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Nelson Rodriguez Erazo (born March 20, 1977) is a Puerto Rican-American Professional Wrestler and trainer from Brooklyn, NY, known as Homicide. He debuted in 1993 as The Latin Terror, changing it to Homicide a few years later. He is best known for his work in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, and has worked all over the world.

Along with his ROH World Championship Title reign, he is a former 6x JAPW Tag Team Champion, a former 7x JAPW Heavyweight Champion, a former Big Japan Junior Heavyweight Champion, a former UXW Heavyweight Champion, a former UXW United States Heavyweight Champion, a former UXW Xtreme Champion, a former ICW (New York) Tag Team Champion, a former ICW (New York) Heavyweight Champion, a former (and the first-ever) PWU (Unplugged) Heavyweight Champion, a former IWA (Puerto Rico) World Junior Heavyweight Champion, a former PWG World Tag Team Champion with B-Boy, a former JCW (Jersey Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Champion, a former FIP (Florida) Heavyweight Champion, a former 2x NWA World Tag Team Champion, a former TNA World Tag Team Champion, a former IWA (Puerto Rico) World Tag Team Champion, a former TNA X-Division Champion, a former NHPW (Australia) Art of Fighting Champion and a former IWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion.

"The Notorious Tropes":

  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: Sometimes one on top of another, to hand out to fans.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The Murder City Machine Guns still had issues with The Age Of The Fall, Steenerico and The Briscoes, but they were pulled out of ROH in October and replaced with...well the event was named Return Of The 187, and he brought Hotstuff Hernandez with him.
  • Bash Brothers: With B-Boy, Low Ki, Hernandez, Eddie Kingston
  • Big Damn Heroes - When everyone thought ROH would lose to CZW in Cage of Death...
  • Brooklyn Rage: Essentially embodies what his pupil, Low Ki, would rather not.
  • Character Title
    • JAPW Funkin' Homicide in 2003 (Homicide vs Terry Funk in the main event)
    • ROH Ring Of Homicide in 2006
    • Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling When Hero Meets Homicide in 2006
    • Game Changer Wrestling, A Tribute To Homicide in 2019
  • Cheap Heat: At Generation Next he claimed "You people" made him "fucking disgusted" but he got cheered anyway. He yelled he didn't need "your chants" but that made them chant more.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: One of the first to be slapped down by Sinclair Broadcast Group for cussing too much on their show, although he wasn't reprimanded as harshly as the others because Spanish.
  • Continuity Nod: During his The Bus Came Back moment during MLW’s inaugural Battle Riot match in 2018, his entrance consisted of his titantron listing his previous affiliation with Black Friday Management and played Low Ki’s music, as they were both part of the stable during MLW’s original run in 2004.
  • Cool Teacher
    • To The Christopher Street Connection, Becky Bayless, Low Ki, Dan Maff (originally referred to as Mafia), Julius Smokes and Monsta Mack though the latter was referred to by name on The Era Of Honor Begins, he was later only referred to as Homicide's thug when the Rottweilers were together. He wasn't so happy to see two of his students become Azriel and Deranged of Special K. Outside of ROH you can also count Rycklon Stephens, Lizzy Valentine, Bandido Jr, Boogalou and Dimitrios Papadon.
    • His students Laithon and Lowlife Louie Ramos eventually joined him as the head trainers of Long Island Wrestling Federation's doghouse.
  • Cop Killer: This is the name of his Finishing Move(as if the Kudo Driver needed a Name of Power). He changed it to Gringo Killa after forming LAX.
  • Crossover: One of those who invaded IWA Puerto Rico
  • Expy: His early years saw him compared to New Jack.
    • His tag team with Hernandez as LAX also drew comparisons to the Gangstas.
  • Finishing Move: An oddity, as he doesn't actually like the kimura lock, but is good at winning matches with it when the situation calls for it. Also the Ace Crusher.
  • Fingore: After reDRagon regained the tag team titles, he and Eddie Kingston sent them a message by breaking Kyle O'Reilly's fingers.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: As a member of World Elite, even though he was American.
  • Fork Fencing: Went after everyone he didn't like at once backstage in a fork stabbing rampage. Oh, and he has a pair of shorts with a fork on them.
  • Gangbangers: Strong Style Thugz, Rottweilers, LAX, Beat Down Clan... yeah.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: As a member of World Elite, he was uncontrollable and would attack everyone from opponents to refs and announcers.
  • Heroic BSoD - In 2006, he had shots at the Tag Team, Pure, and World titles, and lost in all three of them. Cue him quitting on ROH.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Homicide had on and off hostilities with him for at least a year but was hijacked by Legendary manager "Playboy" Gary Hart, who sent him and Low Ki to attack Terry Funk at MLW Reload on January 10, 2004 as retribution for Funk losing the "I Quit" Match to Ric Flair at NWA Clash of the Champions IX on November 15, 1989.
  • Improvised Weapon: MVP's been to prison but Homicide has a reputation for being able to make anything into a shank. His most improbable weapon might have been a blow torch on James Storm…it wasn't turned on.
  • Jack of All Stats: Able to do it all pretty much, including pile drive Samoa Joe!
  • Mister Big: He had this gimmick and served under one when the leader of the power stable wasn't immediately revealed. In Homicide's case were he lead "The Order" he was even called "Mr. Big"(sometimes with two gs) and in the other case he was one of many wrestlers working for as "Uncle Murda".
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: There's something wrong with a guy who identifies as Homicide.
  • Non-Ironic Clown: Outlaw Inc disguised themselves as these such clowns, celebrating reDRagon's title retention, to set up an ambush. Still, Outlaw Inc retained a clown motif afterwards.
  • Parts Unknown: Of a sort. LAX were billed from "The Latino Nation."
  • Playing with Fire: He got himself DQ'd against Samoa Joe at ROH Reborn Stage 1, April 23, 2004. Julius Smokes turned the lights out and Homicide threw a fireball at Joe.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in AAA): Homicide was a foreigner at the time most of them were being put into La Legion Extranjera of Konnan
    • (in TNA): Latin American Exchange, World Elite, Beat Down Clan, OGz
    • (in ROH): The Rottweilers
    • (in Dragon Gate USA): World-1
    • (in independents): Strong Style Thugs(usually a tag team with Low Ki)
    • The Nation Of Immigration expanded from a tag team into one of these
  • Power Trio: The Evil Family when hooking up with The Hit Squad(Mafia and Monsta Mack)
  • Put on a Bus: Pulled out by TNA, but was also once pushed back in by TNA when it was trying to mend its relationship with ROH.
  • Red Baron: "The Notorious 187"
  • Redemption Quest - The whole impetus for the "Road of Homicide" in the second half of 2006.
  • Signature Move: The homicide dive (Topé con hilo\rolling suicide dive)
  • Spicy Latino: Oh yeah. His original ring name was The Latin Terror and he was a founding member of LAX.
  • Standard Female Grab Area: Dragged off backstage interviewer Lauren Thompson when "Snowflake" did not respond to his compliments and gave Homicide the impression she did not date Latinos.
  • Tag Team:
    • (in TNA and elsewhere): LAX / OGz, with Hernandez
    • (in IWA Mid-South and ROH): Outlaw Inc., with Eddie Kingston
    • (in JAPW): Nation of Immigration, with Kane D
    • (in ROH and elsewhere): Natural Born Sinners, with Boogalou
    • (in PWG, CZW, JAPW and Beyond): Team Friday with B-Boy
  • Tattooed Crook: A wrestling gangsta with plenty of ink on his left arm.
  • Tournament Arc
    • Defeated Boogalou in the final round of the 2002 number one contender's tournament for the Impact Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title belt.
    • Team Friday defeated American Dragon and Super Dragon in the final round of Pro Wrestling Guerilla's Tag Team Title Tournament at the 2004 Tango And Clash Invitational
    • He defeated Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Austin Aries of Generation Next at the end of Ring Of Honor's 2005 trios tournament while teaming with Rottweilers stablemates The Havana Pitbulls Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero.
    • Hernandez and Homicide on the TNA Tag Team titles in TNA's Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament of 2008 by defeating Team 3D in the final round.
    • Won the final four way match of New Horizon Pro Wrestling 2011 Global Conflict tournament by outlasting Kabel and Kris Taylor and Percy T, retaining his Art Of Fighting title belt in the process.
  • Undying Loyalty: Homicide is the one member who's been established as being ever-present in LAX through both of its incarnations despite never being the official leader. He was the one who ended the first run by turning on Hernandez when it was literally just the two of them and he was jealous of Hernandez' singles success, but less than a year later reconciled with him after the big man was injured by Matt Morgan. While the two did side with Eddie Kingston over Konnan during the stable's Enemy Civil War, he effectively had to choose which longtime friend to stand by between Konnan and King, so he went with the one who didn't just have him bodyguarding a strip club instead of getting in the ring.
  • Unnecessary Roughness: Homicide is a decent mat wrestler and decent at applying submissions, but there are guys better and he prefers to bite, eye rake and hit people with stuff once he's gotten a hold of them rather than traditionally wrestle.
  • Ur-Example: He was the first ever PWU Heavyweight Champion.
  • Verbal Tic: Brra!
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Has worn the Puerto Rican flag on his bandanas.
  • Worthy Opponent: Any of his fellow Rottweilers, Samoa Joe, and, after a year of feuding with him, Colt Cabana

Alternative Title(s): Homicide