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  • So Wander had turkey sandwiches for the picnic? Where do you find turkeys in a galaxy fully populated by alien creatures?
    • Earth creatures do show up. Wander summons a bat, a loon, and a flamingo in "The Void" and Sylvia's Trademark Favorite Food is Jellyfish pie. So it can be assumed that earth creatures do exist.
  • Is Sylvia a person or an animal? She mostly acts like a person (the fact that she can buy stuff makes it seem like she's a legal citizen), but Wander rides on her like a horse and she wears a saddle and reins.
    • People have been using other people as transportation for a long time
    • Brad refers to her as an animal in "The Hot Shot", so there's that. I'm guessing that the earth equivalent of a Zbornak would be an anthromorphic horse.
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    • The original intended concept for Season 1 before Executive Meddling forced less serialization involved Zbornaks essentially serving as sapient taxi cabs, with Sylvia traveling with Wander while he attempted to scrape together money for a fare he owed her. In that sense, Sylvia's saddle and reins are The Artifact; their presence goes unexplained in the show, though the flashback to her first meeting with Wander in "The Waste of Time" shows that she didn't always have them, and it's easy to infer that she adopted them for her friend's comfort. Although riding Zbornaks isn't necessarily unusual (Sylvia having had at least one other rider, Ryder), "The Family Reunion" shows that Zbornaks on their home planet generally just wear normal clothes.
  • In "The Wanders" Smart!Wander establishes that Wander can't leave that spot until all his personality fragments are brought back together. However, at the end, Incomplete!Wander does leave the spot and was even on the verge of leaving the cave even though Helpless!Wander was still on the loose. How is that possible?
    • Smart!Wander didn't establish that; he said that Wander would cease to exist unless all his personas were brought together, and that "time is of the essence". Which could lead to quite a Fridge Horror situation in that Contrary!Wander once fused with his other personalities in that he was willing to risk ceasing to exist so as to take down Lord Hater, leaving Helpless!Wander alone in the cave . .
  • So when Wander and Sylvia travel in a bubble, Wander blows the Bubble Juice and they get inside so they keep in a breathable micro-enviroment while traveling through space with a bubble inflated by... Wander's breath! Isn't that supposed to be toxic and disgusting?
    • Probably just something they're used to by now. All traveling involves SOME discomfort.
    • Sometimes, Wander doesn't even have to breathe into it - he just waves it through the air. Or rather, the empty airless vacuum of space. Perhaps there's magic involved!
    • These are not just any ordinary soap bubbles. In "The Nice Guy", it's all but stated that synthesizing a small jar of orbble juice takes hours, so we can assume that orbbles are specifically designed to keep interstellar travellers alive and well.
  • Where do Wander and Sylvia get the money they use to buy food and transportation? They don't seem to have jobs.
  • Jeff / Major Threat's story of meeting "a funny wanderer" named Tumbleweed that managed to reform him raises some questions. If Tumbleweed, as implied, is actually Wander under a different name, does that mean he actually goes around under different Aliases, specifically targeting villains to try and reform? Or, what with Jeff referencing the "mustard or mayo" gag, are there actually more of his kind, using the same tactics as him?
    • Hater's reaction made it clear that it was Wander under a different name. In "The Greater Hater", Wander mentions that "Wander" is not his original name.
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    • "The Waste of Time" confirms that Wander and Tumbleweed are one and the same. It turns out Wander just goes by whatever name the inhabitants of a certain galaxy decide to call him; ergo he is Wander in the galaxy the show is set in, but he is Tumbleweed in Major Threat's galaxy. This episode also shows how he got the name Wander.
  • Why didn't Wander just pull whatever they needed to stop Dominator out of his hat?
    • In all fairness, unless brutally tortured, the hat only gives you what you need for the time being. There was an entire episode centered around this fact in Season one. Everything the hat gave Sylvia caused her to wind up down the throat of the giant space worm she was trying to avoid. She thought that what she needed was to get to the top of a waterfall. It turned out that the monster had swallowed Wander and that the whole time, the hat had given her exactly what she needed. They could definitely have asked the hat for something to stop Dominator, but that would have been little help if neither of them knew exactly how to apply the solution given. Hater has trouble with this too. (Not surprisingly) Anytime you can pull a book out of a magic hat entitled "Not Being a Jerk, for jerks" toss it aside and claim that your love interest doesn't like to read, you aren't going to get even the simplest solution no matter who gives it to you. Of course, the answer could just be that Wander likes making friends and doing it genuinely, not through magical devices or electric squids that make your mouth taste like purple. Sylvia made that point in "The Wanders" and said that the Wander she knew wanted to BEFRIEND Hater, NOT stop him.

  • If Dominator could find out where planets were just by scanning people who had been on them, Why didn't she just scan Bot 13 when it refused to display coordinates? Does it only work with organic beings or something??
    • Taught by Experience. Dominator learned a bit of Pragmatic Villainy from Beep Boop that if a bot or alien won't reveal the location of a planet, and she doesn't want to destroy Wander just yet. That may have even been what the update was in "The Night Out," so that she could find a planet when a subject resists interrogation.
  • Related to the above, if she could identify the planet Wander came from by scanning him, it means she has some form of database on all the planets of the Galaxy. If so, then how did she miss the secret planet?
    • Perhaps it never had any inhabitants before all the refugees, and so there was nobody too scan?
    • To add to that, she probably identified all the planets when she was first starting with her plans and forgot about that one, since it was so small and uninhabited. She wasn't exactly checking her database to make sure she'd actually gotten the last one, and she was just as excited by the prospect that all of Wanders friends were still alive on it.

  • Why did a mere fifty years in 'The Waste of Time' age Wander into an old man when that very selfsame episode establishes that a thousand years hardly make a difference to him?
    • Apparently Word of God is that he just made it look like he was aging to make Sylvia feel better.

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