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Spot of tea, madam?

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    Season 1 

The Picnic

  • Lord Hater and Wander's dynamic looks to be this, with Hater desperately trying to ignore Wander and just get on with his megalomaniacal speech.
    • "Well, that is just awful... almost ate without offerin' to share!" Cue Wander mugging at the camera while banjo music plays.
    • Wander explaining Sylvia's absence.
      Wander: She wanted to come, but she had to go to the bathroom! Zbornaks go only once every like, five months? Crazy, huh? She told me it takes a while, and it's kind of embarrassing. And so she doesn't want everybody knowin' about it, so she said: (imitating Sylvia) "Wander, don't go blabbin' like ya always do!" (stops, in normal voice) Oh.
      Lord Hater: I DON'T CARE!
      Wander: Where? Well, I don't know where she's goin' to the bathroom, around here somewhere! Why do ya wanna know? (at the camera, in deep voice) Rude.
  • Everything Emperor Awesome says or does.
  • "Got force field? Boo-ya!"
    • "Bro seriously, can we wrap this up? I've a tanning sesh in like, fifteen"
    • "Sorry, Lord Hater, did you want the mayo?"
    • The whole chase scene in general. Props go to the end of the chase where Hater rises up behind Wander with bloodshot eyes and looking ready to strangle him.
  • After chasing Wander, Lord Hater realizes that he has given Emperor Awesome the top spot on the temple and he is about to be given his wish. So what does he do? He runs toward the temple, bowls through Emperor Awesome's army, throws his giant dinosaur into space and punches him with enough force for him to go through the entire planet. And yet he STILL can't do anything about Wander.
  • The Celestial Being makes an epic entrance, and then says...
    Celestial Being: Hey there. So, uh... I'll be the one granting your wish today, 'kay?
    • His entire attitude in general, including flash-smiling for Wander's photos while looking utterly stoned the rest of the time.
  • The faces Lord Hater makes, especially after he's granted his wish: That Wander just leave him alone for five seconds. Peepers even does the countdown.
  • Whenever Emperor Awesome's dinosaur is showing expressions - giving a glare of annoyance after Lord Hater makes him slam into his forcefield and then looking on confused along with both armies when Hater starts chasing Wander off the tower.
  • This particular moment:
    Lord Hater: (makes the forcefield shatter) RAAAAAWRRRRGGGHHHH!
    Wander: (suddenly having an Oh, Crap moment) Here you go. (quickly hands Commander Peepers his picnic basket and runs rappidly down the stairs).

The Greatest

  • This scene:
    Lord Hater: Soon, every planet in the universe will be mine! Even pathetic little specs like Banglebrop, all under the control of... LORD HATER!!! *cue lightning*
    King Bingleborp: It's... Bingleborp.
    • The way he says it like a spoiled child is what really sells it.
  • Wander mangling the Watchdogs' chant of "Hate's great! Best villain!"
    Wander: Hate's great! Best villain! Taste cake! It's fillin'! Fix gate! Needs drillin'! Date Kate! She's willin'!
    • The suggestive eyebrow waggle Wander adds at the end is what really makes it. It makes one wonder how willing Kate is...
  • The look on Wander's face when Lord Hater's arm pops off during their arm-wrestling match.
  • Wander as a sexy blonde trophy girl.

The Egg

  • Sylvia's Punctuated! For! Emphasis! answer to Wander's hug tip:
    Wander: The baby needs to know we're helping it, NOT hurting it! It needs some reassurance! It neeeeeeds...
    Sylvia: Don't tell me—
    Wander: A HUG! (looks at her with eyelashed Puppy-Dog Eyes)
    Sylvia: Over. My. Dead. BODY.
  • "I'm not happy right now."
  • "MY BABY!" Just Wander's tone of voice (yes, Wander's) makes this hysterical.
  • The above picture of Sylvia (reluctantly) having a tea party with the egg while Wander sings the "Lump of Love" song with a posh British accent.
  • The soundtrack gets its own Moment of Funny in this one.
    Oh yeah
    Mother and child, y'all
    It's the big reunion

The Fugitives

  • Sylvia's signal when she hijacks the Watchdogs' ship. Even funnier when, upon seeing Wander isn't responding, she repeats the signal in an angrier, less subtle tone.
  • Upon Wander blowing a chance at escaping:
    Sylvia: A rock? You blew our escape for a rock?!?!
    Wander: Excuse me, ma'am! You dropped this!
    Sylvia: I can't believe you botched our escape for something as unimportant as—
    Rock Mother: MY BABY!
    Wander: BABY!
  • Sylvia's reaction to the 'reveals' of each good deed- Specifically the one with the ant army when she's just standing there in stunned silence as a Watchdog punches her (with no effect what so ever, following with her punching the Watchdog off with no problem at all)

The Good Deed

  • Wander and Sylvia's song rewinding as they walk backwards to help a starving creature.
  • The entire courtroom scene. The feuding hillbilly clans agree to give up their fighting just to stop Wander's antics.
    Sylvia: That made no sense whatsoever, but you did it, buddy!
  • Wander's numerous good deeds eventually cause a sun to slightly shift. This causes a nearby fortune teller to inform her client that he will not be a strong and powerful leader, and instead is immature, awkward, and emotionally unstable. Guess who she's talking to?
    Lord Hater: I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE! (flips the table over) YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, SUN! (Storms out. After a moment, he pokes his head back in) Uh...anything about a making out...or even holding hands...? (Fortune teller shakes her head) RAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHH!!
    • Hater gets The Stinger when he asks for Wander's help, only to be denied.

The Prisoner

  • Lord Hater wants Peepers to bring Wander to his torture chamber.
    Lord Hater: Now I'm going to my torture room and I want you to bring Wander immediately. Or else. RRRAAAAGGHHH!!! Got it pal?! Psyche, we're not pals, Hater Out!...Seriously, this is not going to be easy he's a tricky one, Hater Out!
    • And then he teleports out, and back in one more time just to do the 'I've got my eye on you' gesture.
  • Wander's Button Song, when he starts pushing all the buttons on the control panel.
    Do you know the button song?
    The button song?
    The button song?
    When you play the button song
    You find out what goes wrong!
  • Lord Hater's video and Wander's reaction to it.
  • Wander's slow smile when he learns he's holding the ship's self destruct button, before running off with it
    Peepers: No! Not the ship's remote self-destruct button! I told Lord Hater that was a bad idea.
    • This is possibly the first time Wander is The Gadfly. And the way he pulls it off, pure gold!
  • The password for the self-destruct deactivation, which only Hater knows, is Hater's catchphrase— "Lord Hater, Number One Superstar".
  • Let's be honest here, the whole episode is just one hilarious moment after another.

The Pet

  • All the nods to Alien(s).
    Sylvia: Get away from him you-
    Wander: *smiling* SYLVIA!
  • The ending. After deciding that Captain Tim is too dangerous for him to keep as a pet, Wander says that he still wants to find him a forever home. So, they give him to Lord Hater who of course loves the little monster. But of course this also results in the Watchdogs getting chased/chewed on by Captain Tim.
  • Adding to that, Lord Hater takes Captain Tim's title seriously, saying that his pet is now ranked higher than Commander Peepers.

The Bad Guy

  • The residents of Doomstone revealing they're all a bunch of softies.
  • Papa Doom literally crying like a baby.
  • All of Wander's attempts to act like a bad guy. Just, all of them.
    Sylvia: (Listening to Wander growl) Is, is that some dinosaur in there?
    Wander: Little bit!
    Sylvia: Ohhh, we're doomed.

The Troll

  • The moral of the episode: Don't. Feed. The Troll.
  • A lot of the goat warriors comebacks come out a bit weak...
  • Wander shaking his head and rolling his eyes while smirking when he realizes what the others don't when facing the troll.

The Box

  • "'Night, Boxia!"
  • Wander's Disney Acid Sequence dream sequence.
  • Wander's breakdown upon seeing the 'Gone Fishing' sign.

The Hat

  • During various points in the episode, it looks like the bottom of Wander's hat has a smiley face or a frowny face. It's funny because it seems like the hat has a mind of its own.
  • Sylvia reaching into the hat to get something to save Wander...and pulling out a "Back in 5 minutes" sign.
  • The Jellyfish Pie Sylvia loves is exactly what she needed to defeat the giant worm.

The Little Guy

  • While you have to feel for the guy, the scene where Westley calls up Peepers to come pick him up is pretty funny.
    Westley: No, I don't have them, Sir. But that's not the only reason you'd come and pick me up, right?
    Peepers: What else is there?
    Westley: Maybe because I'm a good soldier and you like me?
    Peepers: [uncontrollable laughter]
  • Peepers' rant after the Watchdogs failed to capture Wander and Sylvia.
    Peepers: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
    • Said failure involving the entire squadron going over a cliff into a pit like a herd of lemmings only makes it funnier.
  • The whole series of accidents Wander and Sylvia have to save Westley from after he 'captures' them.
  • Lord Hater, getting out of the ship to get Westley. "This better be worth it, Peepers! I had a brunch today!"
  • Lord Hater may not be in the episode much, but when he is, it is just comedy gold. The way he yells at the screen while watching the security camera footage like it was an action movie - even eating popcorn while watching - and his breakdown during Westley's funeral (which is also kind of sweet when you think about it) are just comedy gold.

The Ball

The Bounty

  • Hater playing a Street Fighter-like game with himself and Wander in it.
  • This exchange...
    Peepers: Seriously? You hired a plant to do MY job?
    Hater: Well, he can't possibly be worse at it than you, can he?
  • Lord Hater being pestered by the horde of tourists Killbot accidentally teleports to his lair.
  • Lord Hater wants Wander and Slyvia in his "Torture Megamix"
    Hater: I mean, this track is good an all but I feel that once we get Wander and Slyvia in the mix it'll really be bangin'...

The Hero

  • Sir Brad Starlight is a walking punchline, what with his big ego and no real skill to back it up, his living in delusion, and his being on the receiving end of pretty much all the episode's slapstick for both of those reasons.
    • The best part? Drakor's not all that evil, he was just tense because of his upcoming wedding to Demurra.
  • Brad trying (and failing) to pull the Sword of Destiny out of its place. He even accidentally breaks the hilt off the blade, and quickly asserts he meant to do that.
  • There's something amusing about how Demura and Drakor get their big speech about how real relationships take time and effort interrupted by Wander squeeing about how they're going to live Happily Ever After.

The Birthday Boy

  • Wander's birthday song, also an ear worm.
  • The look on Hater's face when Wander tames his monster. Complete with an Aside Glance.
  • While inside the gladitorial-esque "Doom Arena", Wander discovers that it is Lord Hater's birthday and attempts to cheer up the "Birthday Boy". The entire string of events that follows Wander trying to get Hater to enjoy the "party" is entertaining, but the part where Wander constructs an effigy (pinata) of Lord Hater's face, and tricks Hater's most fearsome warriors into beating the crap out of said effigy is completely hilarious. To add insult to injury, such a blatant act of irreverence takes place inside of Hater's own "Doom Arena", in full view of all of Lord Hater's armies, and is possibly being broadcast throughout the universe. Of course, Wander sincerely believes he is throwing Lord Hater the greatest party ever.

The Nice Guy

  • Wander's antics in the convenience store are priceless from start to finish, as is the cashier's deadpan annoyance with said antics.
  • When Wander can't find any more Thunder-Blazz, he tries to find a substitute beverage that's also "Fizzy, refreshing, and totally blorped". "Tries" being the operative word.
    Wander: "Flatulent, refruzzled, and terminally blarped..." "Fraudulent, reflarzled, and eternally blorked..." "Frembulous, regargled, and essentially zonked..." "Mid-grade industrial rocket fuel supplement, not for consumption"?!
  • Wander treating the take-a-penny tray as Serious Business.
    Wander: No, I can't! What if somebody else needs those coins more than me? Like a mother buying medicine for her baby, or a grandmother buying a cane she needs to walk, or a man buying a boat so he can take the boat to an island to rescue his lost love?! What if they need those pennies?!
    Cashier: We don't... sell any of those things.
  • After Wander finally pays for the last bottle of Thunder-Blazz:
    Cashier: Finally! I kinda thought you were gonna rob the place.

The Time Bomb

  • Sylvia snapping in and out of her 'Time Bomb' mode for all of two seconds to trip another competitor in the middle of explaining what the Time Bomb mode is.

The Fancy Party

  • "Sir, we've been over this. You cannot destroy anyone at a dinner party, it's very rude!"
  • Emperor Awesome getting shot down when he tries to flirt with Sylvia. "You can't handle this..."
    • Whenever Awesome is on-screen, he is usually accompanied by the sound of an electronic voice saying "Let's get Awesome". The voice is heard after Emperor Awesome is rejected, this time saying "Not so awesome".
  • Sylvia casually pummeling Commander Peepers while she snacks on finger sandwiches.
  • Hater's story involving a purple planet and Wander asking him why:
    Lord Hater: I have a pithy and impromptu story that's sure to make you laugh. So, the other day, I'm flying through space, and there's this planet that's just begging to get blown up.
    Wander: Why?
    Lord Hater: Because it was.
    Wander: But why?
    Lord Hater: Because it was dumb-looking.
    Wander: Why?
    Lord Hater: Because it was purple, and I hate purple.
    Wander: Why?
  • Hater describing Wander as "the goodiest good guy ever".
  • Queen Entozoa turns out to be the host for an ancient parasitic energy being who's looking for a new body. When Wander makes Hater cough it up, it ends up on one of the sandwiches Sylvia was about to eat. The result? "EVIL SANDWICH!"

The Tourist

  • Wander and Sylvia's VERY short stay at the Shmancy Hotel.
    Concierge: Enjoy your stay!
    Sylvia: (grins) We will!
    Wander: (runs into room for quick second, then runs back to join Sylvia and Concierge in elevator) We DID!
    Sylvia: (in disbelief) We WHAT?!!
  • Sylvia chuckling while expressing disbelief that Wander of all people is getting competitive with Trudy, especially considering that Sylvia got over her Competition Freak issues a couple episodes prior.
  • During the travel montage, Sylvia becomes increasing exasperated at Wander's rushing through the various tourist sites.
    • The fact that during their visit to Shatterton (a town made entirely out of glass), the only thing Wander breaks while rushing the bus is the farewell sign.

The Day

  • Sylvia winds up fighting a bunch of Watchdogs in the locker room, and has to ask some of them to put on some towels before they fight. The thugs oblige by wearing towels on their heads.
  • Hater glazing over the fact that he paid for his new and expensive force field generator by not paying Peepers for months.
  • Wander and Sylvia escape Hater's ship by riding on a rocket that abruptly plummets to the ground and explodes.
  • Wander sleeping through the entire ordeal.
    • By extension, everything Wander says and does while sleeping.
      Wander (ignoring the hangar release and hovering at the alarm button): Giant glowing red cookie? You DO deserve a high-five!

      Commander Peepers (fooled by Wander's Watchdog disguise): You're alright, soldier. What's your name?
      Sylvia (puppeteering Wander): It's —
      Wander (tears mask off in sleep): Youuuuu stop that evil-pineapple-king!

The Night

  • Wander having to bribe a whole chorus of violin-playing crickets into giving up their instruments. Then they show up again to help distract some Watchdogs that try to abduct Sylvia.
  • Wander trying to shush various animals, a rushing river, and the wind in the trees in order to give Sylvia a quiet night's sleep. And it works, too!
  • Poor Wander trying to keep quiet while pinned under Sylvia while venomous centipedes crawl across his face. Then one of them has to go back for her purse. And her keys.

The Brainstorm

  • "Banjo."
  • The various ways Hater imagines Wander foiling Peeper's plans, which include...
    • The Doom Dragons plan ("And now Wander has an army of Doom Dragons. Great work, Peepers.")
    • The Electric Laser plan ("We'll bring lots of back-up batteries!" "Peepers, will you just think for one second before you talk, okay?")
    • The Kidnap the Princess plan, where the princess turns out to be Wander in disguise ("Is that what you want, Peepers? For me to marry the person I hate the most in the entire universe?")
    • The Mind Combobulator, which ends with a particularly elaborate scenario in which Hater and Peepers get blown across the galaxy, lose their memories, become fishermen, have a falling out over a girl named Rosa before losing her to Ron the Baker, and growing old and lonely. ("Why couldn't you just let me have her, Peepers?!") Also, Hater keeps mispronouncing "Combobulator" as stuff like "Bob-call-you-later" and "Comb-over-ambulator".
      • It ends with Hater breaking down crying over this hypothetical ("Rosa and I would have been so happy together!"), while the Watchdogs near him comfort them and one shakes his head disapprovingly at Peepers.
    • The suggestion of blocking their sun. ("Warmth-generating group hug!")
    • Followed by a suggestion of melting their icecaps. ("Pool party planet!")
    • "But what if Wander flies in at the last second and fires a shrink ray from his eyes?!" "Sir... He! CAN'T! DO THAT!"
    • This (in voiceover while said scenario plays out)
      'Hater: What if Wander throws a picnic, and invites the Watchdogs, and because his pie is so good they all go?
      Peepers: We'll bring giant ants.
      Lord Hater: What if he knows a giant anteater?
      Peepers: We'll bring a giant anteater-eater!
      Hater: What if he brings a –
      Peepers: AND SO ON!
    • This (as the two envision a successful storming of the castle), especially Peepers' expression:
      Hater: What if Wander challenges me to some carnival games!?!
      Peepers: ... Then you don't—play—the games!
  • Hater gets sick of hearing Peepers' suggestions and opens the meeting up to input from the rest of the Watchdogs.
    Watchdog 1: Sharks, but less dangerous!
    Hater: Interesting, interesting. Keep 'em comin', guys.
    Watchdog 2: We uh... take a cooking class with 'em?
    Hater: No bad ideas!
    Watchdog 3: Really big laser on the moon!
    Hater: Hmm, sounds familiar.
    Watchdog 4: Socks, but for hands!
    Hater: Gloves? You mean gloves. I'm putting down "gloves".
  • Basically, this a whole crowning episode of funny!

The Party Animal

  • "I know you like parties, and you hate party poopers, but this is a party that deserves to be pooped on!"
  • The ridiculous 80s get-up Sylvia puts on to get into Emperor Awesome's party.
  • Emperor Awesome struggling to keep up with Wander's increasingly silly dance moves.

The Toddler

  • For those watching this the first time, it comes as an amusing surprise when you first learn the titular toddler, well, isn't as little as you'd expect the average toddler to be.
  • Sylvia struggling to get a pouty Huckleberry out of the candy store.
    • Her strained cackle at "succeeding" carrying Huckleberry to where they need to go.
  • "Why are we still whispering?!" "I'm not entirely sure!"
  • The Reveal that Huckleberry Knucklehead's real parents are tiny bug-like aliens. And that Huckleberry Knucklehead is the kid's actual name.

The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty

  • "Haven't you ever lost something you wished you could get back?" "Besides the last ten seconds of this conversation?"
  • After the entire quest to find the all-knowing being whom they can only ask one question- "Is this your sock?"
  • When the sock that Wander and Sylvia have been going through all the trouble throughout the episode to return to its rightful owner, is finally returned, it's revealed that the sock is actually a hand puppet that acts as a Morality Chain for Destructor. Cue a series of flashbacks and current events that emphasize how ridiculously significant Destructor having the sock as a hand puppet is to the entire kingdom. For restoring the kingdom to its ridiculously happy glory, Wander and Sylvia are praised as heroes as they leave. In the end, not even Wander and Sylvia understand what exactly just happened.
    Wander: I just thought somebody's foot was gonna get cold.

The Void

  • The various random images behind the door Sylvia tries to use to leave, which include:
    • Live-action footage of an oncoming train.
    • Lord Hater taking a shower.
    • Jack McBrayer, the guy who voices Wander.
    • The Two Man Gentlemen Band, who provide all the music for the show.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in the form of a message reading "Thanks for watching Wander over Yonder and for taking the time to still frame this! - CM"
  • The final image before the insurance sales-squid is a black and white photo of Craig McCracken himself.
  • Sylvia thinks she and Wander have finally escaped the void... only to end up on a treadmill with a crude Wraparound Background.
  • Wander's "Step Inside Your Mind" song, along with the various things that happened during the song, even Sylvia being forced to dance (after being turned into a puppet) and sing along (after being turned into a ventriloquist's dummy).

The Date

  • Sylvia's reaction to Hater's reaction to being stood up.
    Sylvia: So he got jilted, it's not the end of the world.
    Lord Hater: (on communicator) Hey, Peepers. Yeah, the king of this stupid planet was totally lying. His lame daughter was a no-show. Whatever. Imma head back to the ship, curl up with a pint of Fudgy Pudgy Vanilla, and BLOW THIS PLANET TO KINGDOM COME!!!
    Sylvia: Okay, so it is the end of this world.
  • Right after realizing the planet might be annihilated, the first thing Wander is distressed over is his friend Hater's declining self-esteem.
    Wander:(frantically)This is a disaster! We gotta find him a replacement date or his self-esteem will drop DRAMATICALLY!
  • Hater drowns himself in body spray like a middle-school bro. It makes his robe inflate and knocks out the waiter.
  • Wander "playing footsie" with Hater, who of course thinks it's Sylvia doing it, and promptly gives Wander a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. The look Hater throws Sylvia while he's doing it is utterly priceless.
  • The show itself fast-forwards through Hater's constant talking about himself and laughing way too long at his own bad jokes.
  • "There is a pea touching my po-tay-to. DO IT OVER!!"
  • Sylvia's expression during the bumper cars.
  • Hater knocks Sylvia away from the ferris wheel gondola so he can have a seat for his stuffed animal. Then enjoys it when she retaliates by making the ride spin really fast. And finally barfs on her.
  • Everything about the wedding.
    • Especially the end, when Peepers points out that Hater was dating Wander and Sylvia, "WHAAAAT?!"
    • Peepers officiating the ceremony:
      "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to marry this stunning vision of loveliness to some broad he met at a restaurant."
  • As Sylvia and Wander are heading off, Sylvia suddenly recalls Hater's comment about her and Wander being a "six and a four" in terms of looks. "I'd better have been the six, or I'm going back and decking him."

The Buddies

  • "This is bad!"
    • "This is worse!"
  • Hater after landing in the prison portal: "Ugh, this place smells like zombie armpits." [writing in notebook] "Zombie Armpits... Good name for band."
  • The best bud handshake Wander makes up on the fly.
  • Hater getting caught up in Wander's "Best of Friends" song, especially when he tries to sing along:
    Hater: Oh, something something
    Something something something
    'Cause together we're the best of frieeends!
    • As well as the reveal that it was All Just a Dream, one that scared the hell out of Lord Hater. He is so cartoonishly evil that a catchy adorable musical number about feelings is a horrible nightmare to him.
  • Peepers' "But I thought we were buds!" (and his tantrum in the animatic, dear God)

The Gift 2: The Giftening

  • The beginning of the episode has Hater reprimand his Watchdogs for their stupidity, with footage as an aid.
    • First, two Watchdogs are piloting the Skullship, but end up scratching the lightning bolt on top due to flying under another spaceship. And when they try to back up, they crash into a bigger ship.
    • Next, two Watchdogs chase some poor guy into an alley... only for the Watchdogs to slam right into the wall, allowing the guy to escape unharmed.
    • Then, there are some Watchdogs are acting as security, trying to find wanted fugitives, with said fugitives wearing fake mustaches to easily pass through.
    • After that, the Watchdogs shoot two giant lasers to blow up a planet,... and miss completely.
    • Finally, a Watchdog happily puts up a framed picture of Wander, which seems to set Hater off the most out of all.
    • Turns out the Watchdogs weren't even there for Hater's berating, having all (except Peepers) gone to the wrong conference room. This just adds fuel to Hater's anger.
  • Patient Zero going into a feral rage and attacking Peepers when his present gets taken away, only to revert right back to a giggling idiot when it's given back.
  • Lord Hater's Tex Avery-inspired reactions are a goldmine.
  • "Curses! Pete's succumbed to the dance!"
  • Wander waving at the security camera in the slow-mo replay.
  • The ending where Hater gets infected with the happiness.

The Liar

  • "Wait for me, tiny umbrella."
  • Mama Bird zapping Wander and Sylvia every three seconds.
  • Wander names a baby bird "Scaredy", but when Sylvia names another "Tiny", Wander insists he's more of an "Allen".
  • The title popping up again at the end of the episode, after Sylvia assures Wander she had no doubts whatsoever her plan would get them out alive.

The Stray

  • On one hand, it's evil, but on the other, some of the abuse Li'l Bits puts Wander through with her mind control eyes is hilarious.
    • Repeatedly making him play "fetch" with her headless teddy and a monstrous beast.
    • Kneading him within an inch of his life when she wants him for a pillow.
    • Making him sing a creepy bedtime lullaby about being her servant and doing anything she wants.
  • Hater's amusement with Li'l Bits' Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.
    • Which Li'l Bits uses against him to escape punishment in the animatic.
  • Sylvia and Li'l Bits getting into a Puppy-Dog Eyes battle for control of Wander.

The Big Job

  • Wander claiming to be the night janitor, only for there to already be one on duty. "So Hater hired a newer, younger, and prettier janitor, huh?! Well, you listen to me pal, I ain't goin' without a fight!" Then he thrashes the place.
  • This exchange.
    Wander: I think I saw your keys outside! Oh! Here they are! In this bush!
    Watchdog Scientist: No. I hate zat bush. I never go near it.
  • After accidentally letting a locksmith, a plumber, a pizza guy, and a plasma containment team into the lab, how does Wander get rid of them all? By asking them to leave.
  • The entire mission was only to mess up Hater's hot tub by making it so he can't get it just the right temperature.

The Helper

  • "We're making a movie about making a movie!"
  • Hater only showing up to buy lunch and triple pickle cream pies for the Watchdogs.
  • Wander's elaborate play of throwing himself out of town.

The Funk

  • Hater's "Meh." response to all of the attempts to cheer him up, complete with not coming out from under his blanket, and Peepers' mounting frustration.
  • The night-long prankfest.
  • Hater and Peepers doing everything they can to the eye-stalk aliens, until their telepathic selves return.

The Enemies

  • Hater's big expository monologue on the Sword of Synergy being interrupted when he nearly chokes on a cobweb.
  • Brad still thinks he's a hero.
  • Wander thinking Hater and Brad are playing hide and seek with him.
    • The "Hidin' and Seekin'" musical number that ensues. Culminating in Hater's frustrated reaction:
      Hater: Are we just playing hide-and-go-seek right now? (Brad nods) WE TOTALLY ARE! JUST LIKE HE WANTED!
    • Wander getting exasperated at Hater and Brad's "hide and seek style".
      Wander (holding up a massive rule book): If either of y'all need a little refresher on the rules of Hide and Seek...
  • "Stop saying 'snare'!"
  • The "fair maiden" ploy.
    Brad Starlight: That was your plan? Please! That would have never worked!
    Hater: It just worked on you! You totally thought I was a stupid fair maiden!
    • And then Wander doesn't realize there's a plan at all, thinks they're just playing dress-up, and joins in.
  • Hater blowing a raspberry at Brad.
  • The Looney Tunes-esque falling rock gag.
  • Hater and Brad's Wimp Fight at the end, which continues into the credits animatic.

The Rider

  • "Don't. Worry. Mister. And. Missus. Brittle. We'll. Have. You. And. Your. Family. Moved. In. No. Time."
    • The hundreds of tiny boxes with the tiny glass furniture.
  • Hater's ship 'talking' for him.
  • The location of Hater's super-secret treasure horde is on a floppy disk.
  • Wander making blaster noises instead of firing it.
    • And then stopping the space-ship chase cold to rebuild the Fruit Cart.
  • When Wander contemplates possibly getting a new partner, a giant space worm ominously looms over him. The next we see of Wander, the space worm helps him break into Hater's storage station.
    • Said space worm is named Frederick, who gave Wander the advice to make up with Sylvia, and he speaks in a refined British accent and dialect.
    • "Dreadfully sorry, but I think I knocked over something rather important during my rampage. It seems the station will be, um, well, exploding. Cheerio!"
    • "Hello there. Let's talk about your honesty issues."
    Rider: "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Gift

  • Sylvia eating the Watchdog's cookies after giving him a present.
  • After the fake ending, Hater orders the Watchdogs to attack and loot the town, but they give gifts to the townspeople instead.
  • From the animatic: "Okay, whose hand keeps touching my butt?!"


The First Take

  • Wander giving shout-outs to practically everyone he met in Season One.
  • "Bye, galaxy!"
  • Wander easily getting his hands out of his shackles.

The Smile

  • Wander's ridiculous smile throughout.
  • Hater hating Wander's second face because he compares it to winning the lottery.
  • At one point, Wander's face is replaced by a caricature of his voice actor, Jack McBrayer.

The Killjoy

  • Hater repeatedly trying to press the button on his podium to make Wander go back up.
  • The ending where Hater tries to destroy both Wander and Peepers.

The Theme Song

  • Hater's whole thing with the guitar.

The Bathroom Break

  • The Watchdog janitor's random breakdancing routine.
  • Hater returning with toilet paper on his shoe.
  • Wander effortlessly escaping the moment he wants to - the first time of many.

The Planetary Conqueror

  • Hater repeatedly forgetting his lines.
  • Wander saying "Conquered" over and over again.
  • At the end, Hater once again forgets the word "Conqueror" and when he hears from it from Wander one more time, he screams. Plus the way Wander mugs the camera when he realizes which word Hater's forgotten.

The Sharpshooter

  • Hater's faces as he goes through the speech.
  • Hater constantly missing Wander.

The Glitch

  • Every time the camera freezes, Wander and Hater are always somehow making the stupidest faces.
  • When Hater goes to check the camera, it glitches. When it comes back on, Hater's looking it over while wearing a pair of hilariously dissonant reading glasses. A few glitches later Wander escapes again to help, and he's inexplicably wearing the exact same glasses. Plus Hater's reaction once he realizes Wander isn't tied up anymore.
  • The glitch-filled bits and pieces of Hater's chasing Wander around his lair, followed by Hater's Villainous Breakdown.

The Whatever

  • Wander's over-the-top impression of Lord Hater. Then we hear Hater's racing footsteps as Wander starts gushing about how Hater just needs a friend.

The Hiatus

  • The clip explaining why there is a hiatus.
    Narrator: Is the network punishing you for that negative post on Tumblr, Billy? That's right Billy, we all read that.
  • The definition of hiatus as the "inexcusable amount of time between airings of your favorite cartoon".
  • The executives "giving notes".

    Season 2 
The Greater Hater
  • Capture the Flag.
  • Wander's secret weapon: "FRUIT BASKET!"
    Wander: Sorry Syl, I just gotta try. I know this seems bananas and I must be plum out of my melon, but I don't pear! The way I fig-ure, even the rottenest apple has a sweet spot at its core. KUMQUAT!
  • Hater's ridiculously dorky victory dance the first time he beats one of the droids.
  • Wander getting frustrated and pegging fruit at Lord Dominator's head... only seconds later to wipe them off and apologize.
  • Dominator's giddy glee at the torment she just put the gang through.
  • The credits animatic.
    "Wait, Lord Who?"
    "Uh, Lord Hater, that skeleton dude we work for?"
    "Holy grop! I've been calling him the wrong name for six months! Why didn't anyone tell me?!"
    "What did you think he was called?!"
    "I been calling him "Lord Va"- *BOOM!*"
  • Similarly, the minions debating whether or not Wander is Obfuscating Stupidity.

The Big Day

  • Hater's song on his iPod that goes, "I hate to say that I loathe you."
  • The part where Peepers runs up to the guards like Lancelot did at the wedding in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Breakfast

  • The Overly Long Gag of Wander and Hater showering: Wander is humming cheerfully while Hater is slouched over with an unending groan of despair.
  • Hater's jaw falling off when he brushes his teeth.
  • Hater stirring his eggs with a meat tenderizer.
  • True to their personalities, when Wander and Hater both make half of a glass of juice, they respectfully consider them half-full and half-empty.
  • When Hater is surrounded by animals.
    Lord Hater: Ooh, is the squirrel gonna maul me? Hmph, stupid nature. (cut to Hater being chased by angry animals) Aaaah! I'm being mauled by a squirrel!
  • The ending where Hater finds out the extra sandwich is from his arch-nemesis.

The Fremergency Frontact

  • Lord Hater, all throughout the episode. After a trip to the dentist, not only is he off his meds when Wander has to take him home, but Keith Ferguson's voice acting AND Eddie Trigueros' directing both make this probably the funniest Hater episode yet.
  • Fighting crime, solve a paradox in time!
  • Hater's version of the theme song, including the part where he sees his ship.
  • The ending where he thinks it's a bad dream, but it's not as the infirmary scene shows.

The Boy Wander

  • After Dr. Screwball Jones' reveal:
    Sylvia: This joker is who you think is the most dangerous villain in the galaxy?
    Hater: (from off-screen) HE WHAT!?
  • Everything involving Dr. Screwball Jones.
  • Wander acting like Batman for most of the episode.
    • Especially his dead-serious delivery of the old 'Orange You Glad' joke.

The Wanders

  • The way Sylvia lures Contrary!Wander to her: by putting up a whole host of signs all saying "No" pointing to the cave, knowing that Wander will want to do exactly the opposite of what she wants him to do.
  • Most of the Wanders are absolutely hilarious. Some examples that stand out are...
    • Smart!Wander, who explains the situation in a hilariously condescending manner. After which Sylvia throws him straight back into Wander and he can be seen slowly clapping with a completely deadpan expression on his face.
    • Cheerleader!Wander. Sylvia! Sylvia! She's our man! If she can't do it, NO ONE CAN!
    • Easily Impressed!Wander. THAT'S AMAZING!!!
    • Obsessive!Wander, who is seen throughout the episode constantly plucking out strands of his hair.
    • Blonde Wig!Wander. Just her(?) entire existence.
    • Overdramatic!Wander lives up to his name.

The Axe

  • The return of the EEEEEEEEEVIL SAAAAAAAAANDWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH!!!! Who is named Sourdough now.
    • Sourdough lampshading Hater's incompetence.
    Sourdough: How are you so bad at this? I conquered this entire quadrant, and I'm a sandwich. You're a powerful electrical skeleton man!
  • Lord Hater failing to turn off the communication screen, with Sourdough commenting that he can't even do that right.
  • Hater's victory dance after reconquering all the planets he lost. It's anything but vile and scary.
  • As Peepers walks around the ship one last time, he remembers all the fun times he's had with Lord Hater over the years. Fun times like torturing prisoners, blowing up planets and playing around with the bones on a death pit.
    • During which, the song "Commander Who's Made His Last Command" plays. While heartbreaking, the song is also hilarious out of context. The extended version is even better.
    I'm a commander, who's made his last command,
    I used to be his right hand man,
    But a sandwich took our planets,
    And I got canned.
    The commander... who's made his last command.
    Cue the montage Jeff.
    *guitar solo*
  • Hater trying to be nonchalant while riding alongside Peepers on the taxi... while Sourdough's army chases after him.
    • "Hey Peepers, 'sup. Just one last question, not that I need your help, but if someone got into a major dogfight with a sandwich, what would one do?"
  • Hater struggling to say sorry to Peepers. Particularly the part when he pulls his cowl down over his face in frustration so hard his expression is visible through it.
  • Hater apparently isn't sure what the Watchdogs are, at first thinking they're robots until Peepers tells him otherwise.
  • When Hater tries to fire a missile at Sourdough's ship, it turns out there's a very long distance between the two ships, so the missile only travels a short length before Sourdough just blows it up mid-flight.

The Loose Screw

  • Stella Starbella spends the whole episode acting like a dotty old lady, even when her ship is about to self-destruct. Which makes it all the more hilarious when she turns out to know what she's doing.
  • Wander and Sylvia in the ill-fitting sweaters Stella knitted for them.
  • Stella making Wander and Sylvia sit and wait while she bakes them cookies, all while the King of Sherblork 7 calls for help. "Silence! Respect the baking process."
  • Chubby little Stella changing into her old, skimpy Starbella outfit, clearly intended for someone much taller and several pounds lighter.
  • This exchange, when Stella takes off to rescue the citizens of Sherblork 7.
    Wander: (pinned to the back wall by the hyperdrive) Sylvia, I think...
    Sylvia: She's completely lost her marbles?!
    (A heap of marbles gets pinned to the wall, forming a Knife Outline around Wander and Sylvia)
    Wander: Nope, there they are!
  • Starbella and her old arch-nemesis Mandrake the Malfeasant dramatically charging each other... in old-person slow-motion.

The It

  • The opening lines:
    Peepers: Lord Dominator...
    Hater: BOO! I hate that guy!
  • After Lord Hater pointedly ignores Wander tagging him as "it" in a game of intergalactic tag.
    Hater: Do you think I'm going to let some silly game ruin my chances at galactic superiority?
    Watchdog: Um, you do seem to do that a lot, so... (gets zapped by Peepers)
  • Peepers bluntly admitting that not all the Watchdogs will make it through the mine-field. Then he says to the Watchdog who pointed out Hater's tendency to get distracted "I'm lookin' at you, Pat!"
  • Wander randomly popping up to add to the rules, like declaring the meeting-room table home base, the food court a safe-zone, and reminding Lord Hater "No tag-backs!"
    • After the food-court safe-zone rule is initiated, the screen cuts to Hater and Peepers calmly sitting there munching food and sipping drinks while elevator music plays in the background. Then Wander pops up, screams "SAFE ZONE EXPIRED!" and the chaos continues.
  • Peepers freaking out at the prospect of being tagged "it".
  • Wander trying to talk to Lord Hater while he's frozen in cold-brr-nite, like suggesting he become a pastry chef or a luchador, or singing his "If You Wander" song, which breaks the camel's back for Hater and causes him to freak out.
  • The fact that everyone, even the villains, take Wander's game of tag so seriously actually ends up helping Hater and Peepers. Then Hater accidentally tags Ted from Accounting, and he steals Hater's spot on the top ten villains list.
  • At the end of the episode, when Peepers is on the verge of tears after Lord Hater gets distracted by Wander yet again, Sylvia pops up to "reassure" him: "There there, it's not gonna be okay."
  • The animatic for the episode is Peeper's briefing from earlier on in the episode. And it's hilarious.
    Peepers: Now, General McGuffin's base has 32 separate sentry turrets surveying 45 degree angles in varying intervals. After thwarting the perimeter moat, which is crawling with water wingmen, we'll hit the infinity minefield, full of self-repairing mines. I'm not gonna lie, not all of you are gonna make it back through that one. I'm looking at you Pat. This is where it gets tricky, because everything we've just encountered is actually a mass hallucination induced by General McGuffin's psychic battalions! We have to confront our innermost fears to defeat them, awake from the dream-state, and then start the whole thing over again from step one.

The Cool Guy

  • Hater freaking out while trying to talk to a hot girl at the club.
  • Hater and Peepers playing with their figurines. Then at the end of the episode Wander and Sylvia get in on the fun.

The Catastrophe

  • Sylvia gets a serious case of Got Me Doing It when confronting Li'l Bits at her studio.
  • Sylvia enduring all sorts of slapstick while trying to out-do Li'l Bits as a viral video star.
  • At the end of the episode, after Sylvia becomes famous, everyone promptly gets distracted by a video of a turtle eating pancakes, and that becomes the hot new thing.

The Rager

  • Lord Hater repeatedly trying (and failing) to catch Wander and the deposed rulers partying.
  • Lord Hater decides to throw his own party... and ends up hanging out with two incredibly bored Watchdogs, one of whom is in a coma. Hater's party is so boring, the comatose guy briefly flat-lines.
  • Lord Hater gets into Wander's party disguised as "King Schmater"... and ends up awkwardly hanging out by the punch bowl, trying to make small talk with the other guests.

The Good Bad Guy

  • Lord Hater being a total squeeing fanboy over Major Threat.
  • Lord Hater realizing there's only one way to get rid of Major Threat when he becomes a bad guy again... by (flimsily) disguising himself as Wander, complete with a hobby-horse as Sylvia and a butchered rendition of "If You Wander Over Yonder".
    Hater: When you wander over that way
    And wear a stupid hat
    Then you help some stupid people
    And wear a stupid hat!
    • The flabbergasted reaction of Peepers and the Watchdogs makes it even funnier. Peepers does as much of a Jaw Drop as one can manage without a visible mouth, and one Watchdog takes pictures with his phone camera.
  • Hater thinks he's won when it turns out Major Threat's old friend was a fellow named Tumbleweed, and not Wander. Then Major Threat makes a casual remark strongly implying that Tumbleweed and Wander are the same person, and Hater is so shocked his head explodes.

The Battle Royale

The Matchmaker

  • Wander speculating on the contents of Lord Hater's love letter to Lord Dominator.
    Wander: I bet it's an elegant and eloquent list of all the things he finds so fascinating about her!
    Sylvia: Oh yeah, like how she heartlessly destroys everything in her path!
  • "This is one of those really, really bad ideas that you're gonna do no matter what, right?"
  • The various titles popping up throughout the episode as Sylvia tries to distract Wander from his self-imposed mission to deliver Hater's love letter.
  • The cameo by Something the So-and-So ("The Surprise Villain")
    Something the So-And-So: Trains! I'm gonna do... something evil... with the trains... y'know, whatever...
  • Sylvia trying to distract Wander with various brochures. She seems to finally succeed with "Ye Olde Candle-Stick Makers" ("The Funnest Thing Ever")... then Wander says they can go after he delivers the letter.
  • Eventually, Silvia runs out of new adventures to distract Wander with, and starts recycling wacky premises from old episodes, including The Box and The Toddler. Wander totally ignores all of them.
  • Sylvia and Wander's crazy chase through the inter-dimensional door and getting turned into various alternate selves, including prehistoric versions ("The Cavemen"), medieval versions ("The Dark Ages"), giant monsters ("The Kaiju"), Peepers and Hater ("The Wrong Characters"), Inkblot Cartoon Style versions ("The Oldsey Timesy"), and their voice actors Jack McBrayer and April Winchell ("The ???").
  • The Reveal that Wander was just going to put the letter in the nearest mailbox instead of hand-delivering it to Dominator, and Sylvia's reaction to said reveal. ("The Wacky Misunderstanding")
  • "The Epilogue", when Dominator opens Hater's letter... and it's just a cheesy "Do You Like Me? Yes[] No[]"-style love note. And Hater forgot to sign it so Lord Dominator has no idea who sent it.
  • The rarely-seen ending animatic shows Hater and Peepers digging through the trash compactor attempting to find the letter.
    Hater: I can't believe you threw it out! Here! (picks up paper) No, this is the ninth draft! Where's the sixteenth draft?! It really captured my emotional resonance!
The New Toy
  • Hater and Peepers' briefing at the start of the episode:
    Peepers: Alright, sir, if we're to have any hope of stopping Dominator's invasion force, we need to use the most powerful weapon of them all...
    Hater: Please be giant lasers, please be giant lasers...
    Peepers: Our brains!
    Hater: Awwwww...
  • The cheesy live-action Parody Commercial for the H.A.T.E.R.V., especially the disclaimer near the end
    Warning: This is not a real toy. This will NEVER be a real toy. It is both insanely dangerous and commercially unsound. Lord Hater is neither a licensed toy designer or engineer. Please do not try to build or bootleg this toy yourself.
  • Hater tells Peepers he can handle the invasion alone if he's not going to build the H.A.T.E.R.V. for him. Next thing Hater knows, all the Watchdogs have already left.
  • Hater's desperate attempts to show off his new ride, especially the scene where he keeps asking for a do-over.
  • When "Boat Mode" starts sinking and Hater realizes he forgot to install a "Sub Mode" on the H.A.T.E.R.V.:
    Hater: Save me! But in a way that doesn't make me look stupid in front of Dominator!
  • Hater's entrance in the H.A.T.E.R.V.
    Peepers: Oh no...
    Peepers: (blank) He built it himself.
    Hater: I BUILT IT MYSELF!!!

The Black Cube

  • This episode is rather light on laughs, but the sight of THE BLACK CUBE OF DARKNESS in a cheap toupee bouncing down the street to a lively jazz tune while everyone around him freaks out provides some much-needed comic relief.
  • This exchange between Wander and Sylvia after Wander decides to help the Black Cube:
    Wander: Aw, Syl. It never hurts to help!
    Sylvia: Do you know how many times you say that immediately before we actually get hurt?!
  • THE BLACK CUBE'S boss and landlord are twin brothers, yet somehow they forgot each other's birthday.

The Eye in the Skull Ship

  • All the Watchdogs hooting and hollering and mugging for the camera in the cafeteria. "ENCHILADAS!"
  • The Watchdogs training to fight Sylvia against an inflatable dummy, which they still get utterly trounced by.
  • Andy trying to "interview" a paper-bag puppet of Lord Hater.
  • When Hater realizes Andy's show isn't being broadcast further than the confines of the Skull Ship, he teleports away in a fit of pique... then teleports back in for the sole purpose of Flipping the Table.

The Secret Planet

  • Wander sees a troubled ship full of refugees passing by, right after he'd promised Sylvia to keep the planet a secret. He assures himself they'll be fine... and then the ship bursts into flames.
  • As Wander's pile of white lies builds to a climax, he ends up trying to don his king, waiter, monkey, and real estate agent disguises all at once. Then Sylvia catches him in the act and he freaks out.
    Wander: King-disco-monkey-wants-Schmancy-palm-fronds!

The Bad Hatter

  • Wander not realizing his hat is missing until Sylvia mentions it. He doesn't even catch on as he tries to pull out his banjo, even looking straight at what turns out to be just thin air and still acts as if he's holding his hat.
  • The Hat trolling Lord Hater. He asks it what will make Lord Dominator happy, it produces a laser gun primed to go off in Hater's face. He asks it what Dominator likes the least, it conjures a hand mirror. He asks the Hat for something Hater needs, it produces a pack of breath mints.
  • The montage of Wander and Sylvia trying on various silly hats, including lightning-bolt beanies like the Watchdogs wear. The Stinger features a long string of additional hats.
  • Wander finally gets a hat like his old one, except it's red, and he whines "It's not greeeee..." Cut to Hater and the Hat, then back at Wander who is still whining "... eeeeeeen!"
  • Wander and Hater repeatedly saying "Okay!" over and over when he finally finds the hat.

The Hole... Lotta Nuthin'

  • Lord Hater showing up and taking the opportunity to troll the ever-loving hell out of poor Wander.
  • Lord Hater's Slasher Smile right before he decides to annoy Wander.
  • Hater gloating "It never hurts to help," which accidentally cheers Wander up.
  • The ending, when Lord Hater decides he'd rather rip off his own arm and leave it stuck in the black hole than put up with Wander's yammering.

The Show Stopper

  • Lord Hater busting out a Piss Take Rap.
  • The Running Gag of the Watchdogs playing the drums getting injured or knocked out, which leads into a Long List of names during the animatics playing over the credits.
  • Peepers and Sylvia dressing up as groupies and wearing Lord Hater out by making him and Wander play faster and faster, then in Spanish, then backwards.

The Cartoon

The Bot

  • Wander dragging Probe 13 (AKA "Beep Boop") into a Good-Times Montage as they visit the carnival.

The Family Reunion

  • Sylvia's brothers constantly pummeling each other.
  • Sylvia having to peel giant potatoes with a tiny peeler. Then her mother tells her "When you're done with those, you can start on the carrots!" Said carrots are even more enormous.
  • The entire "talking stick" sequence. It's actually pretty funny to see one of the few times Wander has ever lost his temper.
  • Vegetarian Wander doesn't want to eat the meat Sylvia's family has, so she supplies him with a lettuce leaf. He nibbles around the edges with an adorable look on his face.
  • Sylvia's grandma calls Wander a "dirty space hippie."

The Rival

  • Lord Hater, trying to read lips
    Hater as Dominator: Can you take my rabbit for a walk on Tuesday?
    Hater as Awesome: No way, bro! His leash is made of beef sticks, and that's unsanitary. I could make him a congressman instead, bro.
    Hater: Phew! Nothing to worry about, they're only talking about weird stuff that doesn't make any sense.
    • By time Emperor Awesome is halfway through his sentence, Hater's lip-reading barely matches his mouthflaps.
  • Hater and Peepers trying to navigate in their Paper-Thin Disguise as a Fist Fighter.
    Peepers: I said left!
    Hater: Your left or my left?
    Peepers: WE HAVE THE SAME LEFT!!
  • The Reveal of Emperor Awesome's "secret weapon": the lump under the tarp was Awesome himself, ready to show off his "guns" to Lord Dominator. Yes, the whole episode was largely a build-up to another of Awesome's cheesy pick-up lines.
  • "She knows my name!" "She called you an idiot." "An idiot whose name she knows!"
  • When Dominator drags Awesome offscreen, Hater is convinced that she's taken him to "the smooching room."
    Hater: I've mapped out her whole ship with a super scientific algorithm based on what I've seen of it so far. Here's her inner sanctum, here's the war room, the arsenal, the smooching room, bedroom, this part is mostly shoes and purses and stuff. The back-up smooching room.
    Peepers: Sir, I seriously doubt an evil villain has a smooching room, let alone two!
    Hater: ...We've got six.
    [Cut to Peepers and Hater in a room full of pink disco lights, Hater making kissy noises]
    MUSIC: Smoooooooooooooooch!~

My Fair Hatey

  • During "Ask Her a Question", there's a bunch of Watchdogs in stocks singing back-up for Wander. Then a bunch of them in chains form a chorus line. Even funnier is that Word of God says they were in the dungeon in the first place for saying Lord Hater needs to use more deodorant.
  • Wander repeatedly shocking Lord Hater in an effort to teach him to talk about something other than himself.
    Wander: Alright, Hater, give it a shot!
    Hater: Um, okay... have you ever noticed how incredibly impressive I am? (ZAP!)
    Wander: Nope!
    Hater: Who wants to date the galaxy's most charismatic dictator? You do! (ZAP!)
    Wander: Try again...
    Hater: What's your favorite...
    Wander: Mmm-hmm?
    Hater: ... one of my many, many outstanding traits? Mine's my humility!
    Wander: (sigh) Nope! (ZAP!) From the top!
  • Peepers and Sylvia lampshading their randomly bursting into song during "That's How We'll Get Her".
    Peepers: Okay, okay, you definitely sang that last part!
    Sylvia: Well so did you! I was only following your lead!
  • Hater's "fantasy sequence" during the second half of "You're the Greatest" is hilarious in how over-the-top it is. "SAXOPHONE!"
  • During Dominator's Villain Song, there's a point where she's in full armor (with magma arms, deep voice and everything) and twirling around like a ballerina. The sheer dissonance of the image has to be seen to be believed.
  • How does Wander get Lord Hater out of his Villainous BSoD after Dominator shoots him down? With the power of song, of course! Though in this case, Wander's "My Fair Hatey" song just irritates Hater into blasting his way out of their cell and chasing Wander around.
    Hater: "I swear, if you say 'buddies' one more time..."
    Wander: "We're buddies-"
    Hater: "AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!"
    Hater blasts through the wall of the prison and starts chasing Wander through the ship as he continues singing
    Wander(fast): "Seems like we're becoming friends! Buddies!"
    Hater: "AAAAAAGH!!!"
  • In The Stinger, Lord Dominator's frustration when she gets the reprise of "You're the Greatest" stuck in her head. "Stupid catchy tune!"

The Legend

  • "I'm too young for half of me to die!"
  • Wander and Sylvia's reactions to the kids' wild stories. Especially their horrified looks, after the first story ends with Wander crushing Lord Hater to death. As well as Sylvia's annoyance that it took three stories in before she was acknowledged in any way.
  • Jamie's over-the-top story depicting "The Hero" as a Totally Radical late-Eighties early-Nineties punk who beats Major Threat by teasing, humilating, and farting on him.
  • Sylvia finally gets into the a Gigantor parody named Silver Seven, complete with theme song.
  • Melodie's hilariously convoluted story about "The Hero", where apparently he's a werewolf with a space princess girlfriend and all the bad guys are his long-lost relatives, from Lord Hater to Sourdough the Evil Sandwich. It was deliberately written to poke fun at the show's fandom and fanfiction writers in general. The fact that Melodie uses words like "fanfiction", "canon", and "feels" only adds to the hilarity.
    • When it's hinted that the space princess girlfriend is herself, the other kids understandably groan with exasperation.
    Melodie: Silence, this is only part 1 of a three-part trilogy!

The Bad Neighbors

  • Pretty much all of the sitcom antics Hater and Awesome get into.
    • Heck, this episode even has a freaking laugh track!
  • Hater staying up all night blasting leaves in a fit of pique.
  • What's the "big plan" Peepers has been trying to get Lord Hater to pay attention to? A Rube Goldberg Machine straight out of a game of Mouse Trap, that ends with a tiny plastic net being dropped on a small doll of Dominator.
    • Peepers' subsequent breakdown upon realizing how terrible his plan is.
    Peepers: "A net? A NET?! SHE SHOOTS LAVA!!!"
  • Peepers finally decides the only way to get Lord Hater to focus is to show up Emperor Awesome once and for all... by throwing a better barbecue. Cue Mundane Made Awesome montage of Peepers setting up a modest but cozy shindig that actually works in attracting all the visiting bad guys away from Awesome's barbecue.

The Party Poopers

  • The entire freaking episode is one Double Entendre after another, with the writers cramming in as many butt and poop jokes as Standards would let them get away with.
    • Wander's reactions as he and Sylvia try to keep him from laughing at the puns, especially during the buffet scene, ending with Sylvia hanging him out the window to let it out, are all hilarious.
      • Halfway through the food-related Hurricane of Puns of the buffet sequence, we get what seems to be a break from the puns for a moment.
    Buttler: Roasted Hali-"butt".
    (Wander does a comical restraint of laughter.)
    Buttler: Sparkling Blorpberry Fizz.
    (Wander starts to do a face, Record Needle Scratch, then a comical look of bewilderment.)
    • The fact that the members of The Hi-nee Council are never shown above the neck, even though it's pretty obvious that their faces are butts.
    • Special mention goes to passing a hall full of paintings like one of a Bum (Vagabond) a cow pie (literally a pie with a cow inside), etc. and the buffet.
    • The names of the Hi-nee Council themselves.
  • The fact that Sylvia is the one who finally cracks after one of the Hi-nee Council blows his "nose".
  • The Hi-nee Council revealing that the entire thing was a test to find someone who was actually honest, and then lampshading all the obvious poop jokes.
    "You really believe that a group of people with faces like ours would call ourselves 'The Hi-nee Council'? Ha ha! What does that even mean?
    • "Can you imagine someone named Gluteus? Ha ha ha ha! My real name's Todd!"

The Waste of Time

  • Major Threat's arch-rival Admiral Admirable, a stuffy-looking narwhal who talks like a hipster ("I heard about this conjunction before it became a thing") and has an army of Foot Soldiers.
    • Tumbleweed repeating the sequence from The Picnic for Major Threat almost word for word.
    • We finally see the face Wander was making in The Picnic. And it is GLORIOUS.
  • Wander and Sylvia ending up in the middle of Dominator's ship during Hater's musical number in "My Fair Hatey", and Sylvia's weirded out reaction to it.
    • This:
    Sylvia: "Look, I know you're having fun reminiscing, but we can't just spend all our time re-living past episodes...of our lives." *Aside Glance*
    • "It could be dangerous! And boring!"
  • In amongst the images that Wander and Sylvia travel through is an inexplicable picture of an ape in a spacesuit.
    • It was apparently foreshadowing for a Season 3 episode that will most likely never be made, but it's still hilarious out-of-context.
  • Wander and Sylvia accidentally travelling to the End of Time... then to the Beginning of Time.
  • Old!Wander rushing as fast as he can to put an "Out of Order" sign on the Time Orbble pump... which isn't very fast at all.

The Hotshot

  • King Bingleborp's frustration at the Bingleberry Festival getting interrupted again, this time by a Dom-Bot.
    King Bingleborp: Seriously?! Okay, people, you know the drill...
    (Cut to Binglebops running around in a panic)
  • After the second time Hotshot saves the day, Wander says he thinks he sees a Green-Eyed Monster... and Sylvia is all geared up to fight it.
  • Wander is so impressed by Hotshot that he starts impersonating him.
    Wander: Sylvia, I'm the strong and silent type... pretend I'm not talking right now.
  • The Dom-Bot that Hotshot has been fighting turns out to be a fake built by Brad Starlight's nerdy, know-it-all cousin Chad.
  • The end credits animatic, where Brad Starlight and Lamprey Princess actually end up Happily Married with two kids, kids who get grossed out when their parents start kissing at their anniversary dinner.

The Night Out

  • Dominator tries to pass the time waiting for a system update by bouncing a ball... then the ball needs to update. So she tries telling some of her Dombots a joke. Turns out their "humor protocols" are updating too.
    Dominator: ... And then the ballet dancer says "Annihilation? I thought her name was Susan!" And then, y'know, she got annihilated.
  • What's Wander doing on the same planet Dominator decides to hang out on? Helping a trio of slug-like aliens cross the street... very slowly, and causing a huge traffic jam in the process.
  • For lovers of cartoon violence, the moment where "D" bashes the bar punk fighting with Sylvia over the head with a table, and his goofy convulsions with odd sounds coming out of him, should cause a chuckle or two.
  • At one point during the big Bar Brawl, a patron throws the bartender at Sylvia and "D", who handily dodge.

The Search for Captain Tim

  • Pretty much all of Hater's hysterics when he finds Captain Tim has gone missing.
    • Assembling the Watchdogs to put them on the trail of his pet:
      Hater: Watchdogs! We have toppled mighty empires, laid waste to fearsome enemies. But today we face a mission more important than any we've ever encountered. (flings podium in anguish) MY TIM-TIM WENT BYE-BYE AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS, AND I MISS MY TIM-TIM!
  • Tim the lovable Watchdog, from his cheerful demeanor to the fact that he was just hiding in a locker waiting for someone to say his name.
  • This episode introduces a character who is a parody of Eileen Ripley from the Aliens franchise. Her name? Emily Ripov. As in "Rip-off".
    • Ripov in general is such a comically serious Large Ham it's impossible not to find her funny.
    • Ripov's deadpan reaction to Hater's robot arm.
  • While Hater is devastated that his beloved (homicidal) pet is missing, all the other Watchdogs are delighted and throw a big party.
    • To make it even funnier, Peepers, who typically holds the Watchdogs in contempt at best, happily parties it up with them, popping bottles of Thunder Blazz and Crowd Surfing through the assembly.
      Peepers: Oh, uh, sorry, sir. I know you cared for that thing, but Captain Tim wasn't really a pet so much as a um, hideous monster trying to maul everybody on the ship.
      Hater: But he was my hideous monster trying to maul everybody on the ship!
  • Lord Hater thinks he and Ripov are going to be rescued from the Arachnomorph Queen by Captain Tim, but instead Commander Peepers, Wander, Sylvia, and Tim the Watchdog show up, only to get captured.
  • The credits animatic.

The Heebie Jeebies

  • Wander suggesting that there might be a Frankenstein in the forest. Immediately, a Frankenstein's monster runs out terrified.
    Frankenstein's monster: (fleeing) FOREST BAD!
  • Wander's gradually terrifying version of "My Favorite Things".
  • The Wilhelm Warbler, a bird whose cry sounds like the famous Wilhelm scream. "Annoying and all over the place, but totally harmless."
  • "I am getting really tired of screaming!"

The Sick Day

  • Sylvia getting mauled by Captain Tim every time she hits the Snooze button on Lord Hater's alarm.
  • "I got this I got this I got this I got this...."
    • "I did it!"
  • One of Wander's good deeds is to water a cactus he left in Dominator's guest bathroom. There are so many things that are funny about that sequence.
    • For one, the fact that Dominator even HAS a guest bathroom is hilarious.
    • Said bathroom is also a fairly normal-looking bathroom on an otherwise horrifying spaceship.
    • And to top it all off, it turns out that Wander never left a cactus in her guest bathroom. He only dreamed about it.
  • The fact that Wander keeps escaping from his restraints, even though he's sick as a dog and even as Sylvia goes from tying him to his hammock, to duct-taping him in place, to tying him up with chains, to locking him in a wooden box and spot-welding it shut.
  • "Miss Myrtle" turns out to be a giant reality-altering turtle with the personality of an old lady. And she secretly can't stand snickerdoodles.
  • Wander's daily good deed for Peepers? Raise the soles of his shoes another eighth of an inch to make him think he's growing taller.
    Peepers: (measuring himself) Way to grow, Commander Peepers!

The Sky Guy

  • After the Bitties meet Wander face-to-face for the first time, Wander puts them aside for a second to avoid being caught by Neckbeard. When he check in on them again, they've built a statue of him and are bowing down to it while squeaking out the show's theme song.
  • Neckbeard the Nay-sayer showing off his "skills" with the theremin and the bo staff.
  • Neckbeard chasing Wander through his shop, causing all sorts of chaos, like turning random objects into frogs after knocking over a display full of magic wands.

The Robomechabotatron

  • The Robomechabotatron itself is a massive nod to the giant robot anime genre.
  • Hater's constant mispronouncing of the mecha's name.
    Hater: "The Robomechaleckahimichangahobbahooba!"
  • While racing each other to the Robomechabotatron, Peepers jumps onto Hater and rides him like a horse. Sylvia and Wander's expressions are priceless.
  • The Robomechabotatron comes with a Japanese manual, complete with a tiny chibi Robomechabotatron giving a thumbs up.
    • It gets better. Someone translated the writing in the manual.
  • Where does Wander find the key to the Robomechabotatron? Under the doormat, of course.
  • Sylvia and Wander try to operate the Robomechabotatron with just the legs, but find that they can't open the door. Sylvia has to run up to the arm, open the door, and run back to the leg, but by the time she does the door closes. She does this three times before they realize they need Hater and Peepers after all.
    • The third time she goes up, the shot cuts to Hater and Peepers, who Sylvia threw out of the robot earlier, watching the entire thing. They glance at each other in smug delight and shake their heads.
  • "...Seems like we're becoming friends!"
  • Throughout the episode, Dominator is itching for a giant mecha battle, and all the while, Wander, Sylvia, Hater and Peepers are bickering over the Robomechabotatron. Her whiny, indignant reaction when she ultimately doesn't get one is priceless.
  • At the end of the episode, Wander ultimately stops them from battling Dominator's mecha, much to Dominator's annoyance. Hater then slices off the leg Wander was controlling, which causes the Robomechabotatron to fall over, which causes it to blast missiles into the sky, which come crashing down on it, prompting the four to escape before the entire robot explodes.
    • One can only imagine Dominator's face throughout the whole ordeal.
    • Also, Hater was right about Wander wanting to give everyone giant hugs.
    Hater: "I KNEW IT! Every time!"
  • Peepers, to Sylvia:
    "No way, horse-ay!"

The Flower

  • Wander's exaggerated sad faces, with his eyes welling up with enormous tears, are as funny as they are heartbreaking.
  • Giant bees keep randomly showing up throughout the episode, which turns out to be leading to this exchange:
    Wander: Is it a giant bee?
    Sylvia: Just the biggest B in the galaxy... DOMINATOR!
  • After Dominator corners Wander and Sylvia and steals the flower, she takes the time to take a selfie with them while they're visibly upset and post it on social media. She may be a vile, despicable individual, but at least she's entertaining.
  • Dominator's one weakness? Hay fever. She spends the rest of the episode sneezing in an adorable and undignified manner, unable to give orders to her robot minions.
    • "Gesundheit."

The End of the Galaxy

  • This video based off of a joke from "The Hole... Lotta Nuthin".
  • A particular Tumblr post pointed out something hilariously accurate regarding the origin of Wander's hat.
    Fanon: Some nice person gave Wander the hat as a kid.
    Canon: Wander ended up in the middle of a civil war where the hat was cruelly abused for its magic and stole it to save its freaking life.
  • This very sarcastic tumblr post by show writer Frank Angones.
    • Frank's tumblr in general is usually filled with these.
  • A theory originated on tumblr about the astronaut ape seen in "The Waste of Time" claiming that the ape was actually Lord Hater before he became an electric skeleton. The theory has a disturbing amount of evidence behind it and it wasn't long before "Lord Hater is a monkey" became a meme within the fandom.
  • A cut joke from "The Waste of Time" has Orbble Wright say that they originally wanted to call the Orbble Transporter "Skywalkers", but that they couldn't due to "legal reasons". The joke was cut from the episode due to legal reasons. note 
  • The fact that Commander Peepers' theme is just the instrumental of "La Cucaracha" played in minor key.


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