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Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is a Game Mod of New Super Mario Bros. released on December 25, 2017 as a sorta-sequel, sorta-port to Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii. It can be downloaded here.

This game provides examples of:

  • Advancing Boss of Doom:
    • King Boo chases the player down once they enter his room, while occasionally spitting ice balls at them.
    • The second phase of the final battle sees the Bros get chased by Bowser in the Koopa Clown Car.
    • A.I. Roulette: King Boo has 3 moves: speeding up, spitting a few small ice balls, or spitting a few large ice balls. These all occur in a random order.
  • Battle in the Rain: The final fight against Bowser takes place during a violent thunderstorm.
  • Battleship Raid: Even-number worlds (except World 8) end with an airship stage instead of a castle. Much like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, these are marked with anchors.
  • Bonus Boss: King Boo can be found if the player takes a secret path in the World 5 Ghost House. Defeating him is the only way to access the optional World 6.
  • Boss Remix: King Boo uses a remix of the ghost house theme for his boss battle.
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  • Cumulonemesis: During the seventh world's level Cloudbolt Chasm, Mario is relentlessly chased by a malevolent thundercloud (which looks a lot like the one from Mario Kart Wii) which zaps huge lightning bolts at him.
  • Dark Reprise: Cloudbolt Chasm features a very dark rendition of the Yoshi's Island Athletic theme, as it is a dark and stormy cloud level with the Cumulonemesis mentioned above.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: As in Lost Levels, Luigi has a higher jump, slower acceleration, and less traction.
  • Drop the Hammer: The Hammer Suit also makes an appearance in this game, retaining the abilities of the Blue Shell it is based off of while also allowing Mario or Luigi to run without immediately going into the shell and throw hammers, which, as usual, defeats most enemies the Fire Flower cannot.
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  • Dual Boss: Much like the original game, the final battle with Bowser & Bowser Jr. After Bowser Jr. is defeated however...
  • Evolving Title Screen: Though not to the extent of Newer Wii, but Mario and Luigi run through a title screen based on the world that you last saved in, and in a nice touch, even the logo changes to match the theme of the world.
  • Excuse Plot: Much like Newer Wii, you only have a minor cutscene and single text message before starting the game. The plot is the exact same as the original NSMBDS (Bowser Jr. kidnapped Peach), except that Mario and Peach weren't going on a walk prior to the kidnapping, and both of the bros leapt into action this time, instead of just one of them.
  • The Face of the Sun: The Angry Sun returns from Newer Wii.
  • Hornet Hole: World 3's Hivetree Tower is a beehive within a tree trunk.
  • The Man in the Moon: The Mad Moon returns from Newer Wii. Just like last time, it will try to kill you, just like the Angry Sun.
  • Minecart Madness: In World 2 and World 8, certain levels require Mario to ride a minecart across tricky tracks.
  • Mythology Gag: The final battle with Bowser takes elements of previous battles including New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Bros. 3. The first phase also resembles a reversal of the final battle from New Super Mario Bros. U where, instead of a Giant Bowser aided by Bowser Jr. in the Junior Clown Car who gives up after his father is defeated, Bowser aids Bowser Jr. from the Koopa Clown Car before taking center stage after his son is defeated. Even the music begins similarly to Bowser's theme from Super Mario Galaxy and includes a part from his Super Mario 3D World Leitmotif.
  • Recurring Location: The worlds in this are primarily remixed versions of several of the worlds in Newer Wii.
  • Sinister Sentient Sun: The Angry Sun returns after its appearance in Newer Wii, and is just as bloodthirsty as last time, attacking with divebombs and fireballs.
  • Super Title 64 Advance: Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
  • Unexplained Recovery: Due to the changes in the final battle, Bowser shows up perfectly fine despite last being seen as Dry Bowser.
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