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Webcomic / American Barbarian

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American Barbarian is a comic-book-style webcomic — rather Kirby-esque adventures — set in an extremely strange United States — apparently far future.

Tropes included:

  • After the End: The world-ending catastrophe is referenced as the "Great Clusterfuck"
  • Base on Wheels: The Moving Fortress, a city built inside a massive tank-like vehicle..
  • Big Bad: Two-Tank Omen, a gigantic "satanic pharaoh" who has full-sized tanks for feet.
  • Leave No Survivors: Two-Tank-Omen's modus operandi
  • Love Triangle: Averted and lampshaded: Rick is glad that she turns out to be the sister of the other man.
  • Multicolored Hair: The Yoosamons all have red, white, and blue striped hair. Pa has this pattern in his beard.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Rick is horrified by how his attempt to win Two-Tank Omen's trust give Omen a chance to wreak destruction.


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