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Clouds are masses of frozen crystals and condensed water that hover into the atmosphere. While sometimes nothing more than fluffy white masses decorating the sky, some can be rather dangerous, most notably the Cumulonimbus, which are the bearer of heavy rains, lightning and hail.

This is probably the reason why some works of fiction have introduced various living cloud enemies that make their best to make the Heroes' lives miserable. They are mostly found in Video Games.

Such enemies typically attack with strong gusts of wind, ice and snow and lightning, and frequently appear in Bubbly Clouds. Also, being Animate Inanimate Objects, expect them to have a face quite often. See also Elemental Embodiment.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Big Mom in One Piece has a minion in the form of a cloud named Zeus. It turns into a thunder cloud when it attacks.

    Comic Books 

    Film — Animated 
  • The Ugly Duckling: The Winds of Winter, a trio of malicious snow-laden clouds with trollish humanoid faces, who come with winter and scour the land with freezing winds, snow and icy gales.

  • James and the Giant Peach has the peach gang encountering a secret colony of cloud men living high in the sky. After inadvertently provoking them, the Cloud Men become hostile, first attacking with hail and later with anything they can find.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, the Tempest is a living storm cloud about fifty feet wide. It feeds by killing living creatures and consuming their moisture.

    Video Games 
  • One of the enemies in Adventure Island series is a grinning cloud that hovers above Master Higgins' head, tossing thunderbolts on him.
  • One of the minigames in the 1999 game Big Fun in Furbyland has a flying Furby wandering in the heavens trying to avoid mean-looking, threatening clouds.
  • Commander Keen — Secret of the Oracle features one of thesenote . Initially, they look just like the other clouds in the game, but when Keen walks past them they open their eyes and begin to chase him, trying to strike him with lightning. They are immune to Keen's neural stunner, but Keen can easily outrun them and even if they catch up, it takes a few seconds for them to unleash their lightning.
  • The Dragon Quest series has recurring cloud enemies, such as the Cumaulus, the Freezing Fog and the Hell Nino, that can do a lot of damage to unsuspecting players thanks to their multi-hit or paralyzing attacks.
  • One of the basic Zoogs in Iggle Pop! is little more that a purple cloud with two oversized, angry eyes.
  • In Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, there are cloud creatures to fight, like the Cloud Babies, Wisps, etc, in the first area.
  • Kirby series:
    • Kracko is a recurring cloud boss with a single eye and yellow spikes that made its debut in the very first Kirby game and appeared in nearly every subsequent Kirby platformer.
    • Aside from the aforementioned Kracko, Kirby's Dream Land also featured a regular cloud enemy with glasses named Puffy. It is a dangerous foe that swoops down on Kirby, fires bullets and moves at high speeds.
    • Kirby Mass Attack introduced the Flickerfloof enemy, a small grey cloud that attacks the Kirbys with lightning bolts.
  • The Super Mario Bros. series has plenty of them:
    • Super Mario 64 has the Fwoosh, a living cloud located high up Tall Tall Mountain that blows gusts of wind to throw Mario over the cliff, sending him to his doom.
    • The Foos in New Super Mario Bros. Wii are clouds that blow opaque mist around them, covering the screen and blocking the player's and Mario's vision. They solely appear in World 7-5. They reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U in the Meringue Clouds level "Snaking above Mist Valley", and in New Super Luigi U in "Three-Headed Snake Block".
    • Super Mario 3D World marks the debut of the Ty-Foos, Foo relatives that blow strong winds at Mario and his friends. They usually appear next to narrow paths, so their winds can send them over edges and cliffs. Ty-Foos reappear in Super Mario Odyssey, where they can be captured and used to blow enemies away.
    • Super Mario RPG has the Mokura enemies, green poisonous clouds that are immune to regular attacks thanks to their gaseous nature.
    • The Ruff Puffs in the Paper Mario series are a species of sentient clouds with a threatening, haughty smile. They attack the plumber by zapping him with lightning or ramming into him. They have a number of variants, such as the Dark Puffs, which have a weaker lighting attack, and the Ice Puffs, which have an ice attack instead.
    • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story has poisonous cloud enemies named Stonks.
    • Yoshi's Woolly World introduces the Fluffy Phantom, big sentient clounds that blow wind at Yoshi. While it can be useful to make Yoshi's Flying Carpet soar, some act as a hindrance as they tend to push the carpet towards Bottomless Pits. Also, direct contact with them is harmful to Yoshi.
    • Mario Kart Wii introduced the infamous Thundercloud item, a smiling grey cloud that ominously looms above the player for a short time before zapping them, shriking them just like the regular Lightning item. The player therefore has to bump into other racers to transfer the vaporous threat to them. Fortunately, it has the redeeming effect of significantly increasing the player's speed before striking them.
  • In Miitopia, clouds that possess stolen Mii facial features are among the many bizarre enemies from the cast. Interestingly, they usually use their weathery traits to aid their allies in battle, as their rain can heal them and their partners. The Lightning Cloud can also, as one could expect, zap Miis.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Game Mod Newer Super Mario Bros. DS features a sinister thundercloud which relentlessly pursues Mario in the Cloudbolt Chasm level and tries to zap him with lightning. It looks a lot like the aforementioned Thundercloud item from Mario Kart Wii, albeit with an angry face.
  • Among the Subpace army from Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary are the Spaaks, bizarre cloud enemies with clenched teeth and beady red eyes that have dynamos on their back. The more they are hit, the more black, electrified and damaging they get.
  • Terraria has the Angry Nimbus, a Hardmode enemy that spawns only during rain, which tries to harm players with a rain attack. They have a small chance of dropping a Nimbus Rod, which allows players to create raining clouds of their own.
  • A few times in Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, the protagonist is relentlessly pursued by clouds that shoot thunders.
  • Wario Land has a thunder cloud that follows Wario throughout certain levels and tries to blast him with lightning bolts.
  • Subverted with the Bomb Flier enemies in Mega Man 3. They look like clouds with eyes and a propeller on the back, but shooting them dissipates the cloud to reveal a giant bullet.
  • The Big Bad of Dragon Kingdom, an edutainment game built into Leap Frog's Leapster 2 handheld console, is a giant storm cloud who suddenly appears one day and shatters the sun and the rainbow into shards. The player must play as one of two dragon characters and collect these sun and rainbow shards, as well as defeating the giant storm cloud and its minions.


    Western Animation 
  • Masami from The Amazing World of Gumball is a living cloud. Usually she's just a Spoiled Brat, and looks like a little, white cumulus. In the climax of "The Storm", she goes on a violent, weather-based rampage during which she changes to a darker storm cloud with sparks and Glowing Eyes of Doom.
  • DuckTales (1987): In the episode Nothing to Fear, Magica DeSpell summons an evil cloud over the McDuck manor that brings the heroes' worst fears to life. After Scrooge and his nephews overcome their fear, the cloud turns against Magica instead (her worst fear) and chases her away, repeatedly zapping her with lightning.
  • Old Man Winter from the Happy Harmonies short "To Spring", who is personified as a giant snow cloud with a face, beard and arms, who uses his strong wintery gale to keep the protagonists, a colony of underground dwarfs, from bringing back spring by using their underground weather factory to melt winter away.
  • The Loonatics Unleashed villain Weather Vane can generate cloud monsters as mooks as one aspect of her weather control powers. The heroes discover that they're hard to hurt, being made of water vapor and air.
  • An episode of The New Pink Panther Show has the title character chased by a small cloud as a result of a Gypsy Curse.
  • Uncle Croc's Block: In the "Fraidy Cat" cartoons, whenever the titular cat says a number from 1 to 8, a ghost of one of his previous lives would appear, and saying the number 9 (his current life) summons a small cloud that chases him and tries to kill him with lighting. While the ghosts can be helpful from time to time, the cloud is always evil towards Fraidy.
  • Hilda has Weather Spirits, which are essentially sentient clouds with control over rain, wind and snow. Normally, when left on their own, they are harmless, but if they run into one another you can expect a fierce argument, resulting in storms.


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