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Aurora is an ongoing webcomic started in April 2019 written and illustrated by Red, best known as the co-creator of Overly Sarcastic Productions. It is a high-fantasy webcomic that begins when an entity known as the Collector steals the soul of the god Vash and departs with it. However, Vash’s body is not ready to die and somehow retains an entirely new consciousness who sets out with a mage named Alinua to get back Vash’s soul.

As of April 2020, the webcomic is seven chapters into the first arc. Currently, it is updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The webcomic can be found here. The official Twitter account (run by Red) can be found here. If you want to talk about the comic, you can go to the discord or the subreddit. Additionally, a fandub (here) is in the process of recording. Other forms of media with a similar name can be found here.


Aurora contains examples of

  • Alt Text: Every page has one, usually Red making snarky comments about her own work. A few notable ones...
    • 1.1.24:
    • 1.2.7:
      yeah stab wounds are the WORST
    • 1.2.13:
      magical hazmat suits are my favorite fantasyland thing
    • 1.2.17:
      awhaaat? inviting the mysterious stranger to join you on your quest? unprecedented! unheard of! the fantasy genre has never seen anything like it!
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Even background characters have a wide variety of skin tones ranging through the whole color spectrum.
  • Animesque: The art style is somewhat reminiscent of anime and manga styles.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: The souls of the citizens of Vash can't proceed to the afterlife until Vash formally releases them. As Vash is unvailable, that means they're all currently trapped in should-be-dead bodies screaming and crying for help.
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  • Bluff the Imposter: Invoked. In Windscrest, Kendal asks the magistrate to ask him something only Vash could know to prove their connection.
  • Cool Sword: Vash possesses an apparently magical sword. The jewel at the hilt glows the same color as his eyes.
  • Demonic Possession: Erin has the misfortune of getting possessed by a golden-eyed being upon entering the Storm of Magic. Still, he manages to warn Kendal to run, showing he's Fighting from the Inside.
    Erin: GET AWAY! RUN!!
  • Elemental Powers: Mages in this world are capable of channeling one or more of the six elements: wind, water, fire, stone, lightning, and life.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: Upon introduction, Alinua is shrouded in shadow, her eyes visibly glowing green. However, we see her full face after she introduces herself to Kendal.
  • Floating Continent: The world of Aurora includes the Flying Islands, an airborne island chain that was magically lifted from the surface several centuries ago and is now home to the cloud elves.
  • Gilligan Cut: In Chapter 5, the golden-eyed entity retreats back into Erin, causing him to pass out. Kendal gives Alinua Puppy-Dog Eyes and she begins to insist that they are not staying with him. Cut to Kendal sitting by a fire late at night with Erin sleeping nearby.
  • Glowing Eyes: Vash has these (though Kendal doesn't) and Alinua's eyes glow green when she uses her powers.
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Downplayed. In Windscrest, the magistrate— upon realizing Kendal's nature— initially refers to him as "who", but quickly changes it to "what".
    Magistrate: Given the demonstration, I believe that you are who— what you say you are.
  • Joined Your Party:
    • Kendal and Alinua decide to start traveling together at the end of Chapter 3
      Kendal: But you're free to go wherever you want, you don't need to—
      Alinua: Hey. Do you want to go alone?
      Kendal: Not really.
      Alinua: Me neither. Easy choice.
    • Erin joins in Chapter 6.
      Alt Text: whaaaaat a new party member that's craaaaazy and so unpreeeedented
  • Martyr Without a Cause: Alinua and Kendal both have shades of this.
    Kendal: Why did you do that? You could have died.
    Alinua: I'll die anyway. But I...don't get many opportunities to do anything good. That might make this all worth it.
  • No Social Skills: Applies to both Alinua and Kendal.
    Kendal: You've talked to people before, right?
    Alinua: Yeah, like, ten years ago. I'm kind of out of practice.
    Kendal: That's better than NO experience. You're literally the only person I've ever actually talked to.
    Alinua: Yeah, but you have centuries of Vash's experience to draw on!
    Kendal: It was easier for Vash! People respect gods! I'm just...some guy.
  • Odd-Shaped Panel: When Alinua uses her powers to attack the Sentinel, the panels at the bottom half of the page are divided by what looks like cracks, mirroring Alinua's plants making cracks in the Sentinel.
  • One-Word Title
  • Our Souls Are Different: The in-universe explanation for souls is that people are concentrated amounts of soul-energy, with gods having extremely high amounts of soul energy. How Kendal factors into all of this has yet to be explained.
  • Painting the Medium: Most people speak in regular white speech bubbles, but Vash and the Collector, being otherworldly beings, both have colored speech bubbles, blue and green respectively. And even though Vash speaks with a blue bubble, Kendal's speech bubble is an ordinary white. Several exceptionally divine entities, including the being in the storm, don't use bubbles at all, but rather large block letters.
  • Power Floats: Alinua actually rises into the air when unleashing her full powers.
  • Power Incontinence: Alinua has extreme difficulty controlling her life-powers. One boy born with powers like hers accidentally incited the last chimera plague that killed countless people, including himself. After undergoing a strange transformation in Chapter 3, she has a much better control over her powers.
  • Sickly Green Glow: Alinua and the Collector both have immense powers that elicit an ominous green glow.
  • Speech-Bubbles Interruption: In the tree, Kendal talks about leaving soon, only to be interrupted by Alinua saying "You can't leave."
  • Super Mode: Alinua enters this whenever she uses her powers beyond small tasks. Unfortunately, she has extreme difficulty controlling them when this powerful.
  • Tears of Joy: Alinua sheds these after her magical transformation which gave her better control over her power and allowed her to no longer view herself as a monster.
  • Torches and Pitchforks: When Kendal and Alinua arrive in Windscrest, they are immediately greeted by an angry pitchfork-wielding crowd who assume they caused the destruction of Vash.
  • Trauma Button: Erin inadvertently pushes this for Alinua when he casually mentions how uncommon cloud elves are outside of the Flying Islands. It turns out the reason she lives on the surface is because when she was born her birth parents threw her off the edge.
  • Visual Title Drop: The very first panel shows a colorful aurora across the night sky.
  • Waking Up Elsewhere: Chapter 2 opens with Kendal waking up in Alinua's cave after passing out from blood loss.
  • Year Zero: The prologue is set in “Year Zero”
  • Your Soul Is Mine: The duly-named Collector steals souls. She notes that she has stolen hundreds of human souls, and has since lost interest in them, but the idea of stealing the soul of a god (namely Vash) excites her.


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