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Nightmare Fuel / Kilala Princess

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  • The Wicked Queen uses a Teleport Spam to gash Rei's arm. Kilala and Rei are able to escape the Queen at first until they run into a pack of wolves under her control, who maul Rei and take them back to the dungeon, leaving him even worse off than before.
  • Volume 1 has a mind-controlled Erica has given the bad guys the tiara. Her "reward"? Being shot in the head while still under hypnosis.
  • During her battle with Kilala, Ursula grabs her with her tentacles and threatens to break her in half, squeezing the life out of her.
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  • Valdou shoots Kilala as she's about to reunite with Rei, complete with a blood splatter on the page, and she only lives thanks to the Tiara's magic transporting her to Cinderella's world.
  • Sylphy almost drops Chip in surprise when he starts talking and starts shaking Cogsworth when he swallows one of her rings, nearly breaking them both and horrifying Kilala.
  • The Sleeping Beauty chapter has Maleficent infiltrate Aurora's 17th birthday party and cover the castle in poison thorns, nearly killing everyone there.
  • The last volume features such delights such as Valdou's fake skin being ripped off his face which has a thick trail of blood/oil, his body being sliced in half vertically, and Kilala and a group of orphans being trapped in a burning castle.
  • Valdou's reign over Paradiso is much darker in tone than the rest of the series; his ultimate plan is to create a land without any emotions where only machines rule, and thousands of human dissenters are captured, brainwashed, or killed in concentration camps, with young orphans being afraid to feel again because he'll punish them like he did their parents.


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