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Nightmare Fuel / Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

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When cartoon animals meet real life predators
Despite the jocularity and slapstick humor of the show, there are moments that reek of terror when you realize the setting features main character anthropomorphic animals living in fear of the very real threat of being killed and eaten alive by other animals in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • The first episode, Mr. Whisker's First Friend, features Mr. Whiskers meeting Brandy on a cargo plane and thinking he's going to a fun summer camp. Brandy corrects him by saying he's actually being sold to a zoo in Paraguay for 39 cents. Cue the shot of a terrified Mr. Whiskers having to share a habitat with a hungry-looking realistic leopard. He sadly mentions this isn't the first time this has happened to him.
    • Whiskers also nearly gets killed by being eaten by Lola Bola, a friendly but still carnivorous boa constrictor, which Whiskers responds in absolute horror to because of a past incident where he was nearly eaten alive by a snake.
    • Whiskers also nearly gets killed a second time by Gaspar Le Gecko by being cooked alive, which is jarring considering this isn't the only time this would happen in the show and Gaspar suffers little to no punishment for any of those attempts. Gaspar also tries to eat Brandy as well which is even more disturbing considering he also tries to romantically woo her in future episodes as well as try to eat her.
  • In Cyranosaurus Rex, Whiskers tries to woo a blatantly dangerous Isabelle the Komodo Dragon and gets eaten whole for his trouble, but the terror is downplayed by the fact that Whiskers never really worries too much about being eaten because his poor personal hygiene eventually makes all his predators sick enough to spit him out. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to Brandy, whom Isabelle was drawn to try to kill and eat during the episode.
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  • In To the Moon, Whiskers, Boris the Cosmonaut and formerly happy Circus Monkey, who got sent into space 40 years ago by a bankrupt Russian space program and left to stew in his own waste in a small space pod before crash landing into the Amazon Rainforest. He warned Brandy not to press an emergency rescue button on the pod's console that would cause his masters to find and send Boris back into space, but after Brandy pressed the button it only revealed a small compartment with only a peanut. Breaks into Fridge Horror when it's shown that the sadistic scientists who sent Boris into space purposefully arranged for Boris to die alone in space with no way to get or actually call for help and how lucky he was to crash in the Amazon Rainforest of all places.
  • In Lack of Brains Vs. Brawn, Brandy becomes terrifying when she tries to rescue Mr. Whiskers from Lester the brutish monkey bully and gives off a feral look with a guttural growl, threatening Lester not to touch Whiskers. You've never heard Penny from the Big Bang Theory sound so ferocious.
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  • In The Fashion Fascist, when Whiskers becomes a fashion trendsetter, he tries to rip off a ring-tailed coati's tail because he was angry at how much the tail stripes were against his sense of fashion. This is not treated with slapstick and the coati flees in terror as a deranged Whisker gives chase. Imagine if someone tried to tear off your arm because they saw it as unfashionable?
  • In Private Antics, Major Problems, Brandy tried to feed Whiskers his own arm after throwing a temper tantrum.
  • In Monkey's Paw, the Nightmare Fuel is put Up to Eleven when Whiskers, Brandy, and Ed find a malevolent monkey's paw that grants wishes with a sadistic twist. Brandy wishes she never knew Whiskers and gets amnesia, and after Whiskers explains their friendship and how much grief he's caused her, she decides to use the monkey's paw to try and wish Whiskers out of existence. Whiskers also accidentally turns Ed into a human brain which gets eaten by piranhas, with Brandy uncaring in her pursuit to actually kill Whiskers. Only Whiskers wishing that he never found the paw in the first place managed to fix everything, but it was jarring see Brandy become that sociopathic in her attempt to get rid of Whiskers.
  • In Taking Paws, the Androcles' Lion trope with dangerous creatures is thoroughly deconstructed when Whiskers befriends the carnivorous jaguar Lorenzo and he ends up being obnoxiously annoying. Whiskers tries to maintain the friendship because Lorenzo will eat Whiskers and Brandy as a predator if he feels they're not friends anymore. When Brandy and Whiskers become fed up with him and tell him off, Lorenzo immediately tries to kill them both.
  • In Pickled Tink, Brandy hypnotizes Whiskers into being her personal brainwashed maid using the word "Pickle" as a trigger word but the word is said too many times and the conditioning ends up mentally breaking Whiskers. It's not played for laughs and leaves Whiskers in a catatonic trance that's so severe he doesn't even blink.
  • In I Am Rainfo, the true nightmarish implications of living unprotected in the Amazon Rainforest is brought in full when Whiskers reads a book he found dubbed "I am Rainfo" that he believes is a fictional horror novel detailing all sorts of dangerous and lethal animals, but he freaks out when the book is actually called "In the Amazon Rainforest", detailing in no vague terms the very place he's been living in.


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