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  • Actor-Shared Background: Anne is Thai-American, and she's voiced by Brenda Song, who is half-Thai. Also a Creator Shared Background in Matt Braly's case. Though both are half-Thai, while Anne, judging by her Thai mother and Thai surname, is fully Thai.
  • Adored by the Network: Being renewed for a second season before the show premieres is definitely a sign of this. Being renewed for a THIRD season before Season 2 even aired basically confirms it.
    • It has also surpassed Ducktales and Big City Greens as the most aired show on Disney XD.
  • All-Star Cast: The series' cast includes Brenda Song, Bill Farmer, Stephen Root, Jack McBrayer, James Patrick Stuart, and Keith David with many of the actors playing cast regulars, and established voice actors such as John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche are recurring members.
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  • Content Leak: In February 2021, "Night Drivers"/"Return to Wartwood" aired in Disney Channel Africa early, and people had managed to record them and leak them online.
  • Creator Backlash: Matt Braly apparently doesn't like the lyrical version of the intro, to the point that he barfed, according to his Reddit AMA about the show. He has said that he likes it separate from the series, but lobbied for it to get dropped from the series proper due to it not fitting.
    • According to a QNA he did on the Amphibia Reddit page, Matt's also not a fan of the rollout Season 1 had, calling it "Yuck".
  • Creator's Favorite: Matt Braly has stated in his Reddit AMA that Anne is his favorite character in the show.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Matt Braly considers "Toad Tax" his favorite episode of the series according to his Reddit AMA.
  • Credits Pushback: The series suffers this when its second season began, completely removing the gentle credits scene and ending music and interspersing the credits with the last seconds of the show. The credits can still be shown while the episodes are on demand.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Brenda Song was in her 30s when recording the voice for 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy.
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    • Sprig Plantar, who is about 8-12, is voiced by the 18-year-old Justin Felbinger. Likewise, Polly, who is a tadpole, is voiced by the 27-year-old Amanda Leighton.
    • Sasha Waybright, who is around Anne's age, is voiced by the 31-year-old Anna Akana.
    • Ivy Sundew and Maddie Flour are voiced by women in their early 30s.
  • Distanced from Current Events: In March 2020, the episode "Contagi-Anne" was pulled from reruns in light of the coronavirus outbreak due to the episode's plot involving Anne faking that she is sick to skip her chores.
  • Early-Bird Release: "Anne or Beast?/Best Fronds" was shown on YouTube and DisneyNow on June 14, 2019, while the TV premiere date was June 17.
  • Fake Nationality: Sasha is white but her voice actress is Asian.
  • Fan Nickname: Due to the similar visual style to Gravity Falls, some people started to refer to the show as "Gravity Frogs".
  • He Also Did:
  • I Knew It!: In the first season, it was near universally agreed upon by fans that the three gem stones on the music box represent Anne, Sasha, and Marcy, with the stones possibly enhancing their physical abilities, based on the Freeze-Frame Bonus in the first episode where Anne's eyes turns blue. This was more-or-less confirmed in Season 2's premiere, when Anne's eyes once again glow in this manner during a fight. Fans also speculated that Sasha's color is purple, while Marcy's would be green; while Sasha's eyes have yet to be seen glowing, Marcy's eyes do indeed glow green in her debut episode, confirming Sasha with the purple gem by proxy.
  • Invisible Advertising:
    • When the promo for Season 2B was launched, only clips from "Night Drivers"/"Return to Wartwood" were featured, and no other episodes. This is possibly done to avoid spoiling really dark moments in episodes after that, one in particular being "After the Rain".
    • When the March 2021 episodes were first revealed on Twitter, the synopsis for "After the Rain" was somehow kept hidden. This was possibly because of what happens in the episode, which was revealed when the synopsis was finally put up.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: In "Anne of the Year", Hop-Pop tanks when he attempts improvisational stand-up comedy. Bill Farmer, his voice actor, regularly performs improv.
  • Meaningful Release Date: "The Shut-In!" was one of the episodes released during COVID-19, which initially required everyone to stay home and it involved Anne and the Plantars locking themselves inside during a blue moon.
  • The Other Darrin: Braddock, who's part of Grime's forces, was voiced by Kristen Johnston in season 1. In season 2, she's voiced by April Winchell.
    • In the original Amphibiland pilot, Sprig was voiced by Thurop Van Orman and Mrs. Croaker is voiced by an unidentified female voice actress while the series proper replaces them with Justin Felbinger as Sprig and Laila Berzins as Mrs. Croaker.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Kermit the Frog is a fan of the show. He made a voice cameo in season two.
  • Real-Life Relative: On Braly, the voice of Mrs. Boonchuy, is Matt Braly's mother.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Screwed by the Network: A minor example that they seemed to have learned from, but Disney Channel burned through the entire first season in a matter of weeks during summer 2019. As mentioned down below, this may be part of the channel's new binge watching "strategy."
    • After November 2020, Disney Channel stopped airing reruns of the show with all reruns only on Disney XD.
  • Series Hiatus:
    • The series went into a year-long hiatus following the Season 1 finale. This is because of Disney Channel's new "binge-watching" strategy where the crew has to finish producing about ten episodes instead of one to three at a time, and release them all at once. It's release was left further unknown with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic. Finally, in late June, it was confirmed that the second season would premiere on July 11, a week away from exactly when the first season finale aired.
    • In addition to another hiatus going on after the first half of Season 2, it ended on a huge cliffhanger, as it did with the other members of Disney Channel's "Big 3" (Big City Greens and The Owl House), aside from a Breather Episode that's Halloween themed.
  • Time-Shifted Actor: In flashbacks that show her as a child, Anne is voiced by Kai Zen instead of Brenda Song.
  • Troubled Production: The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in crunch time to deliver the episodes on schedule, usually a week before airing.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally the show was pitched as Amphibiland, a test pilot was made as a proof of concept and unlike the show, Anne would've had both her shoes with her and Sprig would've been voiced by Thurop Van Orman. Polly also didn't seem to exist at this stage, and while Grime is otherwise unaltered, his lair looks more like a castle rather than a tower.
    • Hop Luck was originally called "Passing the Ladle" and would have focused on Sprig, unlike the finalized version of the episode focusing on Anne.
    • According to Derek Kirk Kim's instagram , the beginning of "Best Fronds" was originally going to be ambiguous as to whether Anne was remembering the events of the previous episode, or if she was hallucinating, as the box would have seemed to look at her. The final version of the scene is unambiguously a flashback, showing Anne stealing the box and the trio getting transported.
    • Anne Vs. Wild had a flashback that was cut for time: a young Anne is shown on a camping trip with her father.
    • One early idea for Marcy was her adopting a "witch in the woods" persona. Apparently this was one of many changes for Marcy, as Matt Braley said she went under a huge personality change before Season 2.
    • One joke cut from "A Day at the Aquarium" was a scene involving King Andrias reading a story, and Anne pondering about her shoes.
    • A whole boatload of beta images for the show has come out online. This includes different clothes for Sasha with one having a skull on her shoulder, different hair and clothes for Marcy (some including the "witch in the woods" persona seen above) with some of them giving her glasses, frogs and/or toads wearing armor, Grime with a cybernetic eye and arm, Anne with much longer hair and dirtier clothing and different colors and clothing for King Andrias.
  • The Wiki Rule: See Amphibia Wiki.
  • Word of God: Matt Braly confirmed on Reddit the series will be a three-part story.
  • Working Title: The series was originally going to be called Amphibiland, but was changed to Amphibia since it was already used in Kulipari. Coincidentally, Keith David also starred in that show.
  • Write What You Know: Anne is Thai-American, with both Matt Braly and her voice actress Brenda Song being half-Thai. When creating the concept and world of Amphibia, Matt was inspired by the yearly summer visits to Thailand that his mother took him on, stating in an interview that the experience always felt like traveling to another world.note 
  • Write Who You Know: Anne's hair and overall look were inspired by a childhood photo of Matt Braly's grandmother.


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