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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "A Test of Friendship" Eddie's (and teenager) having trouble learning his terms in time for his Spanish quiz, but then Cory showed up and spoke perfect fluent Spanish... and he's only 10 years old.
  • In "Hizzouse Party" when Raven wants all the people to exit the kitchen:
    Raven: Now get the hell (sees the reverend in the door) -o!
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  • After Victor tells Cory not to scratch his chicken pox with fruit:
    Cory: Dad, you said no scratching with fruit.
    Victor (with a carrot): THIS IS A VEGETABLE.
  • William calls Cory saying he can't find his pet rabbit, and Raven has a vision of him finding it.
    Raven: Cory, tell William to look under his pillow.
    Cory: He lost a rabbit... not a tooth.
    • Immediately after that:
    Cory: He wants to know how I knew that.
    Raven: You better not tell him I'm psychic.
    Cory: Gotcha! (to William) William, I'm psychic!
    (Raven makes a face that presumably mirrors that of the audience)
  • One episode has Raven and Chelsea working with the school newspaper, and Raven has a vision of a sky-diving clown crashing through a window in the classroom. Raven, Chelsea and Eddie wait in the classroom when the clown comes crashing through, and Chelsea accidentally gives away to the clown that Raven is psychic. This exchange occurs:
    The clown: So, you really knew I was going to crash through that window?
    Raven: Yeah, I did actually.
    The clown: So why didn't you open it?
    • Before that: "We're going in. *tries to open door* No we're not, it's locked."
  • Cory's So Bad, It's Good rap:
    Cory: My name is Cory, this is my story, two plus two equals fory!
  • "Clouds are not made out of cotton candy, bunnies do not talk and trees do not hug you when you're sad. These are lies we shouldn't be teaching our children."
  • The Boys In Motion episode. Especially the scene when Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie unconvincingly pose as the boys.
    • Also the boys seem to have a song for everything, someone will say a phrase and they'll continue with one of their songs.
    • At the beginning, a radio station offers two tickets for a Boyz in Motion concert and somebody suddenly wins them.
    Chelsea: Aw man, you have to be like psychic to win those!
  • Raven's mother is out of town, and her dad's assuring her that everything's fine, and he hands the phone to Raven.
    Raven: Hey Mom! We haven't eaten in days, your plants are all dead, and I'm dropping out of school. Love you, bye!
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  • Raven's speech in the fast food episode is comedy gold.
  • For Valentine's Day, Raven decides to give her boyfriend, Devon Carter, a giant card with her head chanting, "Miss you! Wanna kiss you!" Cory remarks that a giant, overly-talkative head would definitely remind Devon of her.
  • Pick a time that Raven screams. Just, anytime that Raven screams.
  • After Raven's visions cause two massively disastrous Self Defeating Prophecies for Eddie and Chelsea, she asks if they'd prefer if she never tell them her visions anymore. They both heartily agree.
    Eddie: Un-unless I'm about to get hit by a piano — then you can tell me!
    Chelsea: *Death Glare*
    Raven: Then it's settled — starting today, I will no longer tell you my visions. (they shake on it, and Raven leaves)
    Eddie: (very slowly, to Chelsea) If I get hit by a piano, I'm blaming you.
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  • Raven confronts Cory about him using her CD player..
    Raven: Cory, have you been using my CD player again?
    Cory: No.
    Raven: Then why is there... Bologna in it?
  • "Chef-Man and Raven": Chelsea screaming in horror whenever Leonard Stevenson's full name was mentioned.
  • Raven after learning her favorite designer is coming to San Francisco begins slamming the piano until the lid crashes down on her hand.
    Raven: If I wasn't so excited, THIS WOULD REALLY HURT!!!

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