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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Anne or Beast?

  • Anne's Establishing Character Moment, where she reveals that she can set traps, create makeshift spears, and outrun predators. Also when she talks to Sprig, she convinces him she's not a monster, and rescues him from the trap she set on realizing that a mantis is nearby and on the hunt.
  • Sprig returns the favor by untying her after the angry mob finds her and telling her to run as he tackles the mantis. Then he and Anne team up to tie it down, and he faces the mob to defend Anne. Even Hop Pop is impressed and praises Sprig for his courage, and "stupidity".

Best Fronds

  • Hop Pop laying down the line to Anne and Sprig, telling them not to leave the house because even if the town is tolerating her, all it takes is one person panicking for them to lynch Anne. Anne complains that he's being an overprotective Parental Substitute, but he has a point even if nothing happened in this episode.
  • Sprig leaping into a snake's mouth to poison it with Hop Pop's death peppers. Anne freaks out that he presumably got killed and then takes on the snake, actually getting a few blows in before it spits out Sprig along with a blast of fire.
  • Sasha gets one; she's been caught by Grime, who we presume is the Big Bad, and he's held her captive. Apparently, he interrogated her about if there were other people, and she told him that she was the only human in Amphibia. When he finds Anne's shoe and presents it to her, does she freak out on realizing Anne must be in the wilderness? Does she deny that what she said was a lie since she ended up alone, and presumably couldn't find Anne or Marcie? No. The girl glares at him in rebellious silence. Whatever we may think of her pressuring Anne to shoplift the box that transported them in the first place, Sasha has guts.

Cane Crazy

  • Though it's pretty wacky out of context, Polly fighting off the Doom Tree Mantis with mannequin legs and arms is pretty impressive. One can tell she's going to be quite the fighter once she grows out of her tadpole phase.

Floods, Sweat and Tears

  • Anne and Sprig working together to rid the basement of the lamprey eels!

Hop Luck

  • Some of the antics the Plantars go through to get their ingredients, like Anne corralling a rampaging cowterpillar and helping Sprig fight a nest of aphids offscreen.
  • The Plantars manage to EAT their way out of a giant tomato monster who's this close to digesting them.



  • Strange as their hallucination may be, Anne and Hop Pop's interpretation of Sprig as the Corn Thief is admittedly awesome.

Taking Charge

  • After confessing that he was the one who ran out Anne's phone battery, Hop Pop leaps right into the midst of the Zapapedes and endures getting shocked repeatedly to recharge the phone.

Anne Theft Auto

  • It's hard to imagine that a creature like Bessie would have a very interesting life story.
  • Anne and Bessie escaping from the hedgehogs.
  • Mrs. Croaker teaching a lesson to Sprig for road-raging her earlier by passively-aggressively driving slow.

Breakout Star

  • Hop Pop sacrificing himself by stealing Anne's shoe.
    Hop Pop: Fly you fools...
  • Anne giving up her popularity when she removes her fake pimples in front of the public. Leading up to this, we have the Mayor try to convince her to stop seeing the Plantars because it would ruin his image. However, it was because of the Plantar's unconditional kindness that Anne "got back" her pimples, instilling her loyalty towards them. Her response to the mayor when she asks if she understands? A somber, vague "Understood..."

Girl Time

  • Polly breaking Wartwood's spitting record! And she's just a tadpole!

Dating Season

  • When Felicia, Hop Pop and Anne's matchmaking between Sprig and Ivy gets the former group in danger, Polly finally snaps and tells them off for wanting Sprig and Ivy to get together out of greed. Hop Pop and Felicia are uncomfortably speechless at how right Polly is. And just when Anne thinks she's blame-free, Polly makes sure to lay the blame at her feet too, letting her know that her over-reliance on her dating magazine is also at fault for the mess they're in. The cherry on top is when she tears apart said-magazine with her bare teeth.
  • Ivy and Sprig fighting off the love doves. Sprig even picks up Ivy's ambush technique!

Anne vs. Wild

  • Anne uses her bath bomb to drive off the cannibal frogs.
  • Soggy Joe having the foresight to wear an ax-proof vest, allowing him to survive being struck by an axe without a scratch. Probably comes with the territory, being a survivalist and all.


  • From the brief snippets of what we see the Plantars going through during the storm, they are HARDY.
  • Anne pulls off some pretty crazy stunts in her quest to get the Plantars to the healing spring. Pushing the family cart all the way up the mountain, running through an active geyser field, hitching a ride on a mosquito when she can't get up frog-sized stairs...

Family Shrub

  • Sprig uses The Power of Love to take down a giant pumpkin monster.
  • Polly gets through an Indiana Jones-esque deadly chamber made as a training field for a full-grown adult warrior with nothing but a mace.
  • Anne using her Tetris skills to get the family out of a puzzle door while the ceiling descends on them.

Lily Pad Thai

Toad Tax

  • Anne standing up to the toads after they threaten to take Bessie. And when she gets injured, the townspeople come to her aid.
  • When the mayor is revealed to be the one who stole the taxes, the townspeople immediately turn on him.

Prison Break

  • Sasha has managed to talk FIVE of the guards tasked with watching her into quitting their jobs, just by being nice to them.
  • Sasha gets the entire tower of toads to respect Grime with some key advice on employee encouragement. He's so impressed he makes her his lieutenant.
  • Sasha and Grime fighting the heron. The two work in such perfect sync you'd think they've been fighting together for years.


  • Hop Pop completing all the challenges with relative ease, culminating with him K'Oing Toadstool in the final round. Too bad the mayor cheated and had the rest of the valley vote for him.

Hop Pop and Lock

  • While it's not enough for him to beat Monroe at a dance-off, Hop Pop manages to go from completely incompetent to technically proficient at dancing in less than a day. By extension, it's also an awesome moment for Anne in that she managed to train him to that point.

Civil Wart

  • Anne and Hop Pop stealing the two factions' flags to try and get them to talk to each other. It doesn't quite work as they intended, but it does ultimately lead to the town making peace.

Trip to the Archives

  • The Plantars figure out a way to escape from the archives with Anne stuck in the skylight, allowing Sprig to save Anne from the cicadas just in time.

Cracking Mrs. Croaker

  • Mrs. Croaker reveals herself to be a major badass, taking down Jonah in a fight. What's more, Jonah had been carrying an entire arsenal of weapons, yet Mrs. Croaker defeated him with only her cane, a wad of old candies, and her pet spider.

A Night At the Inn

  • Polly saving everyone from the cannibal innkeepers, even using her bow as a boomerang!
  • Anne using baking soda and vinegar to blow up the inn.

Wally and Anne

  • Wally grabs Anne when she falls off a cliff, then when her phone falls from her hands, he uses his tongue to save it. That tongue has quite a long reach, even for a frog.

Family Fishing Trip

  • Sprig instantly masters paragliding after Anne had spent the entire episode trying to figure it out, and uses the paraglider to rescue Sylvia.
  • Sylvia holds her own for a short time when attacked by the giant crab, and manages to kick several of its teeth out as the Plantars make their escape.

Bizarre Bazaar

  • Hop Pop used to be a famous cockroach racer known as "The Wrecker", and he's still got the skills to prove it. Extra props for doing so while wearing stilts. Furthermore, the reason he was even at the bazaar during this episode was because he knew Sprig and Anne would try to sneak there, and decided to keep an eye on them in case they got into trouble.
  • Sprig and Anne try to get ahead of "The Wrecker" by trapping him with Sprig's tongue and vaulting over him. They still lose, but it was a solid attempt considering they'd never been in a cockroach race before.


  • The curse fight between Maddie and Barry, ending with her loopholing her way around fixing Anne and Sprig's curses.

Fiddle Me This

  • While Hop Pop shouldn't have driven Sprig so hard against his wishes, Sprig's actual performance really is very impressive.
  • Anne, Hop Pop, and Polly save Sprig from the bat by having Anne launch the other two into the air, followed by Polly singing into the bat's ear.

The Big Bugball Game

  • The Farmers' teamwork is enough to tie against the Townies in the bugball game before the last play.
  • During the final play, the Townies cheat by blinding Anne, so she has her teammates direct her by voice like they did during their "trust exercise". She successfully makes it to the goal and shoots... only for the ball to bounce off. Then Sprig, who was previously said never to have scored a goal in his life, jumps in the path of the ball and makes the winning goal.

Combat Camp

  • Anne, Sprig, and Polly have now all received combat training, enough for them to rob a train without a hitch.
  • Tritonio easily subdues Sprig, Polly, and Anne when they come after him, only losing because Anne remembered a critical lesson before he could finish her off.
  • Anne uses the sunlight reflecting off her sword to blind Tritonio like she did during training, giving her an opening to disarm him.

Children Of The Spore

  • Hop Pop saves the town by summoning Bessie to eat the parasitic mushrooms that have taken control of their minds and bodies.

Anne Of The Year

  • Anne riding a giant mudskipper rodeo-style to rescue all the townspeople from a raging fire, and even she gets the Mayor to work with her while doing so.


  • It turns out that Hop Pop running for mayor against Toadstool inadvertently inspired frog rebellions across the entire valley.
  • Sprig quickly becomes suspicious of the banquet, casually chats with a toad guard who confirms his suspicions, then proceeds to alert the others.
  • Anne sending the toad guards away by pretending to be Sasha, then sneaking the Wartwood townspeople out of the tower. They are then caught by Sasha, but it was still a pretty decent escape plan.
  • Wally planting boom shrooms in the sewers underneath Toad Tower, eventually resulting in the entire castle being blown up. Although Wally only did it because he misunderstood Anne's intentions, it does save Hop Pop's life when Grime is about to feed him to a giant carnivorous plant.
  • All of Wartwood's citizens are ready to fight against the toad army once they realize what's up. In the end, they don't need to, but it shows that they weren't about to take the toads' threats lying down.
  • Anne is about to be brow beaten to surrendering to Sasha's will again, to give up for her friend's sake after her "end of discussion" face. And then, Sprig slingshots mud into Sasha's face and calls her out.
    Sprig: For someone who's Anne's best friend, you sure don't know her well. She's brave, she's smart, and most of all, she's not gonna be pushed around by a bully like you!
  • The duel between Anne and Sasha. We saw how badass Sasha was in "Prison Break", and yet Anne soon gains the upper hand, forcing Sasha to use dirty tricks to try and win. And even after that, Anne is still able to turn the battle around.
  • The Mayor saving several citizens from the collapsing tower by carrying them away on his back.
  • Grime saving a falling, unconscious Sasha in a way referencing the Hulk saving Iron Man.


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