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Awesome / The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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  • Kovu standing up to his mother and declaring he wants nothing more to do with the Cult of Scar.
    • It only takes a short time with Kiara and experiencing genuine affection to realize he's in the wrong and refuse to kill his target. It really indicates what a good person he was all along. The fact it is subtly implied that he was planning on not doing it at all is even more better.
  • As cubs, Kovu and Kiara saving each other in the crocodile swamp and gaining respect for each other's abilities.
  • Vitani, having effectively raised Kovu from a cub, is the first to listen to him when he turns on the Outlanders. Between them, they have enough influence to turn everyone against Zira in a matter of moments, but the other lionesses only really seem to make that decision after Vitani defects. We don't see her on screen much, but Zira's daughter must be a damn good leader to hold that much sway.
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  • Kiara standing up to her father, Simba, saying five words: "You will never be Mufasa!" And it actually gets to him.
  • Kiara saving Simba from Zira's last attack, indirectly causing her Disney Villain Death.
  • During the ambush, Simba is forced to flee, and Zira excitedly instructs her pride to "remember [their] training — as a unit!" It's very clear that Zira has been training her pride for nothing but this moment for years.
  • "Not One of Us" is just... so primal in its expression of hatred and ostracism.
    • Although it is sad, the fact that Kovu not only accepts the verdict, he doesn't try to argue it. While it is a Tear Jerker, the fact he took the punishment without even trying to argue it is also an Awesome moment. It is also a large part of Fridge Brilliance in that Kovu proabably realized that Simba saw the circumstances as making sense and proabably accepted the sentence because he was part of a plot against Simba and saw it as something that he deserved.
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    • "Someone once lied to us, now we're not so blind" adds in the impact when you realize the animals are recalling Scar's deception.
  • The battle between the Pridelanders and the Outlanders. It's a Battle in the Rain, for starters. When the other animals of the Pridelands get whiff of what's coming, they all clear out of the area around where the prides are meeting. A flock of vultures begins circling the battlefield as the prides assemble. Zira is perched on a rock, while Simba simply stands on the ground below with his lionesses. Even Timon and Pumbaa stand alongside the pride, despite the fact they're no match for a pride of angry lionesses.
    • Simba then gives Zira one last chance to turn around and go home. Zira snarls, "I am home", and is then illuminated by lightning as she gives the order to attack.
    • The prides let out roars, and begin to advance. They start out striding towards each other. Then they begin trotting. Finally, with another volley of roars, the prides begin outright charging each other, and collide in a huge mess of claws and teeth. During the fight, Zira personally directs each of her lionesses in their individual fights and advises them on their next blow. As they follow her orders, more and more Pridelanders fall, if only temporarily. It's then that you realize that Zira's pride has a legitimate chance of taking over the Pridelands.
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    • Zira's earlier advice to her pride to attack Simba as a unit is followed here, as we see the Outlanders swarming him in a Zerg Rush that is clearly overwhelming him. Then when Zira personally challenges Simba, he's able to throw them all off of him like they were nothing. All present combatants then freeze and look on, and circle around their leaders as they prepare to engage.
  • The beginning of the movie. Just like her dad before her, Kiara gets presented before the animals as the new princess, while the song He Lives In You plays in the background.
  • In the original script, Zira actually willingly dropped off the cliff ledge than let herself be saved by Kiara. A villain she is, but she proved to have something over Scar simply by being consistent about it to very end.
  • Kovu and Kiara together putting an end to their prides' feud, with Kiara reminding her father: "We are one."
  • Awesome Music: Zira's Villain Song, "My Lullaby", which is a blood-thirsty song devoted to a vendetta.
    • Pretty much the entire soundtrack, while not nearly as memorable as the original movie's soundtrack, can count.

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