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Tear Jerker / The Lion King 1

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  • From the growing-up montage in , once you realize it must have been referring to the stampede sequence and Mufasa's death:
    Simba: I... I had a bad dream.
  • Pumbaa admitting to Timon that he's all alone in the world. The sad face he makes in the end just sells it.
  • Uncle Max's look of disappointment and anger after Timon left his post and nearly costing him his life. An extra tearjerker and moment of heartwarming when Max angrily tells Timon that he trusted him.
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  • Timon's initial refusal to go help Simba and Pumbaa calling him out on his selfishness. After Pumbaa leaves without him, Timon tries to enjoy the jungle alone. He can't.

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