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Nightmare Fuel / That's So Raven

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This thing has a motion detection system and is straight terrifying... but it's harmless... but annoying.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • How about the babysitting episode with Miss Patterson? Most of the episode hinted that she had some brutal revenge plans against Raven, Cory, and Raven's friends, who treated her like a pushover as children (with Raven and Cory even framing her of eating their mom's birthday cake, when they actually ate it themselves). Chelsea and Eddie seemed to meet their ends at Miss Patterson's hands, until the reveal that her real revenge plans involved simply featuring everyone in the spooky reality TV show Revenge of the Babysitter.
  • From the two-part "Country Cousins":
    • The "Baby Cousin". Played by Raven, of course. In a giant baby costume and high chair. Something about her expressions in that getup was... HORRIFYING!
    • The scarecrow (Percy if I remember correctly) which we've told twice that there are stories of him coming to life and stealing your soul. Then Percy actually comes into the room through the hole in their floor, complete with moans and flashing lights. Of course, this is before we find out it was a prank.
  • The Halloween episode "Don't Have a Cow" where Raven and Chelsea turn into cows, at least it was just a long vision!
    • A particularly creepy shot from said episode was used in the season 2 opening, resulting in the entire opening being replaced with season 3's.
  • Clucky the singing Chicken (pictured above) ventures far into the Uncanny Valley, thankfully it only looks terrifying.
  • Raven’s allergic reactions to mushrooms. The first time was funny because she just got swollen. But the second time, it started affecting her BRAIN.
  • Cindy smoking, especially since she’s the same age as Cory. Poor Cory had to take the blame until Cindy mentions that the cigarettes are hers. Cindy learned her lesson, but Cory must have been shaken.
  • The Juicer. He’s a grown man (or at least a teenager) who can get juice out of literally everything and even threatens to juice people’s HEADS. Yikes. However, he does have a sensitive side, since he comes to Raven for advice, is a hopeless romantic, and destroys Cindy’s cigarettes for her.
    • Even stranger is that he's apparently a Lightning Bruiser who can appear in front of people when they try to flee from him using speed alone that borders on teleportation.
  • Cory’s security system can be a jumpscare, especially since it's a loud video with extreme close-ups of his face.

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