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Nightmare Fuel / A.N.T. Farm

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  • From the 1st episode, melted Chyna wax statue. In fact, Gibson said this upon seeing it:
    "Melted kid! A melted kid!"
  • Fletcher removes Wacky the Wolf's head and there's no head under the costume!!!
  • Fletcher's first cartoon at the beginning of The ANTagonist is pretty shocking and grotesque. It borders on this and Uncanny Valley.
  • The dead librarian in "ANTswers".
  • Lexi beating up Chyna to the point where Chyna loses her voice, is heavily bandaged and hobbling, and has some (possibly permanent) teeth missing. Giving how unhelpful the staff members of Webster High are, Chyna could have died, especially since Chyna was only 11 years old at the time.
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  • “I just got a text from Satan! : See you soon.”
  • The Mutant Farm episodes:
- In Mutant Farm 3, Wynter using Gorgon Chyna to turn the incompetent workers to stone and having them crushed into aquarium rocks.- Zombie Angus eating some of the students in Mutant Farm 1.- Gorgon Chyna preferring to eat EYEBALLS over apples in Mutant Farm 1.- Vampire Fletcher’s dead body collection in Mutant Farm 1.
  • Chyna thinking the exploded dye pack on her bag was blood. Given that her dad is a cop, he has probably picked up a “murder bag” before.
  • The dead chimp who “couldn’t really diffuse a bomb”, as mentioned by Chyna’s dad.
  • Principal Skidmore standing in the dark hallway and growling, before holding up Fletcher’s painting of her as a skeleton.
  • Chyna and the other AN Ts almost being crushed to death in the elevator by a robot.
  • Olive’s genuine fear over the haunted locker prank. Imagine you’re trying to be friendly only to have one of the people you really like play with your emotions. As over-the-top as it was, it’s distressing.
  • Angus being won as a carnival prize and basically being abducted.

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