "ANOTHER Either that or this is a dream."
  • A wild mantis appears, prompting the frogs to enter "mantis formation"! It runs off... in response to the much bigger and monstrous-looking mantis that drops down behind them.
    Polly: [casually] Nope. THAT scared it off.
    Hop Pop: [also casually] Yeah, that makes more sense.
  • Hop Pop and Polly applaud Sprig for defending Anne against the mob, calling it one of the bravest acts he's ever seen. And also one of the dumbest.

     Best Fronds 
  • The episode starts with a dream involving Anne taking a strange music box from a thrift store, with her friends watching. When she opens it...
    Anne: [after waking up] Guys, guys, I just had the craziest dream that I was trapped in a world of frog people... [sees Sprig, Hop Pop, and Polly] Right...
  • When Hop Pop is worried that Anne will try and eat them, she comments that she wouldn't eat anything that clearly doesn't bathe, with the viewers then getting a close up of Hop Pop that shows that he's rather dirty.
    Hop Pop: Fair point... (eats a fly).
  • Hop Pop apparently Sleeps with Both Eyes Open a lot.
    Anne: This might be the creepiest thing I've ever seen.
    Sprig: Happens all the time. He makes a great scarecrow!
  • When Anne uses her phone to take a picture of the two of them, Sprig assumes that she's somehow stolen his soul.
    • Later, when she takes a picture of Sprig, she comes to the dawning realization of why there's a sign that said "Don't Swim" when she spots the lake monster snake behind Sprig in her picture. When Sprig wonders "Did I blink?", the monster proceeds to do so as though wordlessly saying "Nope, that was me."
  • Polly is honestly disappointed when she realizes that Anne isn't going to try and eat them.

     Cane Crazy 
  • Anne's sudden flashback to her short stint in a cave prior to meeting the Plantars is hilarious just because of how overly dark it is.
  • Sprig tells Anne that they can get help from Leopold Loggle, the local woodsmith:
    Sprig: He loves wood! ...Almost a little too much.
  • Leopold offers the trio a map to the Doom Tree, but tells them it will cost them. Anne takes a picture of it with her phone.
  • By the door of his wood shop, Leopold has a carved wooden sculpture of a muscular version himself in a discus-thrower pose. Muscular and nude.
    (Anne, Polly and Sprig charge past the sculpture and out the door)
    (beat; Sprig pops back in)
    Sprig: Woooooah. Loggle. We gotta talk about this, man. We're coming back. We're gonna talk about this... Alright, goodbye. (leaves again)
  • During the walking stick attack, Anne fights back by throwing various merchandise. She stops a moment a admire and compliment a lovely ornate clock... then throws it anyway.
    Leopold: That took twenty years to make!
  • When Anne throws termites at the stick insect, they eat the bark covering it, revealing a really skinny and naked bug. It gives up then and there and retreats.
  • When Leopold says the cane won't be enough to pay for the damages to his shop, Spring offers Anne's clicker pen as well. He asks why that would be valuable. Sprig then shows him how it works. He lets them go after a few seconds of playing with it.
  • When Anne asks Hop Pop if he's mad about his broken cane:
    Hop Pop: (smiling) Oh, I'm furious about the cane. (suddenly angry) YOU'RE ON DISH DUTY FOR A MONTH!
  • Turned out Hop Pop spent the episode thinking up comebacks for his argument with Anne. Really, really bad comebacks. "The moment has passed, hasn't it?"

     Flood, Sweat, and Tears 
  • Hop Pop has had bad experiences with roommates in the past.
    Hop Pop: You think you know someone until they're in your space, and you're in theirs... and you can't stand how they whistle all the time, and they complain whenever you clean your web crusties out! YES, I HAVE TO DO IT IN OUR ROOM, IT HAS THE BEST LIGHTING!
  • Sprig somehow manages to cross Rage Breaking Point with Tranquil Fury after Anne breaks his favorite action figure.
    [Sprig stares at her for a long time with a blank face]
    Sprig: (in an unnervingly calm voice) I have to go to the bathroom.
    [Sprig walks backwards, still maintaining eye contact, and continues to do so once out in the hall and shuffling sideways]
  • In the end, Anne ends up bunking in the living room. She has a tin-can line to Sprig's room, a nice open window, extra-crunchy snacks, a nice book... and the living room floods.

     Hop Luck 
  • After Anne shows Sprig and Polly videos of her cat Domino on her phone, Sprig tries to "free" her by smashing the phone with a hammer. Anne asks him to please stop trying to do that.
    • A few minutes later, he tries to do it again to get pizza out of her phone.
  • Anne gives a quick read of Hop Pop's book of family recipes and quickly comes to a conclusion on why the recipes keep coming in last place.
    Anne: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I think I've found your problem guys.
    [Family looks at her hopefully]
    Anne: Old things are dumb!
    Polly: Oh, that makes sense.
    Sprig: It's all so clear now!
  • Hop Pop complains that his family always cooks these recipes and wonders what his Great Gam-Gam would say about cooking something else for the competition.
    [Close up of picture of Hop Pop's Great Gam-Gam knitting a blanket that says TRADITION MEANS EVERYTHING ]
  • "Don't you dare talk about pineapple on my pizza. Ever."
  • In order to purchase dough for pizza, the baker insists that Sprig has to marry his daughter. After a quick shot of the girl frog creepily greeting Sprig while pressing a wooden stake into a Voodoo doll of him, Anne instantly agrees to the terms. Hop Pop is rather nonchalant about this.
    Hop Pop: You know, if we used a traditional recipe, we wouldn't have to sell Sprig...
    Anne: No! That old book is old! Sprig's eternal happiness is a small price to pay for pizza.
    Polly: Agreed.
    • Even Sprig himself doesn't seem at all upset or resistant to the concept of being married off for pizza dough. (Who his new fiancée is, yes, but he just accepts the deal as done without any protest.)
  • Maddie’s introductory scene is darkly funny as she’s telling Sprig she saw how he’s going to die.
    Sprig: Aw, it's not so bad. Maybe we'll learn to love each oth- (Maddie is suddenly right next to him) AHH!
    Maddie: I've seen your death in my mind.
    Sprig: (nervous grin) I was kinda hoping it'd be a surprise, heh...
    [Scare Chord]
    Maddie: It will be.
    [Close-up on a terrified-looking Sprig while vaguely demonic chuckles are heard in the background]
  • When Anne and the Plantars get swallowed by the tomato monster:
  • After all the pizza ingredients the Plantars have spent the episode collecting fall into the tomato monster's stomach acid and instantly dissolve, Sprig tries to look on the positive side.
    Sprig: At least it'll be a quick, painless death.
    Polly: Why would this be painless—
  • Anne asks Hop Pop if there's anything in his book that might help out of this situation. The only thing he's able to find is that the throat of a tomato monster tastes amazing raw. Cue the Eureka Moment.
  • The Yank the Dog's Chain at the end of the episode.
    Mayor Toadstool: My word! This is the best thing the Plantar family has ever produced!
    Hop Pop: You mean we got first place?!

  • Just Anne and Hop Pop bickering throughout the episode.
    • A particularly great moment is when Anne snickers at Pop-pop's very cartoonishly overblown "SAY WHAAAT!?" at his crops being ruined, calling it "the perfect Sitcom catchphrase." Since Hop Pop has no idea what that means, he gives this response:
    Hop Pop: It must be painful to make so little sense all the time.
    • Among them, Anne being in the bathroom for two hours causing Hop Pop to try to break in with a battering ram.
  • Sprig fears that Anne and Hop Pop's arguments will lead to the destruction of their family. Polly tells him they just need to give the two time since they can't force people to get along.
    Sprig: (Gets wide-eyed look) Of course not, Polly.
    (Grabs things and leaves the room. There's a beat and Polly looks up again to see Sprig looking at her from around the corner)
    Sprig: (whispering) Of course not.
    (Disappears around the corner, then pokes his eye back out)
    Polly: Just go already!
  • Hop Pop's reaction to part of his corn crop being stolen.
    Hop Pop: My prize-winning corn!
    Anne: You've won prizes?
    Hop Pop: It's an expression, Anne. What're you, the fact police?
  • The grossed out faces Anne and Hop Pop make after they chug each other’s energy drinks.
  • Anne and Hop Pop's "battle" with the corn monster. Since they're fighting a hallucination, it looks like they're making laser sounds and shouting nonsense spells at thin air. While Sprig and Polly stare on, dumbfounded.
    • Even when it gets worse, it goes in an amusing way.
      Hop Pop: It's immune to magic!
      Anne: Quick! Get those power-ups!
      (The two of them run offscreen)
      (Polly and Sprig stare for a moment, then run off terrified when it's shown that the "power-ups" were a pitchfork and a scythe)
  • Polly drinking Anne's drink at the end of the episode and imagining a giant boulder monster that calls her "My Queen".

     Domino Effect 
  • The episode opens with Anne and Sprig playing basement, except Sprig is using some kind of giant fruit as a ball and Anne is using a scythe as a bat. Sprig throws the "ball" but Anne both misses and loses her grip on the scythe sending it flying directly at Sprig.
    Anne: Eh, whiffed it—SPRIG!
    [Sprig ducks right under the scythe, only for his hat to split in half when he gets back up]
    Sprig: (Beat) Wanna go again?
    Anne: Yeah-uh! Wait. You have hair?
  • The look on Anne's face as she Squees over Domino 2, and Sprig's immediate reaction being to assume she's been stung and that she needs to amputate her arm with their scythe.
  • "I love my cat more than anything in the world! She was irreplaceable. But now I found a replacement!"
  • Anne using Domino 1's cat toy to lure Domino 2. It works! ...It also works on Sprig.
    Sprig: (mesmerized) I want it... Give it to me...
  • When a loud noise comes from the basement where Domino 2 is sleeping, Anne tries to deceive Hop Pop by claiming it's basement ghosts.
    Hop Pop: Don't be ridiculous! (adopts a contemplative expression) Basement ghosts don't sound anything like that.
  • Throughout the episode Hop Pop gripes about the family's previous pet, a spider named Charlie Big Bottom, who kept getting into trouble. The punchline, when Anne says she hopes the family can understand her mistake in adopting Domino 2, is a combination of funny and heartwarming.
    Hop Pop: Understand? Understand?! (bawling his eyes out) I LOVED CHARLIE BIG BOTTOM WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!
  • Another combination of funny and heartwarming comes from Sprig giving Anne a rather ugly doll of Domino 2 made from her hairballs.
    Sprig: (long pause after giving the gift) You hate it, don't you? It's too ugly, isn't it? You know what, give it back to me—
    Anne: (hugs it while looking like she's about to cry) I LOVE IT!

     Taking Charge 
  • Suspicion Island, Anne's favorite show, just looks hilariously awful in general. Anne herself describes thusly to a skeptical Hop Pop.
    Anne: Hop Pop, this show has beautiful people, doing dumb things, while STUFF EXPLODES! It's literally perfect.
    • Some choice quotes from the Suspicion Island cast.
      Peruvia: I've got a lot of feelings about this place.
      Randy: I feel like everyone on this island is suspicious, Peruvia. Except you!
      Peruvia: But Randy, I think you're suspicious!
      Randy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [explodes]
      Chad: These pterodactyls are clones of my dead brother!
  • After the battery on Anne's phone is depleted, Hop Pop agrees to help her recharge it. His ideas on how to do so are... questionable.
    Hop Pop: How do we bring this thing back to life? Magic? Live sacrifice? I know a guy in town—
  • This moment between Sprig and Polly.
    Sprig: Every time you point, two fingers point back.
    Polly: (stares at her fingerless arms) THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!
  • On the journey to recharge Anne's phone, Sprig breaks into random song while playing the violin.
    A family distrusts each other on a dangerous mission
    Like the nearly naked humans on the island of Suspicion!
    Peruvia, Felicia, and Randy—so hot!
    Beguiling, hostile-ling, we're all Suspicious Isle-ing!
  • Anne, Sprig, and Polly decide to form a human chain to rescue Hop Pop. Just as Anne grabs Hop Pop she remembers how electricity works, one second too late.
  • At the end of the episode, when the truth is out and the characters are no longer suspicious of each other, Polly gives this gem to Sprig.
    Polly: Really glad I didn't push you off a cliff like I was planning.
    Sprig: (cheerfully nonchalant) Me too, Polly. Me too.

     Anne Theft Auto 
  • When Anne asks if she can drive Bessie, Hop Pop saying yes, after he had told Polly and Sprig no when they asked if they could do stuff, takes a few seconds to register.
  • Anne asks about Bessie's History.
    Anne: Are there at least pictures?
    Hop Pop: There are diagrams.
    Anne: NOOOOO!
    Hop Pop: Dramatic, much?
  • Sprig describes Hop Pop's writing style as "too much description, not enough plot." Anne discovers this when she opens up the book and starts reading about the day Bessie was born in autumn. "The leaves were turning color, and I will now describe them in full detail..." Bonus funny if one pauses and actually reads this passage. It goes on a random tangent from describing the leaves to describing the red fur on caterpillars, to describing a tax collector, to describing someone known for forgetting to pay those taxes! It gets to the point where one begins to wonder if Hop Pop forgot this was Bessie's story.
  • Anne's Inelegant Blubbering when she reads about Bessie saving Hop Pop's life is both funny and heartwarming.
  • As Anne looks up snail predators on the book, she finds a diagram of a hedgehog. She finds it cute, but then she puts the book down and finds herself face-to-face with a vicious giant hedgehog that is anything but cute.
  • When Anne picks up/saves Sprig from Sadie's unbearably slow car ride. Sadie just smiles, tells him to watch the road rage next time, and revs off faster than Bessie ever got.
    Sprig: [cheerfully] Pretty sure I just got played.
    Anne: That woman is everything I want to be.
  • After Anne has spent the entire night reading the book Hop Pop gave her, he's somewhat worried, but impressed, saying that all she needs now is experience actually driving Bessie. Completely sleep-deprived and having spent the entire day prior taking the snail on a joy ride behind the old frog's back, Anne's only response is maniacal evil laughter as she bangs into a wall and leaves the room.
    Hop Pop: [shocked] I don't feel safe.

     Breakout Star 
     Sprig vs. Hop Pop 
  • The reveal that Hop Pop's suggestion box has a fire pit inside it.
  • In the end, Hop Pop promises to read the suggestions and not burn them before reading them. In the end, he is shown reading them by the fireplace... and then burning most of them.

     Girl Time 
  • Anne reacts in horror as Hop Pop picks his ear, pulls out a glob of earwax, sniffs it and puts it in his pocket.
  • Hop Pop's wallet has nothing but I.O.U. slips, with a picture of him saying "I'm good for it". She keeps paying with them and each business they go to accept them suspiciously, until the hostess at the tearoom looks at the wall and sees a picture of Hop Pop (looking like he was caught unawares) with a sign that reads "He's not good for it."
  • As punishment, the Plantars are forced to work off the debt by gathering eggs. Anne is fine with it, until the coop opens and it's full of vicious spiders.
  • At the end, it's revealed that Sprig and Hop Pop enjoy going to the spa.

     Dating Season 
  • As soon as Hop Pop hears about Sprig potentially hooking up with Ivy Sundew, his mind immediately goes to how beneficial it would be gain their family secrets and how rich they could become, not really thinking about Sprig's happiness.
  • This is the second time in the series that the family shows no quarrel in selling Sprigs. Sprig himself has to remind everyone he's already in a marriage arrangement by showing the ring his fiancée, Maddie, made for him: a creepy skull ring with eyes alight with hellish fire.
  • Anne at one point at the dance begins squealing over what Sprig and Ivy's shipping name would be, all the while Polly is trying to figure out what she's going on about.
    Anne: This is so exciting! I wonder what their ship name will be? Ivig? Sprivigy?
    Polly: What are you even saying?!
  • Several times Sprig and Ivy are referred to as love doves, majestic, romantic birds that mate for life... and then two appear and it's revealed they spend that life massacring all living things. Even as the Plantars and Sundews are attacked by them, they can't help but admire their beauty.
    Anne, Polly, Hop Pop and Felicia Sundew: Ah! (birds perform a synchronized flight towards them) Beautiful! (birds snatch them) AHHHHHH!
  • Once the danger is resolved, Anne tells Sprig that he and Ivy can go back to being just friends. Sprig gives Ivy a Longing Look.
    Anne: Oh, you just fell in love with her, didn't you?
    Sprig: Yeah, I just fell in love with her.

     Anne Vs. Wild 
  • Hop Pop enjoys the peace and quiet of nature since a frog can really hear himself think out there.
    Hop Pop: (thinking) Did you leave the stove on? The front door unlocked? Will you die alone?! (outloud) Well, that was a mistake.
  • Part of the montage of the Plantar's outdoor activities includes Sprig making an elaborate tent for himself and Anne just making a tent out of one blanket and one stick. Which then collapses. And catches on fire.
  • The introduction of Soggy Joe, a Crazy Survivalist who keeps laughing maniacally in apropos of nothing and whose idea of a real campsite doesn't involve "kiddie stuff" like "shelter" or "potable water."
    Anne: Yeesh. Can you, like, turn down the creep, just—just a bit?
    Soggy Joe: NO!
  • Upon reaching their campsite.
    Soggy Joe: We bunk here for the night. And in the morning, if we're all still alive—
    (Plantars gasp)
    Soggy Joe: —I'll take you all out for pancakes.
  • The terrifying Mud Men of myth are revealed to be a bunch of scrawny, dorky frogs underneath their mud-covered exterior. Despite being cannibals, it's hilarious how underwhelming they are.
    Mud Man: (dejectedly) Man, all I wanted to do was get muddy and eat people!
  • Soggy Joe survives getting an axe thrown into his back because he was wearing his axe-proof vest. He then listens to the Plantars' overly long account of the Mud Men's attack with surprising stoicism.
    Soggy Joe: So, what'd I miss?
    Anne: Oh, pretty much everything.
    Soggy Joe: Really?
    Sprig: Oh, Joe. There were these crazy cannibals!
    Soggy Joe: Whoa.
    Hop Pop: They tried to eat us!
    Soggy Joe: Oh serious?
    Polly: Yeah, actually it turns out they were just frogs.
    Soggy Joe: Oh, no way!
    Polly: Wimpy, little frogs covered in mud.
    Soggy Joe: Unbelievable.
    Anne: And then we ran—
    Soggy Joe: Yeah?
    Anne: —tried to use torches—
    Soggy Joe: Oh?
    Anne: —it was all a big thing. It was very dramatic.
    Soggy Joe: Keep going.
    Sprig: Anne saved us with her bath bomb!
    Soggy Joe: Yeah, I can smell it, it's great. Is that peony?
    Anne: Yeah, that is peony!
    Soggy Joe: Yeah, I have a nose for these things.
    Anne: So that's pretty much it. You're pretty much all caught up.
    Soggy Joe: Oh... Great...
    (crickets chirp)
    Soggy Joe: So... y'all wanna get pancakes early?
    (Plantars happily agree)
    Polly: I've always been more of a waffle girl, myself.

  • The contrast between the sights of an oblivious Anne goofing on with the Plantar family struggling for their lives in the rainstorm in the background.
  • The Running Gag of Hop Pop's surprising nonchalance to his own impending death. Even though Anne is doing everything she can to save his life, whenever they come across the slightest inconvenience, Hop Pop gives up and tells his family to just find a nice corner, tree, rock, etc. for him to pass away in.
  • Even though Anne manages to get the Plantar family to the Healing Springs, their cases of Red Leg doesn't go away. They give a heartfelt goodbye to Anne, beautiful music swells, and the Plantars lay on their backs in the spring, peacefully passing on... except they obviously don't.
    Hop Pop: (beautiful music cuts off) Anyone dead yet?
    Sprig: Not yet.
    Polly: Present.
  • It turns out the real cause of the Plantars turning red was the red mushroom Anne put into the soup she fed them.
    Hop Pop: That mushroom ain't for eating, Anne! I use it to scrub the pots and wash the bathroom floor and... clean Bessie's stable... (scare chord)

     Family Shrub 
  • Hop Pop has no clue how to make the Plantar ancestry interesting to the kids. For example: He says Great-Aunt Polli Anna was an exceptional member of the family because she was a turnip farmer, and another one of his uncles was the king! ...of single-tiered irrigation systems.
  • The kids' reaction to discovering a secret passage in their house.
    Anne: Oh, wow. This looks unsafe... We have to go down there!
    Sprig: There could be treasure!
    Polly: Or a dead body!
  • Sprig manages to subdue a giant pumpkin monster he accidentally unleashed, not with violence... but with love.
    Sprig: (hugs monster) There, there, you beautiful, disgusting thing. That's right, Mama Sprig is here. (monster pumpkin laughs) Oh, you horrible, horrible, sweet boy. (creepy, close-up on Sprig) Forgive me. (shoves the monster back into its prison)
    Polly: Dude... That was ice cold.
    Sprig: Love is the cruelest weapon.
    Anne: Agreed. Now let's get out of her before something else happens.
  • The Running Gag of Sprig pulling levers long past the point where it becomes obvious nothing good will come of it.
    Anne: Will you please stop pulling levers?
    Sprig: Levers are for pulling, Anne!

     Lily Pad Thai 
  • Sprig somehow makes pizza dough explode.
  • When Stumpy turns on the light, the mushroom he's using somehow acting just like a light switch, Anne is there with a creepy expression, having been unable to sleep.
  • Anne literally has a playlist on her phone called "Hard Work Montage Playlist". Guess what it's played to?
  • After Anne and Stumpy serve Duckweed a cooked kraken as a last ditch effort to get a good review from him, it turns out the monster's still alive. Polly's response is priceless.
    Polly: Assassinating your critics, I love it!
  • Anne fully expects a bad review after Duckweed's food, y'know, tries to kill him.
    Duckweed: Bad? ... Bad? That was incredible! A food that tries to eat you?! The irony, the ecstasy! I simply must tell everyone. To the Message Board!
    Sprig: You go, girl!
    Polly: Go, Anne!
    Hop Pop: (proudly) She lives in my basement.
  • As a show of appreciation, Stumpy lets Anne shake his prosthetic hand/spatula. When she notes how nice it feels, she asks what it's made of. He says it's made from the bones of his missing hand.

     Plantar's Last Stand 
  • Sprig eats a free sample of jam from one frog's stand. Not only is the stall called, "Gentle John's Expensive Jellies", but Gentle John himself is a musclebound frog covered in scars and jam tattoos who's decidedly... un-gentle.
    Gentle John: (menacingly) That wasn't a sample.
    (Sprig slowly spits the jam back out into the jar)
    Sprig: Now it's like nothing happened!
    (Gentle John puts a mace on his stall)
    Sprig: I... I can pay for that.
  • Toadie's way of delivering messages.
    Toadie: Bad news, everyone! Bad news! (hands Hop Pop a message) Gonna run away before you can read it! (backflips away offscreen)
  • Hop Pop really embraces his inner Snake Oil Salesman while selling Plantar's Potion.
    Hop Pop: It'll make your warts bigger! It'll make your kids talk back less! It'll erase all the regrets that keep you up at night!
    (Crowd cheers wildly)
  • After Hop Pop starts using literal garbage as the new "secret ingredients" for his Plantar's Potion, there's this terrifyingly hilarious moment.
  • Once Toadie closes their stand, Polly offers to murder him. One hundred percent seriously.
  • The episode seems to end on a bittersweet note, with the Plantar's stand closed down due to an inability to pay the new tax, but the Plantars looking hopefully towards the future and the possibilities that await... and then after a Beat.

     Toad Tax 
  • Even a month after being in Wartwood the local frogs still treat Anne poorly. Hop Pop tells him that's just the way these frogs are.
    Hop Pop: Slow to accept and even slower to respect. It's actually our town motto.
    (Cut to a Welcome to Wartwood sign with that exact motto hanging on a sign underneath while discordant banjo music plays)
  • Anne is getting a little too accustomed to the local cuisine.
    Hop Pop: Now, who wants pillbug pancakes?
    Anne: Ooh! My favorite! (horrified by what she's just said) I've been here too long.
  • Anne knows for a fact that Hopadiah paid his taxes. How? He made her watch. Cut to a flashback of Hop Pop explaining taxes to a bored-out-of-her-mind Anne.
    Hop Pop: So then you add up your deductibles and—Ooh! Guess what, Anne? You're a deductible!
    Anne: Kill me!
  • Mire, the foreboding Toad Tower soldier who's kept his face hidden and remained unnervingly silent the entire episode, does a complete 180 in intimidation when the frogs of Wartwood stand up to him and his fellows. His mask creaks open to reveal a dorky face and he Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • When his corruption is exposed, Mayor Toadstool has a rather pathetic explanation for why he stole the town's taxes for himself.
    Mayor Toadstool: People, I needed the extra money for my campaign. Do you have any idea how much it costs to buy your love? (someone throws rotten fruit at him) And as mayor I pardon myself of any wrongdoing, good-day!

     Prison Break 
  • "Is this guy seriously wearing his breastplate as pants?"
  • When Sasha has Grime compliment the qualities of the toads under his command in order to encourage them, he ultimately ends up with Percy - as in, the toad who got them all in trouble.
    Grime: I don't want to do Percy.

     Grubhog Day 
  • Anne's first meeting with the grubhog. First she coos over how cute it is, only to be warned that it spits acid, which it promptly does, dissolving a hole in the floor.
    Hop Pop: (as Anne stares into the hole) Don't stare into the abyss, Anne. (hard cut to Hopadiah with a Thousand-Yard Stare) After all, it stares back.
  • Since Sprig's Exact Words were to keep an eye on the grubhog, Anne proposes that he just bring the grubhog with them while enjoying the fair. There's just one possible problem.
    Sprig: (genuinely worried) But, what if Hop Pop sees us out there?
    Anne: He won't!
    Sprig: (genuinely convinced) This plan is flawless!
  • The fate of the titular grubhog. Instead of being eaten by the giant bird that took him earlier, animal subtitles reveal the Grubhog and the bird are old allies who planned the escape in advance.
    Grubhog: Thank you for saving me, loyal subject.
    Bird: Think nothing of it, Lord. I have not forgotten the aid you gave my people. To where do we fly?
    Grubhog: To war, old friend. To war.

     Hop Pop and Lock 
  • The Plantars being reduced to selling their produce out of cart in a back alley after losing their stand. Despite Hop Pop's insistence what they're doing is perfectly legal, his behavior begs to differ.
    Hop Pop: Psst, lady. Wanna buy an eggplant?
    • Then the police raids their alley.
      Sprig: (wearing his mask) Hop Pop, it's the fuzz! Everyone scatter! (he's chased into the alley by police followed by the sounds of punching)
  • Once again Anne has a playlist at the ready for the right situation. This time called "Training Montage Playlist."
  • Anne's first lesson teaching Hop Pop to dance focuses on footwork. He ends up tripping over literally nothing and rolling into a fire ant hill.
    Hop Pop: Ah! It burns! It burns!
  • Polly attempts dancing during Anne's lesson. But since she doesn't have legs, she's basically just jumping up and down. At the end she gets Anne's help to do a spin.
  • Hop Pop's freestyle dancing, and Anne's ensuing "No. Just... No" Reaction to it.
    Anne: Hop Pop, if you want to impress Sylvia...NEVER DO FREESTYLE AGAIN!
  • Anne compliments Hop Pop on his much-improved dancing.
    Anne: Nice work, Hop Pop. Or should I say, "Hip Pop"?
    Hop Pop: That reference means nothing to me.
  • Anne's words of encouragement as Hop Pop goes to ask Sylvia to dance?
    Anne: GET IT!
  • Right before Hop Pop's final attempt to woo Sylvia he turns to the band.
    Hop Pop: Hit it, boys!
    Tuba Player: (super passive aggressive) Uh, yeah. We've been hitting it, but okay.
  • Hop Pop's attempts at freestyle dancing. Words can't really do it justice to how awful it is, but Mayor Toadstool's initial reaction seems to be setting up that the townsfolk may be more appreciative of it than Anne was... this is not the case.
    Mayor Toadstool: Unbelievable! I ain't never seen moves like those! ... It's horrifying.
    • The end of Hop Pop's freestyle involves throwing fire ants down his pants and then dousing himself with the punchbowl.
    • Once Hop Pop has finished his dance.
      Anne: (eyes covered) Is it safe to look yet?
      (camera pans to Sprig and Polly also covering their eyes)
      Sprig: No idea.
      Polly: Couldn't tell ya.
    • Sylvia's response. A terrible freestyle dance of her own which, when combined with Hop Pop's, causes the Mayor to shut down the dance and everyone to leave in disgust.
      Party Goer: (covering her kid's eyes) This is not for children's eyes.
      Anne: (standing next to Sprig and Polly, all three with their eyes shut) Why? WHY?!

     Civil Wart 
  • Anne's movie starting a literal fan war.
    Anne: This is like an Internet message board. But IRL!!!

  • Anne believes that politics are similar in Amphibia and the human world, until Polly drops this gem:
    Anne: Politics are the worst!
    Polly: Yeah. The monster fights are pretty cool though!
    Anne: The what now?

     Croak And Punishment 
  • Anne and Sprig wearing caterpillars as mustaches while playing cops.
  • Sprig getting way to into playing "bad cop". At one point he interrogates people by pushing over their furniture, namely Stumpy's cauldron, Mrs. Croaker's grandfather clock, and Mayor Toadstool's... Toadie. He even remains still like a piece of furniture and makes a noise like he's made of wood when he falls over.
    Toadie: Sir, help me!
    Mayor Toadstool: Just let it happen, Toadie.

    Trip to the Archives 
  • Anne reading a book titled Plants That Can Eat You, and getting scared of a picture of a plant clamping down on a frog's eyeball.
  • Hop Pop trying to use his reading glasses to open the door, and setting the place on fire in the process.
  • Sprig escapes through the bathroom and emerges out of the bathroom at Felicia's Tea House. Later, Hop Pop and Polly arrive soaking wet, apparently having escaped the same way.
    Hop Pop: I've seen things.

    Snow Day 
  • Anne proclaiming how she will be unaffected by the cold is met with confusion and misunderstanding.
    Anne: I'm warm-blooded!
    Sprig: That's gross, Anne.
  • All the things Anne and Sprig do with the frozen citizens, including making Wally and Mrs. Croaker kiss each other, tying them all together into one giant sculpture, and playing bowling with them. And all the time shooting photos and adding funny captions to them. This comes to bite Anne when Sprig shows everyone the photos after thawing.
    Hop Pop: Did you use us as bowling pins?

    Cracking Mrs. Croaker 
  • When Jonah tries to kill Mrs. Croaker, Anne and Sprig are horrified, while Polly is smiling ear to ear.
  • After Mrs. Croaker tells Anne and Polly that a lot of people don't like them, Polly responds with "Mission accomplished!"

    Wally and Anne 
  • Anne's heartwarming moment with Wally near the end gets ruined when she accidentally slaps him on the back too hard, causing him to fall off a cliff for the second time in one episode.

    Family Fishing Trip 
  • Anne's parasailing "research" is her just watching a video of a parasailer... which ends with a breaching whale falling on him.
  • Anne's parasailing mishaps. She never lands safely, and barely gets time to recover when she's blown back up without warning. At one point she keeps getting hit by flying bugs. Then when Sprig uses the parasail, she's clearly jealous that he flies it without a hitch.
  • Hop-Pop's Gibberish of Love when Sylvia kisses him on the cheek.

     Bizarre Bazaar 
  • Sprig buys two dumplings for him and Anne. Anne thinks it looks delicious, until Sprig bits into his and it's full of living bugs. Later Anne drinks what looks like a boba tea, only the "bobas" are actually spider eggs that then hatch.
  • The mysterious-looking frog who steals Anne's backpack removes his robe to reveal a dorky-looking bucktooth face.
  • The frog who stole Anne's backpack claiming that it's a "magical pouch of mystery" that no-one can tell where it's from or how it got there is followed by a Beat and a very unamused expression on Anne's part.
  • The game master calls Sprig Anne's "little pink boyfriend." She tries to correct this first, then is slightly offended by Sprig's response.
    Anne: WHOA! Not my boyfriend!
    Sprig: (much more calmly) Yeah, heh, she's way too old for me.
    Anne: Yeah—wait, what?
  • "The Wrecker" wins the cockroach race by throwing a blue shell at Anne's cockroach. Sprig remarks on the proceedings:
    Sprig: Well, that didn't feel balanced...

  • Anne's friends used to get her to breakup with their boyfriends for them all the time. They called her "The Breakup Queen."
    Anne: Also? "ANGEL OF DEATH!"
  • Anne's about to breakup with Maddie on Sprig's behalf when she sees Maddie close the door on an oven containing bread shaped like both her and Sprig screaming in agony as they're engulfed by flames. She decides to breakup by text instead.
    Sprig: (cheerfully) Heheh, now we're both cowards!
  • Anne finding out curses are real.
    Anne: Cursed? That's a thing here?
    Hop Pop: This land of ours is home to many arts, Anne. Sculpture, mosaic, and, of course, (extreme creepy closeup of Hop Pop) the dark arts!
  • Polly's reaction to finding out Sprig and Anne have been cursed is to just laugh and enjoy herself the entire episode.
    Polly: Anyway you can wait til tomorrow? Cause I am loving this!
    (The hair blinding Sprig's eyes spreads across his entire face)
    Sprig: Hey, I think it's getting better!
  • Anne's curse eventually turns her into a full bird person.
    Anne: ( cheerfully) You know, it's actually not so bad! Watch this! (shoves her beak into a hole in the floorboard, pulls out a worm and swallows it whole) Mmmm! (realizes what she's just done) I hate this curse.
  • Sprig opens the door to his house to find Maddie on the other side. He immediately slams the door shut only for it to fall over on him.
    Polly: Run! Objects bend to her will!
    Hop Pop: Nope. That's on me. Forgot to fix those hinges.
    • The punchline to the above when Hop Pop "fixes" the busted door by just shoving it back into place.
      Hop Pop: And that's how you fix a door. [door falls over and crushes him]
      Polly: Good job.
  • Anne tries flying only to immediately face-plant.
    Anne: Meh. Worth a shot.
  • A crow briefly takes up residence in Anne's head while she's transformed. She calls him Kurt and can apparently understand his caws. After she turns back into a human, he leaves.
    Anne: Goodbye, Kurt. (tearfully) I'm not sure if this was a blessing or a curse.
    Sprig: It was literally a curse, Anne.
  • Sprig wakes up in the middle of the night to see Anne "pecking" ants off the ground just like she did as a bird.
    Anne: What? You got a better way to eat ants off the floor? Sheesh.

    Fiddle Me This 
  • Hop Pop's poor parking job into a space that's way too small. He backs up Bessie, who not only makes the standard "beep, beep" sound of a truck backing up, but also scrapes her shell loudly against the shells of other snails. The noise draws the attention of the sheriff who just looks at Hop Pop and slowly, solemnly shakes his head in disapproval... while Hop Pop slowly, solemnly nods his own head as if everything's alright.
  • Anne telling Hop Pop the premise of "Amphibia's Got Talent."
    Anne: We've got the same thing in my world. It's a contest where regular people get on stage and try to prove they're special.
    Polly: That sounds potentially humiliating!
    Anne: Yeah, you get it!
    Polly: (mischievously) Yeah, I get it.
    (both giggle sadistically)
  • Hop Pop's imagine spot of Sprig's future as a famous fiddle player. Sprig lives in a luxurious mansion with a golden gate in the shape of a giant fiddle while an adult Sprig and Polly (still a pollywog) lounge by their pool and an even more radically aged Hop Pop is pushed around in a wheelchair by Anne in a nurse's outfit. Then the imagine spot becomes self-aware.
    Hop Pop: At last. I can rest... forever... (closes eyes)
    Polly: Wait, if this is the future, why don't I have legs?
    Anne: Why am I still here?
    Hop Pop: (opens one eye)Hey, can't you see I'm trying to pass on?! (closes eye and sighs his last breath)
  • Anne comes back from shopping and, when asked how she paid for everything, responds that she may or may not have mortgaged the house.
  • Polly's singing. Not only is she Hollywood Tone-Deaf, but her singing consists of only repeating the word "LA!" so loudly that it causes things to break. Cutting outside, we see a frog in a cart pulled by a snail. First the snail's shell shatters. Then the frog's cart. Then giant flies fall dead from the sky. Then a giant bird falls dead to the ground, crushing the frog.
  • Sprig questions why they need to train so hard when he just wants to have fun playing his fiddle.
    Hop Pop: Sprig, success takes work. It takes dedication! Sacrifice! You don't want to end up like that guy, do ya? (cuts to a literal worm outside) No job! No prospects! No future! Just look at him, Sprig!
    Sprig: Hop Pop, that's a—
    Hop Pop: Let the hard work begin!

    The Big Bugball Game 
  • Pictured above, Anne's teammates perform a "high-tongue." Anne tries to participate but fails for obvious reasons.

  • Grime is trying to smile in order to look more sympathetic. He becomes so scary that he makes a baby cry. Sasha, who made him smile to the crowd in the first place, hurriedly pushes him aside.
  • Polly trying to have a casual conversation about weapons of choice with the biggest and most fierce-looking toad guard in the room.
  • Sprig notices the guards in Toad Tower are on edge and is rightfully suspicious. When he tries to talk to one who's covered in flop sweat, the guard awkwardly tells him he's no allowed to leave and then asks Sprig not to make a scene. Sprig cheerfully agrees, casually walks on top of a table, shoots the guard a thumbs up... and then begins screaming they're all prisoners, causing the frogs to riot.
    • When that happens and the frogs start fighting the toads, the guard does nothing but sweat even more.
  • During the riot Hop Pop chastises Polly for trying to throw a crab leg at the guards. Since he loves crab legs. He gives her a potato instead.
  • Anne asks if anyone has a plan to escape.
    Loggle: I DOOOOOOOOO—n't. I don't.
    (All the frogs groan in unison.)
  • One-Eyed Wally's plan to escape Toad Tower is to blow it up with boom-shrooms... while everyone's still inside it. Anne shoots the idea down only for Wally to give her a conspiratorial wink to let her know he's going to do it anyway. The problem is he "winks" with his closed eye. Later, when the boom-shrooms go off.
    Wally: What? I thought we agreed! Wait, could you not tell I was winking? CURSE YOU ONE EYE!
  • Grime's attempts to interact with Sasha are pretty funny. First he compliments her for always playing Flipwart while everyone else is playing Bog Jump, which goes right over her head.
    Grime: Well, see, Flipwart and Bog Jump are games. Flipwart is, of course, far more complicated and—I'M TRYING TO SAY YOU'RE SMART!
    Sasha: Oh! Thanks Grime-sy. What can I say? Just how I do. Up top.
    Grime: Uh... (awkwardly high-fives her) yes?
  • When all the inhabitants of Wartwood stand up to the Toad Tower soldiers to prevent them from executing Hop Pop, one soldier has a belated realization.
    Toad Soldier: In retrospect, we really should've tied them up.
  • When Anne takes one of the guard’s swords, his response is to pathetically whine “Hey, that’s mine!”


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