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Battle in the Rain

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Tonight's forecast will be partly cloudy with a 90% chance of asskicking.

Pintel: Have you noticed, on top of everything, that it's raining?
Ragetti: That's a bad sign!

Two opponents, either individuals or armies, face off against each other, ready to throw down at a moment's notice, with clouds lowering overhead. Just as the fight is about to start, it begins to rain on the combatants, as if the tension in the air has wrung the moisture out of it.

Interestingly, hardly anyone in these fights ever slips because of the rain.

A subtrope of Empathic Environment. Sometimes combined with Dramatic Thunder. Often, obviously, foreshadowed by A Storm Is Coming. At the end, Sand In My Eyes may be expressed by blaming the wetness on their faces as rainfall. Characters often Dies Wide Open, so the rain can fall into their open eyes and confirm He's Dead, Jim. (Though, this is more common in animation, because trying it in live-action would become Narm rather quickly due to the "dead" characters reflexively closing their eyes.) Compare and contrast with Battle Amongst the Flames.


As a side note, this is a rare case where the phrase "climatic battle" actually makes sense.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Lampshaded in Neon Genesis Evangelion by a lengthy shot of rain drops smashing into the city pavement before Asuka lines up her sniper's shot on Arael.
  • The second fight between Mugen and Sara in episode 21 of Samurai Champloo. Given the animation and detail, viewing is a must.
  • Bleach: Rain acts as a mood marker in the story. Whenever it begins to rain, a very significant battle, or moment within an already existing battle, is about to occur. Examples include when Ichigo's battle with the Grand Fisher requires him to fight the image of his deceased mother, when Rukia has to kill her beloved mentor Kaien, when protagonists are about to be defeated both physically and ideologically, and whenever a character is about to be killed off.
    • The anime likes having Kenpachi fight in the rain. In the Gotei 13 Invasion arc, Kenpachi fights himself during the pouring rain.
    • The proto-Arrancar White is a being that only ever comes out to kill when it begins to rain. Ichigo inheriting White's hollowfication is the reason why Ichigo's despair is linked so intimately with the pouring rain.
  • Fate's battle against the last six Jewel Seeds in the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, not surprising since she summoned a thunderstorm to activate all of them at the same time. When Nanoha joins in to help her, the rain had stopped.
  • Surprisingly enough, very few fights take place in the rain in Ranma ½. Of course, those few times are against Pantyhose Taro, which quickly turn very, very bad for Ranma.
  • In the Dragon Ball Z TV special the History of Trunks, Future Gohan's final showdown with androids #17 and #18 takes place in the rain. Gohan is killed, which triggers Trunks' Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Played straight in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny when Athrun deserts and Shinn destroys his GOUF. Complete with Dramatic Thunder.
  • When, in Hetalia: Axis Powers, England and America go through The American Revolution, their biggest encounter happens in the rain. A fight itself doesn't ensue, though, since England can't bring himself to harm the rebellious America and collapses in tears.
  • Spike and Vincent's final battle in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie took place in the rain. That's no coincidence — it takes a lot to arrange rain on Mars, and it means that Vincent has already lost the war whether he beats Spike or not: the rain is wiping Vincent's nanoplague out of the atmosphere.
  • The battle against Wilhelm and his Slime Trio in Negima! Magister Negi Magi
  • The notorious sword fight between Tamahome and Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi falls under this trope. A ray of moonlight cuts right through the clouds once it ends.
    • The third gang fight in the series starts out with a cloudy sky, then gets rainy when Tamahome becomes really pissed.
  • The last fight between Cure Peach and Eas in Fresh Pretty Cure!.
  • In Pokémon Adventures, when Norman finds and has a battle with his son, Ruby. The rain actually does affect the battle, as Zuzu (Ruby's Marshtomp) uses mud for his attacks and is strengthened as well. The battle (sort of) ended as a draw as both father and son nearly end up killed in it.
  • Happens several times in Darker Than Black. Both Hei's and November 11's abilities are more useful when it's wet, and it's justified when April is there, since she has the ability to make it rain.
  • In Transformers Armada, Starscream (with the Star Saber) battles Optimus Prime in a rainshower; the events of the battle precipitate his defection.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has a quick battle between Scar and the Elric brothers in the rain right after Shou Tucker and his daughter were killed by Scar himself. Sadly, Ed didn't have any chance of winning. Thank goodness Roy and everyone else made it on time.
  • The final showdown in Monster takes place in the rain-drenched Ruhenheim.
  • In Fairy Tail, there is Gray's battle against Juvia (who it rains around at all times before she gets beaten), and then there's just about half the battles between the heroes and the members of Grimoire Heart during the Tenrou Island arc (incidentally, the first rain-soaked battle in this arc featured Juvia, who may have even caused the rain).
  • This assists Seaman, who has the ability to create monsters by mixing his blood with water, in his fight against Kuwabara and friends in YuYu Hakusho.
  • In a Flashback scene in Yu-Gi-Oh! during the DOMA Arc, Mai met and dueled Valon (and lost) during a rainstorm, driving the point home that she had crossed the Despair Event Horizon at that point and was willing to believe anything she told him.
  • In Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, Gin and his owner Daisuke fight against a bear who gives Gin his signature battle scars on his head. The rain stops once John and Hidetoshi arrive to check up on them.
  • Green vs. Red brings the Red Jacket and Green Jacket together in the rain. However, the battle itself is called off due to incoming helicopter missiles.
  • Goemon fights (or rather, massacres) a group of Yakuza in the rain in the fittingly titled Goemon Ishikawa's Spray of Blood when they push him a bit too far. The sound of the rain is drowned out by the swift and brutal combat as Goemon slashes effortlessly through each thug.
  • The final showdown with Miyo Takano in Higurashi: When They Cry takes place in the rain.
  • During the first part of the final battle of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, it's heavily raining. This actually plays a factor in the fight because the nearby heroes can't hear the sounds of the battle over the rain and Stray Cat's air bubbles are visible due to creating a distortion in the rain.
  • Exploited in Dr. Stone. Senku fends off Hyouga and some of Tsukasa's Mooks by faking having a matchlock gun (actually, he just filled a steel pipe with gunpowder, lit it, and had someone else throw a rock at the same time as it went off). This forces the villains to wait until a storm comes, since the wind and rain would prevent the guns from working, buying the heroes precious time (unfortunately, only 3 days) to make some real weapons.
  • While the Birdy the Mighty OVA series had Birdy and Ondine battle in the rain and Birdy fighting a gynoid in the first season of Decode, the one fight that fits this best in in the finale of season 2 when Birdy confronts Childhoof Friend Nataru over all the killings he's done.

    Comic Books 
  • The Mighty Thor summons rain during The Avengers' first bout with the Justice League in JLA/Avengers.
  • Dwight takes on a team of former IRA mercenaries during a rainy night in Sin City.
  • Happens at least twice in J. Michael Straczynski 's run on Thor. The battle between Iron Man and Thor (Thor Vol 3, #3) in the ruins of New Orleans takes place in the rain, as does the Asgardians attack on Doom's castle in the Latverian Prometheus story arc.
  • Batman fights the Red Hood on a rooftop in one of Gotham's perpetual rainstorms in Batman #641.
  • Nightwing’s first fight with the Double Dare sisters takes place in a downpour, and given Blüdhaven is very close to Gotham with similar weather it's not the last time he has a fight in the rain.
  • Shortly after his father's murder Robin III helps track down a bunch of Arkham escapees in the rain and ends up having a fight with Lock-up that nearly leads to them both drowning.
  • The entirety of Robin's/Damian's and Superboy's/Jon's scuffle with Lex Luthor in Super Sons took place in the rain along with the resulting friction between the young superheroes.
  • Will Eisner loved this trope and would frequently have The Spirit duking it out with the Octopus in the rain. EC Comics editor Harvey Kurtzman coined the phrase "Eisenspritz" to describe the perpetual rains that tend to accompany the Spirit's battles.
  • The climax of one Usagi Yojimbo story has Usagi defend the maker of a giant taiko drum maker in the rain as the maker plays the drum in order to summon the rain for the sake of the town's crops.
  • The hellish final battle of Valley Forge from The Punisher: Born, in the final issue "The Last Day", takes place on a rainy night that prevents airbound reinforcements from assisting Castle and his platoon in driving back the Viet Cong and the NVA.
  • The Distant Prologue of The Ultimates, a desperate battle during WWII, takes place under the rain.
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia: Wonder Woman and Batman's second confrontation turns into a Curb-Stomp Battle in the rain, on a pier.

    Fan Works 
  • The final few days of the Battle/Siege of Crassus. Particularly poignant in that it's the first rain in a decade.
  • During The Coup against the Kuromorimine school in the first arc of Erika the Radical, Karen Nakahashi's rebels conduct their first skirmish against Kuromorimine's Morals Disciplinary Committee and take full advantage of the mud to slow down the enemy heavy tank lineup, as well as the rain to mask the sound of their movements. It conveniently stops by the time Erika Itsumi assembles her team to take on the rebels.
  • Finishing the Fight gives us this comment: "Yeah, all we need is a torrential downpour and the trope is complete." True enough...
    • The tactical advantages of the rain are also discussed. Namely, that it will slow the Drow's approach.
  • In the Evangelion crossover Gods, Angels, and Kings, Godzilla and Shinji's fight against Biollante occurs during a torrential downpour.
  • Happens twice in The Last Daughter. The first time is when Taylor goes up against Behemoth in Paris, and the second time is against the Simurgh and Leviathan in São Paulo.
  • Near the end of Yognapped, Lewis and his three remaining friends face down Sben on the deck of a stolen airship. Minecraftia is, coincidentally, experiencing a raging thunderstorm that provides the scene with rain.
  • Princess: Julien, while running away from the zoo, makes a comment about how things couldn't be worse and it promptly starts raining. It's still raining when he battles the Rat King - he does, in fact, slip in a puddle at the beginning.
  • In the 20th chapter of Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Rainbow Dash fights Gilda during a rainstorm.
  • The Immortal Game: The Battle of the Everfree begins while a massive storm created by Titan is raging overhead; it hits partway through the battle. The job of Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi during all this is to move the storm away, and they end up fighting Titan's Airborne Mooks amongst the storm clouds. Meanwhile, a similar fight is occurring between Titan himself and Luna and Celestia in the eye of the storm.
    • After the storm is pushed away, it settles over Canterlot, which just so happens to be where Twilight and Titan end up having their final duel.
  • Queen of All Oni: The battle between the Queen and Hero for control of Jade's mindscape is fought in the middle of a massive storm (representing how Jade is being tortured to the brink of insanity in the real world).
  • In Mega Man Recut, this is the climax of "Cold Steel."
  • Chapter 47 of Purple Days climaxes with Joff delivering the deathblow to Renly's coalition in the middle of a raging storm. Between his brutal strength and skill, he mercilessly destroys the remains of Renly's Rainbow Guard, seizes the loyalty of the remaining Stormlords and is dubbed Stormking.
  • Actually used as a plot point in the first Halloween Unspectacular Myth Arc (running from HU1 to HU5). The climactic battles for each edition of the fanfic up until that point ended with battles in the rain, which is part of the cyclical nature of things in the universe — a cycle which Galahad wants to break.
    • In the second Myth Arc (running from HU6 to HU8), the rain doesn't come until the actual final battle of the arc at the end of HU8. The lack of rain in the climaxes of both HU6 and HU7 is lampshaded by Kamala, who finds it odd.
    • The Stranger actually invokes this in HU9, in order to lure E350's friends into a trap before going after the man himself. And during the actual Final Battle with him in Hu10, it rains for real.
  • Queen of Shadows: As the naval component of the Second Battle of Awaji begins, the human forces invoke the power of Susano to conjure a massive storm to try and give themselves an edge. However, the Shadowkhan counter by invoking Amaterasu to disrupt the human magic, meaning the humans can't control the storm and dissolving the battle into a chaotic mess as both fleets try to avoid being swamped while still fighting each other.
  • Multiple escaped prehistoric animals fight vicious battles against each other over the course of the Big Storm Episode in Prehistoric Park Reimagined, which naturally makes life difficult for the park staff trying to round them up and get them back into their enclosures.
  • Child of the Storm: At the climax of Unfinished Business, Nimue unleashes all the horrors of Project Pegasus on New Orleans, where they're confronted by the Avengers and the White Council. Meanwhile, the magic that was set free in the process of Pegasus being unlocked causes a Category 5 hurricane to manifest over the city.

    Films — Animation 
  • Disney likes this one:
    • In Robin Hood, an infuriated Friar Tuck shoves the Sheriff of Nottingham out of the church and into the rain and the courtyard, where they fight with swords. Friar Tuck almost gets the upper hand against the Sheriff, but he doesn't expect a vulture to fly behind him and incapacitate him with his own hood.
    • The fight between the Beast and Gaston at the end of Beauty and the Beast.
    • The Great Mouse Detective has the final battle in a rainstorm, to the point where Basil and Ratigan can hardly be seen clearly.
    • The fight between the Pridelanders and Outsiders in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
      • Inverted in the original film. The sky is overcast throughout the final battle against Scar and the hyenas, but only after Scar is defeated and eaten by the hyenas does it actually start to rain. It still fits the Empathic Environment aspect of the trope, however: Scar's reign has turned the Pride Lands into a parched, barren wasteland, and the return of the rain signals the return of life to the savannah now that Simba is king.
    • In Hercules, after Herc has seemingly defeated the Hydra by cutting off its head, it starts to rain...and the Hydra grows three new heads. When Hercules beats it for real, the sun comes back out.
    • The Tyrannosaurus rex/Stegosaurus battle from Fantasia.
  • Subverted in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Cloud and Sephiroth are having their massive stare down before their epic battle on a particularly sunny afternoon. What does Sephiroth do? Summons heavy thunderstorm clouds that envelope the sky to signify that it's time to fight - but there's no actual rain until after he's beaten, and it's because he was holding back Great Gospel.
  • The battle between Shifu and Tai Lung near the end of Kung Fu Panda. However, when Po finally arrives to confront the evil snow leopard, the rain stops and the ensuing battle between Po and Tai Lung instead takes place in sunlight.
  • In keeping with the series' attitude of fulfilling as many tropes as possible, the (very) short film Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation from Adult Swim has the main battle take place in sudden rainfall.
  • In TMNT, the blowout of the mounting tension between Leo and Raph and the subsequent no-holds-barred fight between the two brothers takes place in the rain. It aptly echoes the sadness of the scene — that in the end, in spite of everything, this fight has become unavoidable.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Signature Scene of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was a battle with a giant squid during a storm. This was actually the result of a bit of serendipity- the original version under clear skies at sunset looked terrible, with the wires for the squid puppet being plain to see, ruining the illusion. Walt Disney suggested they shoot it in a simulated rainstorm to hide the wires, and the rest is history.
  • The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines has the battle on a rain-soaked beach, where the hero Merong takes on Kamawas and his army of pirates in the middle of heavy storm.
  • The final battle between the Greasers and the Socs took place in the rain at the climax of The Outsiders.
  • The Executioner fight in Resident Evil: Afterlife, though the fight took place in a shower room.
  • The final battle in Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai is arguably the Trope Maker for film. And, unlike many examples, there is a great deal of slipping and sliding about because of it.
  • While Seven Samurai is undoubtedly the Trope Maker, this trope is at least as old as Orson Welles film Journey into Fear, where the final shootout takes place in the pouring rain as Haki, Graham, Muller, and Banat chase each other around the ledges of the building.
  • More Orson Welles: The Battle of Shrewsbury in Chimes at Midnight. Immensely influential in portraying a medieval battle as a muddy, chaotic affair.
  • A variation of this is seen in two films by Kihachi Okamoto, Samurai Assassin and The Sword of Doom, both of which feature important battle scenes that take place during snowstorms.
  • The fight between Zatoichi and his Evil Counterpart in Takeshi Kitano's version of Zatoichi.
  • The Battle of Agincourt in Kenneth Branagh's version of Shakespeare's Henry V. Which, to be fair, actually was fought in the rain. And, unlike most of the battles here, the rain turns the battlefield into a muddy slaughterhouse — again, this is historically accurate.
  • Road to Perdition wrapped up with one of these, though 'silent slaughter in the rain' may be a bit more appropriate.
  • Star Wars:
    • The fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones.
    • Rogue One has the mission to Eadu. All the resulting fights there take place in the torrential downpour of a raging thunderstorm.
    • The Last Jedi: The staff/lightsabre fight between Rey and Luke on Ahch-to takes place during a downpour.
  • The Battle of Helm's Deep in the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Interestingly, it begins pouring at the start of the battle, but it doesn't last long.
    • But the brief upward eyeroll of the Rider directly behind Théoden as the rain starts is priceless.
    • Justified by the fact that we've already seen Saruman can manipulate the weather. Presumably he wanted to demoralize the defenders and weaken the foundations of the Deep.
  • The Magnificient Warrior has the hero battling a group of bandits in a rain-drenched forest, halfway through the film.
  • Pictured above, the final showdown between Neo and Agent Smith at the climax of The Matrix Revolutions. (Of course, that was because Smith made it rain. Smith loves the rain.) By the way, very few people know that this is an homage to the South Korean Movie Nowhere to Hide (1999)'s finale, where the cop and the murderer fight in the rain.
    • It took several months to perfect the right type of raindrop for the scene. In the "making of" bonus features on the DVD's, the special effects people explain that to have the rain actually show up the way it does on film (normally, even very heavy rain is nearly invisible on film), they had to have truly absurd amounts of water coming down, on the level of thousands of gallons per minute, accomplished with a very large tank and constantly recycling the water in much the same manner as water parks.
    • Rain or falling water shown inside the Matrix has always been a representation of the Matrix Raining Code. In this case, it's also showing that the Matrix's programming is going to hell in a handbasket faster than usual because of Smith's meddling.
  • The final battle in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End takes place at sea, not just in the rain, but during a maelstrom! For a one-on-one battle in the rain, see Jack Sparrow vs. Davy Jones. Justified, since they just released the goddess of the sea, and asked for her blessing in the fight. Since she has reasons to be pissed at both the human pirates and Davy Jones, she goes hard neutral.
  • The fight between Nameless and Sky in Zhang Yimou's Hero (2002).
  • The famous T. Rex car attack in Jurassic Park. The two sequels mimic this with similar scenes.
  • Happened in the 1999 Hong Kong film, A Man Called Hero, with an extra bonus of using the rain itself as offense. (You can watch it here. It starts at 1:43.)
  • The final battle of Legendary Assassin takes place during the typhoon that was set up during the entire film.
  • The Shaw Brothers wuxia movie Six Assassins ends with the eponymous six battling the main villain and his legion of mooks in the rain. Since this is their attempt at a Seven Samurai- style film, the homage is rather deliberate.
  • Twelve Deadly Coins, another Shaw film, climaxed with a lengthy sword-battle in heavy rain.
  • The final battle with the Wendol happens in the rain at the end of The 13th Warrior. One character comments that "at least we won't have to worry about fire this time", referring to the previous time the Wendol attacked the village with torches in hand.
  • Several movies featuring Rutger Hauer, among them:
    • Blade Runner (lots and lots of rain) which also ends with a Redemption in the Rain.
    • Blind Fury
    • Wedlock
    • Blood of Heroes a.k.a. Salute of the Jugger
    • Flesh+Blood (rain AND a bathtub)
    • Ladyhawke (rain and frozen lake)
    • Split Second (1992) (frequent rain plus global warming flooding)
    • And even if there isn't actual rain, there will be a waterfall, or a lake, swimming pool or large bath tub into which the two protagonists fall while fighting. No matter what it is, Rutger Hauer's character will end up soaking wet and looking badass.
  • Godzilla:
    • Godzilla vs. Biollante has the title character fight a bunch of army tanks in the rain.
    • Most of Godzilla (1998) takes place in rainy New York City, including scenes where the military are firing weapons on him, and especially during his downfall.
    • The 2002 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla also opens with an army fight in the rain.
    • The scene in Godzilla (2014) where Godzilla and the flying MUTO first fight in San Francisco takes place in the rain.
    • Every battle with King Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) occurs in the rain. Though this is justified because Ghidorah can manipulate storms.
  • The cheesiest battle in an already cheesy movie in DOA: Dead or Alive was done by two bikini-clad fighters, on a beach, in the rain. Fanservice much?
  • In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale had the final battle take place in the rain. Though the good guys won the last battle, the army that they fight then is far larger and though they manage to hold the Krug off for a brief time, they eventually start getting overwhelmed.
  • Korean action movie Volcano High climaxes with two telekinetic martial artists fighting in the rain, in an interesting aversion,despite the main character's abilities being most effective manipulating water he doesn't try to use the rain to strike his opponent.
  • The final battle in Mongol, where Temujin defeats his blood brother Jamukha to finally unite the tribes of Mongolia.
  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans between Sonia and Viktor, as well as Lucian and a bunch of Vampire Soldiers.
  • Played realistically in Hamburger Hill. The American Airborne soldiers try to fight their way up the hill in one of the last battles while it's pouring rain. A lot of them are slipping and falling from fatigue and the slippery mud makes them perfect targets for the NVA. Add in the fact that a quarter of the M-16's are jamming and you've got an all around clusterfuck.
  • The climactic battle between Riggs and the Psycho for Hire dragon, in the first Lethal Weapon movie.
    • A busted fire hydrant actually. Still counts if only for Rule of Cool.
    • Also the final fight with Wah Sing Ku in the fourth movie, combined with Dramatic Thunder.
  • Used in Wimbledon when Peter is playing against Jake Hammond. It actually looks pretty cool, too.
  • The entire premise of Hard Rain, a 1998 film that stars Morgan Freeman as a villain. Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It rains the entire movie in a flooded town, where one man is on the run from people trying to kill him for 3 million dollars he hid somewhere in the flooded city, after his partner is killed when Morgan Freeman's character attempts to rob his armored truck.
  • The final battle between Steed and Sir August in The Avengers (1998) took place in a torrential downpour, because it occurred in the underground lair where Sir August had his weather control machine, which was set on "storm" at the time.
  • The 2003 German film Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Berne) tells the story of the West German team that won The World Cup in 1954. The win against the greatly favoured Hungarians (at that point it had been four years since their last defeat) would probably not have happened if not for the heavy rain on the day of the final (and the newly developed screw-in spikes on the German team's boots).
  • It rains when Swamp Thing fights the leech mutant for the second time in The Return of Swamp Thing.
  • The entire battle sequence in Passchendaele. Again, a fair example, as Passchendaele was very muddy and very wet.
  • In The Warrior's Way, the final showdown between Yang and the Saddest Flute takes in a rainstorm that literally blows up out of nowhere (in the middle of the desert).
  • A fight during the long climax of Hot Fuzz takes place under the arc of a sprinkler in order to simulate the trope.
  • The Lady's showdown with Eugene Dred in The Quick and the Dead takes place during a downpour, with the Lady and Eugene charging at each other, guns blazing.
  • The final battle of Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise had the fight take place in the midst of the rain. The rain stops after Reacher kills the Big Bad.
  • In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the final battle takes place in the rain.
  • During the battle of Hong Kong in Pacific Rim. The opening fight against Knifehead also takes place during a storm.
  • The Last Samurai. Nathan Algren vs Ujio the Kendo Sensei turns out like this early in the film but it's only played for drama and to showcase Algren's will to keep fighting. Ironic considering the final battle is fought while it's bright and sunny with only a few clouds in the sky.
  • The final showdown between John Wick and Viggo Tarasof is a fist fight at a dock in a pitch black storm. Like the trope image, one of the fighters is Keanu Reeves.
  • The Equalizer achieves this trope indoors with a battle under fire sprinklers. In the sequel the climatic battle takes place in a seaside town that has been evacuated due to a hurricane.
  • The final battle between Jack Ryan and Sean Miller in Patriot Games takes place in an intense rainstorm in the middle of the sea on a boat that's on fire.
  • The final fight with Alexander Vinciguerra in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) takes place in a rainstorm.
  • The final battle between Todd and Caine in Soldier takes place in the middle of an intense rainstorm.
  • In The Legend of Tarzan, the fight between Rom's mercenaries and the Mangani takes place during a downpour.
  • DC Extended Universe:
    • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the battle between Batman and Superman takes place in the rain.
    • In Suicide Squad, the Squad's final battle with Big Bad the Enchantress takes place in the rain, as her magic spell is creating a massive storm to wipe out mankind.
    • The final battle between Arthur and Orm in Aquaman (2018) happens on the surface in a massive rainstorm.
    • An indoor version occurs in Birds of Prey (2020). Harley Quinn accidentally triggers the sprinkler system inside the cell block while attempting to open Cassandra's cell; creating a massive downpour. A few moments later, Cassandra's door springs open. It's only as she is helping Cass out of the cell that Harley notices that all of the cell doors have been opened. The escaping thugs rush her and she fights back: all while being drenched by the sprinklers.
  • RoboCop (2014): The plot kicks off when Alex Murphy and Jack Lewis attempt to conduct an undercover gun buy from arms dealer Antoine Vallon at a restaurant during a rainstorm. Unfortunately, Vallon has cops on his payroll who tip him off that Murphy and Lewis are undercover. He leaves the meeting and a group of gunmen working for Vallon engage Murphy and Lewis in a shootout, parts of which take place in the restaurant and also outside in the alleyway. Murphy and Lewis manage to kill all of the gunmen, but Lewis is shot and critically wounded.
  • Thor has a spectacular mud fight in the rain against a likewise brawny S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Avengers: Endgame introduces Hawkeye's Ronin persona as he goes after Yakuza mobster Akihiko under a downpour.
  • The Crow: Despite being set in a city of perpetual rain, most of the fights take place indoors. The only fight that qualifies is, fittingly, the final battle between Eric and Top Dollar.
  • Willow: Bavmorda brought on a lightning storm as a part of her ritual to banish Elora Danan. The battle to stop her happened during the rain. Even her duel against Raziel was in the rain as the roof of her castle was open.
  • Black Zoo ends with a violent confrontation between Michael and Carl in the zoo during a rainstorm.
  • The Silence (2019): The final fight between the heroes and the cultists takes place in a thunderstorm, as it's the only way the two groups can fight in the open without the monsters, which react to even faint sounds but are thrown into a confused panic by the thunder, mauling them all to death.
  • Mani's opening fight against the local thugs in Brotherhood of the Wolf takes place in a heavy downpour.
  • The Final Battle in Hobbs & Shaw consists of a brutal and messy fistfight in the rain between Luke Hobbs, Deckard Shaw, and Brixton.
  • When the final shootout in Bad Boys for Life begins, it becomes an instant downpour.

  • In James Swallow's Warhammer 40,000 Blood Angels novel Deus Sanguinius, when Rafen is cornered in the factory by Sachiel's honour guard, it starts to rain. Then, during the single combat between Rafen and Arkio, rain starts, shortly after Rafen drew First Blood; when Sachiel realizes from the blood that they are tainted, Inquisitor Stele murders him and uses it to start a general battle.
  • In Conciencia y Voluntad almost anything is done under the rain, and at least there are two Good Old Fisticuffs and one shooting. Curiously, as the last battle is inside La Plata, and isn't raining at that time, this doesn't apply to the climatic scene.
  • In Michael Crichton's Congo, the killer gorillas attack the expedition's campsite during a rainstorm.
  • The only memorable part of the Roger Zelazny collaboration novel The Mask of Loki(?) is a do-over of the Battle of Hattin. The Army of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, having trapped itself in a waterless valley, is surrounded by Saladin's much more numerous army. The Saracens close in and overheated, dehydrated Crusaders start to drop as they did in reality. Then, by manipulation of some sort (Science? Magic?), it clouds up and starts to rain. Revitalized, the Frankish army wins the day, or at least survives — as it did not in reality.
  • Echo Burning by Lee Child has Jack Reacher stalking his opponent in a desert shootout in the middle of a rainfall so intense, it takes him nearly fifteen minutes to realize his opponent isn't hiding, one of Reacher's stray bullets hit them.
  • At the end of the first book in the Shadowleague series, the battle with the Ak'Zahar takes place in the rain.
  • The breakout from Efrafa in Watership Down. The sudden downpour provides a useful distraction at a crucial moment, though General Woundwort's more disciplined rabbits are able to cope better with the storm.
  • The eponymous Strange in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has been known to summon storms for momentous battles, either to provide a distinct strategic advantage to the British army, or so that he can surround Wellington with a halo of light at the moment of victory (or both).
  • In the Warrior Cats Expanded Universe novel Bluestar's Prophecy, the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan takes place in the rain.
    • Also, in the climax of Into The Wild, the final battle takes place in the midst of a massive storm.
    • And the final showdown between Firestar and Tigerstar arrives just as a storm arrives. Once Firestar finally kills Tigerstar's ghost before he dies, the rain arrives.
  • In The Hunger Games, there's an implied epic showdown between Cato and Thresh that happens over two days of rain. The reader doesn't get to see it because Katniss is busy smooching Peeta in a cave.
  • Many of the normal issues are averted in The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell, in the rainy duel between Arthur and Owain. Arthur doesn't wear his normal scale armour, since it rusts in the rain, and goes barefoot rather than booted, thinking this will give him a better grip in the mud. The slipperiness of the flooring is critical in the outcome of the duel, too.
  • The climax of the third Knight and Rogue book takes place during a rainstorm. It kind of had to, considering the villains only work during storms, but that doesn't make the sword fight any less cool.
  • The Star Wars Legends novel Wedge's Gambit had a Dogfight in the Rain. Rogue Squadron made use of Coruscant's justifiably extreme weather patterns to bring down a section of the inner layer of the planetary deflector shield with an enormous thunderstorm. Then Corran Horn flew a fighter into the thunderstorm (and was followed by TIE fighters) to blow up the power supply of the shield's outer layer.
  • The entire second half of the zombie noir Undead on Arrival takes place in a rainstorm, which includes a number of fights (mostly against zombies) in the rain.
  • The Stormlight Archive is quite fond of it.
    • The Battle of the Tower at the climax of The Way Of Kings takes place in the rain.
    • The final battle in Words of Radiance takes place during heavy downpour, as the Parshendi Voidbringers are summoning an Everstorm, while at the same time the Stormfather has sent a highstorm. And then Kaladin and Szeth duel inside the combined storms. Keep in mind that a highstorm is basically a magical hurricane hundreds of miles wide that always blows east to west, and the Everstorm is the same thing but evil and coming from the opposite direction.
    • Lift's final confronation with Nale in Edgedancer takes place during the Everstorm.
  • Also occurs in Mistborn: Hero of Ages. Vin's final fight against the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw takes place in the rain, and, since it's night, the mist. She loses spectacularly, until Marsh manages to rip out her earring, which allows her to Ascend and kick their asses.
  • In The Dresden Files Turn Coat has the big battle in the rain. Of particular note, Native American Wizard, and one of the oldest and strongest of all wizards, Joseph Listens-to-Winds fights an epic battle against a Skinwalker.
  • In The Narrows, of the Harry Bosch detective series by Michael Connelly, the climactic face-off between Harry and a FBI official turned serial killer The Poet takes place not only in the harsh, gray driving rain, but in a mad rushing flood torrenting through a drainage culvert. (Called The Narrows by local LA persons.)
  • In The Postman, the conclusion of the epic mano a mano battle between the two last augments on earth is illuminated by a flash of lightning. (Because it was storming!)
  • Fancy Apartments has the climax battle on the roof and during a storm. This was because the villian wanted the ambiance.
  • The climactic battle at the end of the Gaunt's Ghosts book Ghostmaker takes place with the Ghosts and Eldar on one side and Chaos on the other. Thanks to the cover provided by the storm, The Ghosts were able to turn overwhelming odds into a easy victory.
  • In SPQR, Decius once fights a duel in the rain against the Villain of the Week. The two of them agree to start on the next thunderclap.
  • In The Dinosaur Lords, the first battle against the zombie-like hordelings takes place during a heavy downpour. Rob notes even that the wet ground will put all fighters in danger of slipping.
  • Eden Green and New Night each involve battles in the rain, with ill-equipped main characters trying to dodge and kill huge alien needle monsters.
  • Discussed by one of Lon Nolan's instructors in the Dirigent Mercenary Corps series. He states that battles actually cause it to rain: all the smoke from gun propellant and explosives changes the weather locally.
  • In The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of the Plennor Fields. It begins to rain shortly after the arrival of the Rohirrim. This helps the defenders, as it puts out the fires burning in the city.
  • In The World of Ice & Fire, a major battle of Aegon's Conquest was known as the Last Storm between his Targaryen forces led by Orys Baratheon against King Argilac of House Durrandon which took place during a heavy storm. Argilac perceived the storm as a omen of favor to him and his men which is why he insisted on fighting under the heavy rain. Then it proceeds to get deconstructed as Orys' army was positioned on the top of a hill and every time Argilac's forces tried to climb to confront them, the ground would collapse and slide due to the rain. In the end, Argilac's forces were decimated and he got struck down by Orys in personal combat.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms sees this trope get weaponised. During his siege of Fan Castle, Guan Yu opened the flood gates of the castle during a heavy downpour, in order to drown the enemy army within the castle.

    Live Action TV 
  • Subversion: In the Angel episode "Five by Five", a fight that looks like it's going to be a Battle in the Rain quickly turns into Redemption in the Rain.
    • Of course, according to an episode commentary, the rain just happened while the scene was being filmed. Early scripts called for rain-making equipment, but these did not fit into the budget. God smiles upon Joss Whedon!
    • In "Not Fade Away", their final battle, which we don't really see, looks like it's about to be in the rain.
  • The fight at the end of the first episode of the reboot of The Bionic Woman.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer manages to pull this off indoors in the episode "Innocence" after an explosion triggers automatic sprinkler systems right before the climactic battle.
  • CSI: NY, of all series, also managed an inside version of this similar to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer one above. In "Snow Day," the sprinklers are hit during the battle between Mac and Stella and the drug lords inside the crime lab, and part of the fight takes place with everyone soaking wet and provides some rather decent Fanservice in the process.
  • Doctor Who: The climax of "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" is a downplayed example, taking place in light rain and high winds on top of two cranes.
  • Frontier Circus: "Coals of Fire" features a fist fight between Tony and Cato during a raging thunderstorm, as Tony attempts to stop Cato carrying out his mission of vengeance.
  • General and I: In episode sixty-one the battle between Chu Bei Jie's and He Xia's soldiers takes place during a storm.
  • Highlander:
    • The Waterloo flashback in "Band of Brothers" ends up in the snow, because it snowed during filming and there was no money in the budget for re-filming and probably no getting rainmaking equipment either.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • The final battle of Kamen Rider Kuuga takes place during a blizzard.
    • In The Movie of Kamen Rider Blade, both the prologue, in which Kenzaki seals the Joker and the climactic battle against the Albino Joker gone One-Winged Angel take place during a rainstorm.
    • An awesome twist of this happens during one of the early Kamen Rider Kabuto episodes. Both the Riders and villains have the power to move at Super Speed. When the eponymous rider battles a Monster of the Week in the rain, the raindrops seem to stay still in the air due to the enormous speed both combatants move at.
    • Fourze in Cosmic States vs Aquarius Zodiarts in Kamen Rider Fourze.
    • The Global Freeze during the prologue of Kamen Rider Drive is essentially a large scale version of this, as one Kamen Rider, along with an army of Shift Cars take on a horde of rampaging android-like creatures named Roidmudes.
    • Happens a lot in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid- many, many emotional battles happen in the rain. There's also a similar battle to the ones in Kabuto, where Cronus stops time while it's raining, thus making the raindrops freeze in midair.
    • Kamen Rider Build: After Soichi is revealed to be Blood Stalk, Sento and Soichi agree to have a duel in the alley where Soichi "found" an amnesiac Sento, in the middle of a rain just like then.
  • Lost:
    • Ethan and Jack's fight in the episode "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues".
    • Not to mention the final battle between Jack and the Man in Black/Smoke Monster/Fake Locke in the series finale.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Daredevil (2015):
      • The intro episode "Into the Ring" sees Matt Murdock, as Daredevil, rescue Karen Page from an assassin dispatched by Wilson Fisk, then fight off the assassin in a rainstorm.
      • Matt's second encounter with Frank Castle sees the two fighting in the spray of a ruptured water tower as an NYPD ESU team shoots at them.
    • Iron Fist (2017): In "Bar the Big Boss", Colleen Wing duels against Bakuto in a rainstorm.
  • NCIS: Tony spends the entire episode "Swan Song" predicting an imminent monsoon. It finally arrives as Mike Franks faces off against the Port-to-Port killer. And loses.
  • The final battle between Clark and Zod in Smallville's 9th season finale, "Salvation".
  • Power Rangers:
    • In the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, one Monster of the Week is a weather-controlling chimera named Goatan. Halfway through the fight, he conjures up a snowstorm, which persists through the rest of the battle, until he's defeated by the Megazord.
    • Happens during the finale of Power Rangers Wild Force, where the Wild Force rangers battle hordes of Mooks, while the Big Bad rampages through the city in giant size. The weather does clear up when the rangers start winning the battle however.
  • Princess Silver: The first episode opens with Rong Le fighting a group of attackers in the rain.
  • The iconic climax of the 33rd episode of Return of Ultraman "The Boy and the Monster Master" is a long-take shot of a rainy battle between Ultraman Jack and the kaiju Muruchi at an oil refinery that serves to capture the tragedy of Jack having to fight Muruchi (long story short: Muruchi went on a rampage when its alien master was killed in an incident of Fantastic Racism).
  • The Scribbler concludes with a rainy rooftop Designated Girl Fight between Suki and Alice.
  • Sherlock: Due to the spray from the falls, the battle between Holmes and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls in "The Abominable Bride" plays out like this.
  • In the final episode of Squid Game, rain starts pouring as the last two contestants are about to have their final showdown. One of the VIPs who spectate the games even lampshades the added drama brought about by the rain, quoting the Chinese poet Du Fu by saying "Good rain knows the best time to fall."
  • Ultraman Leo featured one in episode 40 between Leo and the Monster of the Week Silver Bloome that had killed many of his friends, with Leo's emotionally-charged fury towards the kaiju making the scene even more effective.
  • Vera: In "On Harbour Street", suspect Malcolm Kenrich knocks out Kenny, and grabs another suspect (Ryan Darrow) whom he believes is guilty, and drags him out into the middle of a marsh to kill him. By the time Vera arrives to break it up, it is pouring with rain and Malcolm is half strangling, half drowning Ryan.

  • The fight against Shaula in episode 6 of Sequinox occurs in the middle of a thunderstorm that she summoned in order to bolster her electric powers.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Nick Gage vs "Sick" Nick Mondo, one on one in a no rope barbed wire match for the CZW Iroman Championship, in the rain!
  • IWA Jucio Final IV(otherwise known as judgment day) happened in a Carolina Puerto Rico open ballpark in front 10,000+fans who held their ground despite being rained on. Tigresa's opponent, April Hunter, happened to be wearing a white shirt. El Illegal Chicano and Homicide went to the now muddy dugout. The spectacle of that match was then taken up to eleven with Miguel Perez, Slash Venom, Victor the Bodyguard and Chett Jablonski brawling all around the park. There was a four way X match won by Blitz and as if that wasn't enough of a platform for storm based puns, La Artilleria Pesada(aka Thunder And Lightning) were there too.
  • Around the same time as the IWA Puerto Rico event Bad Boys Of Wrestling also had an outdoor show that got rained on. Unlike the IWA case though, the crowd turnout was poor. Lexie Fyfe claimed it was slippery and her feet got caught in the ropes while pinning Syren.
  • LLF's most cited incident is the February 25th 2005 Nikky Roxx and Golden Girl vs Polly Star and Chacala Street Fight. Their primary arena is open air, so even under standard stipulations luchadoras/wrestlers just have to bear it when rain falls. Fans are free to flee to drier ground, vacated seats providing Poly Star and Jacqueline with weapons during their March 17 2006 match.

    Religion and Mythology 
  • In The Bible, the Hebrews had a habit of winning battles fought during storms, particularly during the conquest of Canaan and wars with the Philistines. The basic reason for this is that the opposing armies tended to rely heavily on chariots, which the Hebrews—especially at first—didn't really know how to use and were therefore scared of, but which got stuck in the mud if it started raining.

  • Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears (final score: Colts - 29, Bears - 17).
  • A close approximation in the 7th Game in the 2016 World Series, where rain started to fall in the late innings. At that time, the Cleveland Indians managed to catch up to the Chicago Cubs' 3 Run Lead in the Bottom of the 8th Inning. However, the rain growing heavier lead to a Rain Delay before an overtime 10th Inning after the 9th ended with no runs from either team. Once the rain had cleared enough to play, the Cubs scored two runs in the top of the 10th and kept a one run lead to win the World Series, ending a 108-Year World Series win drought for the team.
  • A rarity in Motorsports, but it has happened. More likely in road-course dependent series vs. oval dependent ones. In circumstances where rain might presents, such series usually require teams to bring other specialized rain gear (like windshield wipers and signal lights on their rear bumpers).
    • The IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship sees these from time to time, most notably in their 2015 events at Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta. The monsoon-like conditions at the latter actually caused the unusual situation of the overall win being taken by a non-Prototype vehicle, in this case the Porsche factory team in GT Le Mans.note 
    • NASCAR mostly averts this by force, because the physics of oval tracks make it impossible to design an effective rain tire that won't explode from air pressure build-up after a few laps. However, there have been a few examples:
      • The Xfinity series has had them for their handful of road courses in the mid-2000s, and has gotten to use them a few times:
      • At Montreal in 2008, they were able to use them for part of the race before the conditions became so severe that sight was hindered past the limits of safety, which forced that race to be called, with victory going to road ringer Ron Fellows.
      • In 2014 at Road America, rain fell partway through the race but stopped before the end, which combined with a late caution that extended the race past scheduled distance resulted in the unusual condition of drivers being on wet or dry tires depending on whether they stopped on that final caution. The win eventually went to series regular Brendan Gaughan, who'd stayed out on rain tires during that caution and had spun several times during the dry portion of the race; second went to road ringer Alex Tagliani, who had pitted after running out of fuel but took dry tires and expertly manuevered around the few remaining wet patches to wind up mere tenths behind Gaughan by the checkered flag.
      • 2016 saw monsoon-like conditions at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course event, which led to utter chaos - excluding the handful of start-and-parks who weren't on track long enough to really do anything, practically everyone spun at least once, and several multi-car crashes broke out on restarts in the incredibly treacherous conditions. The win eventually went to Justin Marks, a skilled road racer whose lack of oval talent had prevented him from gaining full-time employment in any level of the sport.note 
      • 2018's running of the Watkins Glen event saw the Xfinity Series cars race in the wet briefly in the early parts of the race. Unfortunately, the rain only lasted for a while since it stopped in a long red-flag period caused by Vinnie Miller crashing and damaging the tire barriers at turn 1, thus necessitating repairs to the damaged barrier.
      • The 2014 instance led to Goodyear designing workable sets of rain tires for the Cup Series for their then-two road courses, Sonoma and Watkins Glen, which were first delivered in 2015.note  However, the Cup Series has continued to avert this due to the events at these tracks since the introduction of the tires being contested under near cloudless conditions (in contrast to the tendency of oval circuits in the same time period to draw rain like magnets).
  • Several games from American Football have been nicknamed "The Mud Bowl" due to being played in rainy/muddy conditions, frequently making for low-scoring games. Some notable instances in the National Football League:
    • The 1977-78 NFC Divisional Round game between the Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Rams (final score: Vikings - 14, Rams - 7).
    • The 1982-83 AFC Championship Game between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins (final score: Dolphins - 14, Jets - 0).
    • The November 26, 2007 Monday Night Football game between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers (final score: Steelers - 3, Dolphins - 0). The field was so muddy and wet that the game was scoreless till the Steelers kicked a field goal in the final seconds.
    • The October 20, 2019 game between the San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins (final score: 49ers - 9, Redskins - 0).

  • In Kenneth Branagh's 2013 production of Macbeth, the opening battle is fought in the rain, provided in the theatre by a sprinkler system over a portion of the stage covered in dirt. This results in the characters walking in mud for half the play.

    Video Games 
  • The final mission of Bully.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Extreme overkill example: The final battle in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker takes place while the entire ocean is raining down around you.
    • The battle against Argorok, in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. You're fighting a dragon on top of a city in the sky, using double-clawshots to go even higher. It's all taking place in a raging thunderstorm. And it's awesome. It also occasionally rains in Hyrule Field, and is likely to rain at least once when you fight King Bublin.
    • Ditto for Bicolyte, Tentalus, and the final battle in Skyward Sword. Except in the latter case, the storm gets weaponized.
    • Link and Prince Sidon's battle against Divine Beast Vah Ruta in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes place in the rain because Vah Ruta itself is using its water-generating powers to create a Perpetual Storm. In the backstory, Link's battle against the Guardians in the Ash Swamp, in which he lost his life, also took place in the rain.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • The first Dante vs. Vergil fight in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. In true DMC over-the-top form, the rain serves as a handy visual of how fast the Sons of Sparda are: their blades are moving so quickly they are creating a dry bubble around the two as their swords swat away every individual raindrop.
    • The fight against Hollow Vergil in the Vergil's Downfall DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry definitely qualifies.
  • Inversion: Snake and Olga in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty begin their gunfight almost immediately after a lull in the ongoing downpour. When the fight is done, it starts raining again.
  • The final battle with Volgin in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is overshadowed by an approaching storm. Ironically, the Psycho Electro Volgin is zapped by a stray bolt of lightning, immolating him. The reappearance of a spectral character, The Sorrow, implies that he was responsible for the meteorological intervention.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a heavy thunderstorm as the backdrop of the boss battles against Monsoon and Sundowner.
  • Sonic Adventure opens with Sonic clashing with Chaos in front of rain-slicked City Hall.
  • The opening fight between Ryu and Sagat in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, which became an actual stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2.
  • Streets of Rage 2 had the first boss fight take place in a back alley during a rainstorm.
  • The majority of the Virmire mission in Mass Effect is almost a subversion; it takes place in a lightly misting rain that's hard to see if you aren't looking closely, and once the climactic second half of the mission begins, it stops raining.
    • In Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, the "hazard" versions of Firebase White and Firebase Dagger take place in the middle of a blizzard and sandstorm, respectively, which cuts visibility on these normally sniper-friendly maps down dramatically. Firebase Ghost Hazard takes place in a rainstorm... of acidic rain, which strips players' shields.
  • In Final Fantasy IX, the closing battle of Disc 1 is against Beatrix in Burmecia, the City of Eternal Rain. Made more ominous as, upon defeat, Beatrix will use a special technique to utterly demolish Zidane and his friends, so Queen Brahne, Big Bad Kuja, and Beatrix leave them for dead on the flooded marble halls of the central palace.
  • In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, the boss of the fifth world (Gloomy Gulch) is a rematch with a ghostly Krow in a rainstorm.
  • The boss of Storm Hill in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. On the way there, Donkey Kong can summon lightning bolts by shockwave clapping when the ninja monkeys raise their swords in the air.
  • The final battle of Shadow of the Colossus has Wander facing down the final colossus atop a sea-side plateau in the midst of a torrential thunder storm while the most hauntingly solemn music on the soundtrack plays away in the background.
  • The Green Bridge job from PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 sees the Payday Gang freeing a prisoner (Giant in The Heist, and Kazuo in PAYDAY 2) and escorting him for an extraction while fighting law enforcers in the midst of a rainstorm. The Meltdown heist from PAYDAY 2 sees the gang returning to the same Murkywater warehouse they broke into during midnight to secure several nuclear warheads in rainy weather.
  • A variation occurs in Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, each fighters are associated with a certain weather condition and generally gain advantage in that condition. Weather change randomly, but you can force a weather to begin or end through certain methods. Marisa Kirisame is associated with drizzly rain.
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 had, as one of the possible final stages, a fight on the rooftop of Osaka Castle in the midst of a heavy rainstorm, complete with Dramatic Thunder.
  • The battle against Meta-Ridley in Metroid Prime takes place on a clifftop shrine during a rainstorm.
    • Part of the battlefield in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption against Gandrayda is covered in rain. However, this counts more as an obstacle, as it's ACID RAIN which hurts you but not the boss (because she and the pirates are equipped with the Hazard Shield).
    • Metroid: Samus Returns has its final battle against Ridley in a thunderstorm right next to your ship.
  • The secret ending to Kingdom Hearts features Riku and Roxas fighting Heartless/each other in the rain. Because the scene was so epic, it was remade in full for Kingdom Hearts II, and was playable in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, but the rain only appears for one brief scene in the latter.
  • This happens in the opening in Backyard Football.
  • Happens in Dragon Age: Origins at the Battle of Ostagar, which is no real surprise seeing how much it was inspired by the aforementioned Battle of Helm's Deep.
  • Crysis has its final battle in the middle of a thunderstorm.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 has a campaign called Hard Rain, in which the Survivors must fight their way through what isn't so much a rainstorm as a full blown flood. Every so often, the storm intensifies so it's almost impossible to see and even communicating via mike is difficult. The thunder and lightning summons hordes of zombies.
    • The Passing, meanwhile, puts you on a nighttime city with a rather strong rain. This rain, however, varies from game to game; from a light rain, to a Hard Rain-styled monsoon.
  • Any Pokémon battle can technically become this if the move Rain Dance is used. This also means that Kyogre is pretty much physically incapable of averting this trope, since its Drizzle ability automatically makes it rain when it comes into play. Dream Politoed and Generation VII Pelipper invoke this trope involuntarily as well for the same reason.
    • A few routes in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (Platinum included) always have rain present as well. Also seen in parts of Unova.
    • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald also have a plot-relevant one, the Kyogre/Groudon battle near the climax.
    • The pokemon Sliggoo will only evolve into Goodra if it levels up to 50 or higher while fighting in naturally-occurring rain.
  • Fatal Fury: Tung Fu Rue's stage has a nice gimmick to it in that the battle background starts out clear, then gradually changes to a storm as you advance in rounds.
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes: Abomination's boss fight in Level 4.
  • Played straight in The Walking Dead as Lee fights Andy St. John outside in the falling rain.
  • Played for laughs in Kingdom of Loathing. In one quest, you have to influence the outcome of a war between the hippies and the frat boys. If you manipulate the battle correctly, you can force a confrontation between The Man, the frat boys' leader, and The Big Wisniewski, leader of the hippies. In the dialogue that follows, The Man remarks that the weather isn't quite right for a final stand-off, and Wisniewski will have a Hippie Shaman summon a rainstorm.
  • The Final Battle between Starkiller and Darth Vader in The Force Unleashed II.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, in one of the "dungeons"; in fact it is the only time you will see a difference in the weather. There is a chase on top of Saint Peter's Cathedral, where Ezio has to chase and eventually kill a papal cardinal, and this is all while it's raining.
  • Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal starts out like this on a dark and stormy night as Guybrush tries to finish the ingredients for the Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu in order to destroy LeChuck, but due to the botched up moves and the last-minute substitutions, it ends with Guybrush ending up turning LeChuck into a human and getting infected along with all the others by an outbreak of the voodoo pox.
  • The final case of L.A. Noire.
  • In BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm, the entire last chapter takes place during an apocalyptic rainstorm, which naturally includes all of the final boss battles. The True Final Boss gets extra style points for turning the rain and lightning jet black.
  • Fighting a Kushala Daora in the jungle in Monster Hunter will always yield a battle in the rain.
  • Heavy Rain? Pretty much every battle in the whole bloody game. Well...
  • Eternal Sonata has a sequence in Agogo Forest where it's raining and all encounters take place in the rain. Particularly notable, though, for the Hopeless Boss Fight against Fugue in which he decimates Frederic and Polka each with one hit (two at most) then continues on his way.
  • Thanks to the (mostly) dynamic weather, any outdoor boss battle can become this in Xenoblade Chronicles.
    • No matter how clear the weather is before you warp there, it'll always be raining when you get to Prison Island, presumably for the purpose of increasing the drama of the events (Battles included) that unfold there.
    • If it's not already raining when the battle starts, the Sani Telethia usually ends up calling a rainstorm as one of its first moves so it can (potentially) unleash water based ether attacks later. On the other hand, the opposite tends to occur if it's already raining.
  • In The King of Fighters XI, it's raining when Oswald and Shen engage in a post-SNK Boss battle (manipulated by Ash) and when Orochi Iori beats both Kyo and Shingo, only to be ambushed by Ash and have his powers stolen.
    • And in KOF: KYO, it also rains when Orochi Iori beats Kyo around a month before KOF 97, while the New Face Team and Chizuru (the latter, through her Magic Mirror) watch over them.
  • In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty just prior to the final battle it starts raining on Char, even though it's a barren volcanic planet where rain shouldn't be possible.
  • Battles in the rain are actually a staple game mechanic in Fire Emblem:
    • In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade it rains intermittently during either Lyndis and her group's confrontation against her Evil Uncle Lundgren, or Hector and Eliwood's battle against Erik from Laus. They're invariably met with groans of disgust by the fans, as rain heavily limits the units' movements.
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, the Chapter 10 battle takes place in the rain following the (apparent) Heroic Suicide of Chrom's older sister Emmeryn, complete with sorrowful background music and tremendous dramatic splashes of water when anyone lands an attack.
    • Later on, Basilio gets into a duel with Walhart in a rainy field where Basilio fakes his death in order to act out a later plan by Robin/the Avatar. Later, Chrom and co. can meet Walhart again in this same field in Walhart's recruitment Paralogue.
    • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the penultimate chapter of the Crimson Flower route has the Black Eagle Strike Force fighting the coalition of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Knights of Seiros on the rain-soaked Tailtean Plains. The battle is historically significant on two levels because it's where Seiros originally defeated Nemesis, who wielded the very same Sword of the Creator that Byleth obtained earlier in the game, and where the first king of Faerghus defeated the Adrestian Empire and ultimately gained the kingdom's independence. Rhea, now having taken up her armaments and name of Seiros once more, plans to recreate the outcome of that battle by killing Byleth out of revenge for their betrayal at the Throne of Knowledge, while Dimitri intends to follow in the footsteps of King Loog by killing Edelgard. However, in the end, the Black Eagle Strike Force triumphs and forces Seiros to retreat, while Dimitri is fatally wounded and dies on the plains.
  • The high chaos version of the mission The Light at the End in Dishonored takes place during a heavy rainstorm. The low chaos version is just a clear day
  • Much of Toad Man's stage in Mega Man 4 takes place in the rain. The stage boss himself, Toad Man, even uses rain as a weapon!
  • In Dark Souls II, the battle with the Looking Glass Knight takes place in the middle of a lightning storm that's been brewing since you entered the castle, which the boss uses to his advantage by attacking you with lightning, something being wet reduces your resistance to (which is already pretty lower for most armors).
  • The final battle against the Prototype Robot which has the brain of either Fergus or Wyatt and Deathshead in Wolfenstein: The New Order.
  • The "Storm Call" shout in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, causes the skies to rapidly turn grey and cloudy before unleashing a torrential downpour of rain and lightning that targets your enemies. Your own personal Battle in the Rain!
  • Akatsuki Blitzkampf plays the trope straight in Sai's Hong Kong stage, but when it's time to fight Elektrosoldat and then Adler in Tibet's Tsanpo Ravine, what takes place is two Battles In The Snow.
  • The final mission in Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma.
  • In the Mario fangame (Mario) The Music Box, this gets mixed with Rooftop Confrontation when Mario faces Alice for the last time in the "Omitted Memory" ending route. Somewhat enforced/justified in that Mario mentioned that it always rains in the area.
  • Mario Kart:
  • Bloodborne: The battle against the Orphan of Kos, the final boss of the Old Hunters DLC, takes place on a rainy coastline. Fittingly the boss itself has the ability to call down lightning strikes to attack the player, and the rain stops as the battle ends.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode: How Jesse and Aiden face off at the end of Episode 5. Jesse can then arrest him, ignore him, or kick him off the platform.
  • Nexuiz: The map Ruiner takes place in an industrial facility (some kind of sewer) in the middle of a rainfall.
  • Super Mario Odyssey:
    • The battle against Mechawiggler and the rematch take place while it's raining in New Donk City.
    • The rematch against Mollusque-Lanceur also takes place in a rainstorm by necessity, as there are no platforms but Mario needs a source of water.
  • Newer Super Mario Bros. DS: The Final Boss from this Mario Game Mod is fought outside during a violent thunderstorm.
  • Super Mario 3D World: The first half of the confrontation against Bowser in the final world has a rainstorm crop up, adding to the intensity as Bowser, for the first time in the series, uses a powerup against Mario — in this case, a Cat Bell, to become "Meowser". In an interesting twist, the second half of the fight omits the rainstorm by dint of ascending above the cloudline as the battle escalates.
    • In the Bowser's Fury game for the Switch Rerelease of 3D World, Fury Bowser's awakening is heralded by a surprise rainstorm. When he awakens, the rainstorm becomes much stronger, only subsiding when he either leaves of his own accord, is driven off by the light of a Cat Shine, or Mario defeats him in a Behemoth Battle using the Giga Cat Bell.
  • In Cuphead, you have to face a flying dragon named Grim Matchstick for the Soul Contract. The moment he enters his third phase and grows two extra heads, the weather goes from pleasant and sunny to stormy and violent. Combined with Dramatic Thunder.
  • 99Vidas: Stage 5 takes place on the rainy streets of a city where cars will run over anyone in the way.
  • Ninja: Shadow of Darkness has the forest and mountain levels, which has the player's titular hero in the outdoors battling enemies in the middle of heavy downpour. Occasionally there will be bolts of lightning from the skies which can fry him if he's not careful.
  • Toy Story 2: The Licensed Game has three levels where Buzz fights a boss in the rain. In the fifth level, "Allies and Gullies", he fights the Clown Top on a rainy rooftop, in the sixth level, "Slime Time", he fights the Slime Monster in a rainy alley, and in the fourteenth level, "Tarmac Trouble", he fights Blacksmith on top of a rainy control tower.
  • Border Down: Stage 6-D has the final battle take place in stormy weather, contrast to Stage 6-C which took place in sunset.
  • Iconoclasts: The battle by the rocket against Agent Black is fought during a torrential downpour, with even more graphical effects than previous segments of the game that take place during rain.
  • Halo:
    • Halo 2: "Uprising" and "The Great Journey" both feature rain at the middle and the start of each mission, respectively.
    • Halo 3: "The Storm", though the rain is rather light and is often overlooked.
    • Halo: Reach has "New Alexandria", which consists of aerial battles in the rain, and "The Pillar of Autumn", which has a hurricane occur near the end of the mission.
  • Pikmin 3 does this for the last two bosses. Rain normally happens randomly, but if the player does not fight the Quaggled Mireclops the day it can be fought, all following days in that area will be rainy until it is defeated. The same goes for the Plasm Wraith, meaning that both bosses will usually end up being fought in the rain.
  • Them's Fightin' Herds: The "Now Extra Depressing" variant of the Alpake Highlands stage has players fighting in the rain.

    Web Comics 
  • In American Beauty (no, not that one), rashly boasting of surviving being thrown into a pit while it stars to rain lead to the realization that it has dinosaurs.
  • It rains during the first battle in Goblins. As usual for this comic, it increases dramatic tension but has no effect on the plot.
  • The Fava flashback in Juathuur.
  • Hilariously lampshaded in a strip of The Order of the Stick strip where Miko is introduced to the party.
  • Sluggy Freelance: The Zoe vs. Oasis vs. Kusari fight at the end of "Fire And Rain". Appropriately enough, it's easily the most serious fight scene in the series with nary a joke to be seen.
  • In Girl Genius this happens when the Baron's forces attack Mechanicsburg. It seems to be for dramatic effect only, as it doesn't seem to even affect the characters' hair and clothing.
  • Played with in Godslave. A massive thunderstorm rolls overhead as Edith and Turner ditch it out, but they're both inside a museum, so not a drop of rain falls on them.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. There's no real way to accurately describe it, but think Battle of Helm's Deep.
  • In the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Southern Raiders", the moments during Katara's confrontation against her mother's killer. Though being a waterbender, she uses the rain as a weapon. But not until after stopping the rain falling around them first.
  • Kim Possible:
    • The final fight scene in So the Drama is one of these.
    • "Job Unfair" has one of these between Kim and Shego too, but with snow and lightning instead of rain. But in this case, it's justified by the fact that they're fighting on top of a weather machine.
  • In Star Wars: Clone Wars, it conveniently starts to rain during a faceoff between Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress. Cue a dramatic pause where they both stand still while raindrops hit their lightsabers and turn into wisps of steam. (This foreshadows the end of the faceoff, where Anakin gives into rage again, channeling the Dark Side of the Force and using Ventress' dropped Sith lightsaber to savagely tear into her, shoving her off the building they're on with the final blow.)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • The season one episode "Trespass" occurs on an ice-planet during a heavy snowstorm. The episode climaxes in a pitched battle when, against all odds, a peace agreement is reached, which is symbolically sealed when Senator Chuchi of Pantora plunges a spear into the ground between the two battle lines. The storm breaks the exact second that she does so.
    • In the Season 5 episode "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" it started to rain during Ahsoka's escape from the Republic army HQ. The timing is even more jarring than it would be usually, because Corruscant is a weather-controlled planet.
  • The 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Leonardo is pursued by Foot Ninja whilst on a training run through the city. As soon as the circumstances start getting worse, it starts raining. The trope reaches boiling point here, where at the same time he encounters Shredder's Elite Guard, he discovers The Shredder himself is Not Quite Dead as was previously thought (with lightning starting to crack amongst the rain). He is badly beaten and almost killed soon after.
  • The final battle in Wakfu season 1, with Adamaï and Yugo versus Nox, happens under the rain at Mt. Zinit. It is used to great visual effect when Nox stops time, the raindrops first hanging... and then, rising upward when he reverses time.
  • "Haunted", an episode in Teen Titans had Robin separated from the group while they were fighting and fought Slade in the rain. Particularly interesting in that Slade was actually a hallucination. The animation hinted at this by Robin having a Rain Aura while Slade doesn't, Slade disappearing every time lightning struck, and Slade beating up Robin badly with the latter not landing a single blow.
  • The Secret Saturdays: As seen in "The Return of Tsun 'Kalu", the showdown between Doc and Tsun 'Kalu that cost Doc his eye took place atop the Saturdays' Cool Airship during a downpour.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan has this in the episode that reveals how they got to Earth. Lance and his evil commander have a Sword Fight in a platform, in the rain. Lance wins.
  • The battle with the brainwashed students in the X-Men: Evolution episode "Mindbender".
  • Winx Club: It seems the Trix sometimes like to summon rainstorms before attacking; they do this in their first attack on Alfea and their first attack on Red Fountain in Season 1, then do so again while attacking Alfea in season 3.

    Real Life 
  • Obviously, it has rained during fights and battles at many times in history. Unlike in fiction, however, it has affected the participants, especially because rain can screw up equipment, turn the landscape to mud and generally annoy people. Parts of the Somme and Passchendaele campaigns of 1916 and 1917 are the best-known examples in the Anglosphere.
    • Passchendaele was the last time British Commonwealth forces ever tried to fight through the Rasputista (Europe's muddy periods just before the ground freezes in autumn-winter and right after it thaws in winter-spring) or anything even remotely likely it (like the Burman Monsoon season). That they tried in the first place was a testament to their desperation, optimism, and faith in the power of motor transport to substitute for rail supply (tellingly, British motor transport was strictly forbidden from operating in similarly ghastly conditions ever again). Popular culture focuses on what a ghastly thing it was for the Australian, British, and Canadian infantryman, but even one account from the other side describes the German experience in terms of "martyrdom" and the toll on the horses of both sides was simply frightful.
  • Trench-foot and thrush are inevitable in prolonged wet-condition combat. Do not look up images thereof unless possessed of a strong stomach.
  • The U.S. Marine Corp's Martial Arts training program involves sparring in a variety of battlefield conditions, including mud, water, darkness and, yes, rainy weather.


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