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"We'll be making people laugh, Timon. That's all I need."

The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa is one of the Disney media that is commonly noted for its humor. Therefore, there's quite a bit of this.

  • "Brazil Nuts": The whole episode, with moments such as the "fat" Timon, Eduardo confused horseradish for a horse and a radish seperately, and the chainsaw-wielding piranha!
  • "Isle of Manhood":
    • Pumbaa singing "Timon is a meerkitten!"
    • When Pumbaa imagines Timon as a baby, Timon tells the audience "What are you looking at, you mook?"
    • This doubles as a Moment of Awesome. Timon is too scared to enter the Cave of Manhood because it looks too scary and dangerous, yet he bravely passes through a lake full of hungry sharks, a desert full of rattle snakes, a war, and a starving lion to avoid entering the cave. This soon gets lampshaded by Pumbaa.
      Pumbaa: But look at all the brave, manly things you just did! Surely you can face a little ol' cave.
      Timon: No, I can't!
  • "Bora Bora":
    • Timon in ski clothes comes out of a delivery crate singing "Jingle Bells", only to realize he's on a tropical island.
    • Timon's face after Pumbaa claimed Timon hasn't done his other hoof.
  • "Never Everglades": The running gag of Pumbaa Junior biting Timon's tail.
  • "Kenya Be My Friend?":
    • Pumbaa's reaction to Timon's poem.
    • Bampuu asking why he's supposed to think stars are balls of gas burning millions of miles away.
  • "Amazon Quiver":
    • Timon coming up with increasingly ridiculous escape plans, complete with pictures.
      Timon: We're gonna assemble a sub-terrarium armored vehicle capable of drilling beneath the Earth's crust, thereby transporting us away from the predator!
      Pumbaa: Uhh... uh-uh.
      Timon: We'll launch a three-stage orbital space pod, travel through the Earth's atmosphere, then touchdown on a spot predetermined to be safe from all predators!
      Pumbaa: ...Nah.
      Timon: Call a tree surgeon?
      Pumbaa: Nah.
      Timon: Pretend we're invisible?
      Pumbaa: Nope.
      Timon: Go to Funkytown?
      Pumbaa: (shakes head)
      Timon: Make gelatin?
      Pumbaa: Nah.
      Timon: Sing songs?
      Pumbaa: Nope.
      Timon: Scream!
      Pumbaa: Nah!
      Timon: Cry!
      Pumbaa: Nope!
      Timon: Belch.
      Pumbaa: Uh-uh! (belches)
      Timon: Well, then I have one last brilliant idea!
      Pumbaa: Really? What? Tell me!
      Timon: RUN!
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    • Timon and Pumbaa finally coming out of the tree—in 2090.
  • "Rumble in the Jungle": The whole episode. Particularly when Timon and Pumbaa are told by Rafiki to hug and make up only to turn into a sumo wrestling match.
  • "I Don't Bolivia": Timon constantly getting tricked by Toucan Dan, even thinking he is Santa!
  • While "Rocky Mountain Lie" has some emotional and scary moments (which are thankfully lessened by Dramatic Irony), one particular funny moment is when Pumbaa reveals that his bug friend Stinky is a stinkbug, causing Timon (who thought he ate him) to have a hilarious Freak Out! and passing out due to believing he ate a stinkbug.
  • "Yosemite Remedy": Timon's Zany Scheme on getting even with Thief, a raccoon criminal who stole Timon and Pumbaa's suitcase full of valuables. First, Timon orders Thief one hundred pizzas, which he would not be able to pay for. Then, he attempts to shave off the raccoon's leg, put long sock and a red high-heel on it like a woman would wear. And then, he attempts on placing Thief's trash house at the edge of a cliff. All three of those revenges backfire.
  • "Forbidden Pumbaa": While Timon and Pumbaa are sleeping, they get lifted by the alien spacecraft, float around in mid-air inside the spacecraft, and fall back on the ground twice (the first time before and the second time after they get abducted). But what wakes Timon and Pumbaa up? A tiny leaf slowly landing on Pumbaa's nose.
  • "Timon on the Range": When their cover gets blown to Cisco Pig's henchmen, Timon and Pumbaa make a break for it leaving behind a "Gone Fishin'" sign. And they're actually shown fishing in the next scene. But then Timon fishes up a plug which causes the pond to drain and they meet Cisco Pig's henchmen at the bottom, prompting Timon to turn on a faucet on their boat to fill up the pond again so they can run for their lives.
  • "The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E.": Pumbaa being so excited to meet Super Duper Hero X.
    Pumbaa: Wow, and I'm the first one here! First is best! First is best! First, first, first!
  • The "Stand By Me" short, where Pumbaa suffers Amusing Injuries every time Timon sings the short's title.
    Pumbaa: Uh, I don't think I like this song!
  • This scene in "Uganda be an Elephant".
  • "Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum":
    • "There's nothing... wrong... with the plane... there's nothing... wrong... with the plane... there's nothing... wrong... with the plane..."
      • "There's nothing... wrong... with the space shuttle... there's nothing... wrong... with the space shuttle... there's nothing... wrong... with the space shuttle."
    • The montage of Timon insisting that he'll wake up from his dream as he and Pumbaa are baked in a pie by the giant bug.
    • Pumbaa laughing at the pie in the giant grasshopper's face.
  • Timon pulling out a chainsaw in the "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy" short.
  • The entire episode of "Timon In Love" consists of Timon falling in love with himself and actually dating a picture of himself while Pumbaa is pretty much an awkward and very confused third wheel.
  • "Animal Barn": Timon and Pumbaa come across Captain Oinker's Pig Farm, labeled as being "The Home of Mr. Pig".
    Timon: Mr. Pig? Hey, isn't that you, Pumbaa?
    Pumbaa: I think so. I mean, that's what they call me.
  • This exchange in "Be More Pacific":
    Timon: Pumbaa, I want you to go back right now and tell Lester that I want a dragon to defeat!
    Pumba: Sorry, Timon, but after the third wish, Lester turned into a magic princess and ran off!
    Timon: Typical.
And later:
Pumbaa: I specifically told you that wishes could be dangerous! But YOOOUUUU DIDN'T LISTEN!


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