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Nightmare Fuel / Kilala Princess

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  • The Disney villains, if they weren't frightening enough already, tend to get some freaky expressions in this manga.
  • The Wicked Queen gashing Rei's arm.
  • Kilala and Rei escape the Queen at first... until they run into a pack of wolves, who maul Rei and take them back to the dungeon.
  • A mind-controlled Erica has given the bad guys the tiara. Her "reward"? Being shot in the head while still under hypnosis. Luckily, Kilala spoils the gunman's aim.
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  • Ursula plans to marry Rei and take over Atlantica legally.
  • Valdou shoots Kilala as she's about to reunite with Rei. She only lives thanks to the Tiara's magic.
  • Drizella and Anastasia planning to use the tiara to make Prince Charming fall in love with them.
  • Sylphy almost drops Chip and starts shaking Cogsworth, nearly breaking them.
  • The Sleeping Beauty chapter has Maleficent infiltrate Aurora's 17th birthday party and cover it in thorns, nearly killing everyone there.
  • The last volume, featuring such delights such as Valdou's fake skin being ripped off his face, his body being sliced in half, Kilala and a group of orphans being trapped in a burning castle...


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