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  • When Timon stalls Shenzi for time by proposing. The looks on the faces of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, and especially Pumbaa, are unforgettable.
    (Pumbaa's jaw has dropped like a cash register.)
    Timon: I know what you're thinking, Shenzi Marie. "We're too different. It'll never work. What will the children look like?"
    (Reaction Shot back to Pumbaa, who is still frozen in the Jaw Drop.)
    • The way he does it is pretty insulting too - "If not now, when? If not me, who?" For believers in the Shenzi/Banzai pairing, Banzai has a pretty smug look on his face the whole time.
    • Shenzi's overly ridiculous long name (Shenzi Marie Predatorra Veldetta Jackalina Hyena) and after Timon proposes Pumbaa just stands there jaw agape.
    • Pumbaa asks Timon "Can I be your best man?" Timon's look of "What?!" just increased the hilariousness.
      • And Banzai's reply.
    Banzai: I say we skip the wedding, and go straight to the buffet!
    • Earlier, the hyenas gradually grow less and less impressed with the stalling. They get bored during the plate spinning, and their expressions during the can-can are just disapproving "You can do better, come on" faces. Even Ed finds nothing funny about it.
    • When the trap fails, Max exclaims "it didn't work!" Banzai snarks in the background, "Hey, works for me!"
  • Timon & Pumbaa's MST3King, particularly their reaction to the hula.
    Timon: (completely deadpan) Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
    Pumbaa: (completely deadpan) Oh, sure.
  • The indirect reason why the animals bowed down to the newborn Simba.
  • "It's either that slug I ate, or I'm having an epiphany!"
  • "Everything the light touches...belongs to someone else!"
  • "I think this storm's coming to a head."
  • "It's hard to think with all this music!"
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  • Timon snarkily referring to Rafiki as "the omniscient monkey," and lampshading how he always seems to show up exactly when people need sage advice.
  • The Hurricane of Puns the hyenas come up with. For example:
    Shenzi: Encore, encore!
    Banzai: You mean "entrée, entrée!"
  • At one point Pumbaa, Simba, and Timon are shown sitting in a pool with bubbles to relax. Cue Pumbaa getting out of the pool and the bubbles stopping. Simba and Timon look at the pool in disgust and run out of the pool.
  • The part after the hula scene:
    Timon's mom: "Something is different about Timon."
    Uncle Max: "You think? HE'S WEARING A DRESS!"
  • Simba is constantly waking Timon for various reasons, and what should make a return but the infamous log:
    Timon: "We're gonna get old walking across this thing."
  • Right before the infamous hula scene:
    Timon: "This could be our finest hour yet!"
  • This gem...
    Ma: Uncle Max, Timon's out there chasing metaphors. We gotta go find him.
    Uncle Max: (from in a hole) ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?
    • The same scene, a bit later;
    Rafiki: Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
    Ma: Thanks, here's my first step. *Jumps on his foot*
    Timon: OWW!
  • Uncle Max’s reaction when Ma has the idea to put Timon on Sentry Duty.
    Uncle Max: Timon the Sentry?! Why don’t you save the hyenas the trouble and kill me now?! JUST KILL ME NOW!!
    Timon: He has a point...
  • When Timon and Pumbaa first meet, it starts off like something out of a horror movie. Suspense, creepy music, weird sounds, mysterious movements, and shadows. When Pumbaa roars, sending Timon running away and then chasing after him; it sells the idea. However, the minute they come face to face, they end up screaming. Anything that was scary just moments ago is completely gone.
    • The movie freeze frames on their hilarious screaming faces and Timon and Pumbaa have this exchange;
    Pumbaa: You know, first impressions are very important.
    Timon: Oh, I thought you were a scream.
  • There's a game on the DVD called "Who Wants To Be King of the Jungle?". For one of Timon's lifelines, you have the option of calling up his mother, who proceeds to become very excited about talking to Meredith Vieira. She calls Uncle Max and says he has to take a picture of her.
    Uncle Max: What picture? YOU'RE ON THE PHONE!
  • Following their first tender scene, Timon pauses the movie and ends up crying. Pumbaa offers him a tissue so he can blow his nose, which Timon promptly does. Timon then gives it back to him after using it. Pumbaa's reaction is just hilarious.
    Pumbaa: [Disgusted] Gee, thanks.
  • Timon and Pumbaa try to break Simba and Nala up unsuccessfully. First time, Timon fires a thorn like a dart gun at Nala, who gets her paw pricked. Simba plucks it out with a grin and spits it back into the grass...where Timon's heard yelping.
    • The second one has Timon and Pumbaa drop a spider down to Simba and Nala...only for the spider that they used to catch sight of a female spider and fall in love with her. Guess that plan was wrapped up.
    • The third one has Timon try to throw a beehive at the lions. He throws the hive...but the bees just stay in the air behind him, which leads to him getting stung. Epic Fail indeed.
    • Forth plan? Set up a 'trip trap' for Simba and Nala, only for them to playfully be tumbling down the hill, send Timon and Pumbaa into the trees, and for butterflies to come out and get the lions nuzzling and cuddling.
  • Timon parting ways with his mother. It starts off standard, where he's walking away with determination. She then proceeds to call out to him with motherly worries, which he gets increasingly annoyed with, but assures her anyway. Eventually, he gets so far away from her that he can't hear what she's saying.
    Timon: WHAT?!
    Ma: (yells indecipherably)
    Timon: (Hand to his ear) WHAT?!
    Ma: (Yells again)
    Timon: (Giving up) GOODBYE, MA!
  • Both of Timon's meetings with Rafiki.
    Rafiki: Life without worry. You seek Hakuna Matata!
    Timon: Harpoon a tomata?
    • During his second meeting with Rafiki, Timon not only ends up saying everything between them, but the look on Rafiki's face while he does it is priceless. After he asks for a Dope Slap from Rafiki's walking stick, he leaves, resolute.
    Rafiki: [Looks at the screen] My work here is done.
  • The freeze-frame image from when Timon and Pumbaa are falling down the waterfall. It's just hilarious to look at.
    • The movie was paused to begin with so Pumbaa could get some more snacks. Timon passes the time singing "It's a Small World" and picking his nose.
  • What really goes on during a song number as seen by Timon.
  • When the Wildebeest Stampede starts running towards Timon and Pumbaa.
    Pumbaa: Shall we run for our lives?
    Timon: Oh, yes, let's.
    Both: AAAAAH!!!! (both scream and run)
  • During the first chase scene, Pumbaa accidentally switches the movie to a shopping channel by sitting on the remote.
  • Whenever Timon's mother gives him such agonizing hugs.
    Timon: Ma! Choking, not breathing!
  • When Timon and Pumbaa listen to Nala telling them Simba's story, Pumbaa is horrified and thinks about all the tragedy Simba's gone through. Timon is thinking "Blah blah blah!"
  • When trying to distract the hyenas from chasing Simba, Timon tells a joke at their expense. "What do you call a hyena with half a brain?"  Ed cracks up, causing Banzai to slap him and explain to him "They're talking about us!"
    Shenzi: For your last meal, you're gonna eat those words!
    (Timon and Pumbaa smile, then zip away, leaving dust clouds in their own shapes that linger for a few moments)
  • Pumbaa running through the desert. He intentionally ran in slow-motion to let Timon catch up. Doubles as heartwarming moment.
    Timon: What was with the running? If you could call that running.
    Pumbaa: I was giving you time to catch up.
  • The entire scene with the hyenas scaring the meerkats.
  • The duo coming across the goose-stepping hyenas in "Be Prepared".
    Timon: Something tells me this ain't the travelling company of Riverdance.
  • The ending where Timon's mother, Uncle Max, Simba, and Rafiki arrive in the theater to watch the movie, to Timon's dismay. And then various characters from the Disney Animated Canon come in as well.
  • The snail-slurping contest between Timon and Simba. Childish gross out humour? Sure. But set against the epic main theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Hilarious.

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