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Nightmare Fuel / The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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For a Winnie the Pooh TV series, this show actually got very dark at times.

  • The Nightmare Dreams had by Piglet, Rabbit and Pooh in "There's No Camp Like Home", "Rabbit Marks the Spot" and "Balloonatics", respectively.
  • "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible"
    • All of Christopher Robin's toys, clothes and shoes disappearing under his bed. The bed then keeps spitting out his other shoe, several times. Cue the ominous voice saying, "No more shoes, please. We already have one." When Piglet and Pooh Bear bend down to investigate, they vanish under the bed.
    • The Evil Laugh when Christopher Robin and Tigger go under the bed to find Piglet and Pooh.
    • The one-shot villain Crud (pictured above), a huge blob of slime who lives under Christopher Robin's bed. Jim Cummings uses the exact same voice he would later use for Robotnik in Sonic Sat AM.
    • Crud using Christopher Robin's toys as slaves to create an un-vacuum cleaner, which will make everything "not clean". Christopher Robin tries to save them, but the crayon soldiers stop him.
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    • The crayon soldiers do Crud's guard work and take anyone away who disagrees with him, including Christopher Robin.
    • Christopher Robin gets locked in a tiny cage under the bed after he refuses to help Crud. There's barely enough room for him to move, so that he's forced to sit in a Troubled Fetal Position.
  • The voices calling "Piiiigg-leeeeett" and Eeyore's screaming in Things That Go Piglet in the Night. Piglet is scared one night when he hears a mysterious groaning on the wind, and ends up getting caught in a pillowcase when he runs out of his house to find Pooh. Unfortunately, this leads to Pooh mistaking him for a ghost, and the whole cast (sans Tigger and Eeyeore) going on a ghost hunt. We're treated to our believed cartoon friends scared half to death in a spooky forest at night. Thankfully, it eventually turns out there is no ghost, the groaning was Eeyore trying to teach himself to use a swing.
  • "The Great Honey Pot Robbery" opens with Wooster saying, "Honey" in his deep voice.
    • The first glimpse we get of Wooster is also quite frightening. You only see his legs, and they make him look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The entirety of the episode titled "Sorry, Wrong Slusher", is one of the most uncomfortably bizarre and darkest in terms of both theme and atmosphere. We all know the titular 'Slusher', like most predators in the cast's worries, is completely imaginary, like the Heffalumps (from the book) or the 'Jagulars' and 'Spookabibbles'. But the slusher is actually based, at least in part, on a medley of very real intimidating things: First, Tigger is watching with Christopher Robin a nice spine tingling slusher (aka Slasher) film. We don't ever see what is on tv, but the eerie noises that play during it, the lack of being able to see them, and Piglet, Pooh and even Christopher Robin's very nervous reactions show that it is enough to make at least 2-10 year olds worry about it...(even if Tigger says the villain is only holding a butter knife, so it's probably an old corny B-movie.) The other stuff that adds fuel to this idea of a 'slusher' coming to get them is the barking of just a 'huge horrible hungry dog', and the yelling neighbor man next door who Tigger prank calls by mistake and threatens to call the police. Like all adults he is entirely faceless, but we do see him as a menacing silhouette in the window. He's probably the angriest character we've ever see in the whole canon. Finally, we get a nice jump scare shot with the dog's snarling reveal, the whole gang gets arrested, and even after it's all revealed a dream (Or was it?), we get struck with a Gainax Ending. The whole mood of the episode is very tense, beyond surreal, and dark in color, so it feels very much like a very typical bad dream one might have as a kid. Tigger and the other characters are more oblivious or mean-spirited in some ways than usual, including Christopher Robin. At some point Piglet who is being used as bait is so frightened he almost goes catatonic, simply frozen and staring ahead in space and stammering broken syllables in terror. And there is no point where he shakes himself out of it and grows brave for his friends. Instead he is nudged by Eeyore, which startles him so badly he just screams his poor head off and runs crying for Pooh into the darkness.
    • Anytime Eeyore yells in fear in this episode, it comes across as quite frightening. In every adaption of Winnie the Pooh, we've really never heard or seen Eeyore experience any emotion other than depression, indifference, or occasionally gratitude, so hearing him yell "SLUSHER!" with genuine fright in his voice is very unexpected and scary.
  • The vacuum cleaner/dragon from "Babysitter Blues", along with Kanga's adult fear of child abduction.
  • The large crows from "A Very Very Large Animal" are downright cruel compared to the small crows in other episodes; in fact, they make the small crows look like saints in comparison. At least, the small crows are comical harmless villains and tricksters to only want to steal food but the large crows are such evil bullies that not only they steal food but also they try to hurt Piglet as well. In the beginning, when Piglet tried to get the sausages back from one of them the crow snaps the sausages causing Piglet to fall, and would have been injured if Tigger hadn't gotten that cake out when he did. Near the end, Piglet thinking he's a large animal now (thanks to his friends) sees the crows eating corn from Rabbit's garden, he goes over to them to stop them and takes away the corn from the crows, telling them to leave Rabbit's garden alone. The crows' eyes turned demonic red and they laughed evilly as they attack Piglet. After the big ball of violence clears up the crows were in the pile but then one of the crows, presumably their leader walks toward Piglet ready to pound him, causing Piglet to run away as fast as he could, which looks like it was a smart move. Earlier when Piglet was about to confront the large crows Rabbit yells no to Piglet to not get involved. The crows are so mean that even Rabbit is afraid of them and for Piglet's safety. It's good thing Piglet ran away when he did — imagine what would've happened if he had stay there.
  • The climax of "Gone With the Wind." Pooh is blown around by the wind and gets stuck in a tree overlooking a cliff. The only thing keeping him from falling to his death is his scarf, which is wrapped around a branch but is starting to tear apart. All the while, he's screaming for someone to save him.
  • Towards the ending of "Monkey See, Monkey Do Better", Bruno the wind-up gorilla has just overheard Christopher Robin saying he's not going to keep Bruno; leading him to depressedly wander off into a deeper part of the wood on his own, saying "he needs to unwind". He pulls his own key out of his back and throws it into the nearby undergrowth just before he shuts down; words audibly grinding away to a lower and lower pitch as he slumps over mid-sentence. This is creepy enough to a kid who sees this, but it gets worse for someone who's adult enough to realise what he's just done. In other words, we just saw a toy commit suicide on-screen by the equivalent of yanking their own heart out, remaining alive just long enough to be aware of what's happening as they die.
  • In the very first episode, "Pooh Oughta Be in Pictures", there's the scene at the climax where Tigger's torn up giant carrot costume is carried off by the winds on a dark night. Pooh happens to be out walking around, and the wind causes the costume to sweep towards him, highlit on the screen like some horrific, shapeless wraith before it ensnares him. It's a genuinely scary sequence.
  • "Find Her, Keep Her"
    • The episode starts with Rabbit hearing Kessie call for help from her nest, which the winter wind is blowing about. Kessie at this age can't fly, and has never left her nest. He barely manages to save her by using Pooh's honeypot as an improvised net, but not before everyone gets caught in the huge gust.
    • Tigger and Kessie wind up trapped on a very tall tree, which then topples off the side of a cliff, leaving them dangling hundreds of feet off the ground with neither of them able to fly (Kessie may be a bird, but she's too young). Kessie's screams reach Rabbit and bring him running and he crawls out onto the tree despite his outright phobia of heights, Tigger swings Kessie to him- and then she falls anyway because they can't hang on to each other. Sure Owl shows up for a timely rescue, but this scene was surprisingly Adult Fear-ish for such a cute show.
  • "Paw and Order"
    • The desert is so dry, the cacti dry up as Pooh and his friends approach the town. Rabbit starts waxing lyrical about how they're going to dry up in the desert, before he's tossed into a water trough and has to ask for a towel.
    • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" and Screw This, I'm Outta Here! from the townspeople indicates how bad Nasty Jack and his horse thieves are.
    • The former prairie dog sheriff sticking his badge onto Piglet so that Piglet has to face Nasty Jack. Piglet tries to take the badge off when Pooh Bear suggests that it wouldn't make him sheriff, but it stays stuck on for most of the episode.
    • The fact that Nasty Jack wants to "trounce" little Piglet, whom he can pick up like a small child, merely because Piglet has the sheriff badge. Piglet at first only wants to leave with his friends, and he's visibly scared when Jack demonstrates the difference between "bounce" and "trounce". Later on, he makes it clear he knows that it would be a Curb-Stomp Battle, and snarks about the sheriff's "moves".
    • Nasty Jack then beats up Rabbit when forcing the latter to make banana splits as a bartender, and Rabbit puts carrots on the sundaes instead of cherries.
    • When the Masked Bear saves Sheriff Piglet, Jack gets wise and kidnaps the Masked Bear and his Faithful steed, tying them up and leaving them in an abandoned mine shaft. He then sends a rhyming note to Sheriff Piglet explaining that no one's coming to save him, and they're having a sunset showdown.
    • At two different moments, Nasty Jack's eyes change from their usual white with black pupils to yellow with red pupils to represent his more dangerous side. The change is... unsettling to say the least.
  • "Luck Amok": One of the scariest moments in the series came when Piglet is sealed in a "safety shelter" for 7 years so his bad luck won't hurt him or anyone else. That's already scary enough if you think about it, but the real fright comes when lightning strikes the shelter almost immediately (thanks to a lightning rod Tigger foolishly placed on the top) and destroys the entire shelter, leaving only Piglet left, who is so traumatized by the whole experience, he is left catatonic and whimpering with a terrified look on his face until the others assure him there's no problem. The fact that the lightning strike is accompanied by a terrifying Scare Chord only makes it more terrifying.
  • In "No Rabbit's a Fortress," Rabbit tries to make a giant tower to protect his garden, but accidentally seals himself inside it with no way out. The second Rabbit realizes his mistake, he immediately begins freaking out, even crying out "I'll starve!"
  • From "Tigger Is The Mother Of Invention," the destruction of Tigger's enormous implied-to-be-sentient wooden contraption. After it damages itself beyond repair to dig Piglet out of his snow-buried house, It expands and contracts violently with increasingly high-pitched and pained wheezing noises, before completely smashing itself apart with a loud shriek. This isn't helped by Tigger's heartbroken reaction afterward; staring at the remains in horror as if he's just watched someone close to him die.
    Tigger: M-my invention is... (chokes up) g-gone.

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