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  • Channel Hop: Disney XD got episode premieres from March 2014 onwards. Disney Channel got the episodes several weeks later.
  • Creator Cameo: In the end credits of "The Show Stopper", some of the In Memoriam names of the watchdogs who were killed during the episode include crew and cast members, such as Craig, Lauren, Jack, April, Keith, Tom, and Noelle.
  • Colbert Bump: Most fans probably never heard of the Two Man Gentlemen Band before they were hired to compose the show's music.
    • The 1967 Croatian animated series, Professor Balthazar, also got one as it was a key influence to Wander Over yonder's art style.
  • Development Gag: In "The Void" two of the doors have early sketches of Wander and Sylvia.
  • Descended Creator: Craig revealed in a tweet that the live action arm that knocks the Lord Hater toy into the stack of blocks in the season 2 promo was him.
    • On top of that, Craig also provides the voice of Destructor's Sock in a few episodes.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Word of God states that the show was going to have a continuity and more complex stories told in 22-minutes long episodes, but Disney XD wanted a 11-minutes long gag series.
    • Even more so, Craig wanted the third season to have a lot more story lines and more developed backstory, but Disney canned the series because "80 episodes were enough".note 
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Fans of the show call themselves Wanderers.
  • Flip-Flop of God: The show's crew like to keep in touch with the fanbase through tumblr, and often answers questions they might have. However, often times, different crew members may give different answers for the same question, leading to some confusion. One notable example is the question of whether or not Lil' Bits is an actual evil kitten or an adult posing as a kitten.
  • I Knew It!:
    • There were several implications throughout the series that Wander is a vegetarian; “The Battle Royale” reveals he is indeed that.
    • The stinger for the series finale strongly implies that Lord Hater is a NASA space chimp who was revived and uplifted by dark magic after drifting into the show's galaxy. This was a fairly popular fan theory about his backstory after "The Waste Of Time" had a Freeze-Frame Bonus showing a space chimp that had a facial structure suspiciously similar to Hater's.
    • Many fans also predicted that Wander would fail to redeem Lord Dominator. Sure enough in the series finale that's exactly what happens.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Many of the names of the villains on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard, kept track of by story editor Frank Angones on his blog are original characters created by fans.
  • Permanent Placeholder: In "The Buddies", Hater's "something something something" during the Friendship Song was originally a placeholder until the creators agreed to keep it.
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  • Schedule Slip: The show has premiered 9 half-hours worth in a little over 7 months.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • The show didn't get its 3rd season, not because of low ratings, but because higher-ups decided that 80 episodes (over 3 years) was enough for one series, which fans of the show did not take well. What made this baffling is that said higher-ups were willing to wait for Alex Hirsch to see if he would change his mind on doing one more season of Gravity Falls (to which he declined and ended the series after two seasons after 4 years) but wasn't willing to give the same courtesy to Craig despite both shows being top-rated of the network. Most suspect it was cast aside to make way for the newer toons incoming on the channel at the time (namely the Ducktales reboot, Marvel's Spider-Man and the Big Hero 6 TV series note ) as a cost saving measure.
    • The channel jump from Disney Channel to Disney XD didn't help matters either. Not everyone has XD, and Wander was barely advertised on Disney Channel once it made the jump; anyone would think Disney had it out for this show. Shortly after ending, it was pulled from rotation on the network and not rerun at all.note 
    • Even when Disney+ launched, the show continued to get the short end of the stick, not being on the service until a year and a half later on May 7, 2021. (This was mainly because the series was already on Hulu, which is also owned by Disney.)
  • Sending Stuff to Save the Show: Almost immediately after the staff announced that the second season would be the last, a "Save Wander over Yonder" fan campaign started gaining ground, and people started emailing Disney for a third season.
  • Short Run in Peru: France got "The Hero/The Birthday Boy" a few days before the US did. Latin America also got a handful of episodes the weekend before their US airings too. More infamously, The Netherlands got "The Liar/The Stray" first.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, "If You Wander" was going to be the theme song.
    • Will Arnett was originally going to play Emperor Awesome, but he wasn't available in time, so they had him play Ryder. The role of Awesome then went to Sam Riegel, who had done some scratch vocals for the part because he's the show's voice director. It's because of this recasting that Emperor Awesome was able to become a recurring character instead of a one-shot.
    • A Transformation Sequence in Hater and Awesome's battle in "The Picnic" was in the storyboarding stages, but was cut.
    • According to Frank Angones, the end of "My Fair Hatey" was originally going to end differently. It was originally supposed to end with Dominator checking out her ice powers and saying "Meh, the cold never bothered me anyway." Disney however wouldn't let them.
    • "The Greater Hater" was originally planned to end with Peepers leaving his résumé with Dominator, but the crew decided that it was out-of-character for Peepers as he was far too devoted to Hater.
    • Lord Hater was originally created for another project, and was much younger. When Craig realized he was a great counterpart for Wander, he was physically aged and bulked up while keeping his demeanor, then added to the series.
    • Originally the joke Dominator told in The Night Out ended with the punchline "Blaster? I hardly KNOW her!"; again Disney wouldn't let them
    • A tumblr post by Craig himself showed that there was concept art of merch for the show. Yet again Disney showed no faith in the show and nothing came of it
    • Craig McCracken stated that the 3rd season would have bring us "new characters, the return of old characters, and even a bit of backstory"... until the show was cancelled by Disney.
      • Hater's origin story was also confirmed for Season 3. Apart from some foreshadowing in the credits animatic of the series finale, nothing more will become of it.
    • Speaking of which, the crew have relentlessly teased fans on tumblr regarding what they had in store for Season 3.
      • Hater's backstory would have been revealed in Season 3.
      • The Galaxy will face a new threat, one even MORE dangerous than Dominator.
      • Said threat will most likely not be a new villain.
      • Three new characters would have been added to the main cast, reminiscent of how Dominator was added in Season 2.
      • Peepers would have been tempted by the dark(er) side.
      • Season 3 would have been about testing Wander, in the way that Season 2 was about testing Hater
      • A government organization dedicated to handling intergalactic threats,(presumably with human operatives) named the "Star Force Enforcement Force", would’ve been introduced in the cancelled third season. They would later be repurposed in McCracken‘s next show, Kid Cosmic (instead called Earth Force Enforcement Force).
    • The backstory for how Wander and Sylvia met was much different. Back when the show was conceived to be serialized, Zbornaks were something of steeds crossed with cabbies (Hence Sylvia's saddles). Wander caught a ride with Sylvia, but couldn't make the fare. So the two traveled over the course of season one with Wander almost getting paid for helping each episode. This would culminate into Sylvia growing to love Wander and adopt his attitude, making her more of the protagonist of season 1.
    • As Disney began to embrace Gravity Falls model of being a serialized dramedy after seeing how successful it was, Craig asked if he could make his show a half-hour show as well. Disney shot it down, but later let him add in more serialized elements in Season 2. link
  • Word of Gay: The show's writers have confirmed that Emperor Awesome is omnisexual, Sourdough the Evil Sandwich is genderfluid, and Lord Dominator was seen as being a lesbian. Everyone else's gender identities and sexual orientations, however, are open to fan interpretation (including Lord Dominator's, as her being a lesbian was simply what the crew had in mind when it came to her and in-canon she comes off more as not really caring about romance at all.)
  • Word of God: The crew keep in very close touch with the fandom over Tumblr, often dropping hints and trivia regarding episodes of the show. (See above)
    • In "The Battle Royale", McCracken said Something the So-and-So's long-winded talk was added because the episode was too short and they needed more time.


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