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Tear Jerker / The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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  • "When you first came here, you asked for judgement. And I pass it now...EXILE!!!"
  • The death of Nuka.
    Nuka: I'm sorry, Mother. I tried.
    Nuka: *smiles* Well... I finally got your attention, didn't I? Didn't I?
    • The consequences given to Kovu, who is disowned by his mother and branded a villainous scar after she strikes him in fury (even she needs to briefly pause from her fury in disbelief following this imagery). Keeping in mind Kovu, despite outshining Nuka and earning his constant jealousy, genuinely cared about his brother, being blamed for his death served as quite a gut punch.
    • Vitani's reaction is just as saddening. She looks just as horrified as Zira when she sees he's about to fall, and when he dies, she just says his name quietly, then bows her head in grief. Even though they spent most of their scenes bickering, she clearly loved him. Also, when we come back to this scene, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where she lifts her head back up and opens her eyes with this broken look on her face.
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    • Zira mourning Nuka's death and asking Scar to watch over him is a Tear Jerker for two reasons. The first one is that it reminds us that she actually loved Nuka, even if she was too unstable to show it. The second one is that, even after Nuka's death, she's still devoted to Scar and unable to get over her thirst for revenge.
  • Kovu being rejected by Simba, and seeing Scar as his reflection. Made even worse by the fact that he loves Kiara and no longer wanted anything to do with the plot to kill Simba.
    • That entire scene was sad, with the song, One of Us, being one of the most emotional songs in the movie. Kovu looked so heartbroken while he was being cast out of the Pride Lands. It didn't help that all the animals attacked him all the way to chase him out, treating him like a pariah as Kiara could only watch helplessly.
    • The depressing Face Palm that Rafiki delivers at the end of the song doesn't help, either, almost as if he's representing us, the audience, and how we feel about Kovu being driven into exile. It's also somewhat of a Call-Back to a similar reaction he felt in the first movie when Scar announces his takeover.
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    • During the song, Kovu sadly looks down to his reflection in the water. Which, to his horror, promptly turns into an image of Scar.
  • After all this time, it turns out Simba is still not completely over his father's death and he shuns the Outlanders thinking Mufasa would have done the same to Scar and his clan for their actions. Plus, he has a nightmare of not being able to save him in the stampede. Makes you wonder who's the real woobie in this.
    • Simba letting out a desperate Big "NO!" as he witnesses Mufasa plummeting to his doom once more in his dream.
    • But at the end, he welcomes the Outlanders back into the Pridelands. And he gets this message from his father...
  • Kiara, devastated at Kovu's exile and Simba's impatience, yells "You will never be Mufasa!"
    • The utter shock on Simba's face when he hears that shows that he knows he screwed up big time. The lionesses looking on as Kiara runs crying into the den just kills it.
  • Simba's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown during Zira's first attack. When it was all over, he could barely even get up.
  • They somehow make Vitani's reaction to Kovu abandoning the plan genuinely saddening. She just lies there with confused Puppy-Dog Eyes as he walks into the den with Simba.
  • Sure, his adopted mother was an Ax-Crazy, deranged sadist hellbent on revenge, but that doesn't stop Kovu from mourning Zira after she falls to her watery grave.
    • Likewise, Kiara clearly feels sorry that she was not able to save Zira, despite her best efforts. Her words echo the ones Nuka spoke to Zira.
    "Daddy....I tried."

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