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Awesome / The Lion King 1

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  • The way Timon saves the day when he, his mom, Uncle Max, and Pumbaa are cornered by hyenas. He formulates a plan that involves his mom and uncle digging a tunnel barely held by sticks while Timon and Pumbaa get their attention. The plan nearly works, until the part where Max is to collapse the tunnel by toppling the sticks (taking the hyenas above with it), where a loose rock puts a snag into it. Timon resolves this by diving into the tunnel to finish the plan. And he does so...just before Shenzi could reach the other three. He also makes it out alive just as his mom starts to worry.
  • Timon's Ma hitting Rafiki on the head with his own stick. As awesome as Rafiki is, with all the characters he's bonked on the head with that stick during the franchise, it's actually pretty satisfying to see him on the receiving end of it for once.
    • Similarly, her landing hard on Rafiki's foot after she thinks his advice to Timon got him into trouble. It's undeserved, but still, perfect Mama Bear moment.
  • Shenzi and the gang having some fun going after the meerkats, and then coolly walking away into the sunset.

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