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Nightmare Fuel / Lilo & Stitch: The Series

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"Hey guysssss!"note 

It's hard to imagine it but think about it. There are over six hundred monstrous aliens with various powers on here. This is mostly to list, when you really think about it, how dangerous they were before Lilo gave them the Heel–Face Turn.

Note that experiments who were introduced in Comic Zone: Lilo & Stitch and the Stitch! animenote  are also on this page. Stitch himself is also on here, too. Experiments who have never been seen in either The Series (and its two films), Comic Zone: Lilo & Stitch, or Stitch! should not be added.

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    Experiment Paranoia Fuel (Canon only)
Two heads are better than one, even with Body Horror.
  • Shrink (Experiment 001): His primary function is size manipulation. While we haven't seen him in The Series, in Stitch!, we see that he can shrink and/or enlarge creatures.
  • Frenchfry (Experiment 062): His primary function is to make food that has empty calories and bloats people like balloons... and then he eats them alive. He doesn’t care if you’re a fellow experiment, either. He's a man-eating alien that makes one completely unable to defend themselves due to excess weight, similar to the Wicked Witch of Hansel and Gretel. The worst part is the video records that Jumba made sometime after Frenchfry's original activation, which reveals that all of this wasn't even intentional on Jumba's part—Jumba simply wanted Frenchfry to be his personal chef and is noticeably terrified when he realizes what his experiment is doing to his body.
    Past Jumba: Hour six...body has inflated to size of spaceship...062 creates food that is delicious but removes all nutrition! Resulting in empty calories! MUST HALT 062'S PROGRAMMING! AAAAAAAH! (feed cuts off)
  • Skip (Experiment 089): An experiment that can make you skip a whole decade of your life. And from what it's implied in the series, you basically disappear for 10 years at a time, so people have been searching for you and worried about your well being for 10 years. That's nightmare fuel for any child who, say, touched it and appeared 10-years older and finds out that they've been missing for that long. Like Frenchfry, Skip's creepier effects weren't even intentional on Jumba's part, either, as Jumba created him as a Mundane Utility to speed up the process of heating up food in the microwave, with Jumba's intention being that he was supposed to skip ahead ten minutes, not years. That didn't go as planned.
  • Toons (Experiment 112): Its primary function is bringing drawings to life. Imagination is a scary thing, and if weaponized right, you can make anything. ANYTHING!
  • Shoe (Experiment 113): a creature that can manipulate probability. Meaning if he’s got his horns on right, he can cause misfortune for anyone.
  • Bugby (Experiment 128): His primary function is to change anything into Earth insects. You become the prey for a multitude of animals from birds, frogs, larger insects and become more susceptible to toxins. You are on the other end of the bug spray for once!
  • Bragg/Flute (145):note  This experiment gains strength from sympathy of others, meaning it's a master of manipulation and uses a pied piper method of getting strength. That's rather disturbing that this thing can play people like a harp.
  • Babyfier (Experiment 151): His primary function is reversing the aging process and turning people into babies. His antidote is only found in Hawaii (bananas, milk, apple sauce and a specific brand of coffee bean), so to save people from reliving their childhood isn't easy. This thing can turn people into defenseless infants/toddlers in any situation if provoked. Let that sink in...
  • Retro (Experiment 210): His primary function is reversing the evolution of a creature or item. Not that scary, until you realize this thing can create ancient lifeforms at will. At the end of his introduction, he recreated a Tyrannosaurus! We don't even know if that's still around or not!
  • Hocker (Experiment 051): His primary function is to spit acidic saliva at random people. Imagine coming across him with no knowledge of that beforehand!
  • Sparky (Experiment 221): His primary function is electrokinesis. He's designed to overcharge an electrical system, so this can put an entire city into a blackout...
    • Sparky puts out enough power to make electronics smoke and explode. Forget life support, he could burn a whole building down by causing electrical fires. The results of him attacking modern devices powered by lithium batteries would be especially spectacular. Even worse, he can phase through metal objects. Imagine him sneaking onto an airliner, then frying all its electrical systems mid-flight and starting fires that fill the cabin with deadly smoke. Oh, and if he really wanted to cause destruction, he could cripple fire trucks and shut down a city's water grid by disabling pumps and forcing electrically operated valves closed.
    • Those with strong stomachs can look up safety pamphlets and videos about arc flash, arc blast, and the other deadly hazards of high-voltage electrical systems, and even find pictures of the horrific injuries they can cause. Basically, Sparky could turn a person into a smoldering husk if they made him mad.
  • Poxy (Experiment 222): His primary function is to be a sentient virus who creates an unusual disease that can potentially be fatal. While he can be a cure-all when good, he's worse than the bubonic plague by default.
  • Glitch (Experiment 223): His primary function is to be a living computer virus. He's basically Poxy for technology. This is very dangerous in a modern age where computers are needed so this can potentially cause damage to planes, automatic cars, and other vehicles and make untold damage.
  • Melty (Experiment 228): This creature can melt anything... anything inorganic. While he just melts stuff, this can still cause untold damage and panic many people.
  • Wormhole (Experiment 272): It's a living interdimensional wormhole. This thing can drop you off into any dimension if wants and you could be stuck in an apocalyptic wasteland or worse.
  • Remmy (Experiment 276): A creepy blue ghost-like experiment who literally creates nightmares by entering your head while you sleep and corrupting all your dreams. And if you wake up while he's in there? He gets stuck in your head forever, waiting for you to fall asleep again so he can do it all again. What's really creepy about him is that he's probably the only one of these experiments who seemed genuinely sadistic, delivering a seriously creepy Evil Laugh in a couple of scenes that make it seem like he really enjoys ruining people's dreams, as well as Jumba stating that he likes to attack when your dreams are at their most pleasant and enjoyable. It's even implied that in order for him to be reformed, Jumba had to completely reprogram him.
  • Spooky (Experiment 300): His primary function... is Nightmare Fuel. Literally. He is made to become your deepest, darkest fear. Anything is fair game for this shapeshifting blob.
    • Not only that, but unlike similar monsters in other works, Spooky's form is not an illusion. The first time he encountered Stitch, he transformed into water, and filled the entire room to the ceiling. He could easily have trapped Stitch in a whirlpool of milky water until he drowned. And what about anyone else whose greatest fear is some kind of lethal environmental disaster?
  • Amnesio (Experiment 303): His primary function is amnesia. He can make you forget something important like, say, the codes to stop a bomb or anything really. Your mind is a total blank and can be reprogrammed thanks to that.
  • Swapper (Experiment 355): His primary function is body switching. This creature can set a serial killer or some other dangerous person free by separating their mind from their body and giving it to someone else. You wouldn't know and the other body can be taken out, so there is no way to switch them back. That is paranoia right there.
  • Phantasmo (Experiment 375): Ever wanted your toaster to come to life and attack you? Or your car to suddenly come to life and cause untold damage? No, of course not, but that's what this thing can do! This thing possesses inanimate objects and brings them to life. It's the age of machines, people!
  • Swirly (Experiment 383): His primary function is to cause mass hypnosis. He's an experiment that can literally do mind control on others and make them do your bidding. Think about all someone can do with this experiment.
  • Spats (Experiment 397): The primary function of this creature is to cause others to get into fights. This thing can start a war between two political leaders by zapping them and making them want to fight. And it can only be stopped using the "counting to ten" trick. Meaning anyone who isn't able to keep calm under pressure is less likely to be freed from its control.
  • Yin and Yang (Experiments 501 and 502): Their primary functions are flash flood creation and lava and geokinesis, respectively. According to Jumba, these two are very destructive together as they are meant to represent yin and yang. One could drain an entire lake if she wanted to and use it to blast apart buildings, and the other can create powerful blasts of fire.
    • Lava and water do create new land, but they can also create a massive steam explosion. In fact, a massive magma chamber suddenly being exposed to the sea is one potential explanation for the Krakatoa explosion. Jumba wasn't wrong to be afraid of the two coming into contact. For that matter, imagine the damage Yang's lava bombs would do if they hit a person. It's a good thing the fireproof Stitch went after him instead of Lilo.
  • Ploot (Experiment 505): His primary function is to collect trash and become a giant monster that shoots out blasts of pollution. This creature is made like a Captain Planet and the Planeteers villain if they were actually competent in destroying the world. And it was nearly unstoppable when it absorbed enough trash.
  • Sprout (Experiment 509): A living plant that can create copies of itself. While it wasn't that scary at first, it went Little Shop of Horrors-fast when it got super-sized and created many little copies of itself.
  • Richter (Experiment 513): An earthquake-making experiment who can likely destroy an entire island full of people if it hits a fault line, and has the potential to split a planet in two. Now that is scary.
  • Deforestator (Experiment 515): This thing is about the size of a panda bear and has razor sharp claws that can rip through trees with ease. If this wasn't a kid show, this thing is basically a walking buzzsaw/wood shredder that would blend people into chunky smoothies.
  • Cannonball (Experiment 520): It uses its large backside to create tidal waves. Not that scary, right? Well, it can do it with the entire ocean. That thing could make untold damage and create a mega-tsunami that can wipe out all of life on Earth.
  • Slushy (Experiment 523): An ice-producing experiment who can change the entire geothermal environment of an island like Kauai. It can turn a tropical paradise into a freezing tundra within an hour at most, and could potentially begin a new ice age.
  • Sinker (Experiment 602): A violet shark-like creature that is made to sink ships. By splitting them in half. Titanic, anyone?
  • Zap (Experiment 603): It's a living ball of lightning, so it's like Sparky but more concentrated.
  • Holio (Experiment 606): His primary function? BLACK HOLE CREATION! This creature can literally become a sentient black hole!
  • Witch (Experiment 610): A bat/ghostlike creature whose power is essentially all about the supernatural. Her main ability? Demonic Possession and granting her victims reality warping powers, from summoning monster minions to turning her hosts into demonic warriors!
  • El Fin (Experiment 611): While it has never appeared, we know what it can do; it can make the universe implode with a simple phrase. It's a good thing Jumba forgot it, since if he said it at any point near this thing...well, lets just say that everything is just...gone.
  • Angel (Experiment 624): An experiment who sings a song to change the morality of reformed beings, especially the experiments before her, back to evil. If she did not become good herself and brought the cousins back to normal, then there would have been a lot of destruction. Even worse, what if her song worked on human beings? Non-deaf humans left and right would have become careless destructive bastards and would likely destroy civilization as we know it.
  • Woops (Experiment 600), Chopsuey (Experiment 621), Reuben (Experiment 625), Stitch (Experiment 626), Experiment 627, and Leroy: All these experiments were designed for destruction. If Woops wasn't so clumsy and aloof, Chopsuey wasn’t so prideful and jealous, Reuben wasn't so lazy and cowardly, Stitch didn't learn to care for others, 627 didn't have that one Achilles' Heel, and Leroy didn't have that fail-safe, the galaxy would have been totally screwed.
    • Stitch himself is stated to be able to lift up to 3,000 times his weight. If he's the size of an average five-year-old girl and about 25% more dense (enough to make him sink like a rock: that's equivalent to a 180 lb man weighed down by 45 lb of lead), he weighs somewhere around 50 lb, and can lift about 75 tons. That's assuming Earth gravity—but based on Jumba's physiology he may be from a planet with much stronger gravity, so if he based the "3,000" figure on how much Stitch would weigh on his homeworld, Stitch could be even stronger. The amount of force required to rip off a human arm or crush a skull? Somewhere between several hundred pounds of force to a ton. In other words, Stitch is strong enough to tear a human being apart nearly effortlessly.
    • 627 in particular? He is an overpowered juggernaut who cannot be turned good. He definitely needed to be dehydrated or else Earth would have been gone. Oh, and as for the anime, did he really turn good, or did he simply decide it wasn't worth wasting his time with his immediate predecessor and just left Earth to go destroy elsewhere?
    • Chopsuey later manages to use LEGO Genetics on himself, transforming the already long-clawed creature into something even more monstrous.
  • Even the supposedly harmless experiments end up being nightmare fuel when taken to their logical extreme.
    • Felix (Experiment 010) was designed to be a total neat freak and keep everything spick-and-span in Jumba's house. Unfortunately, due to a glitch in his program, Felix viewed all organisms (including people) as germs that must be "sterilized" (quickly and ruthlessly killed) at all costs, and threw away anything even remotely dirty. After killing a fly using a laser fired from his trunk, he eventually tried to kill Lilo and her family after they released him while constantly saying nothing but "Dirty, Dirty, Dirty!"
    • Topper (Experiment 025) was designed to give off a bright light and basically just shine brightly. However, the light he gives off was created to pose as an invasion-signaling beacon to the Galactic Armada on whatever planet he is on. He's basically a calling card for armed aliens to invade your planet!
    • Backhoe (Experiment 040): This was made to dig up vegetation out of the ground, potentially ruining land for crops for years. If left to its own devices, it could potentially create famine.
    • Coco (Experiment 052): While only appearing in the Lilo & Stitch comic in Disney Adventures, this thing is noted because of its ability to turn anything into chocolate. That is rather disturbing in a King Midas meets Willy Wonka kind of way.
    • Snafu (Experiment 120) was designed to foil enemy plans by any possible means, meaning he will also ruin any chances of capturing him, and can only be caught by accident. He was so crafty that Lilo couldn't think of a defined place where he belongs where he could only do good and simply let the military have him. Imagine if he became evil or was used for evil purposes. Who could stop him?
    • Carmen (Experiment 123) causing an Involuntary Dance doesn’t sound that terrible... until you realize that people have danced themselves to death, notably the mysterious Dancing Plague.
    • Drowsy (Experiment 360) was designed to put anyone to sleep by simply bleating like a sheep. Harmless enough right? Wrong. The sleeping effect is near-permanent; only water in the victim's face will awaken them, and other experiments are not affected as much. Imagine being put to sleep while other more dangerous experiments are free to cause chaos, especially Remmy mentioned above...
      • Just putting someone to sleep is bad enough. Many fatal car accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

    General Series Nightmare Fuel 
  • Adult Fear kicks in when you realize that there is a defenseless 7- to 8-year-old girl getting into very dangerous situations.
  • An asteroid coming towards Earth... and no one is the wiser until it was nearly too late!
  • In "Melty", we have the Bad Future that Lilo and Stitch accidentally create after their time travel shenanigans. We only get a glimpse of it and Jumba's the only one present, but from what Jumba recounts it isn't pleasant—thanks to Melty, the house was destroyed, the family broke down, Stitch is implicitly dead, Jumba himself is haggard and blind in two of his eyes and apparently something to Pleakley that was so horrible Jumba doesn't even want to mention it.
  • Speaking of Bad Futures, Lilo once tried to circumvent the Just a Kid trope by going forward in time with one of Stitch's cousins. Unfortunately, this had the side effect that Lilo and Stitch seem as if they've vanished in the interim. Barring the obvious Adult Fear this puts Nani through in the first go-around, it also means that, for ten whole years there was no one to keep Gantu from capturing the other experiments for Hamsterviel. When Lilo tries to do it again (unaware of what Gantu has been doing), Hamsterviel has managed to take over the world, Nani had to pay off an accumulation of parking tickets Lilo unwittingly caused by becoming Hamsterviel's personal water-carrier and Jumba started living as a fugitive in their now abandoned house. The only good news is that Pleakley became an international celebrity after pursuing his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

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