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  • In "The Switching Stone", when Bobgoblin and Giant Gina switch heights with the titular stone, and Bobgoblin tries to hide from them.
    Bobgoblin: (hiding behind a rock) ...I am a rock.
    Gina: We can see your ears!
    Bobgoblin: ...I am a rock with ears.
  • Bobgoblin's antics in "Dawn of the Zucchinis" result in the creation of zillion zombie zucchinis.
  • In "Buddy Pal Friend Day," Hattie gives Bobgoblin a nice gift for Buddy Pal Friend Day, so Bobgoblin wants to give her one too. But, being Bobgoblin, he doesn't quite get the concept for most of the episode, trying to give her gifts that are basically about him, rather than being something she would like. The high point of hilarity is his trying to write a song for her, which is instead all about him, and has lyrics such as "Bobgoblin's a good singer / And he's great-looking too / Bobgoblin is the best..."

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