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Nightmare Fuel / The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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"Simba! Simba! HELP ME!"

  • Zira's original death. Arguably the sketchy look of the cut scenes makes her Slasher Smile even worse. It was switched out for just falling because suicide was just too dark.
    Zira: No. Never.
    • There's a small remnant of this scene in the final film, which implies it may have been fully inked and painted at some point: When Zira falls to her death, she is very clearly smiling wickedly.
    • The scene really sheds some light on Zira's character—she's so fanatically devoted to Scar and so mad with revenge that she puts her petty grudge on a higher level of value than her own life.
  • Simba's tone during Kovu's exile is so chilling. Matthew Broderick's delivery sounds so terrifying and stone-hearted. Who would've known?
    Simba: Why have you come back?!
    Kovu: Simba... I had nothing to do with—
    Simba: You don't belong here!
    Kovu: Please! I beg your forgiveness!
    Kiara: Daddy, please! Listen to him!
    Simba: SILENCE! When you first came here, you asked for judgement, and I pass it now... EXILE!
    Kiara: NO!

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  • When exiling Kovu, Simba stands on Pride Rock and doesn't move a paw... but every other citizen of his kingdom besides Kiara does chase him out, even the birds. Don't mess with the King when he is angry.

  • Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of "Not One Of Us?" It's a tie between Nightmare and Tear Jerker.
    Born in grief, raised in hate.
    Helpless to defy his fate.
    Let him run, let him live.
    But do not forget what we cannot forgive.
    • The German lyrics, which roughly translate into:
    Hate and envy, high treason.
    Nothing excuses this action.
    Let him go, let him flee.
    But we will never forget this crime.
  • Speaking of the movie's songs, My Lullaby sure is Nightmare Fuel-ish for a, well, lullaby.
    The sound of Simba's dying gasp!
    His daughter squealing in my grasp!
    His lionesses' mournful cry!
    That's my lullaby!
    • Try the Japanese versions of those lyrics:
    • In the Finnish version, the ending lines roughly translate to:
    It's time to repay the debts
    And once Simba is the only one left alive
    Covered in blood, he will hear
    This lullaby
    • The Swedish version even makes Nuka's previously comedic line frightening, and Zira's response even more so than her English response.
    Nuka: Mother dear, do I hear you roar for a bite to Simba's throat?
    Zira: Nuka, the blood may flow, but that doesn't bother me at all.
    • Hell everything about the situation is horrific. The entire song centers on Zira deciding to train her son as an assassin whose sole purpose in life is to murder the father of his new friend. Kovu's scared "but I don't want - " at the beginning and her cutting him off is heartbreaking. He's just an innocent kid who wanted to a friend.
      • Even worse in the next scene when Zira has succeeded in indoctrinating him and adult Kovu seems utterly soulless. Little Kovu was a sweet kid despite his harsh upbringing, risked his life to save Kiara minutes after meeting her and even defended his bullying older brother. Adult Kovu has clearly had every ounce of compassion beaten out of him. It is subtly implied that Kovu was feigning it to please Zira, and was genuinely trying to escape her by fleeing to the Pride lands.
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  • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Zira and her followers unleash on Simba.
  • At the end of the first confrontation between Simba and Zira, as the Pridelanders prepare to leave, Zira says to Simba very maliciously, "We have barely begun." If the way she delivers that line isn't chilling enough, she then looks down at Kiara with an ominous Slasher Smile and chuckles menacingly enough to send chills down one's spine. Given Kiara's reaction, just imagine being in her position right now! Brrrr...
  • Simba's nightmare is a mix between this and Tear Jerker. Not only does it recreate one of the most saddening scenes from the first movie note , and shows all the guilt our feline hero keeps feeling about it, we are also shown some rather lovely elements that make it one of the most frightening dream sequences in any animated film. The deep red, demonic sky and overall color scheme of the dream, the creepy glowing eyes of the wildeebest herd, and of course, an awfully scary-looking version of Scar who then morphs into Kovu, and throws Simba to his own death while cackling maniacally. Despite Scar's demise, it kinda shows all his villainous actions definitely had a long-lasting impact on Mufasa's son.
    Scar: Gotcha! Trust me...
    • Simba's mental state in general. Although it is clearly not directly shown, Simba is very clearly starting to show signs of mental disorder, and bad mental health. Although the movie focuses on his PTSD, his state as the film goes on slowly devolves more into chronic mental disorder, and the main traits of this are extreme violence, unable to feel remorse and egomania. Although he is not violent by nature, there are a few moments that looks like he will attack, until talked down. Egomania and an incapacity for remorse are much more visible, though downplayed or implied to keep it kid friendly. Egomania is blatantly shown since he thinks he is his father, and an incapacity for remorse is very clearly shown at the trial and during the final battle. Thankfully, Kiara is able to stop him from losing it, but still.
      • "Last chance, Zira. Go home." The way how Simba says it lets you know just how close he is to losing it, especially given he implies that he will tear Zira apart.
      • "I am home", is Zira's growling reply.
  • The wildfire scene is genuinely intense, where a coughing Kiara is surrounded by deadly flames. Spotting a cliff, she desperately tries to climb it (mirroring the same precarious position her father and grandfather were in) as the cliff crumbles by the minute. After barely managing to climb it, she faints from smoke inhalation. Had Kovu not appeared she would've died. note 
    • As Kovu carries unconscious Kiara on his back and runs through the wildfire, a flaming branch falls right in front of his path. Eventually, Kovu spots a cliff and jumps off it and into a lake. Kovu resurfaces and just manages to spot Kiara as she submerges beneath the water, before he dives to save her, then finally drags her to safety.
  • When Simba deliberates Kovu saving Kiara from the wildfire, he simply roars and growls as he paces furiously back and forth. This is a pissed off king, and not to be messed with.
  • Even though it's mostly Played for Laughs, Zira's relationship with Nuka is a clear example of domestic abuse. She constantly humiliates and harms him, and his only reaction is an insane, Psycho-esque devotion that eventually leads him to his death. Add the fact that Nuka is always unkempt and malnourished while all the lionesses are healthy strong enough to face Simba's pride (another sign of Zira's neglect towards him) and you can easily understand why he's so unstable.
    • Right before his death, Nuka completely snaps and attacks Simba when Kovu refuses to do so. When he actually grabs Simba's leg, he sports a disturbing Slasher Smile and says in a borderline Guttural Growler voice:
    This is my moment of glory.
  • While Kiara and Kovu are stargazing together before the "Upendi" song, Kovu's question regarding Scar's presence among The Great Kings of the Past can raise a good deal of Fridge Horror implications.
    "Do you think Scar's up there?"
  • If one remembers the... 'symbolism', of Be Prepared from the first film, then a scary new light dawns on the portrayal of Zira's Cult of Scar. Scar's rule was brutish and nearly led all the Pridelands to ruin, even those who did his bidding, yet Zira and her Pride mythologise Scar as a brilliant leader who was betrayed by 'Them' (taken to creepy extremes with the younger members of the Pride who only know what Zira has taught them), and they believe it is their destiny to regain their power over a kingdom that only wants to put their legacy behind them. Does This Remind You of Anything?
  • Kovu's backstory in a meta sense could be this. As Word of God confirmed that he was not related to Scar or Zira, he was basically an orphan being raised to hate and kill for the whims of a sociopath; one who put on the mask of a loving parent and misinformed him into thinking and acting in ways that are disturbing. What's worse is that Kovu doesn't even know he's not related to Zira, making Fringe Horror set in when one thinks about how he was taken from his biological mother.
  • At the end of the Broadway version's trailer on the The Lion King II: Simba's Pride 1998 VHS, there is a black outlined drawing of Simba that is sure to give kids nightmares. It also doesn't help that there is a male announcer shouting, "WINNER OF SIX 1998 TONY AWARDS, INCLUDING BEST NEW MUSICAL: "THE LION KING"! VISIT DISNEY.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION!" The first part of the trailer does a really good job of persuading you to see the musical, but the ending is scary as hell and comes out of left field! The musical was great, but the scary end of the trailer doesn't do it justice. What's weird is that the drawing of Simba is nightmarish here, but not in the first movie. Maybe it's the curvy eyes that don't look like eyes at all, or again, the black outline, and the incredibly loud announcer.


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