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The Shadowleague trilogy, by Maggie Furey, is a fantasy trilogy. The three books all tell one story—only the first one could ever be said to stand alone, and that's pushing it—but from so many different viewpoints that it takes a while for everything to come together. The main premise of the books is that Curtain Walls divide the world of Myrial into separate countries, and now those barriers are failing, damaging ecosystems and causing conflict.


  1. The Heart of Myrial (1999)
  2. The Spirit of the Stone (2001)
  3. The Eye of Eternity (Echo of Eternity in the US) (2002)

Major characters include Veldan, a Loremaster from the Shadowleague (which is dedicated to maintaining the Curtain Walls) and her partner Kazairl. By the end of the first book, they have teamed up with an old but tough warrior woman named Toulac and Veldan's estranged fellow Loremaster, Elion. Minor characters such as Aliana, a thief, and Seriema, a noblewoman without a home, also take their turns in the spotlight.


This trilogy contains examples of: