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Nightmare Fuel / DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

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  • There's the complete destruction of the Money Bin as it's transformed into Merlock's new personal and terrifying home filled with horn motifs. Watching Scrooge's iconic place have the building's walls coming down or opening like teeth, the books coming alive and flying like bats before they are destroyed, the vault door dissolving into a blood red-like ooze, everything getting covered in black stones and growing spikes, the alarms blaring, and the alarm's red light flashing on and off as it turns into a completely different location is disturbing.
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  • Then there's the nephews and Webby trying to get to safety during the transformation on some stairs... and then the emergency stairway comes off its hinges and traps them, and almost causing Webby to fall to her death.
  • There's also Merlock forcing Genie to transform Dijon into a pig for being such a "disloyal swine" once he's gotten hold of the lamp. Dijon takes it about as well as one can expect, evoking similar images of Lampwick's frightening change in Pinocchio. He gets better, though.
  • Merlock's Disney Villain Death, which happens when Scrooge knocks away the talisman he needed to stay transformed as a Griffon… several thousand feet in the air. Basically, imagine a Wile E. Coyote perspective fall, but Played for Drama; with the victim's blood-curdling scream echoing throughout. Granted, Merlock did return in other Disney media to make it less disturbing.
  • The reveal of Genie's Dark and Troubled Past points out that thanks to forcing Genie to unwillingly do so via his wishes, Merlock was in fact responsible for sinking the ancient city of Atlantis, and the destruction of Pompeii from the 79 AD Mt. Vesuvius eruption. The wanton destruction and violent deaths of implied to be millions, and for what? Simply because he couldn't book vacations at either.
    • Later, Merlock angrily orders Genie to cast Scrooge out of his house — in retaliation for insulting and threatening him — while, again, they're thousands of feet in the air. Genie tries in vain to resist, to no avail. He can only tell Scrooge as he fulfils Merlock's wish that he has no choice. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when Scrooge, showing awareness of this, reassures Genie that he understands.


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